ConversioBot Review – Legit or Just Another Scam Bot? (NOT SPONSORED)

Hello Guys and welcome to my ConversioBot Review!

In this review, I am going to cover all aspects of ConversioBot. What it is about, how it works, what is good, what is not so good about the AI Program and tell you for whom it is.

If you consider purchasing ConversioBot for your business but are not quite sure if it is going to be the right fit for you, then you are at the right place. My ConversioBot review differs quite a bit from other reviews because I am not affiliated with the program (like in almost every of my reviews). So, what I am delivering you is my non-biased and raw opinion about the whole program. So read on because my ConversioBot Review is going to give you a clear perspective on the AI Software!

Let’s start with a short overview

ConversioBot Review – Overview

Owner: Simon Wood
Program Website:
Pricing: Lite Version 35$/month, Pro Version 47$/month
Category: Online Marketing (SAAS – Software As a Service)
Refund Policy: 60 Days
Recommended: Yes
Overall Ranking: 78 out of 100

Owner – The owner of ConversioBot is Simon Wood. First of all, I have to tell you that this is definitely a good sign. Not because of the owner himself but because the Simon is disclosing his identity, what shows transparancy. Many online marketing products (especially from clickbank) have owners with hidden identity, what is a big scam alert (like with clickearners or Simon Wood is a marketing and IT specialist and have created several SAAS products and definitely knows his field.

Pricing – ConversioBot comes with two memberships: Lite and Pro. Each has a monthly fee. The ConversioBot Lite version 35$/month and the Pro version 47$/month. In addition to that it presents you a few upsells after that you have joined the members area.

Category – It is categorized as a SAAS in the online marketing category and  is created to improve customer engagement for online business owners

Refund Policy – Because ConversioBot is a Clickbank product it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. What is great and gives you an additional security

Recommended – Do I recommend the bot? Yes, it is not a scam and provides decent value for business owners (even when it is not perfect though)

A Short summary – What can I tell you about ConversioBot? Well, to say from the start, it is definitely not a scam and a legit AI software that can improve and boost your customer engagement. The set up is not very complicated and in addition to the two membership options it comes with some Upsells. What I am actually not that much of a fan off (I like it when you know all the features and prices before you purchase the product)

Here is a short background of the program. ConversioBot was originally created by several Clickbank platinum members that invested 1 year of their time into the AI program. After testing it for 6 month, they were able to generate over 6000 sales with ConversioBot and were able to create an email list with over 11.000 subscribers in less than 1 week. Pretty good numbers huh?

But how good is conversiobot for YOUR business? Can you really reach those numbers? Well, it depends completely what kind of niche you use conversio bot for and how your customer react to communication with AI. The problem is that, not everybody is ready to step into communication with an AI nowadays, which of course can have an impact on your engagement and in turn your sales.

But let’s  take a closer look on conversiobot and check out what it is really about.

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What is ConversioBot about?

When I checked out the ConversioBot sales page I was expecting a chatbot contacting me in order to show me a quick preview. And it indeed happened. Here is my short conversation with the chatbot on the ConversioBot website:


Honestly, I pretty much liked the working of it. Easy, quick and it gave a light human feeling to the conversation (even though I knew it is a bot, I still felt like a connection got created).

So, what is actually the purpose of ConversioBot? In short terms, it is there to help you to improve the customer engagement on your website, which in turn can increases your sales. Here are some tasks a general ChatBot can take care of:

  • Lead generation
  • Answer Customer queries
  • Offer a dscount coupon
  • Make social shares
  • Offer a cartt discount
  • Collect phone numbers

And some other things that you can simply set up by yourself. What I realized is that you can indeed set up a complete Chatbot by yourself with the software.

What I mean by that is not just choosing different templates, but step-by-step create certain actions and re-actions according to your customer behaviour. Although the process can take up a good amount of time, I really like it, because it gives you great freedom to play around and create the interactions you wish your customers to experience.

So, let’s take a look at some features of ConversioBot that I have found during my walkthrough

Chatbot templates

ConversioBot comes with a great amount of templates (80+). The thing that I realized is that the templates do not only differ in design but also in their functionalities. For example, there are several templates for lead generation, bookings, e-mail collection, phone number collection etc. So, there is almost for every action a unique Chatbot template

Easy manual Bot Set-Up

As I mentioned above, you can set up your bots all by yourself. The part that I like of this feature is that you can set them up without any technical pre-knowledge because it functions completely via drag and drop.

