Is Four Steps Marketing Consultants Legit? Unbiased Review

I found the Four Steps Marketing Consultants a pretty useful tool to develop your marketing skills.

I checked their features and found they are pretty genuine and unique tips to develop your business skills and boost income. Besides, its pretty easy to learn the skills through their mobile application. As a result, I would certainly recommend this course to learn digital marketing.

Four Steps Marketing Consultants Review-Overview

Name: Four Steps Marketing Consultants
Creator: Matt Law
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars
Recommended: Not for Everyone
Better Alternative: 1# Recommendation

Four Step Marketing Consultants A Brief Insight

There are tons of online money-making programs that offer training courses with a guarantee to earn a passive income from home. We understand how difficult it is for people to put their hard-earned money on these platforms, especially when they know little about these courses.

If you research the top money-making programs, chances are you will come across tons of courses designed specifically for people who want to generate a passive income without having to work for it. I am not going to deny—these things work.

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They may sound fake, but some of these programs teach you things you won’t learn anywhere else. In fact, if you follow these steps as instructed, you can be the next millionaire.

One such course that has been gaining immense popularity in the online money-making community is the four steps marketing consultants. It is a marketing program where the developer gives you in-person training on how you can set up your own digital marketing firm and make money by outsourcing your projects to an assistant.

Do not confuse the program with an ordinary marketing course for web designing or content marketing. It’s rather a comprehensive guide that tells you how you can convert your business idea into reality without working for it. All it takes is a small investment, and you will be all set to get started with your own digital business.

The question is, “how much does Four Steps Marketing Consultants cost? And, what do you get from it? Put it this way, will you start making money once the program ends? If yes, how? In this Four Steps Marketing Consultants review, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the program.

Four Steps Marketing Consultants: What is it about?

Four Steps Marketing Consultants is a course that can help you become a successful business owner. The question is, “is the course authentic”? Having tried it, I know what this course is about, what it contains, and whether it can help you become your own boss.

My purpose in writing this four steps marketing consultants review is to walk you through the ins and outs of the course. So, is the four steps marketing consultants course legitimate or another way to scam people? Keep reading to find out.

When you visit their website, you will see there’s little they have mentioned, so you can’t find much about what they actually do and how they can help you start and grow your business. You can request the company to supply a DVD and a book, which is available for free.

Alternatively, you can try the 5-minute app to learn more about the company and its service. However, you have to drop your email address to get access to the application.

Sarah and Matt Law have started four steps marketing consultants. The couple has shared the story of starting the service from scratch. They have explained how they launched a successful online business using the tips they have shared in the program.

By the end of the training, you will become a professional virtual marketing consultant assisting small and medium-sized businesses in marketing and growth.

That’s what the company claims. The good part is the course isn’t about the basic marketing theory you can find anywhere else. It’s rather a comprehensive guide that shows you a detailed picture of virtual marketing and the tools you can use to set up your own business.

Who is the creator of Four Step Marketing Consultants

Matt Law, a successful entrepreneur, started the course when he was declared bankrupt. He has spent the past twenty years nurturing his business and mentoring hundreds of thousands of aspiring digital marketers and business owners. In these past few years, he has seen many challenges. Matt has also experienced failure in business.

There were times when his strategy failed miserably, but Matt believes that everything led him to come up with a marketing strategy that’s a recipe for success. He has said that encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to grow is his dream. From having nothing to building a huge empire, Matt has proved how marketing can take someone to a whole new level. Matt has designed the course with Sarah, his wife. He is currently living in Central Florida.

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Set Up Your Marketing Startup Business

Everyone dreams of starting their own business. However, capital is always the biggest challenge for most aspiring business owners. It’s either you don’t have the money to fund your business or you have no idea where to start. Of course, online business is a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience, but the question is where and how do you start? You are still going to have to put some money into your online business to make it work.

Considering the sky-high demand for digital marketing, it goes without saying that digital marketing makes a smart career choice. In the four steps marketing consultant course, you will be taught the advanced marketing approaches that have worked for nearly every business and have a high success rate. It is a systematic training approach that covers all aspects of digital marketing. From designing a professional-looking website to attracting the attention of your target audience using SEO and SEM campaigns, this 40-hour course has everything covered for you.

