12 Minute Affiliate Review 2021 – Is Devon Brown Scamming You? (True and non-affiliated)

Hello, I am Sergej, and welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate Review! Just to let you know, the goal of affiliaidforyou.com is to give the readers a clear overview and perspective on online marketing programs and to protect them from scams and black hat methods. On affiliaidforyou.com are only programs promoted that provide real value … Read more

Affiliate Funnel Clones 2.0 Review – Legit Or a Big Bucket of Scam? (Not Affiliated)

If you’ve been looking for an objective Affiliate Funnel Clones 2.0 Review, this is it. Unfortunately, the owners of the product and apparently people who have bought it are very busy promoting it online via non-credible Affiliate Funnel Clones 2.0 reviews that show up almost everywhere. I had a hard time finding any before I … Read more

Perpetual Income 365 Review – Legit or another Scam MLM Program?

Product Category: Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Name: Perpetual Income 365 Owner: Shawn Josiah Pricing: Free 14 day trial, then $47 a month Refund Policy: 60 days Overall Ranking: 10 of 100 Points Recommended?: Not for people who want to create their own business. What is Perpetual Income 365 About? There are many different programs that … Read more