1 Page Profits Review – Legit System Or Another DFY SCAM?

Hello guys and welcome to my 1 Page Profits Review.

As you have already realized, nowadays there are more and more affiliate marketing training programs that claim you to make hundreds of dollars daily. But how many programs really hold to their promises?

As you have might already realized 1 Page Profits is one of those and claims you to make 300+$ in commissions daily by just using their 2 step system.

Well, I have run through the system and can exactly tell you what it is about and if you can really make money with it. If you are concerned about buying it, then you are at the right place. In my 1 Page Profits Review, you will receive everything you need to know, from how it works to my personal opinion about it.

But from now I can already tell you, 1 Page Profits is not what you might think.

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1 Page Profits Review – Overview

Name: 1 Page Profits
Creator: Brendan Mace
Category: Done-For-You System, Affiliate Marketing
Price: 7$+ 5 Upsells
Refund Policy: 30 Days WarriorPlus Money Back Guarantee
Website: 1 Page Profits (1pageprofitz.com)
Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: Hell NO

Short Summary – 1 Page Profits is an automated landing page system that promises to make 300+$ in commissions daily. It tells you that it gives you access to the top 5 ranking Clickbank products that will help you to reach those numbers with a view clicks.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that there are tons of shady done-for-you systems that promise you to make hundreds of dollars daily, which ends up in you paying for THEIR traffic or simply lead to nowhere except you investing more and more of your savings.

Well, 1 Page Profits is nothing different and lives up to 0 claims that are being made on their sales page. I will prove you how and why this is further below.

Creator – Brendan Mace is a real person and he doesn’t try to hide his identity which is definitely a good sign. He has created other programs like The Spyder System and Loophole 2 Profits.

Category – As I have already mentioned in my other reviews, DFY systems are nothing I would recommend to anyone, especially rising entrepreneurs. You simply do not learn a thing expect of how to click on different buttons to “make the system run”.

Price – 7$ is an attractive front-end price but this is usually the first step to get you into the member’s area with limited access to the program. This is where you 99% of the times get presented with tons of useless upsells.

Refund Policy – Brendan claims here to give you a Double Money Back Guarantee for your first 30 days. It means that if you won’t reach 3000$ in your first 30 days he will pay you twice as much as you have invested.

To be exact 26$..

I don’t know in how much Brendan is going to keep his promise (usually there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled), but what you can definitely rely on is the 30 days money back guarantee which is being provided by the product distributor WarriorPlus.

What is 1 Profit Pages About?

1 Profit Pages is a program (No Training) that is based on a done-for-you system. What you will receive are 5 pre-created landing pages with 5 high ranking prodcuts on Clickbank. The claim is here that you won’t have to make videos, write blog articles, do webinars or do content marketing.

Everything is done for you and the only thing you have to do is set it up and drive traffic to those pages, which suppose to lead to 300+$ commissions daily.

Do you believe that?

Well, this is perhaps the reason why you are here. I can tell you right from the start, this is BS.


Because the whole system fails when Brendan starts to talk about traffic. We will get there in a second.

The problem with that is first, you don’t learn a thing. If you really want to become an affiliate marketer you have to understand the steps in order to be able to replicate your knowledge for other products and niches. But with this “program” the only thing you learn is how to click on certain buttons but don’t really experience the mechanics behind affiliate marketing and traffic.

Second, you receive access to a membership area where you can activate your landing pages. Sounds, cool at first but the problem with that is, you do not own those websites. What you simply own is access to a platform that runs the landing pages on subdomains. This makes you pretty dependable on it.

If Brendan one day decides to close his business, guess who has to close his business as well? Exactly, you and all of the other members (in case he has that many).

But that’s not all, let’s see how it is supposed to work.

How does 1 Profit Pages work?

As we have covered previously you log in to your 1 Profit Pages members area and see 5 products that you can start promoting. The landing pages are perfectly set up and according to the sales page, the only thing you have to do is creating a Clickbank account, connect your affiliate links and start driving traffic.

The funny thing is, you could actually promote those products outside of 1 Profit Pages by simply using Clickbank. You actually don’t need 1 Profit Pages. Most of the landing pages of those products are being provided by the vendors for FREE anyways, so why paying 7$?

In addition to that, you would be completely independent with your own website.

Traffic Problem

Now let’s get to the traffic issue I was talking about previously. One thing I like here is, Brendan doesn’t make use of solo ads which is very common with programs like this one. The vendors simply tell you to invest in their chosen “best” solo ads source which is most of the time total garbage because what you receive are simply low-quality clicks (which are most of the times paid Fiverr workers or in the worst case click bots).

So, this is perhaps the only thing I like about 1 Page Profits.

But what does Brendan provide instead? Well, nothing greater to be honest.

Brendan talks about Social Media traffic and Backlinks.

Social Media Traffic (Good Luck)

With the first one, Brendan asks you to share your profit pages on different social media platforms. Well, not a bad idea but how are you supposed to make sales when you first of all have no reach and secondly no authority/trust with your Twitter or Facebook account?

How are you supposed to pitch people with no brand awareness?

I mean, it is like a random guy on the street starts talking to you and asks you to buy his product. You don’t know him, don’t trust him, and really are not sure if the product is as good as he presents it to be. So, if you really choose this option, you first will have to build up your social media pages before you can even start promoting those products (which usually takes months).

Backlinks (sigh)

If you have ever heard of backlinks then you maybe know that they can either make you and/or break you. Backlinks are making use of organic traffic which simply means that other websites include your website link in their content.

Through this, your website generates trust in search engines which leads to higher rankings and more clicks on your website.

Brendan promises you here to give you 100+ Backlinks in your first 20 days after you have launched the campaign. Pretty cool huh?

