Click Wealth System Review – Scam or Legit? (Honest and Non-Affiliated)

Hello and welcome to my Click Wealth System review. As you may have already realized, I am reviewing a bunch of products on my website. I do this in order to beware my dear readers from scams and bring light to those parts of products that usually are not mentioned (even by other reviewers usually cooperated)

Because I am not affiliated with this and all of my other reviews, I don’t have to present the product in its best manner to make sales. There is no reason for me to adorn something or withhold information, no matter how ugly it might be. So, it is in my fullest interest to educate you with all its positives and negatives and give you my personal go or no for it.

Click Wealth System may seem at the first sight as a very reliable training. Especially beginners love the sound of “done-for-you” material. But you have to be aware that not everything that is done-for-you is simultaneously good for you. So, I created this Click Wealth review in order to tell you

the good,
the bad,
is it a scam or not
and if not, does it fit you?

Let’s jump right into it!

Click Wealth System Review – Overview

Name: Click Wealth System
Category: Affiliate Marketing
Owner: Matthew Tang
Pricing: 9$ + Tools (15/month) + Upsells (~ 300$)
Refund Policy: 60 Days
Recommended?: NO!
Overall Ranking: 0 of 100 Points

CWS is a training that shows you how to create an automated system with customer middleman arbitrage. I know it sounds like you will become a sneaky salesperson that knocks on doors in order to get new subscribers, but it is not that bad. It is simply an automated affiliate marketing system.

But because the Click Wealth System program contains many done-for-you templates and clever strategies behind the curtains, it should be treated with caution. In this review, I will show you exactly how the not so pretty system of CWS is working. Read on to find out the things that Matthew and many other affiliated reviewers do not tell you.


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What is Click Wealth System about?

According to Matthew CWS is a program that shows you how to generate passive income with affiliate marketing and the help of solo ads. If you do not know what solo ads are, I will tell you now.

Solo Ads are simply bought email lists. For example, if you want to promote your product via paid traffic, you usually use Google ads or Facebook ads. The downside with those channels is that you have to compete with other advertisers. But by using Solo ads you are asking other companies (in CWS the so-called “influencers”) to show your ad on their e-mail marketing server. That means, they will send e-mails to their customers with your ad and ONLY your ad. So the receiver is going to open his email inbox, seeing a new e-mail of the solo ad vendor, clicking on it, and seeing only YOUR offer. This is what solo ads are.

So you are buying clicks in order to promote your products. “Cool, I will have my own products?” you might happily ask. Ehm… Yes and no.

What you will get with CWS is only one product to promote. And this is… Exactly! CWS itself. Matthew (the owner of CWS) is going to show you how to promote his product to other people with his done-for-you system.

Surprised? Well, Click Wealth System is one of those programs that follow a certain scheme, that focuses less on the student’s (your) success but more the vendor’s own profits.

How it exactly works, I will explain to you in the next sections step by step.

How does Click Wealth System Program work?

Because Click Wealth System is a 9$ product, you can’t expect too much for that price. This is usually the first step to get you into the member’s area and to present you with the actual upsells for the program. But don’t be surprised, this is very common nowadays.

So, as I mentioned before, behind CWS there is a clever system working. I will show you how it looks like

Here you can see a chart I have created in order to show you the process. (I tried my best okay!)

Firstly of all, what CWS delivers you is an Opt-in page. This is a landing page where people can sign up with their e-mail to become part of your e-mail list (to whom you can send offers later).

Secondly, they will be redirected to the sales page, of guess which program?! Yes exactly, of the Click Wealth System program. Here they have the chance to either purchase it or ignore it and move on with their business.

Thirdly, let’s say the people that you redirect to the opt-in page, purchase the program. In the next step, they become members and start doing the same thing that you do. But the system doesn’t stop here…

Because you will need people in order to sell CWS, you will have to generate traffic. And you do this by using Solo Ads. As soon as, you purchase the program and become a member, what Matthew asks you to do is, what is very dangerous if you are a beginner and can’t really see through the system, is to buy solo ads.

So, he recommends you a bunch of solo ad vendors, which he calls “influencers”, that you can purchase the solo ads from. (In the coming sections I will talk about the prices for the solo ads, to picture you the win-lose relations).

