Ecom Warrior Academy Review – Is Matthew’s Course A Scam?

I checked the review online and I found it pretty useful for growing an ecommerce business.

I went through their website, the features of the course and their checkout page also. I was pretty pleased with their 30-day refund policy also. Overall, it seems pretty useful to me!

Ecom Warrior Academy Review – Overview

Name: Ecom Warrior Academy
Creator: Matthew Lepre
Refund Policy: 30 days
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended: Yes
Our Alternative: #1 recommendation

In this internet era where everyone and everything is connected via the web, the best way to make money is through online business. E-commerce stores, in particular, have caught the attention of many enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

And why wouldn’t they? Online stores are easy to set up and much easier to earn profits.

The most appealing aspect of this business is that you don’t require immense experience to get started. Even a newbie can quickly learn the tricks of the trade and jump-start into the popular ecommerce space.

While all of these reasons attract huge crowds towards the ecommerce business, many hold themselves back in fear of risks, losses, and of course, heavy competition. Certainly, there is more to learn about the business model and strategies before investing in an online store.

Luckily, the internet is not just a platform where you can make money; it also helps you learn how to do a profitable business.

In this course by Ecom Warrier Academy, you will get to know everything about starting a successful e-commerce store on your own. Hopefully, this ecom warrior academy Review will be helpful for you.

This course will cover a variety of tools and resources that will help you start your own online store. By diligently applying all the tips mentioned in the course, even beginners in ecommerce can build sites that will easily generate a 6-figure income.

Like Matthew Lepre, the course developer, says, “Ready to build a better life?” So let’s dive right into this review.

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Who Is Matthew Lepre?

If you are interested in eCommerce, you most likely know Matthew Lepre. He is the developer of the ecom warrior academy program and is a successful entrepreneur.

He dropped out of university and later wanted to take control of his destiny. It was then he broke away from the routine of a 9 to 5 job and wanted to start something on his own.

He started dropshipping and eCommerce. In just a few years, he succeeded in this journey. He claims to make six figures a month. His dropshipping business deals with educational books and beauty products for men and women.

He believes it is in high demand and locates hard-to-find resources and sells them in his store.

He is one of the industry specialists and has also got a good following on social media. He is pretty active on Instagram and YouTube.

Although he doesn’t talk much about dropshipping on Instagram, he promotes the kind of lifestyle dropshipping can offer.

He talks about the benefits of dropshipping and tips to start eCommerce and dropshipping businesses on his YouTube channel. The videos are highly informative and of good quality.

He is the founder and CEO of eCom Warrior Academy. He says he has spent a lot on building a successful dropshipping business. So he took up coaching and assisting people interested in starting their own ecommerce store.

Stallon Zayya: Mentor

While the videos in the course are narrated by Matthew himself, the mentoring sessions are done by Stallon Zayya. You can also find him in most of Matthew’s YouTube channel videos. The mentoring calls by Stallon are highly appreciated. Stallon seems to know his stuff well.

What is the Ecom Warrior Academy course?

The Ecom Warrior Academy course is a digital school developed by Mathew Lepre. He is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur who has succeeded in this field in less than a few years. So he decided to become a coach and assist people who want to start with their dropshipping and eCommerce business journey.

After having achieved many things in the field, he put all his insights together and framed a module that would be a definitive guide for beginners.

Once you have enrolled in the ecom warrior academy training course, you can learn everything about ecommerce from scratch.

The only major downside to the ecom warrior academy course is that it caters entirely to beginners. It’s all about how to set up your dropshipping business and make money.

It does not delve much into how to tackle risks and what to do in case of business stagnation. So if you are someone with considerable experience in eCom, you might not find much use by enrolling in this course.

However, many positive aspects of the course encourage you to invest in it. For starters, with the help of this course, you can set up your own web-based store.

Following that, you can incorporate some of the most effective marketing strategies taught in the course to publicize your business. Besides, this course will help you gain fundamental knowledge on key eCommerce concepts and profit-making strategies.

