10x Profit Sites Review – The Truth Glynn Is Hiding!

Welcome to my 10x Profit Sites Review.

10x Profit Sites claims to be a fully automated system that is supposed to generate you $1000+/day in commissions. If you are familiar with my blog you perhaps already know that promises and claims like these are as real as Pamela Anderson’s big eyes.

In this review, we are going to uncover a few things that the owner Glynn Kosky might not like. Honestly, after taking a look at the whole sales page and program, I doubt that Glynn is even the owner nor a real person.

I hope that you didn’t buy this product yet (if so, you have 30 days to give it back), because you can’t make money with it (or at least not in the “fully automated” way the program promises you).

Without further shilly-shally, let’s get the thing going

10x Profit Sites Review – Overview

Name: 10x Profit Sites
Creator: Glynn Kosky
Website: 10xprofitsites.com
Pricing: $18 + Upsells (~$600)
Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: No

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Glynn promises you to make thousands in commissions with 10x Profit Sites. The main strategy is based on a bunch of done-for-you “websites” (which actually are not websites) that include blog articles in form of reviews of top Clickbank products in the “making money online” niche.

The main goal of the program is to create a website that contains reviews and redirects people to the product offer and leaves you in hope that the visitor is going to buy it so that you can earn a commission. The usual affiliate marketing process, right? So, where is the catch?

Well, the reviews are actually not reviews. They simply extol the product no matter the quality. So, even if it is a scam, the person will believe that it is a good product and it is able to generate money.

So, in other words, what you are simply going to promote with your “website” are good AND bad products. Ethical? I don’t think so

But this is just one small piece of the cake. Let me show you the other truths Glynn is hiding from you (and other promotional 10x Profit Sites reviews)

What Is 10x Profit Sites About?

10x Profit Sites tells you to be the solution for your money problems. $1000+/day in commissions on autopilot is a promise rarely somebody would shake off. But as we will uncover further below those are nothing more than empty promises. The same as with Passive Profit Pages and 1 Page Profits.

What you simply get here is a half-baked system, that will never ever make you money. At least not in the way it promises you to make.

10x Profit Sites tells you that by just using its Done-For-You sites and copying your affiliate links into them, you will make thousands in commission. Well, the sites themselves can make you money but as with all the other Clickbank and WarriorPlus nonsense systems, it fails when the whole thing comes to “traffic” (which is the most important part of a business)

But let’s cover first a few things that I recognized when I skimmed through the scam, I mean the sales page.

“Disclaimers” – Or better said copy paste fails

You can recognize a “not so genuine” program usually when you take a look at the little things within the sales page. Especially when it comes to certain disclosures about the program. For example, take a look at this one

Here 10x Profit Sites tells you that success is not guaranteed and your results are in your hands. But if you read a little bit closer you see that Glynn is talking about a completely different website here. Namely “Affiliatetrafficlab.com”. Hmm?? I thought were on 10xprofitsites.com.

The confusion doesn’t end here. Reading further through the little things, I recognized another “mistake” on the disclaimer page itself. Check this out

I mean, I would understand that if you mixed up one product with another. But here we are talking about a completely different website again, namely “trafficmultiplier.net”.

Well, if you are new to this you might think “What is going on here?!”, but what simply happened is Glynn forgot to adjust the disclaimers for 10x Profit Sites. I wouldn’t call it a big thing but it means that Glynn has several products with the same scam attributes. For example, you can check my review on Glynn’s “upsell disaster” within Affiliate Traffic Lab here.

Refund Policy

Having a mistake in the disclaimers may get the owner in trouble but it has no effects on the customer or usage of the program (I mean if you intend to use it, why would you care about a few mistakes within the disclaimers, right?).

But when there are mistakes within the refund policy, well, this is another story. Here it can have a big effect on your rights and can result in you not getting your money back, and eventually losing it.

And this is exactly the case here. Glynn didn’t only mix up the disclosures but he (let’s stay with) “mixed up” the refund policy as well.

On the sales page, he says that 10x Profit Sites has a 180 no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Which actually surprised me. Because products that are being distributed by WarriorPlus usually have only a 30 days refund policy. So, I went to the opt-out page and see what I found

Voila! 10x Profit sites has not a 180 days refund policy but gives you only 30 days time to get your money back. So, if you are past the 30 days, WarriorPlus simply won’t refund it, no matter what Glynn states on his sales page. And this is definitely a misleading claim which can cost you money. May it be just 18 bucks, 180 are still not 30 days.

“No Hosting Fee”

Glynn claims that you don’t have to cover any hosting fees within his program. Why?

