Free Traffic System Review – Real or Just Another Scam? Review 2021

In order to avoid confusion, because there are several programs with the name “Free Traffic System,” this review is about the “Free Traffic System” by Paul Ronna and Sid Diwar and NOT from Fergal Downes.

I created this Free Traffic System Review to show you the real values of the program. If you have read the sales page and seen the youtube videos, everything seems highly appealing. You get Done-For-You landing pages and websites, traffic training, 8 video apps that you can use for yourself and even sell to others. And everything for 49$?! This seems like a pretty good offer.

Exactly, there must be something in the winds. This is why I created this Free Traffic System Review to illuminate some parts of the program that maybe are untold by other sources. So, let’s check out if it is a scam or not, and if NOT, then does it fit you? Read on to find out the real value of the program.


Free Traffic System Review – Overview

Product Category: Video Marketing
Name: Free Traffic System
Owner: Paul Ronna and Sid Diwar
Pricing: 48$-49$ one time payment
Refund Policy: 30 Days
Overall Ranking: 20 of 100 Points
Recommended?: Not for people who are looking to create an own brand and business


What is the Free Traffic System about?

If you have checked the website, then you know that the Free Traffic System is about a video marketing done-for-you “business.” Paul and Sid believe that by creating beautiful videos with great intros and outros, covers, and gifs, you can increase the traffic of your business greatly. The program is about creating videos that improve your visitor’s engagement and, in the end, your sales. This is the main goal behind the program.

Another part of the Free Traffic System is to not only provide you with apps that help you to create videos but also how to market and sell those apps. In this way, you can work with great video apps and simultaneously make money by selling them.

And third, what Paul and Sid focus on is to not let you struggle by finding out how to do it. What they have created is a full package done-for-you system. In other words, it is about giving you all the finished templates and tools so that you just have to push the “start”-button and run your delivered business. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Okay, so how does it work?

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How does the Free Traffic System work?

The Free Traffic System has no complicated structures behind it. As soon as you purchase the program, you get lifetime access to 8 apps that allow you to edit and create videos.

One thing has to be mentioned here: the apps are not downloadable. What you get is access to an online platform (Amazon Cloud) that allows you to use them there.  That is so because the founders constantly work on improvements and updates, and in this manner, they can instantly apply and provide them to you.

After you got access to the member’s area, you receive landing pages and websites to promote those apps and generate sales. The cool thing is that Paul and Sid give you 100% of the profit.

In order to generate traffic to your websites and landing pages, Paul and Sid included a traffic step by step training as well. It shows you exactly how to drive traffic from different channels (f.e. social media) and convert those visitors into buying customers.

And all this for a one-time payment of 49$.


How is the pricing of the free traffic system?

The pricing structure of the program is very simple. There are two versions of the program. One for commercial use and the other one a turnkey business. The commercial package costs 48$ and contains the following:

  • 8 Video Apps
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Done-For-You Video Templates
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • Royalty-Free Music Library
  • Step-by-Step Training


The Turnkey business package costs only 1$ more! (49$) and contains the following:

  • 8 Video Apps
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Done-For-You Video Templates
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • Royalty-Free Music Library
  • Step-by-Step Training


  • Reselling of the software apps
  • 8 Sales Pages to sell the apps
  • 8 Sales Videos
  • No limits for the resells
  • Unlimited app hosting
  • Unlimited storage and maintenance


What are the Tools and Bonuses of the Program?

These are the tools and bonuses that the Free Traffic System contains:

