Is Commission Hero Legit? – Unbiased Review of a Non-Affiliate (2021)

Commission Hero Training Review – Overview

Name: Commission Hero
Website URL:
Price: 997$ + Tools Fees + Upsells
Owner: Robby Blanchard
Refund Policy: Unclear
Overall Rank: 53 out of 100

Commission Hero is in regards to its training a very well set up program. It is made by Robby Blanchard and helps people to earn money with affiliate marketing and Facebook ads. The training is made very detailed and gives a step by step instruction to make, like some testimonials show, 1000$+ a day. But is Commission Hero Legit?

To tell you beforehand, those are not profits that you see in the testimonials. For those amounts of $, they have also invested a good amount into Facebook ads. You can roughly calculate a profit of around 20%-40% of the revenues you see on Robby Blanchard’s sales page.

Robby Blanchard himself plays in the game since 2014 and is known as the #1 Clickbank affiliate. What this exactly means is that he won a contest that was hosted by Clickbank in January 2019. He was the one who made the most sales of all participants and thus earned the title as “#1 ClickBank’s Affiliate”.

I can say from the start that Robby is real and cares about his student’s success. His program Commission Hero is a great program and definitely not a scam. But there are some things about the program that made me question his attitude. Please read this review to get a clear perspective on the program because it is full of surprises.



Pros vs. Cons

(+) The Good

  • Robby is very engaged in his program. He cares about the success of his students
  • The Support of the program is pretty good
  • Commission Hero has an Inner Circle Group where weekly Q&As with Rob, Done-For-You Landing Pages, Videos, and Images are being posted
  • The program provides great strategies to earn money within the first 30 days
  • It is possible to pay the initial price in two payments 30 days apart

(-) The Bad

  • A lot of information is not told until you have bought the program (misleading)
  • There is a good amount of investment for Facebook ads necessary before you start making profits.
  • The training doesn’t show how to build a sustainable long-term business.
  • There are fees for tools that are not talked about until you bought the course.
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial version.
  • Many users report about banned Facebook profiles.
  • The refund policy is very unclear.

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Who is Commission Hero Made For?

Rob has created the course for people who want to make money with affiliate marketing. Promoting other people’s products by using paid traffic (Facebook ads). It is made for complete beginners, so no previous experience in affiliate marketing is required.

100% Dedication

In some parts of his material, Rob said that he wants to work with action takers. His words: “People who are 100% dedicated. Who want to say goodbye to their 9-5 job and start achieving real success“.  This maybe sounds familiar to other online marketing gurus, but Rob is very serious in this context. What I mean by that is that after purchasing the course, there is no going back. At least for the next 12 months. Rob’s Refund Policy says that after purchasing the course you have to try it for 365 days. So, this is nothing for lazy people. You have to be very sure and dedicated that after purchasing you are going to follow the course.

At one point, it shows that Robby cares about the success of his students and wants them to achieve their goals, but I wonder if it is indispensable to put someone into a sink or swim position for that…

People who can handle “learning expenses.”

When you start using the tactics and strategies Robby is providing, you will have to invest a good amount of money before seeing profits (and I don’t mean the initial 997$ for the course). This is also called “learning expenses” because at first, you will lose money or, better-said, invest into your Facebook Ads before everything starts rolling.

That’s so because Facebook ads need a lot of split testing and tweaking before you find the perfect ad that converts. Factors like a landing page, copy, images, and the product itself play a big role. And with a good amount of money, I mean 1000-3000$! So, you have to be sure that you are someone who is okay with seeing 1000$ dollar being burnt in one day by Facebook. Otherwise, it can be painful, frustrating, and increase the chances of quitting.




What kind of Tools and Training does Commission Hero contain?

Rob’s success with affiliate marketing is based on a 3-steps system. Many marketers overcomplicate that process, but Rob was able to simplify it to become applicable for even beginners with 0 experience.

The 3-steps system looks as following:

(1) First, you choose a product by a retailer (Affiliate Marketplaces like Clickbank, ShareAsale)
(2) Create a landing page for that product (a funnel that puts the visitor through certain purchase stages)
(3) Create an attractive ad for the product

It sounds looks simple at first sight, but the implementation takes time and a lot of testing.

