Freedom With Writing Review – Is Jacob Trying To Scam You?

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Freelance writing has gained popularity in the last decade. After covid-19, it becomes even more widespread.

The opportunity to work from home appears appealing and convenient.

‘Freedom with writing’ is one such program that is associated with the freelance writing industry.

You are here because you must have been searching for a genuine Freedom with writing review to know whether the program is legit or not.

Well, you are at the right place to look for because we have researched the topic in detail and come up with the answer that will help you.

In this Freedom with writing review, we will discuss every aspect of the program.


  • Overview of Freedom with writing
  • What Freedom with writing is about?
  • How Freedom with writing works?
  • Is Freedom with writing a scam?
  • The pricing of the Freedom with writing program
  • What’s good about Freedom with writing
  • What’s not so good about Freedom with writing
  • Who can take the best advantage of the program?
  • Our final opinion

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Freedom With Writing Review – Overview

Name: Freedom with writing
Creator: Jacob Jans
Pricing: Free
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
Recommended: Yes
Our Alternative: #1 recommendation

What Is Freedom With  Writing About?

Freedom with writing is a program that informs you about the current openings in the writing industry. The home page says that they ‘send you publishers that pay writers’, and they are right. They don’t give you a job, but only send the details of the publishers that pay you if you get hired.

You can visit the website to know about the jobs, or sign up to receive emails on a regular basis to know where to apply. Other than the available jobs, you will also know if any writing contest is around the corner in which you can participate to earn money.

You only need to give your email address to get started. The subscription is free.

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Official Site

What to expect from Freedom with writing?

To remember, Freedom with writing program is not a company that offers jobs to anyone. You cannot land a job by signing up on their website. The website doesn’t give work to you in any form. It only shows you the path. It says ‘Get started right away’. Don’t fall for this line, as you are only getting started with applying on the jobs present on other websites. Whether you will be hired or not is the sole choice of the publisher.

The program tells you about the jobs and presents them in the form of a list with a bit of description. Other than informing you about the general job requirements, the description also contains the link that can take you to the original job post online. You can apply directly to the opening through the link provided. There is no guarantee that you will get the job. It’s up to your skills and luck.

For a single job, there are numerous candidates. Also, not all the candidates are subscribers of Freedom with writing. The provided job posts are open for everyone eligible to apply. Individuals can reach the job posts from other means as well.

What happens when you sign-up at Freedom with writing?

When you sign up at Freedom with writing, you will receive an email from Jacob Jans, Editor, Freedom with writing. He is a co-owner of the program. Not only Freedom with writing, but he also co-owned many other websites that are also associated with the writing industry.

Jacob Jans says Freedom with writing is made to help the writers get the gig. Every now and then, a new list appears on the website with all the names offering jobs recently.

When you sign up, you get to know the paid writing opportunities. Freedom with writing claims that this website is only launched to help the writers to build a successful career.

Other than that, if you are just entering the writing world, there’s something for you as well. Their sign up email comes with the link to a webinar that covers all the necessary aspects of getting the first job. The webinar is for free, you just have to give your email to get going. Freedom with writing course for newbies appears to be very useful in learning how to get a first job.

The free webinar covers the topics like how to get paid for the writing job, how to get the job, how to get paid more for your writing, and other similar topics. Freedom with writing training is simple and easy to understand for the new writers.

Furthermore, there are multiple articles on the website as well that can help the newbies to understand the writing world even more. They help the writers to know how to get a job and polish their skills. The articles are mostly written by professional writers who are already earning in this field.

There are case studies too to see the writing world from the perspective of other writers. You get to learn the stories of different writers and how they landed a high-paying job. There’s no requirement of freedom with writing login again and again. You just need to visit their home page.

How Does Freedom With Writing Work?

Freedom with writing compiles and presents the list of the latest jobs in the writing industry. Any list doesn’t necessarily contain only work from home opportunities. Office jobs are posted too.

One thing to appreciate here is their hard work in compiling the list. All the publishers that they mention in the lists are genuine. No publisher asks for any fees. As their motive is to make writing easy for the writers, they stick to their promise and offer good opportunities.

What is their mode of working?

Freedom with writing doesn’t give work to the writers at all. It works as a newspaper classified where newspaper works as a connection between a job hunter and a job provider and leaves it up to them to work out together. That’s what Freedom with writing does.

Websites like,, etc. connect the writers with clients, but they also give surety of the payments, and continue to work as a bridge between two until the work is done and payment is made. For these services, they charge up to 20% of the fee per contract.

On the other hand, freedom with writing pro doesn’t offer any such service and it is absolutely free. Don’t expect them to resolve any issue you have with the publisher they have mentioned in their list. From applying to the job post and getting the job, you are on your own at every step. Freedom with writing only gives the names of the hiring companies, nothing more.

