Is $500 Cash Club A Scam? Why I Had To Refund It

Do you enjoy working from the comfort of your home? Imagine making money from the comfort of your home with no prior experience. Sounds impressive, right? The $500 cash club claims they can help you make $500 right away by signing up. The $500 cash club boasts of being able to help you make money and change your life with no prior experience. Is the $500 cash club legit? Is it a con meant to defraud you of your hard-earned money, leaving you with even less money than you started? In this $500 cash club review, we will find out if all these claims are true

$500 Cash Club Review – Overview

Name; $500 Cash Club
Category; Online earning through Digital Altitude
Price; $97 up to $19,997
Rating; 1 out of 10
Refund policy; None
Recommended; No

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What Is The $500 Cash Club?

Like the name $500 cash club portrays, they claim that if you seemingly watch their video, you earn your first $500. All the sources and reviews on the internet speak otherwise, though. The idea is to encourage you to sign up and promote a second brand, similar to the Daily Income Method.

If you are probably thinking of signing up, what can you expect here? Is Signing up for a $500 cash club a sort of misleading marketing designed to get you into spending a lot of money paying for high-ticket programs all while paying the developer of the false sites a considerable commission? Let us find that out. If you join the $500 Cash Club in this situation, you promote a high-ticket program known as Digital altitude.

How Does $500 Cash Club Work?

You require no prior experience, and you can be your boss with your set hours of work and start making money right away. You will find these on the $500 cash club landing page. Well, most make-money-online don’t need prior experience, and you can also be your boss and set your schedule. But start making money right away? Is this even genuine? Could this be one of the many bogus items or procedures available on the internet? Well, let’s dig in. They will require you to fill out a form with your name, email address, and optional phone number when signing up.

Then, following another page, there is a video playing. The video is 500 seconds long, and they make you believe you will earn $500 if you watch the entire video. This means you will make $1 per second watching the video. Looks like an incredible deal, right? Maybe if everyone can quit their jobs to watch this video, they will make extra free dollars. But who will pay you a lot of money by watching a video anyway? This is just a false claim to entice you into watching the whole video.

Additionally, the assertation in the video appears to be exaggerated. For instance, you will be assigned a personal millionaire mentor to make the sales for you. The so-called millionaire mentor will only persuade you to invest more to earn a hefty commission—a trick to getting you into a high-ticket program where you will pay thousands of dollars.

After finishing watching the video, the truth is you’ll have no idea how you will make money or what you are paying for. You’ve probably heard how simple it is, how much money you’ll make, and that’s it. The alleged developer Richard Paul promises you a $500 cash club refund if you follow the step-by-step approach and don’t generate a massive commission within 30 days. The refund allegations are wrong because they will convince you to invest more and try harder to earn massive commissions once you get in. They claim that this is an automated method that, once set up, may earn you thousands of dollars in commissions which is, however, not true.

On the website, they will promise you $500 cash club training, a website, software, advertising, free interaction with other experts, and a millionaire mentor who is to help you make sales. We are often cautioned to check the customer’s testimonies before purchasing a product online. In the video, you’ll also witness testimonies from people who claim to have made thousands of dollars in as little as four months to make it more appealing.

The truth is when it comes to making money online, it won’t happen overnight and this quickly. Anything worthwhile takes time and work to materialize.

How Much Does $500 Cash Club Cost?

The $500 cash club costs start at the $97 at the initial level, and they encourage you to “go all-in” and invest more. If you are having trouble getting results, you must invest more to advance to the next level. That’s their policy. As a result, the cycle repeats itself, and you might end up investing up to $27000.

The truth is that the $500 cash club is a sales funnel to other real online programs known as Digital Altitude. In these programs, training costs are expensive. The Aspire system, the digital altitude flagship program, will cost you $97.The other five memberships range from $397 (Base) to $19,997. (Apex).

Digital Altitude is a digital marketing program that will teach you how to start an online business and sell other people’s products to make money.

Who is the $500 Cash Club For?

It is no doubt that the $500 cash club was created by some guru in one of these high-ticket programs to attract commission when a new member signs up. As unmasked above $500 cash club is a sales funnel to Digital Altitude. Digital Altitude is a high-ticket program that trains you on how to make money online by selling other people’s products. They sell expensive products like digital courses and live events, which require reselling and extensive marketing to attract traffic. And for you to market these products, you have to invest thousands of dollars into them. Anyone interested in marketing these products can sign up for a $500 cash club. They provide training and skills that will help you grow your online business. But note that by signing up for a $500 cash club, you will be paying a commission for someone elsewhere.

Is $500 Cash Club A Scam?

You are probably looking to earn dollars from the comfort of your home. Don’t be surprised if you come across online scams. And yes, there are also legit ways of making money online. Though, to materialize, it will take effort, dedication, and hard work. No one will just throw dollars at you for simply watching a video. So, the answer is yes. The $500 cash club is a scam. You will never earn $500 by watching the video alone. The $97 is only an initial fee you pay at the entry level. After that, they use the fake claims to get you to purchase a high-ticket program, Digital Altitude, which may cost up to $30,000. Additionally, signing up for a $500 cash club is their marketing trick for getting you into Digital Altitude, which is expensive. Making a single sale will require lots of effort and hard work, and there is no guarantee of accomplishment.