In this step, you are purchasing solo ads from these vendors. As we have covered previously, solo ads are simply people they have on their e-mail list. The problem is that you don’t know where those people come from, what kind of quality they are, are they actually interested in products like this or not. What they will simply do is send them an email and ask them to come over to your opt-in page, where they either are going to opt-in or completely ignore your offer.

The worst scenario that can happen is that people are going to opt-in (especially if you are giving them something for free), but they will never ever do anything after that. So, you think you have got 500 people on your list, but nobody is going to purchase anything you promote to them. And the fact that the product owner is promoting those kinds of vendors, let’s me assume that he also has some kind of deals with them.

So the product owner sits pretty well because he is selling his own product, the members are coming along, buying solo ads, that generate traffic to HIS opt-in page, and potentially creating new members. And guess what comes after that? Exactly, the loop starts over again!

This kind of loop is very dangerous especially for beginners and people who don’t see through those patterns. Perpetual Income 365 and 12 Minute affiliate are the same things, where the vendor is getting you to buy the traffic for them, to sell his own product. It is a quite clever strategy, but for you, as the person who bought the program, you are more than likely to lose a lot of money.

So, let’s jump over to the actual member’s area.

How does the Click Wealth System Training Look like?

As you can see, the training is divided into different sections. I will go through the main areas to show you what you can expect from it.

(1) – Welcome Message

Now here Matthew gives you a brief welcome and jumps into different aspects and strategies of CWS. As we already know guys, the strategy is to sell this product to other people by using solo ads.

The welcome message takes you through the system itself and at one point Matthew presents you with a chart with different numbers. It shows that CWS is a lot cheaper than actually setting up the same system by yourself. I took a closer look at this and honestly setting up the same system with tools outside of CWS would cost around 75$ per month. Matthew and his crew say that it would cost you 6141$/year!

We all know that this is BS and nobody would even take the step to create something with those costs for that little profit (especially with a solo ads strategy).

They say that THEIR system plus the upgrades are going to cost you “only” 400$ with 95% automation, copywriter, and personal training.

Common, really?

The personal training is based on pdf sheets. So, it isn’t that good.

The 95% automation is basically a squeeze page and the actual product itself. So, we can see that the shown value of the program is totally overexaggerated!

(2) – Profit pages (Squeeze Pages)

After the welcome message, you will be introduced to your “profit pages” which are actually your squeeze pages. And guess for which product? Exactly, for Click Wealth System itself guys. But we knew it already, right?

There are various types of squeeze pages with different looks and designs you can choose from. But essentially they are all linking back to the Click Wealth product. Every single one of them. So, you just choose one of those and decide which of the squeeze pages you want to pay traffic for. And that’s literally it about the profit pages.

Now if you want, you can also upgrade and receive even more squeeze pages but we will cover the upgrades later separately.

(3) – Click Tracker

Next comes access to a click tracker. Now you can actually apply for a click tracker in this section, which allows you to set it up to your squeeze pages, but to be honest, this is not something you actually need. Especially if you are a beginner, there are other resources that you can use.

(4) – Free Potential Sales

I know free things sound exciting, but you shouldn’t expect that much of this one. What you basically get delivered here are free clicks. You put your affiliate link in a field and you will get 100 clicks that are being delivered by Matthew himself. Of course, this sounds great for 9$ but the problem with that is you do not know the source of the clicks and chances are high that they are simply empty clicks. In my eyes, this is just a promotional effort in order to show the “good nature” of the product owners.

(5) – Traffic Sources

Here you have two sorts of traffic you can generate. One is called “The Influencer Traffic” (which is simply solo ads) and the other one is based on free traffic sources.

(1) Influencer traffic – The influencer traffic is based on recommended solo ad vendors you can choose from. They are separated in

    • Roy’s Traffic
    • Jadeep’s Traffic
    • Matt’s Traffic

As covered previously, it is most likely that the product owner has some kind of a deal with those solo ad vendors running.

I have checked out those traffic vendors and what you get is a listing with different PPC (Pay Per Click) deals you can choose from. You can go anywhere from paying 0.80$ per click all the way up to 1.50$ per click. The highest bundle you can choose is 1500$ for 1000 clicks.

