CB Money Vine Review – FREE Money Making Machine Or Another Scam?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my CB Money Vine Review.

Just like me, many of you must have searched for ways to make instant money online or searched for organic ways to drive traffic to your new or existing website.

To make this happen, you might come across many websites that promise to generate a passive income for you within weeks or months. But, you need to pay a heavy price for that too.

So, if you are looking for a money-making “autopilot” program, then this CB Money Vine review is for you.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Little Background of CB Money Vine
  • What is the CB Money Vine Program?
  • How does the Cb money vine program work?
  • How can this product benefit you?
  • What’s included in the Cb money vine software?
  • The CB Money Vine Payment Plan
  • Key Features of CB Money Vine including pros and cons
  • Who Can Use Cb Money Online Program?
  • How Much Income One Can Generate?
  • Is the CB Money Vine Program Available for Free?
  • Is Cb Money Vine A Big Fat Scam?
  • My Final Opinion

Now, let’s discuss each section in detail one by one:

CB Money Vine Review – Overview

Name: CB Money Vine
Creator: Bryan Winters
Website: cbmoneyvine.com
Pricing: “Free”, 20$ VIP Membership + Upsells
Refund Policy: 30 Days Warrior Plus Money Back Guarantee
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: Not for everybody
Better Alternative: #1 recommendation

CB MONEY VINE: Little Background

Brian Winters and Tom E Mcting are the creators behind the idea of generating consistent income for everyone online.

With the extensive experience of over 20 years, both internet marketers have come up with this simple yet genuine income generating system that will generate recurring monthly commissions on autopilot.

Well, this is at least what they are promising on the sales page.

According to them, the CB Money Vine system is a sophisticated technology where users can effortlessly stuff their accounts with daily autopilot commissions of up to $500 from over 4,000 hot products.

The creators of the CB Money Vine have ensured that this system will automatically stuff your account with more than 40 to 50% commissions from every affiliate sale.

If you’re too struggling to make an affiliate website work in your favor, then CB Money Vine can be an option for you.

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So, What is CB Money Vine About?

Simply put, CB money vine is a website that aims to provide experienced as well as non-experienced users an opportunity to make plenty of money online.

Bryan defines this as an ingenious system that smartly incentivizes internet goers to keep buying Clickbank products via your affiliate links only.

Therefore, it naturally gets you massive income while making you a successful affiliate marketer.

Unlike any other platform, the CB Money Vine program is completely trustworthy, reliable, and of course free.

This free system or program can not only guarantee to grow your monthly income from $500 to $10000 but also offers you the tools and resources to make your affiliate journey more worthwhile.

Now, you must be tempted to know how CB Money Vine actually works? Let’s find out:

How does CB Money Vine Work?

Since the introduction of CB Money Vine oto, it has become one of the quintessential income systems. The success of the CB money vine lies in fueling everyone’s income without investing anything.

Having said that, let me now explain how it actually works and what else you can expect from this unconventional business opportunity.

To start with, the CB Money Vine program is based on the concept of affiliate marketing where one can easily promote products from a marketplace known as ClickBank.

Here, the program CB stands for ClickBank…

Though affiliate marketing is itself the easiest, affordable, and legit way to make money online by promoting different products or services.

Clickbank is one level-up program that allows you to host 4000 plus products from ClickBank and get a sound income in return whenever people buy those products.

This is how it generally works:

  1. Firstly, the online user will get a “FREE” website with a referral link whenever you opt for the CB Money Vine program. Using referral links, you can even promote CB Money Vine.
  2. Secondly, you will get access to more than 4000 physical and digital products in unlimited categories. The same will be hardcoded with the affiliate link as well.
  3. Lastly, you will get a wonderful opportunity to promote CB Money Vine significantly through referral and not just any products individually.

Then, whenever someone clicks the referral link and buys any Clickbank products through your money vine website, you will get a commission in return.


Cb money vine online program is mainly categorized into two parts:


To begin with, simply log into the CB Money website. You need to use the secret one (1) click software to brand more than 4000 products with your affiliate links. The software will hardly take 60 seconds and you are good to go.


Who doesn’t love to benefit from over 4000 Clickbank products that can stuff your account with 40 to 75 percent of commissions?

This is incredibly impressive which you can’t do on any other platform. However, not all the products coupled with a system can generate income for you. This is where CB Money Vine stands.