Bot Set up training

ConversioBot also provides you with a good amount of video training on how to set up your chatbot. This is good, because you are not left all by yourself and are able to receive some step-by-step guidance by Simon himself. Here are some of the topics that are being covered:

    • Build Engaging Chatbots
    • How to sell Chatbots (with your agency)
    • How to use Done-For you Chatbots (Pro Feature)
    • How to set up Automated Chatbots
    • How to set up a Chatbot Agency
    • Additional Webinar training that goes in more detail for certain cases (most of them are based on questions that come from conversiobot users)

Allows to connect your Email Marketing Account

Conversiobot allows you to connect your Email marketing accounts like mailchimp, aweber, get response and a lot of other tools like maropost and infusionsoft. This is pretty helpful if you plan to generate leads with your Chatbot

Conversiobot Lite vs Conversiobot Pro

Conversiobot comes with two memberships: Light and Pro.

The light one is around 10$ cheaper and misses some things like being able to create unlimited amount of chatbots, multi licenses to install conversiobot on several websites, done-for-you chat templates, commercial license in order to sell your chatbots and adding bots to external websites.

So, which membership should you choose for? Well it depends. If you have several businesses then the pro version would be the right fit for you. But if you have only one business and are new to chatbots, then the light membership is a great opportunity to start out. After learning the basics you can upgrade to the pro membership.

How does ConversioBot work?

There are two ways on how to create your chatbot. The first way is to set it up manually, what takes a good amount of time but gives you freedom to create your chatbot without any restrictions. The other way is to use the Auto Chatbot Builder which gives you the opportunity to create your chatbot within 5 minutes but is only available as an upsell for 49$ (one-time payment).

Let’s start with the manual ChatBot Builder

Manual Chatbot Builder

These are the steps you have to undergo to set up your chatbot manually

  1. Choose a bot template
  2. In this step you are going to use a chatbot builder platform where you can set up the responses the bot shall make. All of it works via drag and drop what makes the whole process a lot easier (but it still takes time to set it up though)
  3. In the third step you are going to design your bot. Here you can adjust things like background color, message bubble, bot design etc. Simply every setting that has to do with the chatbot appearance
  4. In the last step you are going to make adjustments in the bot details and general settings. Here you simply give your bot a name, on which pages he has to appear, if he should auto close, sound settings, email notifications etc. Simply all the necessary details that make your bot work like you want him to work

This approach takes you definitely more than 5 minutes but as I have already mentioned it gives you the freedom to customize much more than with done-for-you templates

Auto Chatbot Builder (49$ Upsell one-time)

These are the steps that you have to undergo if you want to create a chatbot with the Auto Chatbot Builder

  1. First you will have to fill in your company details
  2. Next some you will have to fill in some of your chat bot details like name and picture. You can either choose one of your own pictures or some of the icon templates that conversiobot is providing to you.
  3. In the third step you will have to choose the template the bot should have. This simply means what your goal with the bot is. You can choose out of 4 options:
    • Lead Generation
    • Offer a discount coupon
    • Make Social Shares
    • Offer a cart discount

This process is definitely a lot easier and takes only several minutes to finish your bot.

Both Options have their strengths. It totally depends on what your goal is. If you want a chatbot that has a greater variety of actions and is customized to your customers then the first method is the better choice for you. If you need a chatbot fast and don’t need it to be perfectly adjusted to your customers then the automated method is the right way to go. But you have to keep in mind that it would cost you 49$.

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Who is ConversioBot for?

ConversioBot is for everybody who has an own online business and want to improve customer engagement on their website. Here are some examples for whom Conversiobot can be useful:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • E-Commerce Owners
  • Home Business Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers

I tend to say that ConversioBot works better for intermediate online marketers. For those who have already a business that generates traffic and want to use ConversioBot as an extra tool to increase their sales. Websites with little traffic will not benefit that much from ConversioBot.

How is the Pricing of ConversioBot?

