5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review – 3 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Work

Hello Guys and Welcome to my 5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review

“3 minutes Set Up, 99% Autopilot, Same Day Income Potential, 100% Free Traffic!”

We all heard those claims. And if you are already a bit familiar with online marketing you hopefully know that a sales page is there to make sales. So, this is perhaps the reason why you are here. You want to find out if 5 Figure Day Full Throttle is a legit program and worth your time and money.

Maybe you even hope it to be an honest program because you finally want to set your search to an end. I totally understand how you feel. How? I have been there!

So, let’s see if 5 Figure Day Full Throttle is a legit program and holds to its promises. In this 5 Figure Day Full  Throttle Review we will cover the following:

  • What is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle about?
  • How does 5 Figure Day Full Throttle work?
  • The Pricing
  • The Good and The Bad
  • Is The Program A Scam?
  • My Final Opinion On The Program
  • Alternatives

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5 Figure Day Full  Throttle Review – Overview


Name: 5 Figure Day Full Throttle
Creator: Tom E Mcting, Bryan Winters
Category: DFY Funnel System, Email List Building
Price: 20$ + Upsells
Refund Policy: 14 days
Website: https://www.5figureday.com/joinft2.php
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: Hell NO!

Short-Summary – 5 Figure a day full throttle is a done-for-you funnel system that promises you to make commissions while building your e-mail list. The Program contains different funnels to promote the program itself (no other products) and comes with a huge amount of upsells.

To tell you right off the bat, Bryan Winters and Tom E-Mcting are well known in the industry and don’t receive much credit for their products…

Creator – Tom E Mcting and Bryan Winters are the owners of 5 Figure Day Full Throttle and have also created programs like CB Money Vine, 5iphone Reloaded and Commission Abduction. All their programs follow the same scheme:

  1. attracting customers with a low frontend price
  2. bombard them with expensive and useless upsells

Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle any different?

Category – The program falls into Done-For-You systems combined with Email and Affiliate Marketing. This combination is a pretty powerful one and can build you a sustainable cash flow, IF DONE RIGHT.

Price – 5 Figure Day Full Throttle starts with 20$ and contains 5 Upsells (around 900$) that are almost unavoidable to succeed with the program

Refund Policy – Even though it is a WarriorPlus program it has its own refund policy which is limited to 14 days instead of 30 days. A little pre-caution here, if you have already purchased the program.

What is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle about?



Well, the program or “software” is about promoting the program itself. Nowadays many similar programs follow the scheme of self-promotion and call it “business training”.

5 Figure Day Full Throttle provides you funnels for promoting the program that looks like this:

The goal is to drive traffic to those squeeze pages and hope that as many visitors as possible run through the funnel. With this approach, you collect the e-mail and even can make a sale if the visitor runs through all the steps.

The Strategy Behind 5 FDFT

As I went through the program, I realized that 5 Figure Day Full Throttle uses a very unique strategy. They tell the visitor to sign up with their e-mail in order to receive a free gift. The free gift is in this case not a PDF or a short Video training as usual lead magnets, but it is the program itself. “What for FREE?!”

Well, not exactly. People that sign up receive a “Light Version” of the program. This Light Version gives them 2 options. They can either upgrade to the full version which will make you a commission OR they can promote the light version as well and hope that somebody is going to upgrade so that they can receive a commission (and maybe upgrade later as well)

“But what about me?” You might ask. Well, you will not receive the commission, which would let it look like a PYRAMID SCHEME, but you will receive their e-mail. So, it actually is a pyramid scheme but based on e-mails. For every new conversion your customers make, you get instead of the commission, their e-mail.

This is how it looks like:

“Wow, that’s cool!” you might say. Well, it is at the first sight. But from my experience, there are a few mechanisms working behind the scenes which you may not like.

The E-mail Problem…

Well, first of all, it is most likely that not only you will receive the e-mails but Tom and Bryan as well. Why? Because you are using their program. So, they will have access to those e-mails as well.

Secondly, even if you have the e-mail, it is going to be a low-quality lead, because you have no connection or established trust with them. So, you basically create an e-mail list that you can’t really use to pitch your further promotions successfully.

I hope you are not surprised because unfortunately there are additional points that make the whole system unsustainable and simply not work in the long run.

How Does 5 Figure Day Full Throttle Work?

5 Figure Day Full Throttle tells you to get your WarriorPlus affiliate link and activate them in your funnels. This is actually “everything” you have to do according to Bryan and Tom. Unfortunately, this is a misleading claim on their sales page in order to make you believe that it is “that easy”.

3 Issues With 5 Figure Day full Throttle

The first problem with 5 Figure Day Full Throttle is: TRAFFIC.

Tom and Bryan tell you to share the program via email and social media channels. The thing is that social media channels react to authority and popularity. So, if your has no brand awareness nobody is going to buy the product. Especially when your channels are not in the bizop niche.

No Email Copy

The other part is that it provides you ONLY with pitch copy for your social media channels. So, even if you have to build your e-mail list, what kind of copy are you going to send them?

“Hello, it’s Alex, buy 5 Figure Day Full Throttle. Thanks”?

I think we all know that this is not going to work. This is a common problem nowadays. You receive a program and a few e-mail swipes, but in the long run, you are simply being left alone.

Note: Many Online Marketing gurus tell you to simply “be yourself” when creating email copy, which is total BS! There is a structure behind every copy. Without it, you will have a hard time and simply lose leads.


The third thing is: Upsells.

I have talked about it in my other reviews, nowadays almost every online marketing training contains upsells. I am okay with 1-2 upsells, if they are good and really can accelerate your online success. But 5 Figure Day Full Throttle comes with 5! Upsells (that make a total of 900$), which is in my eyes outrageous. In addition to that most of them are not worth their price!

