IDPLR Review: Is IDPLR Legit or just another PLR Scam? 

Thinking about creating an ebook or any product but not sure how to get started? Or perhaps just the idea of creating and designing the product wears you out. Well, you are certainly not alone. I myself even had a hard time when I started building my site. Thinking about what content I should put on my site was even more challenging.

Let’s be honest, content marketing contributes to many businesses’ success. More than helping find the right audience, it also helps in building trust with them. In fact, I found an interesting stat that 78% of consumers believe customized content is important in building relationships and driving more sales to businesses. Now, for those who are having a hard time figuring out what content to make, there are ways to make things easier for you.

Ever heard of PLR sites? Private label rights sites offer a variety of content for your site or business. And you can even sell them. In this IDPLR review, we’ll try to look deeper into what’s inside this PLR site and whether it’s legit or a scam.

Note: What you’ll find and read in this review is a purely honest and unbiased opinion. Also, you may find some links and product names mentioned in this post that I am promoting

Now, let’s start with a short overview of what IDPLR is…

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IDPLR Review – Overview 

Owner: Unknown
Pricing: Free SignUp with limited access to IDPLR products / $79 for a lifetime and unlimited access to IDPLR products
Category: Private Label Rights
Refund Policy:  30 day money-back guarantee (conditioned)
Recommended: No
Overall Ranking: 3.5/5

Who is the IDPLR owner?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about the owner of the IDPLR site anywhere, which is usually not a good sign!

What is IDPLR about? is one of the largest and most trusted PLR (private label rights) membership sites. Since 2008, it has over 100K members. It offers over 12,500 different PLR products including ebooks, videos, graphics, templates, articles, and audios.

These IDPLR products have rights licenses which means members can sell, edit and even claim the product inside as their own. However, the question is: are these products of good quality?

Sure, it will save you tons of time in researching and designing the product or creating the content but you still have to consider other factors like whether the product would really sell to the market or has there been real success stories of PLR members.

Using ready-to-go products such as IDPLR products has its pros and cons but assuming they’re created and designed by professionals as mentioned on the site, they really are worth checking out.

How does work? 

Before we’ll discuss what and how IDPLR works, for those that don’t have any idea on what PLR is, it’s private label rights or licenses. This means you can use any of the products from the site, edit or rebrand them and resell them using your name. There are many ways on how to make money online such as creating and selling ebooks and other content through IDPLR.

Here are some of the things that you can do with IDPLR:

  • Build an email list
  • Provide email courses
  • Use for affiliate marketing
  • Create reports and short courses
  • Add content to your blog or website
  • Write and sell ebooks
  • Build websites

(1) Step 1 – Free Registration – Initially, IDPLR offers free registration for its members. You can simply register through the website and you’ll get access to its 200 products and other extras. I went to their site and registered my email.

(2) Step 2 – Account verification Once you’ve finished entering your email, you’ll be asked to verify your account through a confirmation email. Nothing suspicious, yet.

(3) Step 3 – 0$ Membership – After clicking the link through the confirmation email, it will direct you to the IDPLR signup page again where they’ll ask your full name. They could’ve just asked this info earlier though. Anyways, after filling in the info that they are asking, it will lead you to this page.

(4) Step 4 – Choose your IDPLR plan – If you want to access the member’s area, it will lead you to the IDPLR dashboard. The dashboard is where members can find the resources and products.

This is just a free account so I can only access limited products. However, if members would want to access more of their products and offers, there’s an option to upgrade the account to Gold Lifetime plan.

The Silver Account is free. If you want to upgrade your account to Gold Lifetime, you’ll need to pay $79. This is their special offer for lifetime access to their products. They also provide customer support if you have further questions.


What is included within the IDPLR plans?

FREE members will get access to 200 products, basic training, and new products added on a monthly basis.

For those who’d want to upgrade to the Gold Lifetime plan, they’ll get access to an entire catalog of over 12,000 PLR products, training courses, and tutorials, 200K PLR articles, web hosting with 10GB space, 3D ecover software, landing and squeeze page software. No download limit. Plus, gold members get access to newly added products on the site.

Here’s more of what the Gold Lifetime plan offers. I think this is quite great considering you’re an advanced product creator. So all you have to do is to rebrand the products so it becomes unique and significant to your target audience.

However, I do think that this also benefits the IDPLR in some way and other members because if you would add more unique products or ideas on the site, that means it will be shared with other members as well and most especially to the IDPLR creators since they have access to your account. And that means more competition, which is definitely not good if you plan to make revenues with those products.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee – But no refunds after payments!

There’s also a money-back guarantee in case you’re not fully satisfied with the product or results. Quite promising.

But when I checked their policy page it is not they say that after making a payment, you won’t be able to claim any refunds. So, be careful here!

Who is IDPLR for? 

Essentially, IDPLR products are for those who are looking for a faster and easier way to create products or content. Anyone can join and signup for free. This is ideal for beginners who are getting started in product or content creation. Although, there are also advanced marketers who are using PLR content. It can definitely save you a good amount of time and money.

