How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business For Free (0$, no trials, no fees) – Step by Step

For many people, affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income. But as soon as you go online you to find try to find your way through the online jungle, you get overflowed by tons of training and programs. Many of them cost hundreds and some even thousands of dollars. But as a beginner, you are maybe not sure if affiliate marketing even fits you.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to decide from this position. Is there maybe a way to take it in before investing hundreds of dollars into a training? The good news is: YES there is!

Affiliate marketing is great and I love affiliate marketing. So, I decided to help you out and show you a way on how to start an affiliate marketing business for no costs at all, totally free (0$)!

These are the things that we are going to cover in this article:

#1) General information about Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Links, and Traffic
#2) Affiliate Links – How to get free access to millions of affiliate links
#3) Free Traffic –
How to create a lifetime free Website with Free Traffic

Everything I am going to show you in this article won’t cost you a dime and can be applied instantly. No trials, subscriptions, or hidden fees.

But before we jump into creating our business, I will explain briefly what Affiliate Marketing is, the service of Affiliate Links and why Traffic is important.

#1) Affiliate Marketing – Making Money While You Sleep

Affiliate Marketing is in my opinion one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online. You don’t have to create a product, take care of any customer issues or prepare shippings. The only thing you have to make sure of is to promote other people’s products for that you earn a commission. But how do you promote a product?

Affiliate Links

With the help of Affiliate Links. As soon as you have found a product you want to promote, it is about requesting an affiliate link by the vendor. Because if you would promote just by using the product owner’s initial website, the product owner simply wouldn’t know that you have redirected people to his product. That would mean, no money for us. What isn’t the goal of affiliate marketing, right? This is why it is important to request an affiliate link by the vendor before promoting products. But how do you promote a product to a potential buyer?


Via traffic. As soon as you received your affiliate link, it is about bringing it to the market. In other words, placing them somewhere so that people can click on them. To achieve that you usually place the affiliate link into a Facebook/Instagram post or a blog article. Those are just some of many possible ways on how to spread your affiliate links. In which way you do it, doesn’t matter that much (be it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog article). The goal is to reach people with your affiliate link.

#2) Getting Access to Affiliate Links

So those are the most important parts of affiliate marketing. What we should keep in mind is that affiliate links and traffic are foundational to start a successful affiliate marketing business. By successful, I mean: letting the money flow!

In that regard, what we need first is access to affiliate links. Like we have covered above, affiliate links are one of the cornerstones of our business. Without them, we won’t see any commissions.

This is why we have to sign up for an Affiliate Bank. As you might know, there are tons of retailers out there but I am sure that there is one that you have already heard of. And that is Clickbank. Clickbank has over products to promote and is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketplaces online. That means 2 million affiliate links that we can use for our business. I think this is a good place to start 🙂

So, in the next section, I am going to show you step by step how to get access to Clickbank and how to generate your unique Affiliate Link.

Creating a Clickbank Account – Step by Step

a) To create a Clickbank account we have to visit Like on any other retailer website you have the possibility to create an account for free. To do this we click on sign up at the top right corner


b) Here Clickbank needs some information about us. It is not the usual nickname and e-mail address survey. Because Clickbank is a big marketplace where a lot of money is flowing they try to make everything as secure as possible and give access to only real and valid members to their banks.

c) After having filled in the information you simply click on the “Terms and Conditions”-button. A window will appear with a lot of text. After READING and having scrolled down to the bottom we click on “Accept Terms and Conditions”.

d) After accepting the terms and conditions an orange button will appear. We simply click on it to complete the sign-up

e) On the next page ClickBank will ask us if we need some training. Here we will simply move on by clicking the “No, I got this on my own” button. (don’t worry together we will make it :))

f) Next, we will see a welcome text where we will be asked to complete our profile. Usually, we would skip this step, but Clickbank will not give us access to the marketplace until then. So we click on the “Complete My Profile”-button

g) After that, we will see a form again where Clickbank needs our address and tax id. Without providing it, we, unfortunately, can’t proceed. As I have already mentioned, Clickbank is one of the leading affiliate marketplaces so they have to stick to certain requirements to be able to pay us.