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Here is the proof that the $500 cash club is a scam;

  • In the video, apart from exaggerating how you will get rich quickly, they never give you a single clue on the strategies for making money and what steps to take.
  • There are several fake Facebook comments on their page with fake profiles, which on clicking they are only a persuasive link to get you to watch the video first to gain access to their site.
  • Richard Paul, the supposedly $500 cash club owner, is a made-up persona. There is no information about him outside the $500 cash club, and you will never find his details even when you search on google.
  • They claim to be aired on programs like CNN which is a big lie when you check keenly, the big brands don’t market the $500 cash club but instead market the online make-money methods.

Here is how to tell a business is a scam;

  • One company leads to another. In this situation, the $500 Cash Club takes the lead in terms of Digital Altitude.
  • To make money, you must first pay money; Most legit online courses provide free starter memberships like Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The advertisements promise that the company has a one-of-a-kind method to help you generate money quickly; There is no simple way to make money online. You have to put in a lot of hard work and effort.
  • The system implies that you do not need to work hard.
  • The figures appear to be too fantastic to be true.

$500 Cash Club – The Good

Unfortunately, we couldn’t spot any advantage of the $500 cash club program apart from the fact that it promotes Digital Altitude hence;

  • The quality training you receive will help you start and grow your online business.

$500 Cash Club – The Bad

  • The hypes are misleading, luring you to sign up after you don’t earn the $500 as they promise.
  • They issue false allegations about returning your money if you don’t make a commission within 30 days.
  • The $500 cash club upsell is extremely expensive.
  • The $500 cash club course victims may treat other legit online courses as undesirable after encountering such online scams.

Final Thought

We have analyzed that the $500 cash club is simply a sales funnel to Digital Altitude through this review. All the hypes about earning $500 after watching a video and getting refunds are false if you don’t make a commission. Paying the initial fee will only land you into a high-ticket program where somebody else will be getting a commission for your entry. As Richard Paul says in the video, you’ll be appointed a coach or “millionaire mentor.” These are salespeople attempting to persuade you to purchase the high-ticket program, which can cost thousands of dollars. Then, to make money, you must market these products to others.

Digital Altitude is, however, not a scam. There is no doubt that you will receive excellent training to help you establish your online business. However, I do not recommend Digital Altitude to beginners because their training costs are prohibitive. Additionally, you are forced to purchase first for you to start selling the products. You will spend thousands of dollars on products whose success may not be guaranteed.

It’s fantastic to make money online, but you should only advocate items you believe in.

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What Is the Alternative Program?

As I mentioned above, many make-money-online platforms are legit. You must have come across the word affiliate marketing. This is a proven way to make money online by marketing other people’s products. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing and training online entrepreneurship certification program. They promise to teach you the necessary skills for creating passive income through their SEO training classes and keyword research tools for your traffic-generating website through content development. They boast of being the most popular affiliate marketing course globally, with more than 1.5 million members. From the success stories of its users and the positive reviews, I think this is a fantastic site that you may want to consider giving a try. According to the Federal Trade Commission, it is one of the make money online sites that are legit.

Kyle and Carson founded the online certification program. If you are struggling to make money online, you are on the right track with them. They will help you choose a niche, build a website on your selected niche, and generate traffic. Using the built website, you will promote products using their affiliate programs. When a visitor makes a transaction through one of your affiliate links, you will earn a commission. You can also earn a commission by referring members to join through your affiliate link. Basically, you will be making money by marketing other people’s products. For instance, you will put a link to amazon products if someone purchases using that link, you earn a commission.

There is a free starter membership where you are given 7days to access limited training, a free website and SSI, and a starter keyword research tool. If you choose to advance to the next level by being a premium member, you will pay $19 in the first month, and after that, you will pay $49 in the following months. Here, you will access all the marketing tools, extensive video training, private groups, live discussion, and many others.

We loved this program’s availability of all the tools on one site. You can create a website or buy a domain all under one roof. There is a support team who is always ready to help you when you encounter a problem on the site. Plus, after every video piece of training, there are tasks they will assign you to check your progress.

Wealthy Affiliate is beginner-friendly. You will get access to step-by-step training, educational resources, video tutorials, live chats, and study materials by joining the team. Even if you have no idea what affiliate marketing entails, I highly recommend this website for beginners like you. Their extensive pieces of training, SEO training, and keyword research tools will ensure you grasp knowledge on how to create great and valuable content and incorporate the right keyword that converts and ranks on big sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In just under 16 years, Wealthy Affiliate has grown into a flourishing online community with millions of successful members. This means its successful track record is proven.

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$500 cash club is a scam, and you should not waste your hard-earned dollars or your time watching the overhyped video.

An online business is a legit and easy way of earning from the comfort of your home. If you want to make it, you will need a lot of patience, passion, hard work, and determination. Avoid these sites that will promise you to get rich quickly. An honest way of earning is by building your efforts and valuable pieces of training. If you are a beginner, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. As reviewed above, it provides you with step-to-step training and a precise understanding of building a professional website, strategies to generate traffic to it, and start earning with great content that ranks on big sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is beginner-friendly and a good venture for starters and advanced marketers.

Signing up is free, so you will have nothing to lose.

If you are a newbie looking at making money online, don’t let these online scams you will come across discourage you. There are legit sites that will help you generate income from the comfort of your homes. For most of these sites, you will need to put effort, hard work, and determination for it to materialize. And, of course, you might have to spend some dollars to get access to valuable training that will help you build your site and generate income. Always be on the lookout for signs of scams from these get-rich-quick schemes. You will not wake up today and start earning without working for it.

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