10 Key Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing – And Why You Can Make Serious Money With It

“Can you be a millionaire with affiliate marketing?”
“Why should I give Affiliate Marketing a try?”
“How can Affiliate Marketing benefit me?”

I am sure, you have asked yourself at least one of those questions.

If you are starting out in making money online you have already heard about affiliate marketing. But what are the benefits of it? And should you even give it a try?

Many questions are running through the mind at this point.

So, through my 4 years field experience, I thought that I can be beneficial to you.

What you will know after reading this article is:

(1) The 10 key benefits of affiliate marketing
(2) How much you can earn with it (Example Websites)
(3) And why it is in my eyes the best opportunity to earn money online

Without too much text, let’s get starting.



The 10 Key benefits of Affiliate Marketing in short:

  1. Very Low Investment
  2. You don’t need a product
  3. There is no risk
  4. You learn how the online world works
  6. Making Money with Your Passion (Interest/Hobby)
  7. You learn how to generate free traffic
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Unlimited Income Potential
  10. No Shipping, No Customer work. Just Content Creation

Before we dive in to the key points, I want to tell you in short, why I have chosen for affiliate marketing in the first place.



Affiliate Marketing – A serious business

Before I started with Affiliate Marketing I was doing normal 9 to 5 jobs like, working in supermarkets, delivering pizza, helping out in offices etc. Since my first step into the world of jobs, it was obviouy for me that I won’t do that forever. So, I started to look for a way to earn money online. As any other one who jumps into the online marketing world, I had no clue how and where to start.

When I surfed through different websites and youtube videos, I realized there were a lot of opportunity to make money online!

From answering surveys, to investing in stock markets. I have seen them all.

But none of them was really appealing to me. My criterias for the perfect income stream were:

(-) Independence
(-) Low Investment
(-) Low Risk
(-) No Customer or Shipping work
(-) Passive Income

Of course, I heard about affiliate marketing before, but honestly I never considered it as a possibility to make a living out of it. I always saw it as a little side hustle that beginners do.

If someone told me that he was doing affiliate marketing, I couldn’t take the person seriously in terms of business. In my eyes he was still working for others, like in a 9 to 5 job, but is able to call himself “self-employed”.

I had no idea, how little I knew about affiliate marketing…

The Moment I understood the potential of Affiliate Marketing

One day I met through a friend (a highly successful affiliate marketer by now) some people that showed me the true potential of affiliate marketing. When I came across their businesses, I was very surprised about their revenues. And when I asked, what their business model was, they told me:

“Affiliate Marketing”.

I couldn’t believe that…

They made millions with it! Fulltime businesses without customer trouble, shipping work or high investments. Just a website with content and affiliate links. From that moment I instantly knew: Okay, this is what I was looking for. And from there everything else was history….

But let’s speak about it in more detail.

So, what are the 10 key benefits of Affiliate Marketing?



1. Very Low Investment

Especially, when you are starting out, you usually don’t have that many reserves to invest in your business.

Usually, when a restaurateur wants to open a restaurant, he has to ask the bank for a loan. Depending on his liquidity the bank will either give him the money or not.

It is completely different with Affiliate Marketing. As we already talked about, what you simply need is a website. That’s it!

And nowadays a website costs around 30-40$ annually. So, in comparison with the restaurateur you have both as well as a low risk and a low investment.





2. You don’t need an own product

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of many online marketers.

Almost everybody that is starting out, thinks he needs an own product to become successful (I was in the same boat for a long time, too).

That’s not true at all.

Affiliate Marketing gives you the possibility to promote other people’s products. So, what you simply do is you link the product of the company into your content and earn the commission for that. No customer or shipping work is required. Just some content and a link to the product. A onetime investment that earns you continuously money.

Of course, you don’t get the full price for the product. But nowadays there are many companies that live from affiliate marketing their products. Especially digital product companies offer up to 75% commission of the usual price! That’s a lot and the only thing you have to do is just promote it on your website.



