Invincible Marketer Review – Is Aaron Chan Scamming You?

Hello Guys and welcome to my Invincible Marketer Review.

You have visited the website of Aaron Chan and he seems a pretty genuine guy at the first sight,
but as we all know, too kind people usually are hiding something.

Now you are a bit suspicious and at the same time want to know if the Invincible Marketer course is legit and
not a scam. In addition to that, you maybe want to find out about additional things like pricing and how it works.

Well, then you are at the right place. In this Invincible Marketer Review, I am going to cover all those
things, and in addition to that, I will reveal some aspects of the program that other reviewers may
not mention because of their affiliated contract with Aaron.

With that said, I am not promoting the program and have no intention to sell it to you. What you get here
is my raw and unbiased opinion about Aaron Chan’s course

Let’s take a look at some of the key points of the program

Invincible Marketer Review – Overview

Name: Invincible Marketer
Creator: Aaron Chan
Category: Affiliate Marketing + Email Marketing
Pricing: 67$ per month + Upgrades, 3rd party tools, and Paid Traffic
Refund Policy: 30 days
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars
Recommended?: No

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According to the website, Invincible Marketer is an Affiliate Marketing training that
is supposed to cover everything you need to know to build an affiliate marketing business.
Aaron himself calls it the most “complete” affiliate training out there. That’s a pretty confident
statement but does it reflect the reality? Let’s take a look

Creator – Aaron Chan himself started his online marketing journey in 2009 and claims to have tested
tons of online marketing products from MLM schemes to Digital Marketing. He also says that he has
invested around $100k into online marketing programs until he found his way to become successful online.

Category – The product is categorized in Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.  This is a very common combination and In my eyes one of the best ways to build a sustainable LONGTERM online business. Why? Because a quality E-mail list is one of the
most solid online assets nowadays and can bring you a LOT of money permanently. If done right of course.

Pricing – The program comes with a monthly $67 subscription and Lifetime Access option for $430. In addition to that
you will have to come up for paid traffic and additional tools by yourself

Refund Policy – The refund policy of this program contains a 30 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
with one exception (which we will cover in the pricing section)

What is Invincible Marketer about?

In short words, it is a training that teaches you how to build an online business using affiliate and e-mail marketing. Aaron says that nowadays many online marketers use an outdated strategy to convert customers.

Many of them lose a lot of potential because they redirect people to their offer too early. In other words what many “Gurus” teach is to build a sales page to drive traffic to and after you get the email, redirect the visitor directly to the offer.

Aaron uses a different approach and tells that before you redirect someone to the offer you should give value first. His strategy is to send the person through 4 days value-giving email funnel and only after that redirect the visitor to the offer.

I agree his approach is different compared to programs like $0 to $100 in 24 hours or Passive Profit Pages

The program comes with 16 modules and 63 lessons in total. It is video-based and supposed to guide you from A to Z on setting everything up. But what I noticed is the program is based on a loooooot of mindset training.

From time management, productivity to even morning routines. Well at the first sight this might look very compelling because self-help and mindsets are important right? But I tell you, this is a big problem in the industry and the reason why many people don’t succeed (we will cover the reason for that in a second)

Facebook Group + Testimonials

Aaron has an inner circle support group that is pretty active (with 800+ members). As soon as you visit it you will discover tons of comments from members that are saying how great the program is and how happy they are having subscribed to the program.

You can really feel the motivation of the group (which might be a good sign at first) but it made me suspicious because when I was looking for success stories I wasn’t able to find that many. A few posted that they have made their first sale or their first 1k a day but nobody showed any evidence. Not even a screenshot. hmm?

So, I visited the Invincible Marketer sales page again and realized that many of the testimonials are simply hypes (how cool and great the program is) but nobody really showed a screenshot of their revenues. And this simply lead me to one thing… (which I fell into myself a few years ago)

The problem with Invincible Marketer

After checking the training and taking a look at the Facebook group, Invincible Marketer reveals a problem that is very common with long-wired programs, especially that include mindset training.

Due to the high amount of material and motivation, what I see over again is that people tend to get caught in a cycle of emotional stimulation.

What I mean by that is, you wake up in the morning, motivate yourself, feel great. You go through the training, feel great. Watch another video, feel great. Post a comment in the Facebook group, people like it, hype it, you feel great. But what is being left on the road? Exactly, your non-existent business.

And this is what the Facebook group is all about. All the members post “how happy they are to have joined it” and being part of the community. But nobody really presents any evidence of their success. Here is what I mean:

The problem is simply you are being hyped but don’t really understand what it means to run a business. In the self-help community, this is also called “mental masturbation”. You feel good, waking up every morning and watch Aaron’s videos but you don’t really grasp that a business needs effort and TIME.