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Is Freedom with writing a Scam?

You might be thinking now is Freedom with writing legit? Well, the answer is yes!

It is a genuine website that offers what it says. But, you cannot get the job just because you are redirected to the client’s website from this program. Getting hired depends solely on your skills only. Freedom with writing has nothing to aid you in this regard.

How to apply on the given links and get shortlisted is up to your profile.

In one way, Freedom with writing offers a way to try your luck for making extra bucks. If you are already affiliated with any writing website, Freedom with writing gives you a chance to try your luck someplace else.

Freedom with writing upsells by being active on social media sites. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The pricing of the Freedom with writing

What’s the freedom with writing cost? Freedom with writing is an absolutely free program. You have to pay not even a single penny to use the list they provide.

But, why the program is for free? How are they earning? Freedom with writing is generating revenue through the ads that appear on the website. Google and Facebook are third-party ads providers. Freedom with writing price is zero because they are covering the expense through advertisements. Your visit to the website and looking into the list is their earning process and if you click on the ad, bingo!

As you are paying nothing at all to get their services, there’s no need of Freedom with writing refund.

What’s good about Freedom with writing

Freedom with writing is a handy program for those who are exclusively looking for writing jobs. Other than the freelance websites, there are many opportunities in the writing world that are often neglected by new comers. For instance, writing for a magazine or a newspaper, you can only do so by applying directly to them.

Pros of the program:

When it comes to the benefits of the program, the Freedom with writing always:

Provides many opportunities in a single list:

Having a complete list in a single place is more convenient with a glimpse of the job description. It saves your time and you can only visit the links that you find suitable for you. You don’t have to make your research to find jobs in the writing industry. Most of the lists that they send you, and those that are already present on their website cover many jobs at once.

Gives beneficial tips with the list:

What’s more beneficial is their short and simple tips with the list. As you can see above, the list they provide contains a set of instructions as well that can come in very handy for the new writers. They tell you how to contact the editor and what is the best approach to do so.

Offers a free webinar for learning writing skills:

Another benefit of this program is the offer to learn writing skills. The webinar offered by Mr. Jacob Jans gives you the advantage to learn many things. And above all, everything included in this program, whether it’s a subscription to their email magazine or viewing their webinar, is absolutely free.

Mentions current contests:

The website has something for you even when you are a seasonal writer. They also provide lists of the current writing contests going on in which you can participate to earn money. Getting to know about the extra activities in your working industry can aid you directly.

Overall, the pros of Freedom with writing are:

  • 100% free program
  • Provides all the available jobs under one list
  • Offers free learning tools for the new writers
  • Gives details of the upcoming contests
  • Jobs are carefully researched and only those are selected which are free to apply

What’s not so good about Freedom with writing

What’s bad about Freedom with writing is the website design and style. It might appear to you the oldest fashioned website. There are no navigation tools and no menu at all. With every detail present on the home page, it might seem like a scam website. There are no categories for the jobs and contests as well. Every new article or case study appears just one after another. Also, you always need to go back to your email to find certain links – just like for the webinar.

Moreover, another thing is they are not providing you with the job themselves. When you are a new writer, you cannot know whether you will be able to get any job at all. Most of the offered jobs are high-end jobs for experts or advanced writers.

All in all, the things we don’t like are:

  • The opportunities are not directly provided by the website
  • The Design of the website is very poor
  • Not very convenient for the newbies
  • There’s no way to get to old pages through a website

Who can take the best advantage of the program?

If you are already in the writing industry and know all the tips and tricks, then you can take the advantage of the lists provided by Freedom with writing. The program offers multiple job posts and mainly big names are also included. So, when you consider yourself at some place, applying to the big jobs doesn’t harm you at all.

Our final opinion

Internet has opened a new dimension for writers. From blogs to online magazines, there are ample new opportunities for writers every day. Freedom with writing is dedicated to providing various platforms for the writers to apply and try their luck. They send everything to you via email. You just have to subscribe to them once to get their services. When you have a list of jobs in your hands, you can apply to different websites and firms to get a job.

However, it is not a job providing website. It will take you to third-party websites and firms which require writers. So, if you are looking for instant opportunities or want to work as a writer, make sure you look for other freelance websites as well that directly give you a job. Being affiliated with Freedom with writing doesn’t make you stand out in front of a hiring firm.

In the end, getting a freelance writing job is entirely up to you and your skills. Freedom with writing will provide you with a list of jobs, and what you need is to make yourself more appealing. Improve your writing skills, learn new tactics, and especially try to understand the latest online trends, all these things will take you to the new height of success as a writer. Just don’t rely on one platform alone when you want to pursue writing as a career.

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