Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint Review – A 997$ Scam? (2021)

Name: Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint
Price: 997$
Owner: Bogdan Valeanu
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Refund Policy: 30-60 Days
Launch Date: 2019

Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint is a program that is made by Bogdan Valeanu and one of those that seem to be interesting at the first sight but as soon as you dig deeper find out that there is something incredibly wrong with it. In order to not fall for anything, you may regret later, please check out this Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint Review. It will save you money!


Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint Overview

This program was launched back in 2019. Although it seems like it had a short race in the industry because the last blog article was made in 2019. In general, the whole website looks like it is still in construction. Like somebody started working on it but stopped halfway.

The program itself intends to help people who are new to affiliate marketing and want to build passive income with Clickbank and Facebook ads. But during my research, it felt like neither the website nor the program was finished.

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The Good and The Bad

The Good (+)

  • Bogdan has great knowledge in his field
  • According to the description, the program provides valuable content with real-life examples

The Bad (-)

  • The refund policy seems to be not clear. On one page it is said 30 days and on another one 60 days
  • The whole website seems to be not finished
  • The support page looks very poor
  • No free Trial offer
  • Online presence very poor (sales text is very badly written)
  • Some links point to completely random websites that make no sense
  • 997$ is a little bit too much for the amount of content that is being provided
  • The program as well as the owner seem to be inactive (no updates)


Is Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint a Scam? – You be the Judge!

Before I have made the step into researching the whole program I already had an odd feeling. There were unusual things that I popped onto my display. Only one blog article, empty pages, just a few pictures, a poor About Me page, and redirections to websites that were completely out of context. What was going on?!

This was the moment for me where I actually thought to call it a scam but I wanted to know the truth, so I went deeper into my research.

I found out that Bogdan Valeanu is actually a real person that even had some successes in the online marketing world. He has a successful DVD course called “fatmelter” that is quite popular on amazon. He claims to have made 1.000.000$(!) with that course but I am not sure in how far this is true.

Next to it, he is the owner of and has around 1500 subscribers on youtube. But after checking out his website I saw that is nothing different from his unfinished affiliate marketing freedom blueprint program. A short and unfinished about me page. 5 Blogs with no activity since 2018. It seems like Bogdan isn’t very motivated in doing the marketing.

To not give it up completely I tried to see what Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint contains so I went through his sales page. After reading it I understood that Bogdan has some knowledge in Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Ads but nothing special and definitely not worth for 997$. Additionally, the text seemed to me like he didn’t really care that much about a good and motivational sales script. It felt like he doesn’t stand behind his product.

Those points are already a sign that this program is nothing you should consider buying!


How is the Training of Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint?

The training itself has some good and valuable points. With the strategy that is being presented, you can definitely generate sales. But due to the inactivity of the owner, I am not sure if the strategies are still applicable in 2021.

This is how the training looks like:

Module #1: Setting up Website, Clickbank Account, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Page, Facebook Pixel
Module #2: Finding the best Advertising Account
Module #3: Facebook Ads Training
Module #4: Facebook Ads Advanced Training
Module #5: Facebook Video Ads
Module #6: Scaling

Live Webinars

  • Every week live Q&A’s (not sure if this support is still available)


  • Skype Support Group
  • Access to 3 of his Campaigns
  • Message Template to reacquire disabled Facebook Accounts
  • Done For you Ads, Landingpages and a 30 days Autoresponder
  • A 12.000$ New Offer Training
  • A 13.000$ Revenue Case Study

At the first sight, it looks like a but in comparison to other programs it isn’t worth 997$. There are far better programs (and some of them are even cheaper) in that price range. In addition to that, after having done the research I am not even sure if you will get that material after purchasing it.


Is there at least a Refund Policy for this Program?

I don’t think so. First of all due to the inactivity of the owner and secondly I have found two refund policies. One says that there is a 60 days refund and the other says 30 days. All I can say is: SCAM!


My final words on the Program – Don’t buy it!

If you want to get a rip-off, go for it. I definitely do not advice you to buy it! Apart from the bad marketing and inactivity of the owner, everything points to a big scam to rip off people. So please, save your money and don’t fall for it!

The Final Overview

Name: Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint
Price: 997$
Owner: Bogdan Valeanu
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Verdict: SCAM!

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If you have questions or comments please let me know in the comment section. Or if you want to add your personal review of Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint you can do it there too. I would love to hear your feedback.

Until there all the best,


6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint Review – A 997$ Scam? (2021)”

  1. Thank you for sharing this review!  It certainly looks like a poor choice for learning how to start an online business.  The first red flag for me would have been that there is a high price tag but no free trial.  Who is going to shell out $997 for something they can’t test drive?  Then there is the owner who has multiple poorly set up businesses, all of which appear to be poorly maintained and a sketchy money back policy.  I have one word: Nope.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      you are most welcome! You are totally right. 997$ without a free trial simply screams for being a scam. In my eyes a free trial is a must for every product, because as a business owner you always want to give something for free first, before charging money. I like the way Wealthy Affiliate is doing it. 7 days free trial and after that you can decide either it is a go or no go for you.

      Thank you for passing by!
      All the best for you,


  2. Thanks for the Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint review! To most online marketing novices, $997 is on the high side and most people wouldn’t want to subscribe to it. And in the area of support, I think this will likely be challenging for most people. Affiliate marketing involves a lot of technicalities and so technical support will be needed. This is why I loved the support team at Wealthy Affiliate. Members get full and interactive support whenever they need it. And when someone submits a ticket, they get almost instant replies from the Support. Thanks for the detailed review!


    • Hey Joyce,

      You are most welcome! Exactly. Affiliate Marketing always needs a technical hand in order to make everything run. Setting up a website, maintain plugins, answer comments. All those things are not a standard for new people so having good support is a must if you want to have a successful product. With that said, Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint has none of those, so save your money and move on!

      Thank you for passing by!

      All the best,


  3. Hi, Matt, thank you so much for a thorough review on the Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint. It’s my first time to hear about this programme and I think 997$ is too high an amount to pay.

    I am really pleased that you managed to dig deeper to unearth all the flaws especially the ones on the website which, to me are red flags. I once signed up for a scam programme and I know how it feels like to lose money that way.

    • Hello Harugumi, thanks for reading and for your comments. The main idea of this review is alert begginers in the business about these type of programs. I am glad it was useful for you too.




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