In this case, it would mean that you would have to sell more than 1500$! to make a profit. So, somebody would have to buy the entire product (with the upgrades) which is going to make you 250$ and that would have to happen 6x within those 1000 clicks. Guys, if you have a little bit of experience with paid traffic, you know that this is very unlikely going to happen, especially with solo ads and not even knowing the source and quality of the clicks. So it’s obvious that they focus here more on their profit (getting you to invest in solo ads) instead of your personal success.

(2) Free traffic sources – The other traffic source is based on free traffic. What you get here is some general information about how to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, blog commenting, etc. But in between the lines, they constantly try to lead you down the influencer traffic because this is obviously where they make money.

Last but not least, what are the upgrades?

(6) – Upgrades/Upsells of CWS

Upgrade #1: 5 Profit Pages –  The 5 profit pages upgrade are just 5 more of the squeeze pages that promote again the CWS product. The funny thing is that they are trying to sell you here that: The more squeeze pages you have, the more traffic you can drive to different opt-in pages, so the more money you can make. What? Of course, the chances are higher but it would also result in you investing more and more money on solo ads. So, again trying to lead you into the paid traffic source.

This upgrade costs you 95$.

Upgrade #2: The profit activator – This upgrade contains simply different social proves and scarcity plugins that you can incorporate into your sales page or opt-in pages to push the people to buy the product faster. We have all seen this before: A timer running down and saying that the offer ends soon, “only today offers” etc. So, nothing new you are being presented with here.

The price for this upgrade runs up to 147$.

Upgrade #3: The click profit multiplier – Here you get email templates that you can paste into your emails with some of the other offers and sent them to your subscriber’s list, that you generated through your opt-in pages. Do you really need this one after all the other nonsense? I doubt it.

And this one costs you 148$.

My final opinion on the Click Wealth System

I may be a bit harsh with this product, but guys, if you really want to test it for yourself, go and check it out. It costs only 9$. But I can tell you that if you start investing in this system you are most likely going to lose money. How much, it depends on you.

Click Wealth System is simply a program like many other “affiliate marketing training” that makes you buy the traffic in order for the vendors to promote their products. The only person that is making money with this strategy is the vendor and you are the one who is seeing your money fly in his pockets (or influencer pockets). It is nothing different than perpetual income 365 or 12-minute affiliate.

Again this review is based on my experience and opinion with those kinds of programs. If you want you can check it out for yourself, but as far as I am concerned I would advise you to stay clear from any types of products like this one.

Are there any Alternatives?

If you are looking to build a sustainable business online that doesn’t involve anything like solo ads, check out my link below of my #1 recommended programs Wealthy Affiliate. It takes you through the whole process step by step without any upsells or misleading traffic schemes. (And after having done a bunch of reviews I can say that this is literally the best affiliate marketing training out there!)


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Click Wealth System Review – Summary

What is good about the Click Wealth System Method?

  • Low price for the program (9$)
  • Has a lot of done-for-you templates
  • If you don’t invest in solo ads, it is a good program for beginners to start out

What is not so good about the Click Wealth System Method?

  • Churn and Burn program
  • Only shows how to sell CWS itself
  • Has no support
  • High upsells
  • Teaching is on PDF

For whom is the Click Wealth System Training?

Originally the program is made for total newbies in affiliate marketing, because there are a lot of done for you templates and everything is explained from scratch. But as I mentioned before, it is made for beginners, but should be used with caution, because with solo ads (or paid traffic in general) you can use money fast. And the program is created in a way that the chances are not high for beginners to be successful without high investments.

How much does Click Wealth System cost?

It costs only 9$. But as metioned previously, this is just the price you pay to encounter the upsells that are awaiting you behind the entry door.

Upsell #1: 5 Profit Pages – 95$
Upsell #2: The Profit Activator – 147$
Upsell #3: The Click Profit Multiplier – 148$

Does Click Wealth System have a Refund Policy?

Yes it does. The refund policy adds up to 60 days. But only for the program itself. Investments for solo ads can’t be refunded.

How does the structure of the training look like?

