Is Fast Profit Jacker A Scam? Read This Unbiased Review!

The Fast Profit Jacker is a pretty helpful tool if you want to make some quick and handsome money from your online business.

I checked the product details and found its features pretty impressive and the way it had explained the tips and tricks for boosting an online business growth was pretty useful to me!

Moreover, its 30-day refund policy was another feature that also impressed me pretty much! I do recommend this product.

Fast Profit Jacker Review- Overview

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Name: Fast Profit Jacker
Creator: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari
Refund Policy: 30 days
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Recommended: Not for everyone
Better Alternative: #1 Recommendation

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In this Fast Profit Jacker Review, we will be listing the advantages and disadvantages of the program. The fast profit Jacker Review focuses on highlighting the software and analyzing whether it is valuable or not. If you are wondering if it is a scam, well, let’s figure it out in this fast profit Jacker Review.

The internet and the digital space have led to new ways of earning money. Everyone has started to create a business opportunity or side hustle, and believe us when we say there has never been a better opportunity to earn more.

Let out the entrepreneur in you handle the things. Businesses are the future. While you need the necessary education, experience, and financial backups to kickstart a business, there is more to business than these regular necessities.

In this world where everyone is starting and exploring new opportunities, there is heavy competition. You could scale up and develop a competitive edge for your business using technology and smart skills.

There are many courses out there that help you learn and train to be better at different businesses. Today, we will be reviewing the ‘Fast Profit Jacker.’ If you think it is yet another course on business and money-making, let’s just say it is that, but something more than just another course.

The Fast Profit Jacker is new software, and the makers claim that it could do the heavy lifting and help you gain high leads. There are different options you could choose based on your needs. But how worthy is it? In this Fast Profit Jacker review, we will get to the roots of the software and explain its benefits and shortcomings.

Fast Profit Jacker – What’s in it for you?

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The fast profit jacker is software that helps you enhance your business enterprise. If you purchase the program, you can easily access different clients and their databases.

From promoting your business online to tracking different websites and social media statistics, the cloud-based software helps you make money online.

It will guide you in providing better services, finding leads, and generating more profits. The cloud-based app can be your best company in acing your business game.

Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

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Jason Fulton has been quite active and efficient in the marketing area. He has had a lot of experience and has been in space for a long time. He has also dealt with great products and knows the end consumers.

His products have been consumed by people, and the features have been quite outstanding. One of his latest products is the fast profit jacker launched in January 2019.

The experience he gained has helped him learn about the market. Taking complete advantage of hands-on experience, he has developed various programs for his fellow business aspirants.

How much does it cost?

If you are looking forward to buying the Fast Profit Jacker program, you can purchase it for $27 for the front-end. This Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari program offers the front-end for a very average price.

However, you will be bombarded with the upsells as soon as you enter. While you can avoid upsells, and it is entirely optional, the upsells help you specialize in unique services.

There are five upsells, and together would cost $515. You can also opt for separate upsells. The cost varies based on the kind of upsell you choose. The ultimate edition is $47, the site spy is $97, the DFY website is $197, developer rights $77, and license rights $97. So the program’s cost starts from $27 and ranges up to $515.

What can you expect from the Fast Profit Jacker?

In this fast profit jacker review, you will get a detailed explanation of the program and its features. Fast Profit Jacker is cloud software that will boost your business. It guides you in making money fast and also helps improve your online services. Even if you do not have a product or service in mind to start your online business, the fast profit jacker can quickly help you earn through your online business.

There are several features that will help you to ratchet up your business results. First, the software helps you find business contacts and clients. It also provides you with email Ids, mobile numbers, and addresses.

Secondly, it figures out the weakness of these contacts’ business. It automatically analyzes and shows you the different issues like SEO, SSL problems, social media statistics, website condition, and much more.

Now that you know their obstacles, the next step is to provide them with services. The software pitches in for that as well. It provides access to free templates of email and SMS. You can use those to impress your clients and get them on board.

If you want more help in providing services, the fast profit Jacker upsell is your right choice. The different upsells help you provide services by automatically performing the tasks for you.

Fast Profit Jacker Upsells

Once you purchase the program and login, you will see many one-time offers. The program would show many new upsells. While you can buy the upsells when purchasing the front-end itself, we would rather advise not to, especially if you are still confused about upsells.

Purchase the front-end program and work with it before choosing the upsells. Listed below are the different kinds of upsells the program offers.

Upsell 1 – Fast Profit Jacker Ultimate Edition

Price – $47

The first upsell is an ultimate edition you can purchase at $47. The promises for this upsell are big; they say it will take your earning to the next level, and you will be making 100x more profits.

So what does this offer? It helps you generate more leads than ever. With unlimited business leads, you can send unlimited emails and SMS to get in touch with them.

Upsell 2 – Fast Profit Jacker Site Spy

Price – $97

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the need of the hour. Unfortunately, every company struggles to get SEO experts on the board and improve their businesses.

Even if you don’t know SEO, Jason and Mosh say that there is no need to worry; you just have to get the Fast profit Jacker site spy.

Apparently, this cloud-based app will help you offer full-fledged SEO services, and you make huge sales using that.

Upsell 3 – Fast Profit Jacker DFY Professional Website

Price – $197

The important thing in digital marketing is creating an online presence, especially by establishing a website. If you could offer website building services, you would earn huge returns. This is where this upsell gets interesting.

It builds a professional website that you can sell to your clients. Even if you haven’t done it before, you can do the services as the app will do it for you.

Upsell 4 – Developer Rights

Price – $77

This upsell is a little vague. But founders claim it is another easy way to make money with fast profit jacker software. You can charge $500 – $1000 to local owners and agencies who need leads. With the help of the software, you can provide solutions for your clients.

