Is Diddly Pay a Scam? – Honest Review! Truth Exposed!

Hello guys, and welcome to my Diddly Pay Review.

A button that gets you 148 leads and 330$ in 24 hours? Well, Bryan in this Diddly Pay Review we will find out in how far your claim is reality!

If you have came across Diddly Pay and have been wondering if it is really that much of an automated lead and money generator as it is being promoted, then you are at the right place. I have investigated the program from beginning to end and will give you a clear perspective about it in this Diddly Pay review.

So, stay tuned because we will cover what Diddly Pay is about, how it works, the good, the bad and if you should give it a try or look for something else.

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Diddly Pay Review – Overview

Name: Diddly Pay
Owner: Bryan Winters
Pricing: 3$ trial, 20$/month + Upsells ~ 340$
Category: Lead Marketing
Recommended?: NO

Diddly Pay at a Glance

The program itself – Diddly Pay is a button that allows your product to go viral as soon it is being placed in your product page. People can purchase your product with leads instead of cash, which according to Bryan is going to grow your e-mail list automatically.

The Owner – Bryan Winters is the owner of Diddly Pay which was formerly known as Zippopay. He took it over and according to him, he patented it, although I couldn’t find any information about it

Pricing – Diddly pay comes with a 7-day trial and costs afterwards 20$/month. It has several upsells that if summed up make a deal of around 340$.

Category – The Diddly Pay button is categorized as a lead marketing program which focuses on growing your e-mail list. Unfortunately there are some problems to that, which I will cover further in the review.

Do I recommend it? – To make it short, NO. The program is on paper a great opportunity, but as soon as you try to bring it into reality, you come across several problems that not only can cost you money but can also damage your business

What is Diddly Pay about?

Diddly Pay is an automated lead marketing scheme that was created by Bryan Winters. It is simply a button that you place into your product page and allow people to pay with leads.

“With leads?” You  may ask. “How will I generate money then?”

Well, you will be able to generate money from those leads by sending them your offers after they have opted-in with their e-mail. Every person that wants to purchase your product can either use the initial purchase button, or the diddly pay button by providing a certain amount of leads (e-mail adresses and names).

An example would be, instead of paying 10$ for your product the person has to provide 5 leads. Those can be friends, family members or any other connections.

From the buyers perspective, this approach is pretty appealing. Getting a program for free by just referring 5 new email adresses? Why not!

The problem with that is, that many buyers can start creating fake identities (fake e-mail addresses) and let you end up with dead leads. In this case, you risk giving your product away for free which in the long-term obviously damages your business. But let us take a closer look on this, because there is more to it.

How Does Diddly Pay Work?

Diddly Pay comes with 5 done-for-you products that you can incorporate into your done-for-you webpages (Diddly Pay Pro feature). Or you can choose your own product and website.

As we have covered previously, it is about placing the Diddly Pay Button into your product’s sales page and sell it for leads (e-mail addresses). Let’s say a person shares it with 5 people and they opt-in for the product. And let’s assume those people are interested in the product and choose for the Diddly Pay method, as well. In this case your product would start to go viral and you lead generation starts to snowball by itself.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, as I have mentioned previously, because there are some issues that might occur

The PROBLEMS with this method

Fake Identities

This sounds like a pretty well elaborated method to generate leads and product visibility quickly and self-automated. However the problem is that many people can simply create fake identities and pretend to have shared it. This can obviously end up in losses for your business.


Additionally, people will simply do anything to get your product. In the worst case they can start sharing your product on different websites, forums and spam it all over the internet, which can result in a bad reputation for your business.

Unknown Source of leads

Another part is that you don’t know where your traffic is coming from. So, what you can end up with is leads that aren’t even interested in your business and what you offer.

Who is Diddly Pay for?

The software is for everybody who wants to make some extra cash aside passively. Those can be:

  • affiliate marketers
  • home business entrepreneurs
  • stay-at-home moms and dads
  • students
  • and many other that are looking for some extra money

However the problem with Diddly Pay is that I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, because there are no teachings on marketing and traffic generation. You will be provided with some done-for-you templates and products, but how to drive traffic to those platforms, is unfortunately not being covered.

So, as a complete beginner you might feel overwhelmed with this product.

How is the pricing of Diddly Pay?

Diddly Pay starts with an initial price of 3$ for a 7-days trial and costs 20$ per month afterwards. In addition to that, diddly pay comes with 5 additional upsells, which are mandatory in order to use the all features of diddly pay.