  • Live Mockup
    • This is a tool that allows you to create gifs, memes, and short video sequences that function great as attention grabbers
  • White boarder
    • As the name almost already reveals, the program helps you to create whiteboard videos (that are very popular nowadays)
  • Slide Machine
    • With this tool, you create video slides. In this manner, it is possible to explain something in more detail. The program allows you to experiment with different elements via drag and drop
  • Story Monarch
    • This program is an alternative to Facebook and Instagram. It gives you the possibility to create your stories outside of social media channels
  • Custom Video fx
    • This is a visual editor that contains effects, symbols, and templates, that make videos more vivid (f.e. smileys, or thumbs up at highlight moments)
  • CoverPro
    • According to Paul and Sid, a video cover has a big impact on likes, followers, engagement, sharing, and traffic. This tool allows you to replace the usual video cover with self-designed covers
  • Video Ads Architect
    • Square videos are highly popular among mobile users to rectangle; however, rectangle videos (like youtube has it) don’t get that much attention. This program allows you to create square videos and even convert rectangle videos into square formatted videos
  • Intro Outro Expert
    • Because the founders of FTS believe that intros and outros are one of the most powerful parts of a video, they created the Intro Outro Expert that has a lot of templates and customizable elements to design intros and outros of a video
  • Royalty-Free Music
    • Every app has onboard royalty-free music
  • Custom Color picker
    • Allows you to pick any color from your screen and see the coding
  • Done-For-You material
    • 8 Sales pages and 8 Sales videos
  • Own Watermarks
    • You get your own watermark to brand your videos with them. You can use them for client projects (and remove them after they have paid you)
  • 4 Bonuses
    • Royalty-Free Music Tracks
    • Commercial License & Unlimited Video Renders
    • Huge Stock Image Library
    • Step by Step traffic training


Who are Paul Ronna and Sid Diwar?

Paul Ronna and Sid Diwar have combined an online marketing experience of 25+ years. In their journey, they have already run many SAAS (Software as a Service) companies. They have created several products that are rated as #1 products by leading digital platforms like Clickbank and Jvzoo.

The latest product that they have launched is Avatar Builder. It receives great attention among affiliates. So much that Paul and Sid even started commission contests on their Facebook Page.

Paul Ponna

…is a marketing expert, author, speaker, and coach. When he was 16 years old, he created a news website that targeted audiences in the video marketing niche. This was the moment when he started to feel attracted to marketing and video software. After time passed by, he decided to go to university and sold his website to pay its tuition.

But it didn’t take long for him to realize that a lot of the things that are being taught in his university are old and outdated. So, he decided to start his own software company. After two years of hard work, he has built a successful SaaS app business and got a lot of attention from his friends and family. And this was the point when he decided to become a coach and start to spread his knowledge.

Sid Diwar

A friend and partner of Paul who had a similar journey. Before his entrepreneurial journey, he was a medical student whose dream was to become a med doctor. But during his study, he recognized one day his passion for technology. And since then, the past became history.

During his journey, he helped over 100.000 customers worldwide and worked as a marketing consultant for top brands, businesses and taught even successful marketers to enhance become better in their field. His expertise lies in social media marketing, SaaS, and digital marketing.


Does the Free Traffic System have a Refund Policy?

Yes. Paul and Sid promise you a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. So, if you are in any way unsatisfied with the product, you can claim your refund without questions.


How is the Support of Free Traffic System?

Paul and Sid give a 24/7 support in their Free Traffic System member’s area.


What are the Pros and Cons of the Program?


  • Unlimited commercial license
  • Their videos are well-produced. It shows great expertise.
  • Constant updates and improvements of the apps
  • You have your own apps without integrated trials or upsells
  • It has a 30 days Money Back Guarantee.


  • The apps are not downloadable.
  • You do not create an own brand with this program.
  • You have only one product to promote
  • Many of the marketing concepts are unclear.
  • The program doesn’t have a free trial.


Is The Free Traffic System a Scam?

No, the Free Traffic System is not a scam. Paul and Sid are real and have great knowledge in their field. They have created a SaaS program that functions almost completely by itself and presents great video editing tools for an affordable one-time payment.


My Final Opinion About The Free Traffic System

I think the Free Traffic System is a program that is worth trying because you receive a full functioning done-for-you SaaS (Software as a Service) Business for only 49$ (one-time payment).

In addition to that, you keep all the profits you make and can even use the tools by yourself without any commercial restrictions. In my opinion, this is a pretty good deal.

But I honestly don’t think that you can create a sustainable long term business with this program. First of all, you don’t learn that much because you simply receive a finished business. Because of this, you miss experience in how to run it. And secondly, with the done-for-you pages and websites, you simply don’t create your own brand what is nowadays necessary for long-term success.

If you are someone who is looking for great video apps for a low price, this program is for you and worth trying.

