Clickearners Review – Scam or Legit? The Lie Nobody Tells You!

So you plan to work as a virtual assistant and have come across

Now it sounds good pretty appealing but you are worried it is a scam? Then you landed at the right place because I am going to uncover every part of in this Clickearners review. What it is about, how it works, the good, the bad, and if it is the right fit for you.

Note: I have to tell you from the start that in this Clickearners review I am not affiliated in any way with the owner, so what you get here is an unbiased and raw opinion about the job platform.

So, first, let’s take a look at some key data about

Tamara Clickearners Review – Overview

Owner: Unknown
Pricing: 27$ + Upsells
Category: Freelancing
Refund Policy: 60 Days
Recommended: NO!
Overall Ranking: 10 of 100

A short summary – Before you get confused, Tamara Clickearners might not be what you think it supposed to be. It is NOT a job platform. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will exactly see what it really is.

So, it is an informational product, but not a job platform itself. Weird right? But this is just where this whole confusion starts.

Owner – I have checked the whole www and the owner of Clickearners seems to be unknown or at least he doesn’t want to be known. This is definitely a bad sign and makes the program much less transparent, which has let all my scam bells ring during my research.

Pricing – Next Clickearners costs 27$ and has several upsells to it. Huh, Upsells on a job platform? Well, yeah as we have already covered it isn’t a job platform but an informational product. So, yeah you will be confronted with upsells what is usually a sign of the owner trying to make more money off you than he actually promised to make.

Category & Refund Policy – The program is created in the freelancing category and has a 60 days money-back guarantee. What is good, because if Clickearners turns out not to work for you, you can still refund it.

Recommendation – My recommendation? Run for the hills. Save yourself money and time and don’t buy it. I checked it and have to say that it is another of those misleading job offer products like It wouldn’t surprise if the creator behind it is the same person.

Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100. More points are simply not possible for the content and service this program provides.

Those are some key points of the program, but let’s take a closer look at what Clickearners is about and how it works.

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What is Clickearners about?

Clickearners is a service program that helps you to find jobs as a virtual assistant. When I checked the sales page on it looks pretty promising at the first sight. But after reviewing tons of online marketing products you slowly develop an eye for BS products.

So, what made me question the whole integrity of the program was the survey you have to fill in at the start of your registration.

“Are you reliable and trustworthy? Are you happy to work from home?” Do you really ask those questions when someone wants to sign up for your program? So, after leaving your email address and some information, you are going to be notified that you have been “accepted” by the platform.

The funny thing is, that I have done another survey by clicking every answer with “no” and type in “0” available hours per week, and I got still accepted. So, not a very trustworthy “survey” we may assume.

In the next step, they ask you to choose your membership. You can either go for lifetime access which costs 57$ or a 12 months access that costs you 27$ (one time).

I was wondering what they are trying to fee me for, I didn’t receive any particular nor a full understanding of how it works. And then I found this

So, they say there is a fee to join because they do not take any percentage of the earnings you make. At the first sight, this sounds very legitimate and understandable. But as we have already covered it is an informational product, so they actually can’t fee you because they do not provide any job offers. So, what do you need the fee for? This is simply a big red flag and a clear misleading here. They pretend to be something that they are not and try literally buy you into that.

Spam Emails

Well after signing up for the program guess what I have received? An E-mail where they ask me (Anton aka Matt) to upgrade to another online marketing program.

(After clicking on the link you will be redirected to this page)

The funny thing is, that the program they are promoting here is Perpetual Income 365. I have already made a review about it, you can read it here. In short, it is a training that teaches you how to sell their own product (perpetual income 365) by using paid solo ads traffic. So, what you do is, invest all your money into paid traffic so that THEY can make more money with their product. A very tricky and dirty system that I definitely advise you to stay away from.

So, after those encounters, I can most certainly tell you that the whole program is just another try from an UNKNOWN creator to take advantage of people’s purses with a low-value product.

But let’s see what else we can find here

How Does Clickearners Work?