h) I recommend you to fill in real data otherwise a notification like this might appear

i) After finishing our profile we can start scrolling through the marketplace. To access the marketplace we simply use the navigation on the left  and click the “Affiliate Marketplace”- button


j) Success. We are in 🙂 Now that we are in the marketplace we have access to millions of products to promote. To get our unique affiliate link we, first of all, have to find a product we would like to promote. To search the bank we either can use the left navigation or simply type in a product name in the search bar.

k) In my example I chose the Business/Investing category by using the navigation on the left. Here we see a list of different products. To get our affiliate link we simply choose a product we want to promote and click on “promote”.

l) A new window will appear. Here we will see two empty fields. One field says “Account Nickname” and the other one “Tracking ID”. In our example, we will just need the “Account Nickname” field.  To get our unique affiliate link to fill in a nickname (Any name is okay. It simply serves as an identification for your affiliate link) and click subsequently “generate hoplinks”.

m) Below a little window will appear with our unique affiliate link for that product. Congratulations! We just have created our first affiliate link and can use it now for our business 🙂

In the next section, we will get a look at how to create the second foundational part of our free affiliate marketing business: Traffic.

#3) Generating Free Traffic

Like we have discussed before, traffic is the second foundational part of our affiliate marketing business. It is good to have access to tons of affiliate links, but they avail to nothing if people can’t use them to buy a product.

In Online Marketing there are two ways to generate traffic. One way is to use Paid Traffic and the other one obviously Free Traffic.

Paid Traffic simply means pay to let people see your advertisements with your affiliate links. These would be the ads that you usually see while browsing through Instagram or Facebook.

Free Traffic means using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In other words, writing articles and let them be found by Google and other search engines.

Latter is of interest for us, because we aim to start an affiliate marketing business for free.

A great example of free traffic would be a blog in the health and nutrition niche. The owner creates articles to help people with certain problems f.e. how to start a healthy diet. Because he provides great knowledge, Google ranks his articles on the first page. People start reading his articles and buy f.e. a fitness program that he recommends (through his affiliate link). The money starts to flow. The cool part is, no penny was paid for traffic. What was provided, were just quality articles that help people (Search Engines love helpful articles).

So, to generate free traffic, we have to publish articles that help people in order to promote our affiliate links. And for this, we need a website. In the next steps, I will show you exactly how this works

#3.1) Creating a Website

Usually, you need a domain in order to create a website. The price for a domain varies around 20-30$ per year. But because I promised you to start your affiliate marketing business for totally free (0$, no trials, no fees), I will show you how to create a lifetime free website.

There are two platforms online that allow you to create a lifetime free website. That is and Both have their strengths. is known for its strong website builder. It allows the user to shape his website in many different ways. The layout creation knows almost no limits. It also has a blog function, but the focus of lies in the website design. however focuses less on shaping the website but there for more on creating great blog articles. WordPress gives the user with its plugins and functions all the freedom for precise and extensive writing.

Which platform you choose for is totally up to you. Both are perfect for our plan.

In the next section, I will guide you through the process of creating a free website with Subsequently, I will do the same with So, if you have chosen to create your website with WordPress, you can simply scroll down and skip the following part. – Creating a Lifetime Free Website Step by Step

a) So, this is our starting point We visit the website and click on the “Get Started” – Button

b) Next we will be asked to create a free account. To do that, we can choose for either a usual sign-up or use Facebook or Google. I continue with Facebook in my example


c) After a successful sign-up, Wix wants to get to know us better. What Wix would try to do in the next step, is creating a website based on our information we provide. We simply click the “skip” button in the lower right corner because we want to design a website by ourselves.



d) In the next step, Wix will ask us again if we want ADI (artificial design intelligence) to create a website for us. We simply stick to our previous choice and click the “choose a template” button


e) Then we will see a variety of different templates we can choose from. Because we want to create a blog I choose my example for the “train of thought” template. But you can of course choose a template that you like (it can be always changed later anyway). After we have made our choice we simply click the “edit” button that appears as soon as we hover over the theme


f) After we have chosen our template, there is going to be a short loading time. Following this, we will see a short introductory video of the Wix editor. We can either watch it or simply skip the step by clicking “start now”

Congratulations! We just have created our free website with If our goal would have been to create a website for private uses, this would have been the last step. But because we want to create an affiliate marketing business, we still have to incorporate something that produces free traffic for us. And what creates free traffic with the help of search engines? Exactly, a blog! (Remember we talked previously about it) So in the next steps, I will guide you on how to integrate a blog into Wix.