  • Getting Started Right
  • Welcome Message
  • Profit Pages (Landing Pages)
  • Six Profit Pages (Upsell)
  • Click Tracker
  • Free Potential Sales (Traffic From John)
  • Profit Activator (Upsell)
  • Traffic Source
    • Influencer Traffic
    • Free Traffic Sources
  • Click Profit Multiplier (Upsell)
  • Bonuses
  • Billing
  • Contact Us
  • Locked – 30 days

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

No, Click Wealth System is not a scam, because it contains a training for 9$ and has a refund policy. But what happens behind curtains is nothing I would call legitimate or productive for the customer.


Thank you for reading guys. Please inform your friends about this product by hitting the share button below. And please, if you have questions or experiences with/about this product, then feel free to leave them in the comment section. I am more than happy to hear from you.

Until there all the best and much scam-free success,




10 thoughts on “Click Wealth System Review – Scam or Legit? (Honest and Non-Affiliated)”

  1. Hello there! I have not heard of Click Wealth System before. At first glance from the photo in the beginning, I was going to guess it was a scam. After reading through your review, my guess was right. Can’t believe it has an overall ranking of 0/100 points. Having to purchase traffic is not worth it for new marketers like myself especially since it takes time for one’s website to start seeing results. This has been helpful so thank you for this thorough review!

    • Hey Mike,

      you are most welcome. You are giving a great point. Having to purchase traffic is not worth it for new marketers. I agree with you because at the beginning it is more about learning the skills, instead of receiving a done for you template and hoping to make some money. As you have said, it takes time for one’s website to start seeing results, so patience is a key point. Of course, it is understandable that especially as a beginner you want to see quick results, but the faster you want it the riskier it gets.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you much success on your online marketing journey

      All the best,


  2. Really awesome review of Click Wealth System! You hit pretty much all the problems that come with this program. Matthew Tang’s claims on how much money you can make using Solo Ads is definitely unrealistic. Additionally, if people are only going to use the traffic sources Matthew recommended, then there’s a high chance that everyone on those email lists either already bought the course or are simply not interested. Which means the chances of making money are even closer to zero.

    • Hey Kevin,

      it is exactly how you said it. The people on those email lists have either bought the course or are simply not interested, which definitely results you in not earning anything. No matter how many offers you are goin to email them. In addition to that, the people don’t even know about you and your product, so it is like a cold call that reduces your chances of making sales even more. So, the whole strategy is simply set to fail from the beginning.

      Thank you for passing by!

      All the best,


  3. Great read.  I like the idea of the reviews niche and the honest unbiased opinion.  I am not sure that I like the click wealth system.  Sounds like it may be a bit mis-leading Than you for providing some facts on how the system is working.  I would not have know that.  Very helpful.

    Can you recommend any other online money earners other than the wealthy affiliate?  I would like to take a comparative look around.

    Very much appreciated,

    • Hey Chris,

      Good question. First of all, I really do not recommend you to buy into the click wealth system. Although it only costs 9$ but in order to generate results you will have to invest more money. And this is where the gamble starts. Better programs are Savage Affiliates or Wealthy Affiliate. Both provide much more knowledge and have much less upsells (Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work with upsells at all). If you want you can check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate here:

      Thank you for passing by Chris and further much success for you.

      All the best,


  4. Thanks for the review, Unfortunately, there are way too many of these systems out there. They hype people up and provide little to no value.

    I am lucky because I too have found Wealthy Affiliate, they have an awesome community of people that are willing to help and the value for money is unreal. I would recommend WA.

    • Hey Dave,

      you are most welcome. It is how you say it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of programs like CWS out there and many aim to pull as much money from your pockets as possible. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good choice to get going and that is being provided is indeed very high. For beginners, it is one of the best choices for sure. It is great to hear that you are pleased with the program and the community.

      In these regards, I wish you further much success with WA and your business!

      Thank you for passing by.

      All the best,


  5. Hi Sergej,

    Wow! I don’t know what else to say other than thanks. I mean as you systematically broke down for me, as a beginner in the affiliate marketing world, this isn’t the best step for me. Ya know you didn’t have to do an article such as this. But to see you wanted to help me succeed without falling into these types of pits, is very well done. Thank you so much, I really learned a lot.


    • Hey Jasmay,

      you are most welcome. I really appreciate your feedback, because this is what this website is set for. To help people to see through the online world and find the best fit for them to start their own online business. So, I am glad that I was able to help you out.

      Thank you for passing by and much success with your business!

      All the best,



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