Let’s take a look at this

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5 Figure Day Full Throttle Pricing , and Refund Policy

As we have covered previously, 5 Figure Day Full  Throttle is about promoting a light version of the program, which is for free, in order to attract people to upgrade for the “full” version.

But as soon as you upgrade, you will realize that you still do not have the “full version” but merely a version with fewer restrictions. The sales page claims that things like autopilot and traffic are included within the paid version. Total BS here.

Let’s see what I mean

Upsell#1 – 5 Figure Day Fast And Furious (97$) – 

Here it is said that Bryan and Tom themselves are going to send visitors to your funnels on autopilot. Just by simply upgrading they will send traffic to your funnels which have a high conversion potential through “auto-hardcoding” your affiliate links deep into their referral base.

Well, it sounds all utopic and great, but I can tell you from experience that what you will get here is people (or bots) that are being paid for clicking through your funnels, and guess what? Commissions are the last thing you are going to see.

This is a common strategy nowadays, to keep customers in high hopes and motivate them to upgrade further, because “you still don’t have the secret 5 Figure Day Nitro Funnels!”.

Upsell#2 – 5 Figure Day Nitro Funnels (97$) – With this upgrade, you receive additional funnels for your 5 Figure Day Full Throttle. The claim behind it is that sooner or later the niche is getting worn out and your current funnels won’t work in their full potential anymore. So, if everybody is going to upgrade, won’t it be worn out anyway?

Upsell#3 – Commission Supercharger (197$) – Here you receive a high ticket webinar video for the program that is not only going to be added at the end of your funnel but through the entire funnel. Really worth 197$? In your dreams! From my experience this can ever lower your ROI

Upsell#4 – Autopilot Traffic Engine (197$) – This is another Traffic Upgrade that promises you to add your funnels into the 5FDFT auto rotator and “skyrocket” your commissions. What does auto rotator actually mean? Where is the traffic coming from? Who are those people? BS!

Upsell#5 – 5 Figure Day 100K Winners Circle (397$) – With this upsell you are actually being pitched for Tom’s and Bryan’s other “winning” programs like 5iphon Reloaded, IGMoneyTree, ShopMonopoly, etc. For 397$ you receive the bundle of their programs. If you really think this is going to be a benefit for you, then your wallet will be surprised. Why? Because this is simply another strategy to pitch you for further upsells within those programs.

What you have here is nothing more than a pure rip-off

Refund Policy

Be aware that the refund policy of the program contains only 14 days and not the usual 30 days WarriorPlus money-back guarantee. If you have already purchased the program, be reminded to not dawdle.

Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle A Scam?

If you take a look at the strategy that Tom and Bryan are using, it definitely can work. As I have mentioned previously Affiliate marketing combined with E-mail marketing is a powerful strategy. But if you take a look at the upsells and those prices, you realize that their goal is less helping you to achieve success but simply get access to your pockets. With that said, the program is 100% a scam.

Even if we would try to make the program work, the problem simply here is traffic. As we have already discussed above. You can have the greatest and best bulletproof strategy, if nobody is going to see it, you simply won’t earn a dime. Traffic is simply an essential part of earning money. Not only online but everywhere. You can have the best grocery shop with the cheapest prices, if nobody is visiting it, you will simply go broke.

5FDFT tells you to make use of free traffic which is based on sharing your links on social media channels or via emails. But how do you want to do it if you don’t have the authority or a popular page? Unless you have a good amount of followers, nobody is going to trust nor buy the product from you.

The other point is the traffic they provide. I don’t know why but many programs are making use of this strategy by telling their customers “we are going to send traffic to your pages”. If you understand how traffic works, you would simply doubt that claim, because you can’t just “send random people to your funnel”. You have to know who they are, their source, in which buyer’s phase they are etc.

In addition to that, if they really would have “such a good source” of traffic, why don’t they simply use it for themselves? Well, because it is most likely low-quality traffic (in the best case) or simply bots.

Harsh? I know. This is why I am not a fan of Done-For-You systems. First, you don’t learn anything except of clicking a few buttons and secondly, you have no freedom or control of your “business”.

What I Like About 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

  • It has a legit strategy
  • It has a low frontend price

What I don’t Like About 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

  • Done-For-You System that doesn’t teach but simply shows where and what to click
  • Very bad traffic strategy
  • A lot of misleading claims
  • Low to 0 chances to make money with it
  • A lot of overpriced Upsells (which many of them are simply useless)
  • Has no free trial version
  • Has a short refund policy (14 days)
  • Don’t learn how to create your own brand

My Final Opinion On 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

As I have already mentioned previously, the program has a good strategy but the rest is simply garbage. If you want to give it a try go for it, 20$ is a low frontend price and you can get your money back within 14 days in case you are not satisfied.

But if you plan to make money online with the program, I entrust you there are definitely tons of other alternatives that are better, provide more value, and are MUCH cheaper!

My Alternative for 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

If you are serious about making money online, then you may be a little bit discouraged after reading this review. You don’t have to, because there are great alternatives for affiliate marketing. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate. I have gone through the training myself and I can say that there is nothing like you have in 5 Figure Day Full Throttle.

If I start to compare Wealthy Affiliate with 5 Figure Day Full Throttle, the only thing I can say is, those are two worlds. Check my in-depth review on Wealthy Affiliate and see it for yourself

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Thanks for reading and much success for you,




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  1. Thank you so much for this! As someone in affiliate marketing, I was just researching this program. For $20, I would think that it would be a no-brainer to try it; but, you just saved me $20! Those up-sells are CRAZY! In addition, it is essential to build trust within the online community, which does not seem possible with the use of this program. Thank you! I will keep that $20 in my own pocket! ((:


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