But if you are someone who is looking to create a long-term business with your own brand, then this program is not for you.

My verdict: It is a program with a low price and great tools, but not good for creating a long-term business.


Is there an Alternative?

If you are looking for alternatives, then I recommend you to check out my #1 online business training that teaches you from scratch how to create your own website, content, and brand. It contains all the needed tools and even has a community (people that are on the same journey as you) that provides a 24/7 support.

This training is more about learning skills on how to create your own business and not about done-for-you templates. If this is what you are looking for, then check out the button below.

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Thank you for reading, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate and leave them in the comment section. I am more than happy to help out.

Until there all the best and much success,


10 thoughts on “Free Traffic System Review – Real or Just Another Scam? Review 2021”

  1. This program looks great for someone like me who hates to make video’s, but you say that you can only promote one product so that won’t help me much.

    I have seen a lot of products by Paul Ponna and have even bought a few. He is a genuine guy and he has created some great products in the past, so I am sure this one will also be awesome. I can’t say that I have heard of Sid Dewar, but the products I bought of Paul’s in the past didn’t have him listed as a partner.

    • Hey MIchel,

      yeah unfortunately this is one of the downsides of done-for-you systems. Because you don’t have the skills to create or promote products, you get a finished product and traffic sources, what saves you time but on the other hand you are only limited to this product. So, this is why I always recommend to learn things instead of going for done for you systems. You have to make the experience otherwise it going to be hard to move freely with your business.

      I am interested in what kind of other products you purchased from Paul, because I heard that they are good as well. Thank you for passing by Mlchel, much succes for you


  2. I am not a great fan of done-for-you systems, so I am always a bit skeptical about them. Videos are indeed very popular to get your message across or explain instructions, but you still need traffic to your videos, and the crucial part is where will the traffic come from. They mention from social media, but it sounds too vague for me. Free Traffic System might be a legit system, but it is not one that I will invest money in.

    • Hey LineCowley,

      thank you for your honest opinion. I totally agree with you, done-for-you systems are definitely not the best way to get started. Unfortunately, free traffic system gives not very clear instructions about how it works and this is why I would suggest going for other programs like Wealthy Affiliate, where you have a free trial to find out if it fits you or not. Thank you for passing by,

      all the best,


  3. Hi, thanks for this great review of the free traffic system, what I like about this program is that they tell you who the founder are, most of the times, with scam companies the founders are always unknown. it is also good that there is a 30 days money back policy in place, just in case the program did not meet your expectation. For me the biggest disadvantage with this program is the fact that you can not create your own brand. But it good for those who want a finished business.

    • Hey Nedia,

      exactly! Unfortunately, there are tons of programs with unknown founders, which is a red flag and most of the time a big indicator for it being a scam. And yeah I agree with you, I think this is not only the case with free traffic system but also with other programs. Many just show you how to promote their own program, but don’t teach you how to create your own brand. If you are looking to create your own brand you should check out my #1 recommended program. It is one of the best in the industry and a perfect choice to start a business from scratch, especially if you are new to making money online.

  4. This program looks great.
    But as we know there are a lot of scam programs that are not worth it.
    Thanks for making a good review of this. I think it can help us a lot in our work. I’ve seen other products by Poul Ponna and now I know it’s worth doing a little research and inquiring about them. Great post thanks again for the honest description.

    • Hey Denislukic,

      I am glad I was able to help out.

      As you have already said, there are a lot of scam programs out there and it is always important to inform yourself before purchasing an online marketing program. And Paul Ponna is indeed a well-known SAAS developer and marketer who has made some successes. Especially on Clickbank, he has made a name for himself.

      Thanks for passing by Denislukic. All the best for you,


  5. The one con that stuck out for me….no free trial.  I just refuse anymore to pay up front for anything like this without a free trial.  Some will say they will give you a money back guarantee, but that usually is a hassle and hard to get.  Though this does not look like a scam, I won’t be spending $49 to see if it works for me.

    • Hey Leahrae,

      yes a free trial is very important, especially if it is a high ticket program. In my eyes, if you are confident about your program you should always incorporate a free trial because this simply benefits you and your customers immensely. With that said, not going for programs without trials is a great filter!

      All the best for you,


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