The ConversioBot lite version costs 37$ per month. If you plan to use ConversioBot on several websites than the Pro version would work better for you which costs 47$ per month. In addition to that ConversioBot comes with 4 additional upsells (which I am not a fan off). They are as following:

  1. ConversioBot OTO#1: ConversioBot Done-For-You Pro – 297$ (one-time)– This package contains a library of ChatBots that have been tested and tend to convert higher compared to the standard ConversioBot chatbots. Those are preconfigured chatbots which you can copy and paste into your business. This upsell is good for if you focus on increasing your sales without having to split test your bots.
  2. ConversioBot OTO#2: Auto ChatBot Builder – 47$ (one-time) – As we have already covered previously the AutoChatbot builder allows you to create a chatbot with a few clicks, which saves you time on writing customized chats. This package is good for people who need chatbots fast.
  3. ConversioBot OTO#3: ConversioBot Extreme – 67$ (one-time) – This upgrade allows you to add custom brandings to your chatbots. So, instead of “powered by Conversiobot” your customer will see your branding. In addition to that, it allows you to create full page chatbots and embed chatbots.
  4. ConversioBot OTO#4: ConversioBot Agency – 287$ – This OTO allows you to add additional users to your account. For example employees that help you out with your chatbot business. It also has a website feature that allows you to create a chatbot agency website. This package is great for those who plan to start a chatbot business.

ConversioBot Bonus

Scrolling through the web I found a ConversioBot bonus that you can acquire for yourself. Check it out HERE. It makes out of your ConversioBot monthly fee a ConversioBot onetime payment!

Is ConversioBot a scam?

No ConversioBot is definitely not a scam. You get a highly functioning software for your with little room to complain. I am usually very leery during my reviews, but with ConversioBot I can tell you that you will get a decent AI Software.

What I have to mention here is, beware of fake ConversioBot reviews. Even though ConversioBot is not a scam, many of them just try to buy into the program without even showing you all aspects of the program.

The good about ConversioBot

  • Cloud based – No download or installation required
    • Has a 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Has a thorough training
  • You have a commercial license
  • Easy drag and drop system
  • There are is a lot of room to create a highly-functioning chatbot

The bad about ConversioBot

  • A good amount of time for testing is needed
  • Has no free trial
  • Has a lot of upsells
  • Watermark can be only removed by buying the ConversioBot Extreme Upsell

My final Opinion about ConversioBot

I give ConversioBot green light. It is a legit AI software that, if set up correctly, can help you, to increase your customer engagement. There is no doubt that we will have more and more chatbots incorporated within businesses in the future. They are an easy and fast solution for customer management. And ConversioBot provides a quality chatbot. You receive a good amount of chatbot templates and have enough space to adjust them. In addition to that the ConversioBot is easy to set up thanks to the drag and drop system.

Of course it isn’t perfect. What I don’t like that much is that it has a lot of upsells within the members area. I love it when you know from the start what kind of costs and prices are awaiting you. But this perhaps one of the few cons that ConversioBot has.

If you are looking for a decent chatBot for you online business, ConversioBot can be the right choice for you.

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ConversioBot FAQ

Is there an ConversioBot Affiliate Program?

  • Yes. As soon as you create a Clickbank account you can become a ConversioBot affiliate. Just checkout and after accessing the marketplace, you will be able to promote ConversioBot.

Thank you for reading my ConversioBot review. If you have experiences or qustions you want to share, please use the comment section below. I am more than happy to help you out.

Until there, all the best,


6 thoughts on “ConversioBot Review – Legit or Just Another Scam Bot? (NOT SPONSORED)”

  1. Websites that have quite a lot of traffic depend on chatbots these days as they are excellent for lead generation and capturing valuable info from the website audience. Conversiobot seems quite capable and after reading this review it seems that it can really assist with customer engagement which in turn can convert into potential sales. In my opinion, the Lite version at $35 per month does quite a good job and is good value for money.

    • Hey Jean,

      yeah, chatbots are indeed great support for website owners. They are a pretty good help if customer work starts to pile up. And ConversioBot indeed does a pretty good job, not only in design and presentation but also the configuration is pretty easy. So as you have already said, 35$ per month is definitely a legit price to give it a try. And if it’s not what you expected you still save with the Clickbank money-back guarantee.

      See you around! All the best,


  2. Interesting piece of AI. I wonder how it compares to most emails these day’s. A properly set up email on a website although it doesn’t “chat to people” is still pretty effective. 

    Sometimes though, gathering leads needs a few tools to get an audience built up to a point of having sufficient numbers that your marketing has a chance of succeeding. 

    Interesting review though. I will look through it again.

    • Hey Michael,

      great to hear from you. Yes, a chatbot can be very effective, because it takes work off you and if the set-up is right, you can even let your customers have great conversations with them.

      Thanks for passing by! All the best,

  3. I thought the topic was interesting but I had to read a lot before even finding out what Conversiobot was all about or what it did. I started piecing it together eventually but when you’re left guessing, you’re not paying attention to too much in the article. Just my point of view. Regardless I found the info useful and the topic very relevant. Especially on this platform you would find a lot of people interested in this topic. Cheers. Martin 


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