Well, the program indeed provides training for becoming a virtual assistant. It starts out with manuals like an operations manual for becoming a virtual assistant or data entry assistant.

Those are actually pretty well-organized pdfs that show you step by step how to find jobs by using platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork and get starting with your first job. They are nothing outrageous, and you could perhaps find that information on the web but they can be helpful to get starting.

Well in the next step, you will be asked to look for  job offers from their list.

This is simply a listing of the job offers that are being drawn from marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

After you have found one, you are ready to get to work and earn your first revenue as a virtual assistant.

Clickearners Support

Does Clickearners provide support? Well, not directly.

They simply direct you to other websites like IVAA (International Virtual Assistant Association) and tell you to find help there. So, the program in itself doesn’t provide support.

Who is Clickearners for?

Clickearners is like any other work-from-home program for people who want to make money online. Those can be:

  • New home business entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Stay at home people

So simply for everybody who has free time and wants to make some money on the side.

How is the Pricing of Clickearners?

Clickearners comes with an initial price of either 27$ for 12-month access or 57$ for lifetime access.

In addition to that, you will be presented with 3 upsells within the membership area.

  • Upsell #1: Envelope Filling Starter Pack – 47$
  • Upsell #2: Mystery Shopper and Secret Diner Starter Pack – 37$
  • Upsell #3: VIP Package Success Coach – 3$ for 7 Day trial, after 14.97$/month

The question is: would you ever assume to be confronted with upsells from a job website? This is very uncommon but as we already found out that it not a job offer website but an informational product.

Is a scam?

After reading my review you could assume that it is a scam. But Clickearners provides “training” and service for the money you pay. So, in this sense, Clickearners is legit because you get something for your money. “Is the information worth the money?” is the question you should ask yourself.

For 27$ you get access to a “job” platform, that actually has no job offers but draws them from marketplaces like Upwork and simply lists them on their website. The information about how to become a virtual assistant is not bad, but something you could find online for free as well. So, it isn’t a scam but also not a high-quality product.

And beware of the fake clickearners reviews on reddit. Most of them are affiliated, and they will try to buy you into the program.

What I like about Clickearners

  • It has all the information to become a virtual assistant in one place
  • It has a 60 days money-back guarantee
  • It has some training and manuals


What I don’t like about Clickearners

  • A misleading website that tells you to be a job service platform, but actually is an informational product
  • Doesn’t have its own job offers
  • Anyone can register (survey is not real)
  • Unknown Owner
  • A job platform with upsells
  • Receive Spam Emails after registration


My final Opinion about the program

Well, the program in itself is not a scam, but in regards to training and support, it is very mediocre. You get a pdf manual that shows you how to start out as a virtual assistant and look for jobs on marketplaces like Fiverr, freelancer, and Upwork. The good thing is that you have all the information to become a virtual assistant in one place. The downside is, do you really need to pay for it? All those instructions are spread through the web and are being given away for free.

What I really do not like is the heavy misleading of the website. They present themselves as a job agent website but write in the footer that they have no job offers and are simply an informational product.

So, you have to look for yourself if you really want to spend 20-50$ on this program. If you really are curious go for it. 27$ dollars is not the end of the world and in addition to that, you have a 60 days money-back guarantee. But I definitely do NOT recommend Clickearners.

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FAQ about Clickearners

Where do I find the Clickearners Login?

  • You can find the clickearners login in the member’s area. Usually, after the sign up you will be logged in automatically, but you can also do it manually via


Thank you for reading. If you have comments you would like to share, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I am more than happy to reach out.

Until there all the best,


28 thoughts on “Clickearners Review – Scam or Legit? The Lie Nobody Tells You!”

  1. It would seem that these questions that are asked upon registration at Clickearners are put in place as whoever signed up previously noticed soon enough that it surely wasn’t worth their time and ditched them as soon as they could. The training does seem decent though, It’s clear why this platform charges so little, support is lacking and Clickearners definitely require some improvement.

