Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – No Millions And Not Even A Club!

Hello Guys and welcome to my Affiliate Millionaire Club Review.

Affiliate Marketing here, Affiliate Marketing there. Everybody claims to have the best affiliate training. Affiliate Millionaire Club is nothing different and promises you to make 500$ a day and 1200$ as soon as you sign up for the program.

Well, after reviewing a good amount of making money online programs, I can tell right off the bat that there is something stinky in the bushes.

To be more precise a big bunch of BS. I found out that it is nothing more than an Affiliate Scam Club. It even isn’t a club. Just a poorly designed combination of tools and information that someone charges you 47$ for.

In this Affiliate Millionaire Club Review we are going to cover the following:

  • What is Affiliate Millionaire Club about?
  • How does Affiliate Millionaire Club Work?
  • The Pricing Of Affiliate Millionaire Club
  • The Pros and the Cons
  • Can you make money with Affiliate Millionaire Club?
  • My final opinion About the program
  • My Alternative

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Affiliate Millionaire (Scam) Club Review – Overview



Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club
Creator: Mohammed (Mo)
Category: Affiliate Marketing
Pricing: 47$ + Upsells
Refund Policy: 60 days
Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars
Verdict: SCAM!

Short Summary – Mo the creator of the program claims to make 500$ a day with this program. The principles behind are nothing more than the usual approach for affiliate marketing.

Create a website, fill it with content and drive traffic to it.

The problem is that Affiliate Millionaire Club is a combination of a free page-builder (like Wix or WordPress) and a “training” that is put together in PDFs and provides 1st grade online marketing knowledge. There is nothing new that the program is going to teach you. 500$ a day? Definitely not here.

Creator – Mohammed or Mo seems to be the creator of the program. At least this is what the guy in the intro video is claiming. I usually say that it is a good sign when you see the face of the creator of a program. But in this case, I am not sure if it is really him or a hired Fiverr guy that got paid a few bucks to make this video.

Category – The Category that the program falls into is affiliate marketing. As I have already mentioned on my entire website, affiliate marketing is a very legit way to earn money online, IF done right.

Pricing – Mo charges you 47$ for the frontend version. And like within every other program you are being confronted with additional upsells in the membership’s area

Refund Policy – Perhaps the best part of the program. It contains a 60 days refund policy which is being provided by

Recommended? – Hell NO! Run for the hills and get some new shoes for that money

What is Affiliate Millionaire Club about?

Well, as I have already mentioned, the program claims to be about teaching you how to make 500$ per day with Affiliate Marketing. But the only thing you learn here is that you should invest your 47$ in something better than into Affiliate Millionaire Scam Club.

The main idea behind it is to provide you done-for-you websites that are pre-build with an online website generator. As soon as you log in you receive access to a poorly designed website page builder that is “supposed” to build your affiliate “website”. Actually, you don’t even receive a website.

What you merely receive is a subdomain that you don’t even own with general content that you would also get on page-builders like Wix or WordPress. In other words, you could get all this by simply signing up for general page builders, and guess what? It wouldn’t cost you a dime! In addition to that, you would even be the owner of the website.

Still don’t believe me it’s a scam?

Well, let’s take a look at the “testimonials”

“Real” Testimonials

When you enter the memberships area you will encounter a few testimonials. One of them is an older man that talks about his success with affiliate millionaire club and how many bucks the program makes him daily. You can obviously see that this guy got paid to read the script he has on his screen.

If you check Fiverr (a platform where people do any business-related kind of job for a few bucks) you can find the man there.

What does this say about Mo and his program? Exactly, that both are as fake as the testimonials.

But let’s continue with the “Training” Mo is providing

Training or Better Said PDFs

I don’t even know if you can call it “training”. What Mo provides you here are PDFs with very basic knowledge about affiliate marketing. Honestly, this and even more information is available on Youtube/Google for free.

This is how he divided the training:

  • Google Adsense Guide
  • Motivation Self/Help
  • Social Media
  • Traffic SEO

All those categories are being covered very briefly and provide only value to people who have never heard about online marketing.

The program is basically garbage.