The content, especially the ebooks are made by “professional ebook writers” according to their website. If that is true, you can probably rely on the quality of their ebooks. There are more products that IDPLR offers such as templates, graphics, audios, videos, etc. They are mostly sales materials for affiliate marketers.


Is a scam? 

To begin with, when I started looking at their website, they say that they are the “largest” PLR site. Personally, I think using superlatives such as “best” or “largest” is quite contentious and exaggerated.

The good thing is it offers free signup so members can access some of its products. This is a good opportunity to take a close look at their products whether it’s any good or not.

There are plenty of sites today that provide claims or guarantees that are way too far-fetched or unrealistic.

For example: The products that IDPLR offer can be overwhelming especially for newbie marketers and businesses who are looking for an easy and fast make money opportunity. But if you’re sharp, you’re going to examine first and study further whether their products are marketable or not before thinking about investing in them.

With thousands of products that are available on the site, you’ll really have a hard time choosing which one is the best especially if you lack experience in internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Since you have no idea who created those products, you can’t guarantee their quality as well. I suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Similar to IDPLR, it also teaches you everything you need to know about creating a successful business online but for much cheaper and with much more content.

The Pros of IDPLR

A good thing about IDPLR is that it offers a wide range of products. There’s plenty of niches inside. From audios, videos down to ebooks and software, there are over 12K products that members can find and use. If you’re having a hard time looking for any profitable product, you can surely find one here to help you get started or keep your business and site updated.

More than the huge library of resources or products you can find within the site, you’ll also get training and other bonuses such as web hosting.

IDPLR Training

In regards to training, they offer a crash course on how to make a successful and profitable online business. After you have the tools and products in your hands, you can then start selling them. There are also sales materials you can use to make squeeze pages and sales letters.

I also checked their Career page and found out they are hiring professional ebook writers to work for them. Now, the next question is whether they can produce thousands of “quality” content for their members at a wide range of niches.

IDPLR Product Creation Service

Finally, if there’s a product that you want but is not available on the site, you can request it and IDPLR will create them for you and add it to their library. This is actually a cool feature since not all PLR sites offer this.


The Cons of IDPLR 

Although IDPLR boasts it’s the “largest” PLR membership site, I also found some of its claims that are misleading or exaggerated which you might have also noticed if you check out their site closely.

First, the creator is unknown. I have mentioned in my previous reviews that when the creator or owner of the site is unknown, that it automatically is a red flag. To be honest, I can’t invest in a product whose owner or creator hides or almost doesn’t exist. This lowers the credibility and reputation of the site.

If you also check out their testimonials page, you’ll find some plain and suspicious reviews about the site. But to be brutally honest, those headless profiles with almost made-up testimonials aren’t convincing.

If I am a new member planning to join their community, I would perhaps want to see the successful results of their members. That’s a lot more appealing and trustworthy. They have been around for more than a decade, so if they are as good as they claim, they surely have established an army of successful IDPLR affiliate marketers.

Low-Quality Products

All materials aren’t of amazing quality. If you’ll use a product or ask someone to help you create a product, it might as well have to stand out. I like the part where IDPLR mentioned on their page that “good content is king – crap content is bad.” This is exactly what I am talking about.

Well, it’s true that you can find thousands of products inside the platform as it claims but some of them aren’t really profitable and even outdated. I’m sure if you’re reading IDPLR reviews, you probably have come across some of those issues

They mentioned this on this page.

Honestly, this is quite disappointing. If you are going to offer members something, at least it has to be of good quality. People will eventually purchase it and upgrade to Gold membership if they see the products are of great quality. But if customers find some of the products, in this case, since they mentioned it on the page, do you think many customers will still think about upgrading their account? I don’t think so.

They’ll start to have doubts about the quality of those thousands of products inside. If you’re really the largest or most trusted PLR site, at least show to the members (each and every one of them) that they can expect great quality products from you so they’ll trust you. Also, I forgot to mention there might even be duplicate issues within their content so you still have to proofread and make sure to really edit the content before using it.

Their support team is not responsive and almost non-existent.

I went to their Facebook page and their latest post was in Feb 2019, which was 2 years ago. If they can update their site, they can also perhaps update even their Facebook. Or are they even updating the information on their site because they don’t even share any news updates on their Facebook page. They should try to be more responsive.

If you browse through their Facebook, you can find some interesting unreplied comments left by some of its members which can help you decide whether to really upgrade your IDPLR account.

I’m not sure also if they have resolved the issues sent by the members but if they really wanted to earn the trust of many members especially the new ones, they need to be more responsive at least. Many businesses are using chatbots. They can make use of that if they don’t have an active support team to reply to their customer or member’s queries regularly.

There are more inconsistencies on the site that needs to be reviewed and improved. I’m not encouraging or discouraging anyone to purchase it right away but hopefully, if you are reading this review and are serious about making money online, you’ll consider my point.