Integrating a Blog into Wix

h) Now that we are in the Wix editor we have many options to shape our website. As I said previously,  Wix is a platform that focuses mainly on designing a website, so many of those functions that you see are not important for us right now. What we are interested in is the Blog function. On the left, we can see a menu with a button that says “My Blog” (the button with the pen)


h) After clicking on it, a window will appear that says: “Blog manager”. Here we will click on the “manage posts”- button


i) Then we will see that we have already 12 (in this example) published posts. They are not necessary for our website right now, so we will simply delete them. To do that we just have to click the “select all” square that is placed over the first article and continue with the “move to trash”-button on the right


j) Now that we have a lot of space in our blog manager, we can start to create our first blog article for our affiliate marketing business. For this, we simply click the “create new post” button.



k) This is the writing template. Here we can start creating our first blog post. A short note: If you don’t know how to write a blog post for affiliate marketing, you can check out my review on the #1 affiliate marketing training here. It teaches how to write blog articles and gives you all the steps for building an affiliate marketing business (free website included).


l) As we have covered before, we want to write something that helps people with certain problems. In my example, I have created a review about a program that is being provided by Clickbank. It helps people to identify if the program fits them. But just by publishing articles, we won’t make any commissions. Exactly, what we have to do now is to add our affiliate link to the article. Because only if people buy the product by using our affiliate link, we will earn a commission. So, in the next steps, we will cover how to add an affiliate link to our article.

Adding Affiliate Links to our Blog Articles with

In the ClickBank section, we have already covered how to generate an affiliate link. You can check steps 10-13 if you need a refresher

m) Because our article provides a lot of space to add affiliate links, we will simply choose a word/phrase that fits best to redirect to the product. In my example, my review has a listing about the program. There I have also provided the website, so I will choose this phrase to connect my affiliate link to. To do this, we highlight it with the left mouse button and subsequently click on the right mouse button to use the symbol that looks like a paper clip


n) Following this, a window will pop up that shows an empty URL field. This is the area where we insert our affiliate link and click on the “save” button to make the change happen. Congratulations, our business is ready to earn commissions!


o) To let search engines find our article, the last step we have to do is to publish our article and shoot our website to the start line. To finish our article we simply click on “publish” on the top right corner


p) To publish our website as well, we will go back to our homepage, by simply closing the Blog manager with the X Button


q) Here we click simply on the “publish” button on the top right corner

Congratulations you just have started your affiliate marketing business for free with!

If you need a helping hand for creating an affiliate marketing business, check out the review on my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training here

WordPress.comCreating a Lifetime Free Website step by step

So, that we have covered how to create a website and integrate a blog with Wix, it’s time for WordPress. As I have mentioned before, focuses more on the blog part and is actually a blog in itself. So, here we don’t have to integrate a blog and can almost directly start creating our articles and publish them. But before we do that, I will show you how to create an account and a website/blog for free.


a) To get started we will visit And click on the”start your website”-Button


b) On the next page, we will be redirected to a sign-up form. Here we can use either our email address or continue with google. In my example, I am going to create a new account

c) On the next page we will be asked to create our domain. Here we can simply choose a name date you wish to give to your website.


d) After typing in our website name (in my example “affiliatemarketing”) WordPress will make us an offer to buy a domain (to let you know in advance, WordPress is a little bit ambitious in making offers). Because we want to build an affiliate marketing business for free we simply continue with our free website by clicking the “select”-button below the offer


e) On the next page WordPress will make us an offer again. Here we will simply click the “start with a free site” – button above the offer


f) In the next window you will see that our free website has been created. Congratulations! Our business is almost about to run. Now we can finish the setup of our website by giving it a name. For this, we will click on the “get started” button.


g) Here we click on the “name your site” button


h) Now we can choose our Site title and a tag line. Latter describes simply what your website is about. After filling in your website information we simply click on the save settings button in the top right corner and move on to the next step


i) Congratulations! We just have created a lifetime free website with WordPress. The same as with Wix, we are still not done. Exactly, we still have to create our blog article to be able to promote affiliate links. To do that,  we will click the “Write” button on the top right corner.