It would be if search engines wouldn’t evaluate the quality of the website the Backlink is coming from. In other words, if the website is spammy and has a low authority score, the Backlink most likely won’t provide any value and in the worst case even worsen your rankings.

And I guarantee you, 100+ Backlinks will not come from high authority websites like Nike, Adidas or other brands for only 7$.

So with this system, you are most likely going nowhere instead of investing 7$ and try vainly to drive traffic to your 5 high ticket products that you eventually could get for free anyway.


Another point is the upsells. Brendan incorporated 5 additional upsells within the program. As a rule of thumb I can tell you from my experience that as soon as a program/training contains a huge amount of upsells, it is usually not worth your time. Why?

Because if your product really is that good, why can’t you be upfront with your potential customers and simply ask for the price it is “really” worth? But we will come to upsells later

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Who is 1 Page Profits for?

1 Page Profit says it’s for people who are not technically savvy and are new to online marketing. Well, this is not untrue, but as I have mentioned previously you don’t learn that much and will perhaps be at the same knowledge level as you have been before, after running through the program.

How Much Does 1 Page Profits Cost?

Well, the initial price for 1 Page Profits leads up to only 7$. Earning 300$+ in commissions daily for 7$? That’s a very attractive ROI. Many people would fall for this bait, but as I have mentioned previously this is simply the first step to get you into a position where you can be confronted with additional low-quality material.

1 Page Profits Upsells

Upsell#1 – Platinum Edition (37$) – The first upsell is the Platinum Edition of the program which removes a few restrictions inside the frontend software.

Upsell#2 – Done-For-You High Ticket Commissions (197$) – This upgrade connects a Webinar of the 5 ticket products to your profit pages instead of the initial sales pitch.

Honestly, this upgrade is a joke. To change this setting you only need a few clicks within your Clickbank account because the vendors of the programs provide those webinars for FREE anyways. To charge 197$ here is pretty outrageous!

Upsell#3 – Recurring Software (67$) – This upgrade comes with additional landing pages and email copy for your email list. Here again, charging 67$ for this is BS because that content is being provided by the vendors anyways and again for FREE

Upsell#4 – Unlimited Traffic (197$) – Here Brendan presents you with additional traffic sources for your landing pages. I can tell you right off the bat, 200$ for “unlimited” traffic is the biggest BS you can encounter.

From my experience, that traffic is based on low-quality sources from solo ads or are simply hired fiver workers that are being paid to click on offers.

Upsell#5 – License Rights (167$) – In this upsell you are buying the rights to sell 1 Page Profits to other people and are able to keep 100% of the profits. The question here is, would you really recommend this program to someone else?

As you can see, those upsells are a joke and this is 99% of the time the case with programs that contain 2 or more upsells in their systems.

Is 1 Page Profit a Scam?

Well, after taking a look at the upsell system, you can see that it is simply a rip-off. If you are new to online marketing you are most likely to get those upsells because you believe that they are going to benefit you without knowing that you could have most of the extras for free.

The program is definitely a scam. With a little bit of research, you could set up the whole system by yourself. And guess what? For absolutely FREE.

The thing is you simply will NOT be able to make money with it. No matter how you look at it. Neither with the free traffic nor with the upsells. It is simply garbage what you receive and definitely not worth the money.

Even the frontend package because you can receive most of the content for free (by simply creating a Clickbank account).

What I Like About 1 Page Profit

  • It has a 30 days refund policy

What I don’t Like About 1 Page Profit

  • No real training
  • No Free Trial
  • Has tons of expensive and useless upsells
  • You can’t make money with it
  • Most of the information and content can be gathered for free

My Final Opinion on 1 Page Profit

Well, it is pretty obvious, right? If you want to throw your money away, give it a go. 1 Page Profit doesn’t provide you anything expect of a platform for 5 top-ranking products which you could easily find on Clickbank by yourself.

The free traffic is garbage as well as most of the upsells. You may say “Well, Matt what about the landing pages?”. I thought about it as well, but even the landing pages of those products are being provided for free by the vendors.

So almost everything that the program provides you can receive for FREE on Clickbank. The one thing that Bernand could have done right here, is to give a step-by-step guide on how to generate high quality traffic. This would be the only reason to invest 7$ for 1 Page Profits.

So, the VERDICT is, 1 Page Profits is a total SCAM with nothing helpful inside.

My Alternative To 1 Page Profit

After reading this review you might be discouraged about making money online. Well, not every training is like 1 Page Profits. There are good ones as well, which focus on providing value and TEACH you how to make money online.

If you are serious about starting your own branded business, I recommend you to check out my #1 recommended training. I have gone through it myself and after reviewing a good amount of online programs, I can separate good ones from the bad ones.

The great thing about it is simply you get TAUGHT. It is not a getting rich overnight system. And by the way, if you are looking for that, good luck my friend.

This training teaches you how to start your own online business from scratch. With a website, with your content, and your very own brand. You receive all the needed tools, 24/7 support and a big community of over 1 million participants that are on the same journey as you are (from beginners to experts). Curious?

Check out my in-depth review of the training here

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2 thoughts on “1 Page Profits Review – Legit System Or Another DFY SCAM?”

  1. Thanks for your 1 page profits review.  As an intermediate/advanced affiliate marketer, I know that their claim that you can make 300+$ in commissions daily by just utilitzing a “2 step” system is not true. A lot of hard work goes into affiliate marketing – from niche research, building your own website, understanding how to perform keyword research and then promoting your site.  When, I looked at your recommendation of heck no, I knew my intuition was correct. Thanks for showing me what a scam this is. 

    • Hello Shalisha, thank you for reading. I am glad you found the review useful. It is important to have the whole information before immersing into a new project.




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