Commission Academy Review – Not As FREE As You Might Think! Scam?

Hello Guys and welcome to my Commission Academy Review

You are curious about affiliate marketing but don’t know where to start? Now, you came across the Commission Academy website and are intrigued by its completely FREE offer?

Where is the catch? Well, if you really want to know the truth, then you are at the right place. In this Commission Academy Review, I will tell you exactly how Commission Academy works and that it is not as FREE as it claims to be.

Note: What I cover here is my raw and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with Commission Academy in any way

These are the things we are going to in this review:

  • What Is Commission Academy About
  • How Does Commission Academy Work
  • How Commission Academy Makes Money
  • The Upgrades Of Commission Academy
  • What I Like About Commission Academy
  • What I Don’t Like About Commission Academy
  • Is Commission Academy A Scam?
  • My Final Opinion About The Training
  • My Alternative To Commission Academy

Commission Academy Review – Overview

Name: Commission Academy
Creator: Dale
Category: Affiliate Marketing + Content Marketing
Pricing: Free + Upgrades
Refund Policy: Not Available
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: Only For Beginners

A short summary – Commission Academy is an Affiliate Training crash course that claims you to show how to start an affiliate business from scratch. And the claim that gets the most attention is, that the whole training is supposed to be for free. But why does it have an affiliate program then?

Is it really completely free?

Creator – Dale is the creator behind Commission Academy. He is a real person and claims to have made 1 Million+ in affiliate commissions (Rule of thumb, never believe those claims). According to his website, he is since 2017 in the business, and Wealthy Affiliate was one of his first online marketing programs.

Category – His “program” (which is not true as we will uncover later) falls into Affiliate Marketing combined with Content Marketing. This can be a powerful combination especially because of its long-term sustainability. With that said, it is not a get-rich-overnight scheme

Pricing – The training is being offered for free but comes with 2 upgrades which are unavoidable in order to be able to implement the information

Refund Policy – The program doesn’t provide any refund policy because it is “free”. Those upgrades are not refundable as well (and are not as usual upsells)

Do I recommend it? – Only for complete beginners

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What Is Commission Academy About? 

According to the website, the training is about starting an affiliate marketing business from scratch. The “free” training shows you how to get started and build your website. But as soon as you get to the third module you are going to be asked to create a website within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t know about Wealthy Affiliate you can check my in-depth review here

There is nothing wrong with this training, but what is simply misleading is that Commission Academy claims to be free even though it is simply a mediator to Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer (which we will cover in a second). 

Because I have gone through Wealthy Affiliate myself, I can say that most of the training that you find on Dale’s website you will find in Wealthy Affiliate as well. So basically you could go straight to Wealthy Affiliate without having to register for Commission Academy, right? 

So, if Commission Academy is not a program what is it then? Well, it is nothing more than a mediator for 2 programs. Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer (which you will find under the super affiliate training section)  

With that said, the registration for Commission Academy is free, but in order to implement the training, you will have to upgrade to one of those. And this is exactly what I don’t like: MISLEADING CLAIMS.  

But let’s take a look at the training and if it is really worth your time

How Does Commission Academy Work? 

The “free” program comes with 1 free training and a “super affiliate training” option. The first one covers the basics of how to start an affiliate marketing business with free traffic and content creation and is pretty brief.  

Note: Almost all of the information can be found in the “online entrepreneur certification” at Wealthy Affiliate here as well

This is how the training is structured:  

  1. Set-Up 
  2. Start-Up 
  3. Make Money 

Each lesson contains 5-6 modules and covers the basic basics of affiliate marketing. You will get an understanding of it, but you won’t be really able to start working on your business unless you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.  

The Super Affiliate Training is simply a redirection to a 15-days challenge which is being run by a product called “Legendary Marketer”. On the second page of the “challenge”, you will be quickly asked to disclose almost every part of yourself (a miracle that they didn’t ask for the color of your underpants). In addition to that, they ask $7 for this challenge.  

Honestly, I think this is simply a marketing strategy to give people the feeling of having a “choice” by providing two products but making one program less attractive than the other. But I might be wrong here.

How Commission Academy Makes Money

Well, as we have already found out that it isn’t as free as it claims to be, now how does Commission Academy make money then? As I mentioned previously, it is not really a program but merely a mediator for other programs.

And this is exactly how Commission Academy earns money.

The link that you click to create your accounts for Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer is an affiliate link. As soon as somebody upgrades to any of the offers of the programs, Dale gets a commission for that.

And if you didn’t realize, this is exactly how Affiliate Marketing works. So, Commission Academy is just a front door to direct people to those websites and is NOT really a program.

Commission Academy Pricing and Upgrades

As Dale claims in his videos to give his program away for free, he actually aims for people upgrading to those programs. But are they really that good?

Right off the bat, this strategy is not a bad one and doesn’t aim to rip you off or something.


Because I know that Wealthy Affiliate has a very legit training. The only thing that is not correct is that Dale claims Commission Academy to be free.

But let’s take a look if this is really that much of a problem

Upgrades Pricing Structure

If you compare it with other programs that I have reviewed on my website, you can see a big difference especially when it comes to upsells. Other gurus bombard you usually with 5-6 upsells in a range of an additional $500-700. Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer are a bit different here.

