About Us

Hey, it’s Matt!

The founder of affiliaidforyou.com.

Well, I don’t have the usual “From Waiter to Millionaire” story as many other online marketing achievers have. I was quite early on in the whole “making money online” thing so it wasn’t such a big thing for me to learn how to earn money online (I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate back in 2009).

What actually made a big thing was that since 2016 I observed that more and more online marketing gurus started to arise and promise to make you rich overnight. At many schemes, I  was smiling. Honestly, it didn’t bother me, since I knew that the more people in the game the bigger the cake.

But what I didn’t consider was that the more people heard about the internet and making money online, the more people fell into those “get rich quick” schemes. This whole thing boomed so much that even close friends and relatives started to invest their money into “marketing gurus” that simply had no other intention than to just make another buck off them.

Honestly, I knew everybody is responsible for his own choices, but it was painful to see how people that you respect and love, are investing hundreds and thousands of dollars in schemes and methods that I knew never worked and would never work.

Since I felt responsible to make a change and started affiliaidforyou.com. I believe that everybody should have an equal chance to start their online marketing journey and not fall for scams on their first try, and as a result, start supporting the widely-spread misbelieve “you can’t make money online”.

The sky is the limit regarding earning money online and it is even pretty fun. If you know how to do it of course!

With that said, I have reviewed over 700+ online marketing programs in my whole online marketing career. If you are curious about my #1 recommendation, check out the review of it HERE

So, this is my little story. If you have feedback, questions, or want me to review a program, feel free to leave a message at info@affiliaidforyou.com.