I could continue my rant about the program but let’s take a look at if it is even possible to make money with the program

How Does Affiliate Millionaire Club work?

As soon as you sign up for the program Mo gives you 10 free “websites” (subdomains that you don’t own) in order to activate your pre-built affiliate pages. So, would it be even possible to earn money with those subdomains?

Well, shortly said NO.


Because first of all, it is duplicate content that you receive. Everybody else who is signing will get the same pages. Google and other search engines punish websites that present duplicate content and simply don’t rank them.

Secondly, there is no real training on traffic except for those little PDFs. Mo talks about Adsense and Free SEO traffic. The problem here is, he simply talks about it but doesn’t really show how to get started to earn your 500$ per day. If you choose for free SEO traffic, you will definitely need time (at least 6 months) and hard work to make your website rank on Google and other search engines.

I hope you can see the problem here.

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Affiliate Millionaire Club Pricing

The program itself costs 47$ one-time. It comes with 3 additional upsells that are as follows:

  • Silver Membership – 47$
  • Gold Membership – 57$
  • Platinum Membership – 67$

These include additional websites, training, and affiliate products.

This is actually rare nowadays because almost every program that has scam attributes confronts you with a good amount of upsells (usually 5-6 in a price range of 600$).

This is perhaps one good thing about Affiliate Millionaire Scam Club.

Something else that is very appealing is the 60 days money-back guarantee. So, even if you have fallen into the overhyped marketing of Mo, you still have 60 days to refund the product.

Although I have to mention that the product isn’t listed on anymore, so I wouldn’t be too sure about getting your money back if you have already purchased it.

What I don’t like about Affiliate Millionaire Club

  • Overhype
    Mo overhypes his product by bragging about the amount of money he made and that you WILL earn 1200$ after joining Affiliate Millionaire Club. It is very common nowadays to claim unrealistic expectations about one’s program and unfortunately many online marketing beginners who are looking to earn money fast, take the bait.
  • Poor Training
    The PDF “training” is a joke. With free online sources like Youtube or Google, you can find much more valuable information for completely FREE.
  • No Source for Traffic
    Perhaps one of the most essential parts of affiliate marketing. Mo provides you with websites, and products but doesn’t really give you a clear guide for traffic except for those “Google Adsense” and “SEO Traffic” PDFs
  • Fake Testimonials
    The biggest red flag in any online marketing product. If you recognize fake testimonials (you can see that when “customers” are reading something from the screen while giving their opinion) then this is a big sign of a not genuine program and owner
  • Duplicate Content
    You receive pre-built subdomains here, which means that you are not the only one that is going to receive the same subdomains. This means that if you are aiming to rank in search engines, they most likely punish you for duplicate content which is going to make it very hard to rank on the first pages.

What I Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

  • It has a 60 days refund policy
    This is not very common. Usually, the refund policy lasts 30 days, but thanks to you have double the time to refund it. Although as I have mentioned previously, the product isn’t available on clickbetter anymore, so be careful here (maybe there is no money-back-guarantee at all)
  • It has only 3 upsells
    After reviewing a bunch of programs, I realized that scam programs usually bombard you with 5-6 upsells that are priced around 600-1000$. Mo seems to have restrained himself here and it comes with only three upsells at a cost of around 150$

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club A Scam?

I think it is obvious right? There is no doubt that it is not a legit but a total scam program. First of all because of the misleading claims that you find on the sales page. 500$ per day and 1200$ after joining the “club” is nothing more than pixie dust. The only number you make is a minus in your bank account.

Another red flag is the testimonials. As soon as you see fake testimonials (there are very easy to identify) you can be 100% sure that the owner is trying nothing more than getting access to your pockets.

Another scam sign is the misleading statement that you receive 10 Free WEBSITES. Websites are something you own. What you receive though are subdomains that are nothing more than sub-pages of Mo’s website. In other words, if the website vanishes, all your subdomains vanish as well.

My Final Opinion About Affiliate Millionaire Club

Well, I think it is obvious. The program didn’t pass the scam check and is nothing more than just an Affiliate Scam. It is not a club and it won’t make you a millionaire either. The only thing it will do is make you 47$ lighter.