Both come with monthly subscriptions and are monthly cancellable, which is a huge difference from most of the scam programs that bombard you with a huge amount of overpriced and useless upsells.

This payment method also indicates creditability, because there is no need to empty your pockets as quickly as possible (like with upsells) and hope that the 30 days refund policy will expire before you claim your money back.

But let’s take a closer look at it

Wealthy Affiliate Upgrade

As I mentioned previously Wealthy Affiliate is a program that I promote on my website and is in my eyes one of the leading flagships when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Their pricing structure starts with a 7 days trial and costs 49$/month after that (monthly cancellable). Included are:

  • Own Website Host
  • Own Keywordtool
  • 24/7 Support
  • Community Access with 1+ million members
  • 2 Core Trainings For Affiliate Marketing
  • Daily New Training Upload In Areas Around Affiliate Marketing
  • and a few more things (check my in-depth review here)

Compared to other shady online marketing programs, this is simply another level of what you get here. Don’t believe me? As an example, simply compare the content and pricing structure with this and this one

The biggest advantage is simply that the owners are already 16+ years in the game, so there have been a lot of trials, errors, and improvements.

Legendary marketer Upgrade

Legendary Marketer follows the same pricing structure as Wealthy Affiliate and comes with a starting price of $7 for the “15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge” and offers a $30/month subscription for the Legendary Marketer Club (monthly cancellable). But this program includes 2 additional upsells that are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500)
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2500)

Well, as you might already know, I don’t like upsells. But those are not mandatory and just an optional extra to the initial club (still I am not a fan of it)

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What I Like About Commission Academy

  • The Free Training Strategy
    As I have already mentioned Commission Academy uses Wealthy Affiliate’s approach to Affiliate Marketing. This is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to build a long-term online business and definitely not a get-rich-overnight strategy
  • Free Access
    Unlike with other programs, you can get access to the training for free and see for yourself if it works for you or not. Other programs usually want to see your CC number first before giving you any value
  • No Heavy Marketing
    No “$1000 in 10 min, autopilot, fully automatic” claims!

What I Don’t Like About Commission Academy

  • Upgrade Is Mandatory To Proceed With Free Training
    This is unfortunately misleading with Dale’s homepage. As a beginner, you might think that you get a completely free training, which it is but in order to get things working you will have to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate after the 3rd Module.
  • The Free Training Is Pretty Brief And Covers Only The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing
    Even though it is offered for free I would have wished to see more information and additional step-by-step guides
  • Misleading Claim Of Being Offered For “Free”
    As I have mentioned in my other reviews, one thing I don’t like is misleading claims. Even though Dale has a legit training (or mediates to one) it is still not true that the training is free, especially if you want to start implementing the information.
  • Most Of The Additional Training Is Being Taken From The Wealthy Affiliate Website
    Additional training is being offered, but this is again nothing more than a redirection to Wealthy Affiliate
  • No Refund Policy After Upgrading
    Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer have no refund policies. After signing up for the monthly subscription you won’t be able to refund the money for the month.

Is Commission Academy A Scam?

No, Commission Academy is a legit “program” or better said a mediator website with good intentions. It wants to teach you the good stuff even though it is claiming to be offered for “free”.

You might think it is a scam because of the misleading claim, but if you have read my other reviews, there are programs that claim you to make “$1200 after signing up” which is even a dream in the never-never land.

My Final Opinion On Commision Academy

All-in-all Commission Academy itself is a mediocre “program”. I would rather call it a crash course for affiliate marketing than a training. You receive a free and brief training on how to start your affiliate marketing business.

The knowledge that is being shared is decent and not the usual approach of churning and burning products and hoping nobody is going to find out you are promoting low-quality programs.

It teaches you how to create a sustainable business that doesn’t promise you to make you rich overnight and as Dale says “it will take hard work”. Which is great, it gives you no false expectations.

One thing that Dale could have done better is simply the marketing on his homepage. The registration for the training is free, but if you want to implement those things you will have to make an upgrade which in the end is going to cost you money. Is it really that bad?

Well, a $49 monthly cancellable subscription is nothing compared to the 500$ upsells other products (most of the time scams) force upon you. The risk of being taken advantage of is very low here.

My #1 Recommendation

As I have mentioned at the beginning of my article, Wealthy Affiliate is a program I have gone through myself and promote on my website.

If you are a complete beginner (even intermediate) then I highly recommend you to stop investing in time-wasting “getting-rich-overnight schemes” that promise you to make $1000 in your first hour.

After testing and reviewing tons of online marketing programs I can tell you that building an online business takes time. Gurus that try to sell you, you can earn $5000 in your first week

fully automatic..

without lifting a finger..

with their done-for-you system..

is simply fairy dust in a fairy world. A sales page is there to sell, and the marketing hype nowadays reaches its highest levels. Don’t buy into the hype. I you admit it or not building a business takes time.

So, if you are about to ask me what the real deal is, I tell you right off the bat: Wealthy Affiliate is.

If you are serious about making money online, then check out my in-depth review on it by clicking the button below. I have covered every aspect of the program and exactly tell you how it works, what it is about, pricing, success stories of other people etc.

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