0$ to 100$ in 24 Hours – Scam Or Legit Affiliate Training?

Hello Guys and welcome to my 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours review.

As you already have might be heard, there are a thousand ways to earn money online. And everybody claims to have the best strategy in doing that. Well, if this would be the case why do people still go to work? :/

There is one reason for that because many programs are strictly said:

Scams, outdated or simply not well organized. So, where does 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours fall into?

After taking a look at the claims and the structure of the program, perhaps somewhere in between

But let’s dive deeper into that by checking out what the program is about, how it works, the pros, the cons and my final opinion about the program.

Note: I want to mention here that I am not affiliated in any way with this program, so what you receive in this review is a raw and unbiased opinion about the program.

0$ to 100$ in 24 hours Review – Overview

Name: 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours
Creator: Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace, Tom E Mcting
Category: Affiliate Marketing
Price: 12.95$ + Upsells (Total 595$)
Refund Policy: 30 Days
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: No

Short Summary – 0$ to 100$ is a brief video program that promises you to teach how to make 100$ within 24 hours. It is based on Jack Launching.

The strategy behind it is to create content around a product that has yet to be released. In addition to that 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours comes with 5 upsells which is something I am not a big fan of.

To tell you right off the bat, the program is not a scam but definitely nothing I would recommend to anyone!

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What is 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours about?

A good thing about the program is that the creators are not afraid to show their identity which is not common nowadays. This is usually a good sign.

The course comes with 8 videos that are pretty brief (not more than 10 min) which teach you how to promote products via Clickbank that are still about to be launched.

Here is an overview of the content that you are going to receive:

  1. It all starts here
  2. Case Study
  3. Checking The Tires
  4. Filling Up The Gas
  5. Checking The Mirrors
  6. Fire The Ignition
  7. Activate Cruise Control
  8. Rinse And Repeat

Generally speaking, Jono runs you through his process on how he created his Jack Launching campaigns which covers all the foundational setups like: creating a website, find products to promote, generate traffic etc.

Jono Armstrong himself has created a case study that shows how he makes 190$ within 24 hours without any additional tools, just with an internet connection and his laptop.

It is a pretty good promotion and Jack Launching is definitely a good way you can make money with. But there are a few reasons I wouldn’t recommend it (we will come to that in a second).

How does 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours work?

The program is an automated profit system that tells you that through copy and pasting the things Jono is providing in this course,  you will be able to make your first 100$ within 24 hours.

But what does Jack Launching with Affiliate Marketing actually mean? It means you create a promotional review (video or blog article) about an affiliate program in the “making money online” niche and upload it before it is being released. Sounds compelling but how does it exactly work?

There are a few websites that tell you which products are soon to be released and you simply pick one of those, insert your affiliate link into your review and upload it to your website or Youtube channel.

People that are looking for the product type in Google (or Youtube) “product + review” and if you are lucky, your promotional review is going to be in the first place which will generate you clicks and eventually sales.

“Wow, that sounds easy!” Yeah but unfortunately there are a few problems with this strategy.

The problem with it is as following:

  • First of all, you are promoting products regardless of their quality. So, in other words, even if it is a scam, you still try to make money with it by simply telling people that it is a legit one.
  • Next is you will constantly have to look for new programs that have to be released. So, it is more of a churn and burn technique, which doesn’t promise consistency. In other words, you actually don’t run a business with your own brand here but simply do promotions.
  • And third, it is not always 100% sure that your video/blog article is going to land on the first page/place in search engines because of the high amount of competition. So, you could have invested a lot of research and work but won’t see a dime for it.

Is Affiliadforyou.com not the same? Definitely not.

The focus lies here on giving information and helps people to find a program that fits best for them and additionally in order to beware them from scams.

Is this really a good strategy?

In my eyes, this is somewhat unethical what 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours is offering because you try to convince people to buy products regardless of their functionality and quality.

The problem is that there are already a lot of scams out there, why would you want to support that by promoting those low-quality programs to other people that maybe try online marketing for the first time and had a big struggle to overcome the belief “you can’t earn money online”.

This would simply set those people back and keep them in the hamster wheel.

So, I think the focus should lay here on finding programs that you would by yourself and then start promoting them. But this is just my personal opinion

In addition to that, you are not really running your own brand here. What you are simply doing is promoting various programs and simply hoping to rank on the first pages of Google and Youtube.

It can make you money quickly but in the long term you are simply missing out on further opportunities that you would have by running a business with your own brand.

8 Videos To Teach Affiliate Marketing?

Another thing that I realized is:

8 videos (less than 10 min each) to teach how to make money with affiliate marketing? This is a little bit too good to be true. Becoming successful in online marketing takes effort and a good base of knowledge.

Trying to provide everything in 8 videos is not even the tip of the iceberg. If you give 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours a shot, don’t expect to become an expert!


After entering the member’s area 5 additional upsells sum it up to a total of 595$. As I mentioned in my previous reviews, I am not a fan of upsell spam (Which is in my eyes a big sign of a not very genuine program and owner).

Why? Well, if you really have such a good program why can’t you be upfront with your potential customers? This simply indicates that the main focus is less on the success of your students but more on getting access to their pockets.

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How much does 0$ to 100$ cost?