j) Here we find ourselves in the blog editor and can start creating our first blog post. Do you have difficulties writing a blog article? You can check out the review on my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training here. It teaches you how to create blog posts especially for affiliate marketing step by step (and much more!)


k) As we have covered before, we want to help people with our articles. In my example, I have created a review about a Clickbank product. In this case, it should help people to make a buying decision easier. The article looks good to go. But wait! Didn’t we forget something? Exactly, we still have to add an affiliate link, otherwise, we leave money on the table (and this is definitely not in the interest of our business, right?). So, in the next steps, we will cover how to add affiliate links to our blog articles

Adding Affiliate Links to our Blog Articles with

In the ClickBank section, we have already covered how to generate an affiliate link. You can check steps 10-13 if you need a refresher


l) Highlight your chosen phrase/word/link you want to add the affiliate link to. As soon as you do that, a little window will appear with different symbols. To add our affiliate link, we click on the symbol that looks like a paper clip


m) Next, another little window will appear with an empty URL field. This is the place for our affiliate link. We simply paste it there

n) To apply the change, we click either on the little blue ball or just press enter



o) Congratulations! The affiliate link is added and we can bring our website to the starting line. To do that we push the “publish” button on the top right corner (but prepared…)


p) WordPress will make us a domain offer again. Because we want a free website we simply click the “skip purchase” button below


o) Because WordPress really really wants us to buy a domain we will get an offer again here. We simply continue with the “start with a free site” button

p) And for the last time we will simply use politely the “no thanks” button


q) Congratulations you just have started your affiliate marketing business for free with WordPress!

If you need a helping hand for creating an affiliate marketing business, check out my review on the #1 top-rated (98 points of 100) Affiliate Marketing Training Here

My final thoughts – I love Affiliate Marketing!

As you can see, it is possible to start an affiliate marketing business completely free (0$, no trials, no fees). I remember, when I have started out, it was totally hard for me to see through different programs and scams. There were times where I paid money and had to realize at the end that it wasn’t a good decision at all. It is definitely not easy to start an affiliate marketing business on your own, because there are so many offers for training and tools nowadays! So, I hope that I could give you some help in finding out if affiliate marketing is your type of business or not 🙂

If you need help or have questions feel always free to contact me in the comment section. I am more than happy to help out!

Until there all the best and much success,


18 thoughts on “How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business For Free (0$, no trials, no fees) – Step by Step”

  1. This is indeed a very comprehensive step by step guide to starting an affiliate marketing business! You have captured a lot of useful screenshots on how to build a website in both Wix and WordPress. This is a very friendly guide to help any newbies interested in affiliate marketing to get started. I think the next step is really to get a domain eventually since the free website doesn’t have a nice looking domain name. 

    • Hey Richard,

      I totally agree. The free domain contains usually the host’s name or your registered e-mail address, which doesn’t give a very professional look. I think if you are a beginner it is perfect to start out and the further you succeed with your business the sooner you are going to buy a domain anyway. Usually the more brand awareness you get the greater you want to look in front of your readers and customers (except you want to find out how many times WordPress will try to get you in their monthly billing haha)

      Thank you for passing by Richard,

      Much Success,


  2. Thanks for the great information here, and I am sure it will help a lot of people who want to get started in affiliate marketing. I wish I had found this article years ago when I started. I did try WIX once, but I couldn’t get it to look quite like I wanted.

    I also had a free WordPress site, but the only problem with that is that you are limited when it comes to advertising. I think it is different if you buy your own Domain name.

    In the long run, I have gone with Wealthy Affiliate, as their hosting is second to none, and they also teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing. This is not a free option thought, but the cost has been worth what I have gotten out so far. So I think the success rate is higher if you get the right training.

    • Hey Michel,

      Interesting that WordPress limits the advertising possibilities. I haven’t tried that but good to know!
      Yeah I think a training is unavoidable when you start out with affiliate marketing. You can do it on your own but it will take a lot of time to find the right information (I have tried to do it with blogs and youtube videos). Wealthy Affiliate is in those regards highly profound because the training is created in a step by step manner and gives all the needed tools. I hope your business is running and has makes progress. Thank you for passing by!

      All the best,

  3. When it comes to growing a six to seven-figure income, affiliate marketing is the right way to go and the right channel to walk through. Aside from using the Wix platform, there are other blogging platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Blogger though each of these platforms has its pros and cons. Good to know that one can create a completely-free website on Wix! Wealthy Affiliate offers a similar creating opportunity.