Well, because you don’t receive a website in the first place. What Glynn is providing you here, is a subdomain of the 10xprofitsites.com.

If subdomain is a new term for you, then you can imagine 10x Profit Sites as the prime website, and subdomains as under pages that can’t work without the primary domain.

“Where is the problem?”, you might ask. Well, first of all, you are limited in your editing. You can’t simply go and change settings, add users, add themes etc.

The second thing is that your “website” will always have the profitsites.info main domain name in the link, which simply represents that you are not the owner of the “website”

If you are new to online marketing, then this might not bother you that much. But this is actually quite an important point because you are dependent on the 10xProfitsites main domain.

So, if profitsites.info closes one day, or is down, your “business” will go down as well.

What I simply don’t like is that it is again a misleading claim on the sales page. You don’t receive a website, but simply a subdomain with restricted access.

Well, those are just a few things that I recognized after skimming through the sales page. Let’s take a look at how it is supposed to work and where the whole system fails


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How Does 10x Profit Sites work?

The whole strategy behind 10x Profit Sites is to create blog articles in form of promotional product reviews. In other words, promoting products and pitching people to buy them regardless of their quality and realness.

In order to NOT make you write those reviews by yourself and make it easier for you, Glynn provides you with done-for-you reviews. Which look like this:


According to the sales page, those pre-designed reviews are supposed to “rank” on Google to generate free traffic.

But after taking a look at those reviews, I can tell you right off the bat that they will rank nowhere.

They are too short, too generic and you will struggle massively if you try to rank with them. In addition to that, it will be most likely penalized by Google because of duplicate content.

Why? Well, other people that buy the product will simply have very similar reviews as you have. Search engines filter those articles quickly because in SEO unique and quality content is the leading force.

The other traffic method Glynn is offering you is the social media “1-click”-traffic. Let me show you what kind of a 1-click nonsense it is

Social Media 1-click “Zero” Traffic

Social Media 1-click traffic. Doesn’t it sound cool?

This is what I thought, too but after taking a closer look to what it actually means, my hopes faded quickly.

With social media 1-click traffic Glynn simply means that you share the pre-designed reviews to social media channels by using his social media tool, which allows you to do it in 1 click. But wait?

Which social media channels does he mean? Because there are no channels being provided, he obviously means YOUR channels.

But, first of all, would my friends be really interested in this product? And secondly, what if you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account at all?

Well, you could create some, but with an empty account and 0 followers, it is hard to generate any traffic.

So, in order to use the social media traffic you, first of all, need an account with enough reach and followers.

To conclude here, this method is for the birds as same as the SEO traffic.

Is 10x Profit Sites A Scam?

I wouldn’t call it a scam, because you still receive content and tools for your money but it is definitely not a program I would recommend to anyone. The sales page is shiny and promises you to make $1000+/per day but this nothing more than just fairy dust.

The reviews are too short and poorly designed.

The traffic is non-existent, too.

The only thing you could do is create those reviews by yourself, edit them and extend them. Only then you could make this whole thing work.

But if you are willing to invest that amount of energy, why not get some decent training and start a business with your OWN website and content, right off the bat?

To create a business based on your interests and passions, I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can find my in-depth review here 

All-in-all you can debate about it being a scam, but I simply do not recommend it for whatever you want to use it.

10x Profit Sites Pricing

If you are familiar with Clickbank products, you know that the initial price is usually pretty low. The program costs $18.01 but as usual, the investment doesn’t end here.

It comes with 6 additional upsells that make a total of ~ $600.

And this is how they look like


Upsell #1 – Unlimited Affiliate Review Sites – 47$ basic version /$67 premium version

Upsell #2 – Done-For-You Extras – 67$ basic version /$97 premium version

Upsell #3 – Unlimited Traffic – 67$ basic version /$97 premium version

Upsell #4 – 30k Per Month – 47$ basic version /$67 premium version

Upsell #5 – Super Affiliate – 37$ basic version /$67 premium version

Upsell #6 – License Rights – 97$ basic version /$197 premium version

Only one upsell might be interesting for you, which is the unlimited traffic upsell. But I can tell you here that “traffic” upsells are most of the times solo ads traffic or traffic “from their pool” which is nothing more than visitors that are being paid to click on your links or in the worst case bots.

What I like About 10x Profit Sites

Honestly, the only thing I like about this program is that it has a 30 days refund policy. I would list more pros, but there are none because it is 0 to impossible to make money with it.