Overall, purchasing this course offered by Ecom Warrior Academy can prove to be a good start for your magical ecommerce journey.

How much does Ecom Warrior Academy cost?

The course contains over 60 videos and daily mentoring sessions. The coaching is from two industry experts who have proved themselves in the field. The course for ecom warrior academy cost amount up to $4000.

There are also advertising and other extra costs. There is no outright mention of the ecom warrior academy price on their landing page, and there are no details about the course. All you get are a call to action messages.

Additionally, you might have to have plans and investments for your store while applying for the course. Since the course will also help you open stores, it is necessary to have the investments.

While you purchase the training, you also avail several benefits. Along with the course videos, you are also invited to join a private Facebook group and receive lifetime access to the videos.

In addition, you can take part in the two monthly mentoring and Q&A sessions for groups. You also get coaching via emails and feedback calls. Unfortunately, the cost is quite over the margin, and the course details can not be found on their website.

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What can you expect to learn in the ECom Warrior Academy?

The complete details of the course are not available online. But you need not worry. We have got your back. You can expect to learn primary details on how to get started with dropshipping.

Additionally, the ECom Warrior Academy gives essential coaching to all students, so you are well equipped with the basics of ecommerce.

As we discussed before, it is essentially curated for beginners who want to make 6 figure earnings through dropshipping and eCommerce.

So the course covers all the bases from setting up a Shopify account for your store to driving traffic and building social media profiles for your ecommerce business.

To be more precise, the course will touch upon different topics, including branding, social media marketing, website building, traffic generating, shipping, logistics, accessing Shopify, customer service, and others.

As part of the program, you will be expected to ideate product lines, create stores, develop brands and advertising.

In short, the ECom Warrior Academy will include a part course and a part mentorship program. It will be both theoretical and practical learning.

Course Training

Before investing in the course, you would want to know a little more about the program’s content. Since these details are not explicitly revealed on the Ecom Warrior Academy website, we have collected a round-up of topics covered during the course. Here’s what you will be learning in this course:

  • How to set up a Shopify store – a complete beginners guide
  • Buying a domain and building up your store online
  • How to search products for your store and choose a product line
  • How and where to find products of your choice
  • How to invest and create an actual store
  • Tips for a successful eCom website
  • Everything about advertising for your website
  • Using social media for marketing
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • How to build a successful brand
  • How to engage and interact with the customers
  • How to receive orders, fulfill and ship them


The course covers all the basics and essential topics necessary to kick start your own dropshipping business and make a successful career. Apart from learning the tricks and gaining knowledge, the course offers you some additional benefits.

  • Lifetime access to all the videos
  • New training materials are added every month
  • Daily mentorship calls – one-on-one
  • Monthly Q&A and mentorship calls – group
  • Feedback calls
  • Coaching via emails
  • Joined in a private Facebook group


There are daily one-on-one mentorship calls available during the course period. The mentor is Stallon Zayya, and it helps you keep track of your performance and learning. In addition, the hands-on guidance helps set up your own store.

Besides doubts and additional learning, the mentorship also involves discussions regarding your online store and product lines. In fact, you will have to run your product choice by them. It helps you in understanding whether the product line is profitable and promising or not.

The mentorship calls are pretty intense and a significant part of the course. After deciding on the product, Stallon will also guide you through setting up and advertising.

We are warning you beforehand. While these are the course details most of us are aware of, Matthew Lepre does not reveal much about what it offers. ECom Warrior Academy is legitimate.

In addition, it offers more than just video classes and is quite beneficial. However, there isn’t much information about the training on the internet. It is a fact that most of the modules are not revealed.

Additionally, you might have to pay more and more to access other modules. The only way to know everything about the course and what you will get for your money is to schedule a call with Matt.

Who should consider this course?

The course sets out a fundamental model that will help you start from scratch and move up the ladder. It is intended for the newbies who are pretty unfamiliar with the concept and want to succeed in the eCom space.

From basic Shopify setup details to using social media to market and drive customers, the course covers all we need to get started.

