Human Proof Designs Review – Scam Or Legit DFY Website Service?

Hi folks, welcome to my Human Proof Designs Review.

One of the major challenges that most affiliate marketers face is during setting up their affiliate website itself. No, the process is quite easy and straightforward, but only if you’ve got a fair degree of experience under your belt. In fact, an overwhelming majority of newbies at affiliate marketing are most likely to stumble at the first hurdle itself.

But instead of going through the long and often painstaking process of creating a site from the scratch, many aspiring marketers now look toward Human Proof Designs to build revenue-generating sites for themselves and give their online earnings a kickstart. This is quite similar to trying to build a house when you have zero knowledge about what it takes to build one. If you don’t have the slightest clue about how it’s done, it’s absolutely wise to give professionals a call.

This is why I decided to do a Human Proof Designs review to check whether or not HPD would be an ideal place for new affiliate marketers to purchase their ready-made site from. So, let’s get started.

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Human Proof Designs Review – Overview

Name: Human Proof Designs
Creator: Dominic Wells
Category: Done-For-You Business
Price: 998$ Starter and 1298$ Premium
Score: 60/100
Recommended?: Yes, but not for people with low budget

Short Summary – To tell you right from the start, Human Proof Designs is a legitimate service and is completely scam proof. It has a legit service, provides a variety of products and is constantly growing in its popularity. The problem with it is that you need a budget for it. In addition to that, it takes experience and knowledge to operate that kind of website.

So, What is Human Proof Designs About?

Well, Human Proof Designs is a company created and owned by Dom Wells (we’ll have more on him shortly), which deals in a range of things. However, their core competency lies in creating and selling customized affiliate sites. Therefore, you can think of Human Proof Designs as a web development company for affiliate marketing newbies.

From SEO to writing articles and installing plugins for you- they will do pretty much everything to give you a complete website and not just a site wireframe. Moreover, they will offer you some tutorials to help you take your business to a whole new level.

Dom Wells: The Man Behind Human Proof Designs

Dom Wells launched Human Proof Designs in 2013. Prior to that, he had had a mixed ratio of successes and failures in the affiliate marketing niche. However, there’s no way for me to find out how much of his success he owes to his past businesses because it seems like much of his revenue comes from Human Proof Designs single-handedly.

Dom claims that once he found the success mantra for building high-quality revenue-generating affiliate sites, he wanted others to benefit from it too instead of building websites solely for himself.

Honestly, I don’t think he really ever came up with this business-disruptive formula. He has just got a decent workforce behind him that is good at doing what they are doing. They are your usual affiliate sites that use a methodology, which has proved revenue-generating. For e.g the right selection of products, effective SEO, and high-quality articles and blog posts.

Before HPD arrived on the scene, purchasing a site could be tricky. People who sought to invest in virtual real estate sites like Flippa as their only resort, where it wasn’t uncommon for people to be duped by sellers who wouldn’t think twice before swindling buyers and selling them the same copy-and-paste websites several times over.

And guess what, these good-for-nothing sites weren’t cheap either; you could easily pay over $2,000 for them and keep hoping that they would make at least a fraction of what you paid for them.

Contrary to those worthless sites, ordering an HPD site will give you premium themes and plugins along with some original and high-quality content too. These fellows are experts at getting your site ranked, deliver content that converts, and turn leads into buyers.

How Does Human Proof Designs Work?

Talking about the working of Human Proof Designs, it can help you in many ways. They offer 5 main services that include the following.

1. Niche website development

As a part of this service, HPD offers you a ready-made niche affiliate website that is pre-loaded with content, plugins and is also spot-on with its on-page optimization. Needless to say, 24/7 support and comprehensive training are also part of the package. It includes three types of niche sites, which include-

  • Ready-made niche sites
  • Custom-made niche sites
  • Aged sites

●     Ready-made niche site

Since the HPD team has helped build many sites and has been engaged in this field for a significant period, they have a fair idea about which type of site is most likely to work. They carry out comprehensive research on the niche, keywords, and the overall competition.