The program simply fails right off the bat when Mo claims that you are going to make 1200$ after joining his “club”. Earning 1200$ for joining a program that costs 47$? I wouldn’t be writing this review now…

Usually, I tell people to try something for themselves because there is most of the time a refund policy available, but here I don’t even recommend you to step your foot behind the sales page. No matter how you twist and wriggle it, you won’t make money with the Affiliate Millionaire Scam Club.

In addition to that, the refund policy might be worn out so simply stay away from Mo and his scam program.

My verdict here is obvious: 100% SCAM!

My Alternative to Affiliate Millionaire Club

After reading this review you might be a bit discouraged (of course only if you have ever believed in the overhyped claims of Mo in the first place).

The good thing is that there are much better programs out there that provide muuuch more content and value. One of it is my #1 recommended program.

It is completely FREE to start and has tons of additional training. But why am I telling you it here? Check my in-depth review of it for yourself:

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Thanks for reading guys, and have a scam-free week!


12 thoughts on “Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – No Millions And Not Even A Club!”

  1. It’s very unfortunate that affiliate marketing, a very solid approach to making money online, gets a bad name from scams like Affiliate Millionaire Club. The AMC name alone put up red flags for me. Then when you showed the old guy from Fiverr giving testimonials that sunk it. Giving people content for a fee when it is available for free should be criminal. To compound matters suggesting that content is unique but it is really duplicated pdfs and then charging for it again is so wrong. I am glad for your review and can only hope that tons of people see it so that they don’t get suckered punched.

    • Hi there, thanks for reading the review. It´s important to have a better understanding about each program before taking any futher step. It´s a common use among scammers to copy their programs from legit ones.

      Glad the reveiw was helpful for your.



  2. When I am going to join a platform, the first thing I do is research about it. So far, I have already joined 3 platforms and given other two a pass (because they were not what I had in mind). However, this has been the first time I research about a program and it turns out to be a complete scam. Thank you for warning me on time!

    • Hi Ann, I am glad that it was helpful for you. The main idea is to warn about these scams, as time is precious and there are people that take advantage of it.

      Warm regards,


  3. I have an account with the platform, The Affiliate Millionaire Club sales pitch tries to take you for a fool by leading you to believe that you can rake in $1,200 from the get-go…
    Which pretty much sounds those alarm bells straight away because it’s not quick and easy to make that amount of cash. The platform is a waste of time. 

    • Hi Emmanuel, thanks for your comments and for having taken the time to read the review. The main idea was to provide accurate information regarding the program.

      Warm regards,


  4. Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to make money online as you said IF done correctly. It is sad that so many out there are trying to sell re-hashed information that can be found on the internet for free and slapping a name on it that tricks people into thinking that they can truly learn how to do affiliate marketing.

    I do believe that is why so many people fail in affiliate marketing. It is being tricked into buying something that promises results and then they are left with being stuck, with no help, and even broker. 

    Thanks for such an honest and to the point review! I love your realness. 


    • Hi Lisa, thank you for reading and for your kind comments. The main idea es to provide the information every begginer is looking for, with honest words and trying to help them in this journey.



  5. Hello. I have never heard of Affiliate Millionaire Club, but when I was reading your review, I had to laugh. $500 a day? I’m in my 8th month and still didn’t earn anything. Affiliate marketing takes time, training, and dedication. I can’t believe people still trust so easily. Before I signed up somewhere I make deep research. Hopefully, your review will save money and time for many people.

    • Hello Nat, thanks for reading and for your comments. That´s right, the main idea of the review is to provide information to begginers and avoid they lose their time and money.



  6. When looking for information about Affiliate Millionaire Club, I came across this review and as it was the first bad review I came across I was surprised. On investigating further I see that the training is below par and the websites are not unique but the same ones that are handed to everyone that joins.

    Everyone who knows about building websites knows that it is always better to have your own domain and your own content if you want to be successful, and this certainly won’t do.

    Thank you for the warning and your honest review.

    • Hello Michel, thanks for reading. You got the right idea about the review. Not everything that shines is gold, and it takes a bit of research to discover what program can be best for you. I am glad this review was useful for you.




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