3. There is almost no risk

Affiliate Marketing is very risk-free. You have now high financial investments.

The only financial investment sums up the 40$ yearly for the website.

Let’s take the restaurateur example again. If he gets the loan from the bank, he will definitely have to make money! Otherwise he risks running bankrupt. If you create a website and start promoting affiliate products, the only risk you run is to forget to create a privacy policy website and a banner for cookie consent. Only then you could get a penalty of not confirming to the actual law makings.



4. You learn how the online world works

In this regard, affiliate marketing is a great teacher in how the online world works.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Content Creation, Keyword Researches, Google Analytics, Outsourcing and so on.

When I started out, I didn’t know anything about those terms. For me the online world was simply a tool. To chat, to shop, to entertain myself and get things done. But the more I got busy with affiliate marketing, the more I started to see the workings behind it and opportunities to make money.

I started to see low competition niches and started to place my websites there. I also looked-for high-ranking forums and promoted amazon products by simply answering questions. This made me money without even needing to create a website or content.

So, Affiliate Marketing gives you not only the opportunity to make money on one way, but trains your eye to see loopholes for money making.



5. Passive Income – Making Money While You Sleep

One of my favorite benefits: Passive Income.

Or better said: Making Money While You Sleep.

I remember, seeing the charts with thousands of dollars of Pat Flynn (Founder of smartpassiveincome.com).

In 2016 and 2017 he had a chart that tracked his monthly revenue from passive income. Only in 2017 he made I think around 1,2 Million $ from passive income. From Passive Income! From one-time investments!

That means, he created an article/video/podcast once, uploaded it and it started to generate money by itself.

And this is the beauty about Affiliate Marketing. You create the content only ONCE and it will (if it is good content, of course) generate you money for the rest of your life. You don’t have to improve it, to maintain it or do anything else about it. Just create it once and publish it.

Isn’t this great?


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6. Making Money with your Passion (Hobby/Interest)

My second favorite benefit: Create a business around your passion

When I started out, I wrote tons of articles and reviews about products I wasn’t interested at all.

Gosh, that was hard.

I thought this was the only way on how to make money: Look for the most expensive product and try to sell it somehow.

After a while, when I realized I can write content about things I love and even make money with it, it made working so much smoother. I even started to become excited when I was about to create content!

So, the cool thing about affiliate marketing is, you can make a living out of your interests. In addition to it, you gain more knowledge about your passion, help people with the same passion and even earn money with it. Is it even possible to get more wins?



7. You learn how to generate traffic

As the internet is growing, and digitalisation grows exponentially, being able to generate traffic is crucial.


Because traffic means: MONEY!

Affiliate Marketing teaches you how to use the power of the search engines, channels like Instagram, YouTube etc. to make your pocket ring.

When I started out, I always had to rely on other income sources like working in supermarkets, working as a waiter, delivery jobs etc. There was always this little fear of not being able to come up for my future.

But the more experience and knowledge I gained the more certain I have become about my future. I started to get certain that I finally have the skillset of being able to create money. In any situation I am in and in any situation the world is in.

That means, if you know how to generate traffic, then you will always be able to make money.

In ANY circumstances. Even in economic crises.

What a freeing feeling!



8. Outsourcing

Doing the work is great, but letting others do the work is even greater!

Affiliate Marketing gives you the opportunity to outsource almost everything.

When I started to make use of outsourcing, I simply looked for professional texters and let them create my content. In other words:

I had only to choose my niche and find out what I want to create an article about. This information I gave to the texters and they created beautiful content about it. Of course, I had to pay them. But this saved me a lot of work!

I have a friend that is going even further. He outsourced literally everything! From content creation to management through a virtual assistant. So, what he only had to do is to keep an I about how things are going. Isn’t this great?

Affiliate Marketing gives you a lot of possibilities and how to create your work. You are literally your own boss!