Upsell 5 – License Rights

Price – $97

This is another interesting upsell. You get the license rights to sell fast profit jacker as your own product. Well, you heard that right. The best part of this upsell is the founders will take care of all the support needs. So if you are looking for a great product to sell online, it is time you start your business with this plugin.


How does it work?

Once you purchase the fast profit jacker, you can access the system in three simple methods.

  1. First of all, you will have to log in to the cloud software. When you use a fast profit Jacker login, you will have to enter a keyword that specifies your niche. If you want to track down clients nearby or from a specific place, you must enter the location. Once you enter the niche and the location, your job is done. You get several client options, their addresses, and contacts.
  2. Next, the software runs an analysis and creates a report. It examines their weaknesses and gives you information on how you can help them. Once you identify the services, you can use the facility of built-in emails and SMS templates to get in touch with potential prospects.
  3. Provide great services to the clients. You can also use the upsells to access many additional and efficient service facilities. Finally, you can make upfront cash and multiply your profits.

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Who Is Fast Profit Jacker For?

Most courses that come up today are best for beginners. They start their resources and training from scratch, so it is well suited for people looking to start. However, the fast profit jacker is different. While fast profit jacker training is for everyone, it is not really beneficial for beginners.

There isn’t coaching or training per se, so if you already know the digital marketing services and are well versed with them, this pack is a perfect choice. You can find potential clients and churn money.

So if you are good at what you are doing and know how to navigate through the services you offer, the fast profit jacker is absolutely beneficial. Though the software can automatically produce quality services like SEO, it is always advisable to know more about the services you provide.

Therefore if you know well about the services you offer, you can opt for a first profit jacker program to reach quality clients.


There are several benefits and advantages to the fast profit jacker program. While there are a few downfalls, the program offers a lot. To begin with, many doubt fast profit Jacker scam, but it is a legit business model. The software is quite helpful and is affordable as well. You can earn more with the fast profit jacker, if you know and can use it the right way.

  • Affordable – Many courses, training, or software today are not affordable. They are super expensive and sometimes charge for nothing. Compared to those, fast profit Jacker falls are cheap. The front-end costs less than $30. While you will have to pay more if you want to get any upsells, it together costs $515, and you can also buy any upsell you need for individual prices.
  • Excellent Features – The features of the program are really good. Different modern-day solutions are offered in the program, from searching potential clients to analyzing their weaknesses and helping you get in touch with them.
  • Good Benefits – With the help of the features, you can easily spot your next client and get working. Since the software does all the searching and analyzing, you could enjoy the reduced work pressure and extra free hours.
  • Contacting the clients – Sourcing clients is a significant task in improving your online business. It is the step most enterprises struggle with. However, with a fast profit jacker, you can quickly track down your clients. In addition, you can also send mass and sometimes unlimited messages to your customers.
  • Upsells are good business – Through the upsells, you can become a fast profit jacker pro and enjoy various new business opportunities. You can enhance your business with efficient products and services you offer with the help of the upsells. It will increase your income rates.


The fast profit jacker program is legit and quite worth the money. But there are also many shortcomings in the course that make it a bad choice for some people. Digital marketing is the best companion you could get for your future. You could earn a lot and fast profit jacker software will be of great use. Having said all that, the program lacks training and support services.

  • Lack of Training – Many courses train you on digital marketing and offering digital services. Fast profit Jacker course falls short of it. The program and software provide you with the necessary tools, and there are a few videos that might help. However, the program offers no proper training or course to help you get better at it. So, it is not the best option, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Support Issue – While one can make do with a lack of training, the biggest drawback is the absence of a 24/7 support team. In case you struggle to navigate through the software or need professional help to find something, there is no immediate assistance. You will have to raise a support ticket and wait for 24 hours before you get a response, that too via email.
  • Exaggerated Claims – The marketing gimmicks are at play. They make some pretty bold claims. We could call it exaggerated. They say you could make your first money within 59 seconds and best results in less than an hour. Well, we all know these claims are too good to be true. While the software does help you earn more money, the unnecessary exaggeration might just increase the expectations.

Is it worth the money?

The front-end fast profit jacker cost $27. In this package, you get to access several potential clients to improve your business. If you want an upgrade, you can choose from the different upsells, all at different prices. The front-end cost is $27 and is also refundable in case of technical issues.

The upsells are only an option. You can choose those even after buying the front-end and using it for a while.

The software provides you with different clients, analysis of their business, contact options, email and SMS templates, and special service apps that will make your work easier. With all the upsells together, you will have to pay around $515.

If you are not a beginner, this program is a good choice. It will not be helpful if you are just starting out as there is no additional training. You can access the cloud software and app and increase your business.

So if you have the knowledge and are good at what you are doing, the fast profit jacker is worth the money as it helps you land the best clients.

Refunds and Cancellation

There is a 30-day fast profit Jacker refund, but it is primarily applicable only for the front end and not the upsells. The plus – you can get the entire refund of the fast profit jacker price. But it comes with conditions.

While the big block on their website says ‘make profits with the fast profit jacker or get a refund,’ the claim is not entirely valid. You can get the refund only if you have any technical issue that cannot be solved and cite the genuine reason.

You should also prove that you tried everything before applying for a refund. If you meet the conditions, your refund process should be done in 10 days.

Final Verdict

Is fast profit jacker legit? Yes, the program is legit and offers good opportunities for the buyer. The program provides you with software to track clients and contact them.

If you are ready to pay more, you can also gain automated services and products to attract customers. The final verdict of the fast profit jacker review is that it is worth the money.

However, if you are a beginner who also requires training, it is not the best choice. There are many courses to receive training and coaching in digital marketing and making money online; you could try them. But if you are looking to generate leads and find potential clients, the fast profit jacker is a good and affordable place to start with.

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