What I don’t like About 10x Profit Sites

  • Faulty Disclaimers
  • Deceptive Refund Policy (30 days not 180 days)
  • Very hard to rank with DFY reviews
  • Need popular channels to generate social media traffic
  • A lot of upsells
  • No Training On Affiliate Marketing

My Final Opinion On 10x Profit Sites

I hope I could give you a better perspective with this 10x Profit Sites review. If, after reading it you still decide to get the program, don’t hold yourself back. Give it a try, it only costs $18 and comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

As we have discovered Glynn has created a few programs already, and after reviewing some of them I can say that it is always the same pattern. Thousand dollar claims, fully automated promises, and too many upsells.

To conclude, there are way better programs out there, for more value and less money.

My Alternative To 10x Profit Sites

If you are serious about making money online and are ready to invest some time and effort instead of money into DFY systems, then I recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation. Check the button below (it is completely FREE to start)

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What are your experiences with DFY systems? Do you like them? Let me hear from you in the comment section below, I will come back to you 🙂

All the best,


16 thoughts on “10x Profit Sites Review – The Truth Glynn Is Hiding!”

  1. The done-for-you websites sounded enticing. But I am glad I didn’t rush into joining Glynn’s platform.
    I know that ranking on Google is key to getting our website started. So, if the articles they give us at 10x Profit Sites are too short to rank, then we’ll have a bad start. Thank you for enabling me to make an informed decision about this platform.

    • Hey Ann,

      you are most welcome. Many programs nowadays forget the traffic part unfortunately (which is the most important foundation of running a successful business!)

  2. Thank you for the heads up.  I had looked at this program about a week ago but had decided to pass on it, but was considering going back and taking a second look.  Your article saved me the time and money that would have been required to be involved in that program.  The promise of traffic is not much of a promise I have found.   I have seen many sites that promise traffic which they do, but they get zero attention on the site.  They are often just traffic exchanges that offer little to no real value. 

    • Hey Mike,

      you are most welcome. It is how you say it. Traffic is being promised, but rarely delivered. At least proper traffic. But the great part is, that there are programs out there that are genuine about their work and help you to achieve both, site and traffic!

  3. Hello Matt

    This is a wonderful exposure to me and I believe to many others like me who are trying without the requisite knowledge to earn an income online. 

    This review here will stand as my permanent guide to crosscheck any website to find out the validity of claims. I have to copy it and file it because no one knows otherwise to me WA is the final stop. I am not looking at other opportunities online, no not again.

    But this is one of the side advantage of WA, getting savvy on things online generally.

    Deeply appreciated.

    • Hey Utuku,

      exactly, nowadays it is always the best way to crosscheck any website/product before signing up 🙂 you are most welcome. Much success for you,


  4. I have heard about this before and I almost keyed into it but my intuition told me not to.. thank you so much for this amazing review, as novices in this digital space, it’s always a pleasure coming across articles like these. Thank you so much for this your review, I’d check out your recommendation

    • Hi there, thanks for your comments and I am glad the review was helpful. When being a bigginer it´s always good to have a closer look to these kind of programs and avoid falling into a scam or losing time.



  5. You are actually not the first person that say that this is not a good program. I had a friend who was under this program and she always complained about it. She eventually left it and I do not blame her. I will be sure to share it with friends and family. Thank you for this review.

    • Hi Aubin, thanks for your comments. Yes, the main idea is to provide feedback and alert people about it, avoiding them to lose time and money. Glad it was helpful for you.



  6. It is so helpful to learn more about 10x Profit Sites through your article and review. I feel like the big difference in that low original buy-in and high-dollar upsell is a lot like a classic bait and switch scam. Looks like it was put together quickly without compelling selling points like a good investment should have. I will definitely avoid it. Thanks!

  7. I am totally amazed with your review on 10x Profit Sites the reason is that I continually get emails wanting me to join that company or Warrior Plus. Now I know the low down so I will not get trapped up in that. And thanks to your actions many others will not enter them as well. Great Job Matt you are probably saving many people from these dead-end schemes!

    • Hi Coyalita, thanks for reading. I am glad you found the review useful. It is really important to take a closer look at these programs before embarking into them. 



  8. Hey Matt,

    I myself am running 4 very successful websites and according to me, this field needs patience and good writing skills. After reading about the 10x profit site I can also say that they are just scamming people because the figures that are claiming in such little time are next to impossible.

    I think the best way to succeed in this field is by practicing your writing skills, having a lot of patience, and a lot of hard work but once it starts generating money, there is no looking back.

    • Hi Hari, thanks for reading. As you mention, patience is the key, and researching about each program is as important as having good writing skills to succeed.




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