The course itself contains 45+ Videos and is structured in the following:

  • Set up a Facebook Account
  • Creating Landing pages
  • Find/create Ad Images (engage Designer via Fiverr)
  • Writing Copy (buyers psychology)
  • Finding the right product

What is taught is to combine Clickbank Products with Facebook Ads. You learn how to create landing pages, find selling products, engage designers for your images, set up funnels, and write selling copy. This may not sound like a big deal, but those things are crucial to succeed with Facebook Ads. Because if just one sentence doesn’t sound right or appealing to the visitor, there is a high chance that he will lose interest and never come back. And that means lost sales.

So, it is important to have a helping hand and an experienced teacher in this field. And I think Rob has made a great work here. He leads you through the whole process in an educational and simple manner. In regards to content and teaching, the course is very well arranged.

One downside…

Banned Facebook Profiles. Because many techniques that are being taught in this course, violate Facebook policies (it is quite common nowadays), your Facebook profile can be banned. There is a high chance that all your campaigns could be gone in one morning. It is nothing unusual because the Facebook algorithm is improving and with that banning more and more accounts. It just can be frustrating if you have invested a lot of time and effort and subsequently have to start from new.




How is the Support of Commission Hero?

The support of Commission Hero is pretty good and differs from other programs in some ways. The support is made by a Facebook group that is highly active and allows asking questions 24/7. As I mentioned previously, Robby is very engaged in his program. So, many questions are being answered by himself. In addition to that, he is doing weekly Q&A sessions, too.

Compared to other programs, it doesn’t look that special. But what makes his support so unique is that new landing pages, videos, images, and copy are provided every week. This is pretty cool because, as a member of the group, you are always up to date regarding ads, landing pages, and other material. This feature definitely saves you time and money. Where is the catch, you may ask?…

The catch is…

The Facebook Inner Circle Group with those extras is only accessible by buying an upsell of 297$… now it comes… per month! Yes, in addition to the initial 997$ for the program, you have to pay 297$ per month to get not only the inner circle support but support at all. This move is not unusual nowadays. For many marketers, that kind of upsell is actually the initial strategy for real money. Even though Robert provides good support, in my opinion, there should have been at least some information on his sales page about that upsell. It is very misleading because it is almost unavoidable not to buy the upsell.

But it just starts here…



How is the Pricing for the program, and is there a Refund Policy?

Well, the price for the program lies at 997$. What is good about that is that there is a possibility to pay the price in two payments of 597$ 30 days apart. But as we already have covered, this is not all that you pay for the course. Next to Facebook ads and the inner circle up-sell, you have to cover 3 tools that are necessary to follow the program:

  • Clickbank: 100-200$ / month
  • Fiverr: 50-100$ per service for ads
  • Aweber: 30-150$ / month

So, additional monthly costs of around 200$. Alright, this is a bit surprising, you might say. But this is not all.

Complaints about the Refund Policy


Until October 2020, Commission Hero’s refund Policy said that after claiming your refund, you have to wait 365 days until you get the payout. So, as soon as you buy this course, you will get your money back only after 1 year. Here are the terms of conditions:

According to the terms and conditions, the refund policy should “make” (or force) people to take action before giving up on it. On the one hand, it is not bad because people who tend to quit early have to take action. On the other hand, what if someone doesn’t have the money to proceed (f.e. for Facebook Ads, Inner Circle, Tools)? It is like a sink or swim position that you are being put in. Either you go through it by investing your money (even if you don’t want to) or wait 1 year for your refund. In my eyes, there are other ways to motivate people.


New old Refund Policy


According to Rob’s website, there is a new refund policy. This one says that you can claim your refund after 14 days, but only if you didn’t access the course material. So, in other words, after you have logged into your account, you can’t claim your refund anymore. Even though you can’t find out if the course fits you, you still have the chance to get your money back without waiting 12 months. But even though this new refund policy has been presented (at least on the website), many users claim that the old refund policy is still active.