The price for 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours starts with 97$ but is being offered for a 90% discount which makes a total of 12.50$ (front-end). This is pretty low, to be honest, but as I have mentioned previously, this is a very common strategy to get you behind the buying door in order to bombard you with low-quality upsells.

And this is how it looks like:

Upsell#1 – Traffic Training (37$) – In this upgrade, you will receive training on how to generate traffic and drive it to your promotions. It covers as well as free and paid traffic.

Upsell#2 – Limitless traffic for 365 days (197$) – Here they promise you to send “targeted” traffic to your promotions for the next 365 days. Honestly, I don’t recommend falling for this. This is a very common strategy to make you believe that this one upsell is going to skyrocket your sales.

The problem with that is you don’t know the quality and where the traffic comes from. In the worst-case, those are simply bots that are programmed to click on your offers which will keep your hopes high of a sale but this is, unfortunately, the last thing that is going to happen.

Upsell#3 – Done For You Funnels (67$) – With this upgrade you receive 13 done-for-you funnels that allow you to promote additional products. Most of the time those funnels are simply taken from vendors which are usually being provided anyways, and guess what? For completely FREE.

Upsell#4 – Lifetime Campaigns (197$) – Here Jono promises you to give you monthly campaigns that are created by himself personally for life. For lifetime? I am not sure how much you can believe in that claim

Upsell#5 – License Rights (97$) – With this upgrade you buy the rights for the program and are able to sell it as your own product. You can keep 100% of the revenue. But I am not sure if you would like to promote such a program to someone else.

Refund policy 30 days

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the training is the 30-day WarriorPlus refund policy. WarriorPlus is the distributor of the program, so it gives all its customers a 30 days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

So, even after reading this review, you are going to decide to buy the program, you will have 30 days to claim your refund.

Does The Training Provide Support?

No, unfortunately, there is no support at all. Neither a Facebook group nor onsite support. Which is in my eyes a little bit sad, because what if you encounter obstacles or have questions?

I think if you claim your product to be that good, you should at least have a Facebook group where people can share their experiences and questions.

What I like about 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours

  • It is cheap to start
  • It shows a legitimate way to earn money
  • It has a refund policy

What I don’t like about 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours

  • Doesn’t show you how to build a brand or a sustainable business
  • Doesn’t have a community
  • No Support
  • High Competition
  • No Free Trial
  • A lot of up-sells
  • Training is very short

Is 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours a scam?

Calling the program a scam wouldn’t be right in this place. You receive content and information for your money which is what you expect. But some of the promises that are being made on the sales page are misleading and the quality of the product is simply low.

In addition to that, you are being presented with upsells that are not worth the money. From my experience, I wouldn’t call it a  scam but definitely not a product I would recommend. There are much better programs that provide much more value and cost considerably less money.

My final Opinion about the program

All in all 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours is not a bad program. You can try it if you want it only costs you 12.50$ and comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

The problem with the program is simply that it is a low-quality product, with short training and tons of upsells, which are not very promising as well. 8x 10 min videos to teach someone how to become successful with affiliate marketing? Well, good luck. If you are smart, you can find the material that is being presented online for free as well.

In comparison to that my #1 recommendation which I really recommend to everyone who wants to become successful with affiliate marketing consists of 8 modules with 10 lessons each (80 lessons in total) and tons of text and video material that are up to 1 hour long.

And guess what?

It costs only 1/10 of the total price that you would pay for 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours.

Earning money online is nothing you can learn overnight, and definitely not within 24 hours. And as I have mentioned in my previous reviews, get-rich-quick schemes can work for a while, but in long term, you want to have a sustainable business that earns you money on a constant basis and in the best case: passively.

So, in the end, it is all up to you. If you want to earn a few dimes you can give the program a try, but if you want to make real money, and are willing to invest time and effort then I recommend you to pass this one and look for something more serious.

My Alternative to 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours

If you are serious about making money online I recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and explains from 0% to 100% how to start an affiliate marketing business around your personal interests and passions.

It has tons of teaching material that is being added up to every year (500+ classes and videos). In addition to that, it provides you 24/7 support and contains a community of over 1.4 MILLION affiliate marketing entrepreneurs from each level (beginner to expert).

And the greatest part is, that for 595$ that you would have to pay for 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours, for that amount you would have access to Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year +!

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4 thoughts on “0$ to 100$ in 24 Hours – Scam Or Legit Affiliate Training?”

  1. I cannot understand why some one will be glad to sell a product he or she ahs not used and does not understand. I will rather create  articles for products that are trusted and respected in the market. This is the way to build a sustainable business. Thank you for opening up on $100 in 24 hrs, although it looks easy like you rightly said, but it is not a good way to make money 

    • Hey Parameter,

      you are absolutely right. Selling products randomly without even tested them for yourself is not the best way to build a good reputation nor does it serve online marketing entrepreneurs, especially that are just starting out!

  2. The name is catchy. And I was wondering if 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours was a good platform. I agree with you that I would not want to promote low-quality products. It’s great when we can use what we promote. But I believe we can not say the same thing about what this platform makes us offer people.

    • Hey Abel,

      exactly, unfortunately, 0$ to 100$ in 24 hours is not the most ethical way on how to make money online. There are much better and more serving programs out there! Great for checking this review.

      Much success,


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