  • OTO#1: Diddly Pay Done-For-You Money Accelerator (97$)
    5 additional DFY business in a box templates
  • OTO#2: Autopilot Commission Booster – (97$)
    Additional affiliate commissions as soon as people to decide to become Diddly Pay vendors through your link, as well
  • OTO#3: Diddly Pay 2nd Income Stream- (97$)
    Access to ShopMonopoly that is an e-come store with tons of DFY products and sites
  • OTO#4: Diddly Pay Autopilot Traffic Rotator – (197$)
    Owners of Diddly Pay are going to place your products in their Diddly Pay marketplace that claims to generate you additional traffic
  • OTO#5: 500$ A-POP-Machine – (197$)
    Webinar promotion that generates 500-1000$ per referral

All-in-all you have to pay almost 700$ in addition to the initial price, to make Diddly Pay work for you. Well, it would be legitimate if it those upsells would really be worth it, but when I took a deeper look on them, they all do not guarantee you to make revenues. So, there is a risk of paying the 700$ and end up with nothing in the end.

Is Diddly Pay a Scam?

No, Diddly Pay is not a scam. You get a button and some done-for-you templates that can improve your business. But do I recommend it? This is a different question, which can be answered with: most certainly not. There are simply too many risks to lose money instead of making money. Additionally it is not beginner friendly, even though Bryan is promoting that.

What I like about Diddly Pay

  • It has a 60 days refund policy
  • It is cloud based, so no downloads are required
  • The Strategy is based on “hands-free mentality” (passive income)

What I don’t like about Diddly Pay

  • You don’t know the source of your traffic
  • It can spam your product all over the internet and create a bad reputation
  • It can end up in dead leads and collecting fake e-mail addresses
  • It has no free trial
  • Not designed for affiliate marketing beginners
  • No teaching on how to generate traffic

My final opinion about Diddly Pay

Well, Diddly Pay is in my eyes on paper a great strategy to create a passive income with just a few clicks. However, there are too many gaps and disadvantages in the practical application that make the program simply not suitable for any business.

I think the main factors are simply that, first of all, you run risk that your product is being posted all over the internet, on forums and spam websites, which can lead to a bad reputation.

Secondly, there is another risk to lose money instead of making money with the button. Why? Because people will simply do anything to provide those leads, for example by creating fake identities with fake e-mail adresses. Which ends up in dead leads and you giving away your product for “free” so to speak.

And thirdly, you simply have no information about where your leads are coming from. Which means that you can fill up your e-mail list, but there is a high chance that they simply won’t be interested in the offers that you are going to send them.

So, in my eyes it is a great strategy in theory, but if you want to bring it into reality, it simply has too many risks to damage your business instead of improving it.


How I earn Money Online (Alternative to Diddly Pay)

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Diddly Pay FAQ

Is there a Diddly Pay Login?

Yes, you can find the Diddly Pay login on the initial website As soon as you have registered, you can use your login data to get access to the members area.

What are your experiences with Diddly Pay? Would you give it a try? Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

All the best,


8 thoughts on “Is Diddly Pay a Scam? – Honest Review! Truth Exposed!”

  1. Hi. So good to find your article. I’m glad that you are honest, not many people expose programs like that online, they just praise them. As an amateur affiliate marketer I am excited that I got to know this information in order to avoid and be more careful in the future. Thank you for your article.

    • Hey Dominique,

      I am glad I could help out 🙂 Thanks for your visit and further much success on your affiliate marketing way!

      All the best,

  2. For every good and beneficial resource out there, there are a thousand scams that take advantage of it and turn a positive aid into a waste of time, money, and energy. I wish there was a way to go after scammers and prosecutor them to the fullest but they get away with 99 percent of the time.

    • Hey DashDNations,

      scammers are very common in this industry. But if you are purchasing a program from Clickbank you usually have a 60 days money-back guarantee. Still it would be great to reduce the scam ratio!

  3. Hi there

    What a great review.

    You explain what Diddly pay is and set the scene!

    Then you explain exactly what Diddly Pay is  offering and that is fair to them as you have provided information.

    It is easy to read and understand the Diddly Pay advantages as well as disadvantages.

    I agree that they have a nice concept but the idea that too many fake identities and spam would be collected as well as the fact that it is not for beginners or the non technology savvy people.

    Thank you

    best regards


  4. A button that gets you 148 leads and 330$ in 24 hours? for a beginner who is just getting into this kind of work, this is impossible no matter what system you use. It takes time, you have to put in the work and the time to, make this kind of money. Again this is another hype to sell this training. Thanks again for an eye-opener.


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