So, there are a lot of unclarities there. But what is definitely sure is that there are unsatisfied customers with that program. Someone has even made a whole Facebook Page with the name: “Exposing Robby Blanchard the Commission Hero.” You can check it out here:




My Final Words on the program

Rob has created a great program for people who are new to affiliate marketing and paid traffic. But the upsells/extra costs and the refund policy are, in my eyes, aspects that could have been handled differently. I understand that Rob tries to motivate and inspire, but there are many other ways to do that instead of withholding information and putting people into a sink or swim position.

In my eyes, he could have made a trial to give people a chance to see if the course fits for them because not everybody has the extra cash for Facebook ads and the inner circle group.

In addition to that, I think that a business that sets its foundation on banned Facebook profiles is nothing for the long term. I think sooner or later, Facebook will find strategies to stop that kind of marketing completely.

My verdict for this program is, it is a legit program. The training is structured pretty well, and you definitely have an experienced teacher that has great knowledge in his field. But because of some aspects like hidden information about additional costs, I recommend this course only with caution.

You have to be very sure that you will proceed with this course because there is no free trial, and refunds are being paid out only after 12 months. And you have to make sure that you have some money aside for Facebook ads and additional costs like the inner circle group. If you are aware of all those things, I think it can be a great program to work with.

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Commission Hero At a Glance

Name: Commission Hero
Website URL:
Price: 997$ + Tools Fees + Upsells
Owner: Robby Blanchard
Refund Policy: Unclear
Overall Rank: 53 out of 100
Verdict: LEGIT (with some exceptions)

Did you have any experience with Commission Hero? I am curious what you think of the program. You can always leave your thoughts in the comment section. And if you have questions, you can leave them there as well; I will be more than happy to help out.

Until there all the best,


6 thoughts on “Is Commission Hero Legit? – Unbiased Review of a Non-Affiliate (2021)”

  1. Hey Matt! Thanks for the review on commission heroes, I was unaware of its existence but it’s good that you brought it to my attention. For affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is my point of comparison to other platforms as it is the platform I know best, and one that I enjoy the most. At first glance, it seems they use similar approaches, but the money you pay for commission heroes seems pretty high. On the other hand, the facebook ads training looks very useful and promising. I love your honesty when pointing out both the pros and cons. I will check it out myself and see what it’s about.

    Thanks again and great review!

    • Hey Alex,

      yeah I agree, Commission Hero seems to have a similar approach to Wealthy Affiliate at the first glance, but as soon as you go deeper into the training, you realize that there quite a few differences. For example Commission Hero makes use of paid traffic and Wealthy Affiliate of free traffic. And as you already said, the money that you pay for paid traffic is pretty high. Of course, you get faster results but especially it can result in investing a lot of money and quitting, because of the fear of losing even more money. But for paid traffic you simply have to invest first, in order to reap the fruits.

      Thank you for passing by Alex. Have a great day!


  2. Great review on Commission Hero! Although I haven’t personally taken Commission Hero, I have taken and tried other programs that offer similar content as Commission Hero. What people will find out is that if they’re new to Facebook ads and online marketing, their “learning expense” isn’t just going to be $997, but a couple thousand more than that. I found that you only start to understand what ads for what products will work after you spent a few thousand failing on Facebook. It’s definitely a bit better to experiment with Facebook when you already have a little bit of experience working in the online marketing field. Thus, I usually recommend people to start with something like Wealthy Affiliate where they can experiment with copy, writing, and marketing at low expenses.

    • Hey Kevin,

      you said it pretty well. Starting with low expenses and learning the skills is, in my eyes, the best way to get going with online marketing. I think the problem is that many want to see results quickly, what is totally understandable. Especially if you are a beginner, you are motivated and excited and would like to earn your 6-figure in your first week. But the faster you want it to happen; the more risks are coming along with it. So, as you said, starting out slowly, learning the skills, and going for the more risky things like Facebook ads later.

      Thank you for passing by!

      All the best and much success,


  3. I have tried using the Commission Hero product before and it didn’t go so well for me. The product is super pricy and it wasn’t quite to the level i was expecting for. The starting price itself was very high and adding to the upsells to it-  makes it even more difficult to take it forward. Most of the marketing knowledge is quite general and is always available outside, 


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