    • Yes, Clickearners definitely needs some improvements. I honestly think that clickearners, paidsocialmediajobs, payingsocialmediajobs etc. have the same creators behind the scenes. They exhibit the same structure, an unknown owner and simply refer their customers to freelancer platforms like Upwork etc. Nothing bad with it, because they provide some value with their content, but it is general information that you could find elsewhere as well.

      In my eyes, they could at least provide some more in-depth information and change their upsell structure. Because many who are completely new to earning money online will simply buy those upsells in order to make sure they get their jobs, without knowing that they could have made a better deal with other products/platforms. But this is just my opinion.

      Thanks for passing by! See you around


  2. An honest and factual review of Tamara Clickearners.

    You certainly provided a helpful site for wanna be affiliate marketers and job seekers. Before people would engage to a certain site, they can check if you already have a review about it. You have away of helping by providing factual information that people may validate should they really join or not.

    I love the way you discussed this article  by providing a summary first of the content. Then digging further to explain for the readers to have a balance analysis of what you are saying.

    Congrats and thank you for this helpful post.

    • Hey Rose,

      you are most welcome. Finding the best affiliate marketing program isn’t that easy nowadays. As a beginner you are being bombarded with tons of opportunities and unfortunately a big portion of them doesn’t focus on your success but more on your wallet. This is why it is always a great decision to inform yourself beforehand with reviews or demos of those programs.

      I am glad that I could help Rose!

      All the best for you,


  3. I have never heard of Clickearners before. Very honest and helpful review. I think that something can be learned on every platform and it can be useful but it is individual whether someone wants to give money for that information like you said on the text. I would personally try it, maybe there are some good informations about how to become a Virtual assistant, especially since there is a refund option.

    • Yes exactly. You have to determine for yourself if it is worth for you to give it a try or not. The greatest thing about it, that you have already mentioned, is the money-back guarantee. Because clickbank provides you with this option you can simply go for it without worries.

  4. I have been on the Clickearners site before and like you I thought it was pretty well put together at first glance. However, after diving deeper it soon became apparent that this was not a job site where I could find work in the space I was looking for. All I got in emails was them trying to get me to pay to join other companies so they would receive affiliate commissions.

    I earn a living through affiliate marketing so I know it is a great concept if you are truthful and upfront from the beginning. I would stay away from Clickearners. It’s great that you are helping others with your review.

    • Hey Lisa,

      your warm words are much appreciated. Yes Clickearners is unfortunately not the best opportunity if you are looking for a way to earn money online. Nowadays, there are a lot of programs that are constructed in a way to take advantage of their customers. I am glad that you recognized it early enough and didn’t go further with the program.

      Thanks for passing by and much success on your way,

  5. One thing i’ve learned about MLM, or multi level marketing scams is they don’t have any product of value, MLM’s that aren’t a scam like Mary K and Scensy have product, they have a something of value for you to sell. Scams only sell themselves, you have to pay for the program that “trains” you to sell the same training program to friends and family but in the end you have nothing to show for it, they make all this money from sells and it’s hollow, empty and unless you’re comfortable taking money from friends and family and not giving them anything.

    • Hey DashDnations,

      You nailed it! Unfortunately with many MLM programs you become a hustler. The worst part of it is that you don’t even realize that the only thing you think about is how to get more and more people into the program or your downline. Unfortunately many people call themselvers as business owners although they are just promoting an MLM program.

      Thank you for passing by, your visit is much appreciated!
      All the best,

  6. Hi there

    Great review again!  You go into a lot of depth to explain your point of view.

    It seems that Clickearners is a service program to help people to find jobs as virtual assistants.

    However, no owner which you add screams “scam”! This is not a scam as there is some training on the website but all this information is available on the internet (for free)

    The point you make is that there are no jobs and there are upsells and possibly the jobs on their site could be found on the internet.

    Thank you

    Best wishes 


    • Hey Sheen,

      Clickearners is unfortunately not the best program to go. I wouldn’t recommend it at all, because all the jobs they are offering can be found on Upwork and other freelance banks that are being provided for free. A great alternative is starting an own business or check some training on how to get online jobs via udemy.