    As a matter of fact, it’s possible to stay a free starter and keep building websites forever. It’s advisable to start first with the free traffic sources. When money starts coming in, one can consider upgrading. Thanks.


    • Hey Joyce,

      Yeah this is in my eyes one of the best opportunities to start out. Working with the material you have and as soon as it gets rolling and the $ come in, you can go for an own domain. I know some marketers who even managed to climb the google latter to the first place with a free domain. So, it is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

      In addition to that, I ended up sometimes with creating a domain, and on the next day realizing that I could have chosen for a better name. Changes are unfortunately not possible after the purchase. So, I recommend for everyone who is starting out to take it slow and make use a free domain.

      Thank you for passing by Joyce,

      Have a great day


  4. Hello

    Thank you for such informative free information. I am new to affiliate marketing myself and still in the learning processes. I have created a website and really working towards getting free traffic to it. It is very difficult nowadays to see through all the scam programs in the internet. Blogs like yours are very helpful.

    Again your step by step guidance on how to have a free website with wordpress and wix also very very helpful. Thank you so much


    • Hey Boi,

      I totally agree. Nowadays you have access to a lot of content and programs. Unfortunately , if you are a beginner it is hard to see through scams. So, I really recommend to use all the free options, and when some experience has been made, to slowly upgrade. As a beginner usually everything that promises you to make money pushes your purchase buttons. I remember when I was starting out, I subscribed to different trainings just to realize that it was totally not what I have expected. Fortunately many of them had a great refund policy (unfortunately you can’t expect that from every program nowadays). I hope your journey is going well and your business is making progress. Thank you for passing by Boi!

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  5. This is very well detailed and explained exactly what I’ve trying to do! I’ve been overthinking this whole start a website, promote products and get paid. I enjoyed the pictures and step by step instructions you provided here! I am starting out with a WordPress site through Wealthy Affiliates! Thanks you for this post!

    • Exactly. This is perhaps the most common hurdle that many online marketer beginners encouter. You just have to start somewhere and from there you will know if it is the right thing for you or not. Thanks for passing by Antarctica

      All the best for you,


  6. This I an excellent and comprehensive post.

    You really have made it so easy for anyone to get their own affiliate marketing website launched.

    Your screen prints make it so easy to follow the steps and get everything done correctly first time around.

    It is great that you have shown your readers how they can get their business up and running for free.

    Thanks for bringing this great information to us.

  7. This is excellent advice. I have not explored all affiliate merchants on Clickbank yet, there are so many. What I like about Clickbank is that it’s easy to use and they have good commissions. 

    I haven’t used Wix much and I don’t understand it well, it doesn’t seem to offer many possibilities, but that could also be because I haven’t explored it much. So far I prefer WordPress. With your easy-to-follow steps, however, maybe I could give Wix another try 🙂 

    • Hey Christine,

      yeah Wix has great benefits in regards to design. As I have already mentioned I personally prefer WordPress, because it is great for blogging. But if you plan to create a fashion blog, or artistic website, Wix could be the better choice. It is all up to you and your preferences!

      Much success 🙂

  8. This had some important information, information that I wish i’d had right from the start. I wish there was more information on getting free traffic other than great content. With so much competition and similar niches it’s almost impossible to have an entire niche by yourself, and getting traffic require a lot more than good content and keywords. I just wish there were more resources for getting traffic than vague things like write something interesting.

    • Hey DashDNations,

      free traffic is gold nowadays. It is organic and doesn’t cost you a dime. Unfortunately many marketers tell you to make use of paid traffic like solo ads or other ad forms, which of course costs money and simply doesn’t show you the process on how to use traffic properly. So, as you have already said, there should be more information on how to create free traffic.

      All the best for you,

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for this very informative article on affiliate marketing! What I like is that you explain how to do it step by step. So everyone who wants to get started in this business know easily where to go. I know Clickbank is one of the main affiliate platforms, but you have others such as CJ or Amazon. The best way to succeed in this business resides in high traffic. Once you have a dedicated audience, everything will go smoothly.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comments. You totally got the point of what Affiliate Market business needs to be. Hope the review was useful for you.




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