As soon as you have finished the course and realize there are no Aaron videos anymore to watch and it is all on you, waking up every morning, working for hours, and do this for months until you see any successes, you QUIT. Why? Because there is no emotional stimulation anymore.

I have been there myself and remember binching the videos of a course that was so great, gave me all the mindset, setting goals, WATCH the videos, posting in the group how motivated I am. Long story short, what I ended up to is simply giving up after 1 month and being $2000 lighter. All of the “sudden” the course wasn’t for me.

Of course, not everybody falls into it, but many do and unfortunately, this is a very common problem with long-wired courses with a lot of mindset/lifestyle training.

Is there a way out of it?

Well, there is, by simply growing up and realizing that what you need is not a “mentor or coach” that is velvet gloving you but the RIGHT plan and strategy. How you approach it, when you approach it, is all up to you. Because at the end it is not you and your mentor who is running your business, but YOU.

To get the right plan and strategy without any overhyped pansy mindset training check out my #1 recommendation. Here it is just about you and getting things done.

Invincible Marketer Pricing

Aaron tells you on his sales page that the program is going to cost you $67 per month and if you would upgrade to the lifetime membership you would get additional extras which cost $430.

As a beginner, you might be okay with the price because you think it covers everything you need in order to be successful with the program. But unfortunately, Aaron doesn’t mention anywhere (which is common) that you will have to come up for additional tool and traffic costs.

Additional Tool & Traffic Costs

E-mail Autoresponder

One of them is the email auto-responder tool which has another monthly fee of $20-30. It is mandatory because the business strategy is based on e-mail marketing

Keyword Tool

Another tool you have to pay for is a keyword tool if you choose to run your business with free traffic.

If you choose?

Yes, Aaron gives the option (if you have no budget) to start your online business with free traffic, which means nothing more than using rankings in search engines to generate traffic.

In order to do that, whether you like it or not, you will have to choose a keyword tool, because rank your content through keywords. This brings additional costs of around $60-100 per month.

Paid Traffic

And last but not least, Aaron makes use of paid traffic within his training. If you are familiar with paid traffic you know that it takes at least $1000 to warm up your campaigns, and this might be a budget breaker for many as well.

What I Like About Invincible Marketer

  • The training is legit
  • Aaron teaches a different method compared to other programs
  • It has an active Facebook group

What I don’t Like About Invincible Marketer

  • It has hidden costs
  • It has no free trial
  • Too much mindset training
  • You run risk of not taking action
  • Paid traffic can be pretty expensive

My Final Opinion On Invincible Marketer

Aaron has created a thorough program with good intentions, especially because it is ethically correct and doesn’t teach you to sell scam products.

But as I mentioned above, because of its massiveness and the high amount of mental training you run risk to never take action.

And the second thing is that additional tool costs can make the whole program too expensive and you end up investing and investing but not seeing any return on it. Which can be frustrating and demotivating.

All in all, I do not recommend it

My alternative to Invincible Marketer

If you are looking for a solid action plan, with NO extra costs and no mental stimulation then you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. This program is simply a do-it-or-go-home training with a very solid foundation.

It is $20 cheaper, has no extra costs, and has a clear step-by-step plan on how to start an online business with free traffic (and yes it has its own keyword tool which is included in the price).

In addition to that, it is completely free to start. Check my in-depth review here

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Invincible Marketer Q&A

1) How does Invincible Marketer work?

Invincible Marketer provides you with 16 Modules and 63 lessons where Aaron teaches you and gives you step-by-step guides on how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch. The method is based on a 4-day value giving strategy, where potential customers are going through a 4-days email funnel. After that, they will be directed to the offer itself.

2) Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

No. Invincible Marketer is not a scam. It is a legit training and gives valuable knowledge about affiliate marketing. But it is not a program that I would recommend for people with a low budget or who are just starting out with affiliate marketing.

3) What is the Invincible Marketer Refund Policy?

The Invincible Marketer comes with a 30-days no questions asked refund policy. Except for the Invincible Program Bundle which can be only refunded within 14 days.

4) Does Invincible Marketer has any hidden costs?

Unfortunately yes. Next to the upsell of the Invincible Program Bundle, you will have to pay for additonal tools that are mandatory in order to be able to progress with the training. Those are:

  • an e-mail autoresponder, which costs $20-30 per month
  • a keyword tool for around $60-100 per month
  • and if you choose for paid traffic then at least $1000 to get your campaigns starting.

5) Are Promotional Invincible Marketer Reviews Legit?

Usually, they are biased. Reviewers that promote the program usually, want you to buy it, because they will receive a commission for that. Many give good insights, but usually, you will be pitched to sign up for it.


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