●     Custom-made niche site

If you aren’t able to find a ready-made niche that appeals to you, you can get in touch with the HPD team to have a custom-made niche that is in line with your needs and style. This will help you in carrying out research based on your interests and find out whether or not the website will generate profits for you. Since both the ready-made and custom-made niches have the same pricing, I’ll advise you to go with the custom-made niche as it is more geared towards your interests and therefore, will at least keep you from slipping into boredom while operating those websites.

●     Aged niche

As might be evident from its name, the aged niche pertains to sites that are at least 6 months old. You can get one of these for $1,797. On the other hand, ready-made and custom-made sites are brand new and are, therefore, required to complete their Sandbox Period, which is a Google algorithm that prevents new sites from ranking higher on Google.

Sites from the aged niche are beneficial as you don’t have to wait for a month to be built and transferred to you as they are already up and running for 6 months, which also exempts them from the sandbox period. And of course, since they are already operational, you can also preview them before purchasing.

2. Article writing

Quality content is a worry for every affiliate site owner, but the HPD team can provide you with top-notch content for your site as they have got a team of native English writers who are damn good at their trade. As part of their article writing services, they offer you the following.

●     Monthly article subscription

From carrying out keyword research and content writing to editing and publishing it on your site, the HPD team covers everything in this package. The subscription amount obviously depends on the number of articles and content quality that you want for your site.

●     Article packs

If you aren’t sure about the number of articles that you want on your site every month, you can opt for the HPD’s Article packs, which would provide you with a fixed number of high-quality articles written by their experienced team of in-house writers. The pricing criterion is the same as their monthly article subscription.

●     eBook

If you want to build an email list, their custom eBooks can come in handy. Their 3,000-word eBook would cost you $299 and is primarily designed for experienced marketers who seek to outsource their content requirements.

3. Keyword research

Doing thorough keyword research is the first step towards writing quality content that can rank easily on Google. The HPD team uses a premium tool for keyword research known as SECockpit, which you can use to generate keywords that fit your niche. This keyword research tool will cost you $99 every month.

4. Link building

If you’re to rank your site high on Google, it will need to have a lot of backlinks. The HPD team offers you the following three types of guest post outreach links.

5. Training resources

To help you monetize your niche to its utmost potential, HPD provides you with different training programs. Their training resources are available in the following packages.

  • HPD membership ($47 per month)
  • Amazon affiliate course ($7)
  • Link building video course ($7)

Purchasing a site from HPD would give you lifetime access to their video training library. Also, you would get 1-2 months of access to the HPD membership, which will cost you $47 per month. But you can also go for a 14-day trial for $7.

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Who is Human Proof Designs for?

While Human Proof Designs can prove beneficial for almost everyone considering the high number of services they offer along with creating ready-to-use websites, it can come in especially handy for the following people.

  • People who want to get a headstart and don’t want to start at the beginning of creating an income-generating site.
  • People who seek to get hands-on experience in the website creation process.
  • Beginners who seek help initially with getting high-quality content on their site or researching good keywords.

How much does Human Proof Designs cost?

While the Human Proof Designs cost can change anytime based on the market situation, this shall give you some idea of what to expect as far as their pricing is concerned. You can purchase a ready-made or custom-made niche site with the following packages.

  • Basic ($798)
  • Starter ($998)
  • Premium ($1298)

The following comparison chart will give you insights into the features and the differences between all these three packages.

Pros & Cons of Human


1. Great choice for beginners

For a newbie who is trying to gain a foothold in their industry, HPD may seem like a divine help. They not only know how to make a site more appealing to the audience but also know how to drive traffic on the site. Also, if you want to get past the limitation of the Google sandbox period, you can purchase an aged site from HPD.

2. Professional and unique sites

Since the HPD doesn’t create two sites in the same niche, any site created by them is bound to be unique. So, as soon as you find your required niche, grab it before anyone else.

3. Time savor

Getting a website built from the scratch might take weeks as it requires a lot of research. But with Human Proof Designs, you get ready-made sites. In fact, with aged sites, you can also avoid Google’s sandbox period and start getting traffic from the word go.