      Thanks for passing by 🙂

      All the best,


  7. I appreciate the fact that you warn the readers about the reviews on Reddit. No one should pay attention to the reviews found on this platform. Most of them are selling pitches and do not educate at all. It doesn’t seem that this product is a scam so to speak. But Clickearners  is like a Gray Jedi. Right on the line between the bright and dark side. So for this reason, this is a big no for me.

    • Hey NoBossEsperience,

      thank you for your comment. You said it right, reddit is spammed with affiliated reviews and Clickearners is indeed a Grey Jedi. I would assume it is even a Jedi with Darth Vader attributes!

      Thanks for passing by,

      All the best,

  8. Hi Matt. Thank you for warning us beforehand that this content we’ll find on this course is not worth the money they charge us. I think that we should always research before joining any program. But I must admit that I almost joined this one withou researching. Nowadays there is so much content availabnle for free online, that we always have to be sure that the content we’re paying for is not just free content that has been repurpused for the course.

  9. Hi Matt

    Thank you for revealing who clickearners are!

    There is so many online platforms out there and some of us do not know which ones are legit or a scam. By reading your article, I would also find it fishy to sign up with clickearners of which the owner is hidden and all they provide can be given for free at some places online. It is really shocking. Keep it up by revealing different platforms.

  10. Hi, Matt!
    It’s great to find people who care for others and take time to warn about possible scams on the internet.
    You’ve made an excellent research job and it’s very clear the way you put things. Your post is very thorough and I have to thank you for that!
    Keep safe!

  11. I had never heard of Clickearners before. 

    Very honest and helpful review. I think that something can be learned on every platform and it can be useful but it is individual whether someone wants to give money for that information like you said on the text. I wouldn’t personally try it, especially after reading this review. I agree with your recommendation for others to utilise the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program to learn and/or improve the skills needed to earn money online daily.

    Thanks again

    • Hey Danny,

      you are most welcome 🙂 Yes, as you said there are a lot of programs that are better than Clickearners! Glad I could help out

      All the best,

  12. I’m noticing that there is a very fine line between a company that takes money for information that anyone could find for free online and a scam. My first concern is that the owner of this business doesn’t want to be identified and although they have a 60-day money-back policy, what are your chances of getting your money back if they don’t feel like it? Zero to none I would say. They are not worried about reputation, they can just close this business and start another and we won’t know who they are. Definitely, one to stay away from I think. 

    If you want to be a virtual assistant it would be cheaper and easier to go directly to Fiverr and do your research there where real people are offering their services and there are real jobs available.

    • Hey Lily,

      exactly. Unfortunately Clickearners is using free services like fiverr or upwork to make money from. As you say, it would be cheaper and easier going directly to fiverr and get your jobs there. This program is definitely nothing you should invest your money in!

      Much success further,

  13. Wow, you gave it a ten out of 100. That means that it must be really bad. I will be sure to share this article with others so they don’t end up investing in it. Thank you for this article. You have saved a lot of money for a lot of people. There are also a lot of affiliate programs so you never know which ones are legit. 

    • Hey Aubin,

      great if I could help out!

      Yes, you are totally right. Unfortunately, there are too many offers with unrealistic expectations which makes people often go for the wrong type of program. And Clickearners is definitely one of them!

      Great to hear from you!

      Best, Matt

  14. Thank you for the detailed heads up to help prevent me from falling for yet another scam “work from home opportunity”. It seems like for every legitimate way to earn an income online, there are twenty scammers waiting to take your money. 

    In an age of seemingly infinite opportunity, the people wanting to make a quick buck for doing nothing don’t ever take a day off. 

    Great stuff, I cant wait to see the next one!

    • Hey Jerromy,

      Yes unfortunately there are more scams than legit products out there. This is why it is important to always crosscheck any product you are planning to purchase (especially if it is an online marketing program). 

      Glad I could help out 🙂 




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