The CB Money Vine marketplace is driven by digital marketers that give the people freedom to buy products from your website through an ingenious in-built incentivization program.

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The CB Money Vine Upsells

This program is available for free and anyone can join it at any given point in time, but if you want to make big bucks then you must choose any of the three memberships given below:

  • Purchase Any Clickbank Product Inside CB Miney Vine Program

This plan is worth around $5 and it gives you the chance to unlock your affiliate links for a month, but not outside the program.

  • Autopilot Payment Plan

If you don’t want to buy products to maintain your CB Money Vine membership, then you can opt for this plan that comes for $20 only.

  • VIP Membership

This plan is all about getting extra. For taking VIP memberships, you need to pay $18.97 only on your first month of becoming a VIP member.

When the first month gets completed, then you can switch either of the two plans to maintain your CB Money Vine program membership.

Key Features of CB Money Vine

The idea behind CB Money Vine (CBMV) is pretty simple and straightforward. You get access to multiple products in just one place called Clickbank that can be further promoted.

You get a unique affiliate link for each product that can further generate passive income for you.

The CBMV program gathers all the products collectively in one specific place from ClickBank.

You get all the access to the software and are provided with the unique link that is meant and applicable to all the ClickBank physical and digital products.

The process of the CBMV has made the journey of every affiliate marketer uncomplicated. Besides this, it saves a lot of time and effort as you don’t have to chase every customer door to door.

Instead, customers will directly jump to your website, choose a specific niche depending on their needs, pick a product and make a purchase. This is when you earn a great commission.

What I like About CB Money Vine (Pros)

  • Making money is easy
  • Promotes the right kind of products to the right people
  • No extra costs or charges
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A good option for new or upcoming affiliate marketers
  • No maintenance or web hosting needed

What I Don’t Like About CB Money Vine (Cons)

  • No real training is provided
  • It sometimes becomes hard to get traffic
  • The tutorial video looks misleading and unrealistic

Who Can Use the CB Money Online Program?

Frankly speaking, the CB Money Online System is crafted in a way that can be used by anyone.

Be it professionals or a newbie, almost every individual willing to make some good amount of money can take advantage of this bonafide software without a hitch.

However, you still need to have sound knowledge about SEO, how it works, and how to get organic traffic to your website.

By doing this, you will be able to explore various possibilities that can generate a six figures income for you if used wisely.

How Much Can You Earn With CB Money Vine?

It is now evident that CB Money Online Programs can effectively generate a good source of income for you. But the question is how much income one can generate using this efficient program.

Using CB Money Vine, you can simply convert your four or five figures income to six figures. To achieve this, you need to first know how to incorporate every affiliate link into your website for achieving optimal results.

If you want to bring more traffic to your website organically, then you must also invest in Facebook or PPC ads to get the most.

For instance, you have paid around $200 for ads to drive organic traffic to your page and somehow you manage to get more than 100 visitors in a day.

Then let’s assume 20 of them decided to purchase the product at a 50% commission rate.

If you calculate this: 20 x $12.50, minus the money you have spent i.e; $200 which means an extra $250 goes directly into your pocket. This is how CB Money Vine makes money for you.

Still, you must find a profitable campaign like the above to double your monthly earnings.

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Is Cb Money Vine SCAM or LEGIT?

Well, I won’t blame you if you are still wondering whether CB money vine is legit or a possible scam. It’s quite easy for people to get frustrated as many fraudulent websites and online activities are constantly dumping them.

They also make false claims in the beginning and usually end up offering you low-quality affiliate links that don’t benefit you.

But thanks to the transparency of the CB Money Vine, which makes it a quite effective program.

Unlike many other online programs, CB Money Vine is quite affordable, easy-to-use, and a result-oriented system that can do wonders for every affiliate marketer.

To be honest, CB Money Vine acts as a good source of income every month by just promoting the products at the right time to the right people.

So, I am quite convinced that CB Money Vine is scam-free and far away from any misleading and unethical activities.

Is CB Money Vine Program Free of Cost?

Keeping things straight, the CB Money Vine pricing is $20 per month. You need to pay this little amount before joining the CB Money Vine program.

To keep your affiliate website and downline team members functioning uninterruptedly, you will have to continue paying $20 every month without any delay.