4. Multiple valuable add-ons

While the various services and training provided by HPD can cover their high pricing, their plugins, images, and keyword tool further make the purchase worth your money.

If you were to buy these things individually, it would cost you $1,113. But you can get all of these with the purchase of a basic package that costs $798.


1. No hosting provided

While they will help you build excellent sites, they will not provide you with website hosting. If they provide you with the hosting service, you will be charged slightly higher than previously. Several awesome hosting service providers offer their services for $80- $100 per year for unlimited sites.

2. Premium prices

While their services are undoubtedly top-notch, they come at a premium price, which can demotivate potential buyers, especially beginners who don’t have adequate funds to invest in those sites. If you don’t have enough time or resources at your disposal to have your articles written, you’d also need to set aside a budget to outsource your content requirement needs to them. And their content writing services are just as costly as their site building services.

3. Blackhat strategies

This came off as a surprise, actually! While link building is an integral aspect in getting your keywords ranked on Google, HPD offers PBN or Private Blog Network services to its customers. But PBN is considered a black hat strategy and a risky business in the link building domain. If you get caught, Google can de-index your site too.

Black hat practices can be useful if you work in a less competitive niche or have a short-term approach. But if you’re in it for the long haul, I’d suggest you deploy only white hat link-building methods.

Is Human Proof Designs a SCAM?

Far from it, Human Proof Designs is the perfect launching pad for many people who wish to get started in their niche. It allows them to get a headstart over their competitors. From allowing you to choose the niche that you’re interested in, to giving you a money-back guarantee in case you don’t find their services up to the mark, HPD is all about creating and maintaining trust.

In fact, when I tried to Google “Human Proof Designs scam”, I found people saying only good things about these folks. Surely, there were some complaints about its high price, but just because an owner considers their product worth a lot more than you do, one can’t essentially call the product a scam.

My final opinion on human Proof Designs

To be honest, I am in love with this concept. Had I been a beginner, I’d have definitely purchased one of their websites and kickstarted my affiliate program. However, given a choice today, I’d love to try one of their personalized sites because of the wide range of choices that they have to offer. Also, these can offer the best value for money and you can make up to $3,000 with their ready-to-use sites.

Human Proof Designs would surely catch the eye of newbies in the world of online marketing. If you want to start on the right foot or want help from time to time, Human Proof Designs is for you.

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How I earn Money (Alternative To Human Proof Designs)

Fortunately, Human Proof Designs is not the only way to earn money online.

If you are really serious about making money online, try to invest in valuable training that really teaches you how to make money. Below you’ll find a review of my #1 recommended training on how to make money online.

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Have you tried using Human Proof Designs or considering trying it out? Feel free to share your comments or experience in the comments below! 

4 thoughts on “Human Proof Designs Review – Scam Or Legit DFY Website Service?”

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I had not heard of Human Proof Designs before. It does sound absolutely legitimate but I confess it does sound as if the approach is like spoon-feeding you. I really wonder if this is the best way to learn how to run a successful affiliate website. Since so much of what is needed has to be learned and there is no better way to learn than by actually doing. Anyway, I should put my skepticism to one side. As you say many customers love it. So they must be doing something right! Thanks again, Andy

    • Hey Andy,

      exactly, HPD is not very cheap but the service can enhance your business and ease out a lot of things. But as you said, it is an individual choice and depends always on the step that you are in your business.

      All the best,

  2. This is a website for more advance affiliate marketers and also for people that don’t have low money budget, remember to always invest in yourself and your money income to make more money, there are many ways to have multiple income right now and affiliate is a passive income. This site gives more insight onto Human Proof Designs because some people may think it is a scam for affiliate marketing, it is one of the most trusted sites out there for people who want to do affiliate marketing. The article is very explainable and has covered every detail there is.

    • Hey Caleb,

      thanks for your warm words. Human proof design provides a great service, which is costly as well. but if you really want to make your business running, then the service is definitely something you should consider.

      And I like your saying, invest in yourself and your income. This is a great standard to live by!

      Much success,


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