The course will help you choose products, set up stores, drive traffic, and earn more. However, remember it is strictly planned for beginners who want to create a successful eCommerce business. So, if you are already into eCommerce and dropshipping, it is better to choose any other alternative.

Is it worth the money?

Is ecom warrior academy legit? As we mentioned, the cost of the course would amount up to $4000.

The course is designed by Matthew Lepre, who is enjoying a successful e-commerce stint. If you go through his YouTube videos and follow him on his social accounts, you will get to know his brilliant insights and experience.

In addition to his videos, the course also offers one-to-one mentoring with Stallon Zayya. He is pretty good at ecommerce himself and earns in seven figures. He mentors and helps people who join the course. Additionally, he is said to be very good at what he does.

The course will not just teach you the basics of dropshipping and ecommerce but will also help you work on it practically. You will have to run your product ideas by them. They will also guide you on choosing the best products and working on them perfectly.

Having said all these, the critical question is – is the course worth the money? Honestly, the course is not worth the cost.

You could get the basic lessons even on YouTube and also get assistance with ecom warrior academy login, etc. There are many other courses that teach you the same things at even lesser costs. So the course is not worth the hype or the money spent.

However, you get personal mentorship and hands-on guidance. So, if you are a beginner who is clueless about dropshipping and ecommerce, the course is expensive but could be of some help.

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The eCom Warrior Academy is perfect for beginners. So, if you are interested in eCommerce and dropshipping and want a guide to get started, the course is a perfect pick.

It covers everything from the basic understanding of dropshipping to building and advertising your store. In addition, you will be guided by two experts who have had successful eCommerce stores. So the course is advantageous and has a lot to offer.

Besides, the ecom warrior academy pro is a good option for experts too.

  • Matthew Lepre – One of the major pros is Matthew Lepre himself. He has been an expert in dropshipping and built a successful career in less than three years. His coaching is one of the biggest strengths of the course.
  • One-on-one mentoring – There is one-on-one mentoring with Stallon Zayya. The intense mentoring and training is a super helpful element in the course.
  • Complete Guide – It is a complete guide to start your dropshipping and ecommerce journey, with best-in-class guidance.


The course has its own advantages, but there are many shortcomings. Matthew has talked a lot about successful eCommerce and dropshipping businesses and his different stores. He wants to assist people who are willing to jump into similar businesses.

However, this course is educational, and we do not know how profitable and successful it could be for your business.

There is not much evidence available. Moreover, there is too much ecom warrior academy upsell here also. It is difficult to source information about the course, and all that you get to know are captive CTAs.

So as for the downsides of the course, it is expensive, and there is no clear outline of the course.

  • Expensive – The estimated ecom warrior academy price is $4000. However, there could be more additional charges.
  • No Details – The details on Ecom Warrior Academy are significantly less. Their website and landing page do not give out much information about the course or learning.
  • No mentoring by Matthew – While Stallon Zayya is very good at mentoring, it is a letdown that Matthew neither interacts directly nor mentors the students of the course.

Refunds and Cancellation

If there is something bad about this program, it is the ecom warrior academy refund and cancellation policies.

You have to think it through before applying for the course. Because you might end up losing a lot of money if you back out in between. It is hard to find information on refund policies.

There is direct debiting of the money on most occasions, so you might not be able to control how much you pay until you complete the course.

Most people have had trouble with refund and cancellation policies and have spent more money during the course. So it is best to join the course only if you are fully committed and decide to take up the course. However, there hasn’t been any report of ecom warrior academy scam thus far.

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner and want to learn more about dropshipping and eCommerce, eCom Warrior Academy is a bright choice.

Since you will be trained by two experts and receive mentorship and feedback calls, the course will be very useful in setting up your store. Many people buy eCom Warrior Academy, so there must be something beneficial.

However, the course is ridiculously expensive and might not be worth your time and costs.

There could have been more resources and versatile programs for the cost charged. So there are many cheaper alternatives to get started, and we would advise you to consider them.

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