If somehow you fail to pay the amount then be prepared to lose your downline along with your affiliate website. But you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel that CB Money Vine isn’t a good option for you, which is rare.

CB Money Vine Review: The Final Opinion

Fortunately, both Bryan and Tom did us a great favor by integrating tons of affiliate offers in one single roof. This makes every affiliate marketer’s job much easier.

But, you still can’t deny the fact that the only way to succeed and generate passive income is by getting reliable people on your website. That sounds too daunting for any marketer.

To conclude, the CB money vine system could get you everything that aspiring affiliate marketers wish for like generating good traffic or wanting to make a sound income.

To achieve this, you need to think one step ahead before integrating the CB Money Vine program. If you’re curious about earnings, then this result-oriented tool can make your affiliate journey uncomplicated.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you also need to put some extra effort into crafting solid marketing campaigns to drive organic traffic as well as enhance the value of your website.

So, if you’re serious about making money, then CB Money Vine login at https://www.cbmoneyvine.com/ to get started today!

Is There Any Better Alternative Other Than This Program?

If you’re still not convinced with the CB Money Vine Review, then there’s something exciting for you. Wealthy Affiliate is another smart option that is crafted especially for those who want to start an affiliate marketing business based on their interests and passions (and for FREE)

I have gone through the program myself and compared to CB Money Vine the training and the access to the tools and communities you get at WA, are simply two worlds. And the greatest part is, it is completely FREE to start!

But what am I telling you here? Check out my in-depth review of the program by clicking the button below.

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What are your experiences with CB Money Vine? Have you tried it? If not, what do you think would make the best online marketing program? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

All the best,


9 thoughts on “CB Money Vine Review – FREE Money Making Machine Or Another Scam?”

  1. I was a bit skeptical that it would be so easy to make money with CB Money Vine. But after reading your review, they seem to not be a scam as I initially thought. I know that driving traffic to a site is difficult. But if there is a high percentage of conversion due to promoting to the right people, that compensates.

    I still am not convinced. But my appreciation of this site has definitely changed.

    • Hey Ann,

      scepticism is always very important, especially when it is about purchasing online programs. CB Money Vine is a good program as a side hustle, but if you want to create a fulltime online business and be boundless in your earnings, then I recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

      Much success,

  2. It seems to me that this is just a ClickBank “upsell” for those out there that are not entirely sure about how ClickBank actually works and how you don’t need to invest anything to start promoting their affiliate products/links. The internet business industry is growing extremely fast, therefore, more people are coming up with “new” and “efficient” ways to make money. It’s hard to know who you can trust. Thank you for your transparency!

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for reading. Sure, the internet business is deffinetly growing and with it, the number of people getting involved in it. 


  3. After reading your review of CB Money Vine, it seems that it could be a good side hustle. My concern would be how to drive traffic to the website. One can easily spend a lot of money on Facebook ads, and if you don;t know what you are doing, you can get it wrong and not get the traffic that you were hoping for. 

    So it seems that one has to actually buy ClickBank products yourself, to be able to earn from your website, or did I misunderstand that? I am still a bit sceptic how I can benefit from it. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hi Line, thanks for reading. You can either buy products from CB in order to mantain the membership, or pay the $20 in order to avioid buying products yourself. The most important point is to keep learning about the business so you find the exact niche you are trying to produce.



  4. Great post on the CB website. I personally have never heard of them but have heard of the ClickBank itself. It seems like making online has become more and more popular and everyone wants to know how to do it without spending a ton of money. I know it takes money to make money and there is no reward without risk. I will take a look at the website and check it out. Thanks for the deeply detailed review of them. It is much appreciated that you take your own time to do the due diligence for everyone. Have you personally used them and made money?

    • Hello Leonard, thanks for reading and for your comments on the review. Online business has really grown over the last years, providing possibilities to anyone that is looking to make money from home. Te main idea of the review was to provide a personal insight on what to expect on this program, so I am glad it was useful for you. I have tried it myself and it takes time to succeed, but it is a good starting point.



  5. Hello Matt, Wow! what a business venture, I have read your information on the CB Money Review, Free Money making machine Or Scam? not sure yet, I guess if you know how to operate click bank and some of the other feathers you may be ok, but as the other person said, spend a lot of money on Face book and it not work, I need some further guidance to determine the outcome, this is a good project after all.
    Thank you, for sharing


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