My Final Opinion about IDPLR 

IDPLR is a good opportunity for many content creators and affiliate marketers. However, after looking at the inconsistencies and misleading claims, I decided not to pursue upgrading my account to lifetime access. Although it would be very helpful for me to just use the PLR content to update my site, again I am also considering the value that I offer to my site readers or visitors. I always like to put so much effort and value into every work that I do.

Besides, I can’t invest in something that I am not really sure about. IDPLR has been around since 2008 but hasn’t it really become the “most trusted” and “largest” PLR site? There are still other PLR sites out there. The good thing about it is that it’s free so you can take a look at the products to help you decide whether you can find some high profitable products. And then perhaps, you can decide for yourself whether IDPLR is a scam or not.

If you are in the pilot or initial stage of figuring out what product or content to sell, I recommend you to look for other PLR sites and compare which one works better for you or use alternative programs.

How I Make Money Online (Alternative to IDPLR) 

If you are serious about making money online, you have probably come across different posts online on how you can do it. One example is IDPLR which promises it can save your time in creating products and content for your business. There are still other software and products out there to help you learn more about making money online especially those who are into affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all the steps you’ll need to make money with affiliate marketing and website development. No paid traffic, no upsells, and no misleading claims. You will get a comprehensive step-by-step training on how to start your own brand and website with affiliate marketing. Additionally, it provides extra training and tools like keyword research tools and website host.

Plus, there’s a massive community that helps you in learning and growing. And perhaps the greatest thing about it is,  it’s completely free to start! Check out my review about it here:

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How to contact IDPLR support in case I have questions?

You may reach out to their support team through email ( There’s also a helpdesk or support center through their site where you can explain any issues you may experience. They have Facebook and contact number where you can send your urgent questions.

Where can I find the IDPLR sign up/login?

To sign up for you can visit where you can either sign up as a new member or log in as an already existing member

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to share them in the comments below. I am more than happy to help.

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  1. This is a great article about IDPLR Review. Very comprehensive and detailed. Thank you for doing the research and reporting your findings in a nice and well presented way. 

    Not many programs  will compare to Wealthy Affiliate, as in mind mind that is the best platform. I recommend WA to anyone especially that you can try it for free and decide  for yourself if it’s for you or not.

    • Hey Anna,

      thank you for your warm feedback! It is much appreciated 🙂

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity to start out with affiliate marketing, especially if you are a beginner. And as you have already mentioned, it is free to start!

      I am glad to hear from you!

      All the best,

  2. Thank you so much for the review. I find your website very helpful and straightforward with the recommended programs and not recommended programs. I would suggest that you put your final opinion in the end because that’s what readers usually expect. But overall very helpful content. Great job. Thank you. 

    • Hey Sunquan,

      thank you for your warm words and your honest feedback! I will incorporate it in my next articles 🙂

      All the best,

  3. Thank you, Matt, for your IDPLR article, great work, respect. It’s what you say everything looks fine at first glance. You can register for free, and you can have a look around first. But this you can also by others like wealthy affiliate. And when you compare the two, for me, Wealthy Affiliate looks better. I need to know who the people are behind this program. People who are hiding, most hide something. At Wealthy Affiliate, everything is clear, you see who runs it, and the support is also great, so I don’t take any risks. For me, it stays with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hey Monique,

      thank you for your warm words! I am glad I could help out. And you are totally right, owners who don’t reveal their identity, usually are hiding something or things are not going the right way. So it is always great to get to know the owners in order to see the honesty and feel safe while working on the training!

      Thanks for passing by, your visit is much appreciated!
      All the best,

  4. I never get to use my paid PLR membership the way I would want to. This company is different from mine. I’ve downloaded some e-books but I don’t quite understand how to make it my own. The instruction was not clear. The basic is to download an e-book and just add your name. It’s not so simple. This PLR company branded the back page of the e-book. I think that it’s a clever thing to do. If I give it away, someone will see their link and they will probably click on it which might improve the business sales of this PLR company.
    Another thing I don’t want to do is to add my name and later find it to be a duplicate. I also know that there are some companies out there who are taking e-books and shuffle some words including paragraphs to make it unique. This is done with an algorithm by their software program. But this can be costly to anyone who is just starting out.
    I’m glad you did this review to warn us about this PLR company and it’s credential, before anyone thinking about spending our hard earn money. Transparency is very important in any business as it builds trusts and customer relationships.

    • Hey John,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts about the program! It is much appreciated!

      IDPLR presents some great features but has also some grey areas. I think one of the biggest red flags is that the owners are unknown. This is usually a sign that there are things that are being hidden or simply don’t go the right way.

      I am glad to hear from you! Much success for you further

      All the best,

  5. IDPLR is doing its thing. And I have a problem is with what our readers will say if we sell them content that has private label rights as if it were our content. The least is that they will accuse of selling something others offer for free. So I don’t see how I could use this for my audience. Offering it in exchange for emails could be an option. But still, the content has been consumed so much that our readers may feel discouraged.


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