Upwork and Fiverr are great sources for outsourcing.



9. Unlimited Income potential

Many people underestimate this point. With Affiliate Marketing there are no limits.

When I started out I thought, that you can use it as a little side hustle to earn a few bucks. But I never considered making it a full time business.

If you do the math, you can see the potential.

Let’s say to create 1 website with an 500$ monthly income takes 6 month if you do it all by yourself.

The cool thing about an affiliate marketing business is, it grows exponetially. So, the website would most likely generate 300-500$ more after 6 month.

Let’s say you can passively build sustainable businesses every 6 month. In 1 year you would have 1000$, in 2 years 3000$ (Because of the exponential growth) etc. But what I didn’t consider is that the more you work, the more experience you gain and the more you can tweak and monitize your businesses.

Or you can invest all your time in 1 website and built it to its maximum. The possibilities are unlimited. So, the earning is.



10. You  Can Work With Blogs

This is a really cool benefit, because blogs give you the opportunity to create a lot of free organic traffic. In addition to that you can earn a lot!

Here are some example Blogs that earn a pretty good amount of money:

Check out the full article here.


If you have any questions, feel always free to contact me in the comment section. I am more than happy to help.


10 thoughts on “10 Key Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing – And Why You Can Make Serious Money With It”

  1. Awesome post on the 10 key benefits of affiliate marketing! I agree with everything on this list. What I love the most about affiliate marketing is that it is a low-cost learning experience. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get started, but you’ll learn so much about, as you mentioned, content creation, SEO, website building, and more. If affiliate marketing doesn’t work out, you still have all these skills you can use for other businesses and careers.

    • Hey Kevin,

      exactly! There is almost no investment needed, especially if you compare it with paid traffic methods like facebook or google ads, it is a very cheap start out for your business. In addition to that it works passively. This perhaps one of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for passing by!

      All the best,


  2. This is a very helpful post on the 10 key benefits of affiliate marketing. I fully agree with these points, and for me personally one of the main reasons why I started in affiliate marketing, was because of the low starting costs. There is no need to invest money ion inventory. It is worth your while to invest time and money in a good training course, to teach you about SEO and content creation. Outsourcing is also a great way to add value to your site. 

    • Hey Line,

      Thank you for your warm words. Exactly! The costs for affiliate marketing are compared to other ways of earning money online very low. It sums up around 20$ per year (for the website) and that’s it. Of course, you can buy additional plugins or hire content writers but those are not mandatory costs to start out. I hope you have success on your journey and wish you all the best. Thanks for passing by!

      All the best,


  3. Twenty years ago I would have never imagined this would be possible. To write about something I enjoyed and to also get paid for it. To be around my family and not having to leave my home and still get paid for it. Affiliate marketing is awesome. I completely agree with these benefits.

    • Hey Abel,

      yes times have changed and nowadays you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into your business before you can see profits. This is the power of the internet. It has never been so easy to start a business like nowadays!

      All the best for you,

  4. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go if you’re trying to start an online website with a source of income. They’re a great alternative form of revenue, and if you stick with it, really learn how everything works and build a great site that has consistent traffic it can be the main source of income.

    • Hey DashDNations,

      exactly! Many people unfortunately think that affiliate marketing is just good for a side hustle, but it indeed has the power to serve as a great full-time passive income stream. In my eyes this is the beauty of it, because it is totally passive!

      Thanks for passing by,

  5. Truly speaking. I love affiliate marketing. It has hooked me from the day that I started with online marketing and I have never once doubted the power affiliate marketing can give a person. If you put in the effort and hard work, you will reap what you have created. This is a business that will last for many years and will also be the cheapest you can find in the world. Great blog post by the way.

    • Hi Gideon, thanks for reading and taking time to provide your comments. As you mention, Affiliate Market irrupted to our lives to stay for a long time. It´s all about perseverance and finding the correct niche for you.




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