This leads us to another important question “what sets the four steps marketing consultant apart from other marketing courses”? What is it about the course that makes it a great choice for people looking to advance their career in the marketing industry? Well, the usual marketing programs teach you SEO, website designing, mobile marketing, and other digital marketing courses.

However, you don’t have to do the technical work here. The marketing part is managed by your team—the people you outsource for the job. You only have to sit and relax while your team does all the hard work for you. The method helps you generate tons of money in a short period. All you are supposed to do is manage your team and focus on the company.

Basically, four steps marketing consultant is a detailed program that makes you an expert in running a digital marketing business. It teaches how you can build a website and work with popular companies.

There is no scam or anything fake in the marketing procedures. Whatever you are taught is not only legitimate but proven ways to grow any type and size of business. In fact, you will see how it is absolutely possible to grow a business by up to 400%. Is there anything better than helping a business grow by leaps and bounds while getting paid a really good amount for the job?

What’s better is that you don’t have to do anything on your own. Your team does it for you, while you are paid handsomely for your investment.

How does Four Step Marketing Consultants Work?

The course doesn’t make you a marketer specifically, but it’s for those planning to set up their own digital marketing business. I loved how the course gave a totally different perspective on marketing. It teaches you how it’s possible to hire virtual assistants to manage all aspects of marketing while you take care of other important business elements.

If the testimonials are true, this is the course every aspiring business owner needs. It is a 5-day program starting with the basics of marketing and covering nearly all important factors about growing your digital business. You will get to learn how you can outsource marketing tasks to a team of professional web designers, pay-per-click experts, social media managers, SEO specialists, video and content marketing groups, and so on.

Once you are done signing up for the program, check your email to get detailed instructions on what to do next. Matt sends you the training material and a list of things you should read before going ahead. It’s a 40-hour course. Y

ou don’t need any prior experience in digital marketing to get started with the program. So long as you are interested in running your own marketing business, the course will teach you everything you need to know about marketing. In addition to teaching you about the best marketing tools, you will get complete assistance for your business setup.

So, no matter how soon you plan on setting up your digital marketing business, once you have completed the course, you will get training and instructions for establishing your business.

I found the course to be pretty detailed. It covered nearly every aspect of marketing, including but not limited to:

  • A customized logo
  • Business cards, flyers, brochures, and other design materials
  • One week of in-person training in Florida
  • A full access to weekly training courses
  • Live streaming services available
  • A responsive website and customized landing page designs

As soon as you are done with the training, you will get instant access to the community support team of four steps marketing consultant group. Our community shows you the details of learning the basics about marketing and helping you throughout your business setup process.

You can find videos, marketing tools, and informative content. The support team includes 24/7 chat support, community forum, help desk calls, Facebook page, 26 annual training webinars, community membership, and so on.

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How Much Does Four Steps Marketing Consultants Cost

If you think the program will cost you a few hundred dollars, think again. With a price tag of $4,995, the four steps marketing consultant is definitely not a cheap program. Chances are a vast majority of people can’t buy the course because of the price.

It’s inaccessible to most people. Even if you have that much amount, you will want to consider the features, pros, cons, and other aspects of the program before investing your money.

But, I am pretty confident that if you apply each strategy as instructed by Matt, you can make a good income. We already know the popularity of a digital marketing business in today’s internet-driven world.

Most people are turning to social media and search engines to promote their products and services to a larger audience. This has made digital marketing a must for all businesses—whether you are running a small store or a huge corporation.

So, it’s going to be an investment for beginners and experts interested in digital marketing. But, is the price really worth it? You could choose alternative programs that offer the same in-depth courses on marketing and online money-making services at a much lower price.

Four Steps Marketing Consultants—Scam or Legitimate?

I was a little hesitant to start this course because of the high price tag. But I am glad I tried it. The course is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate program for those planning to make money from home without having to learn web designing, SEO, SEM, and other marketing tactics. There is no denying that four steps marketing consultant is a legitimate way to make money by starting your home-based marketing business. However, we can’t deny the fact that it doesn’t work for everyone.

One thing I liked about Matt is that he has been upfront from the start. He clearly mentioned that the method involves risks. It might work for some, while others may see no results. It depends on how you apply his tactics. But then, no business is risk-free. If you are starting something new, you have to accept the risks as well.

Besides that, the course is a lot better than other programs that claim to make you rich overnight. Matt doesn’t guarantee a passive income for each person investing in this course. But, he says that you can become your own master if you are passionate about digital marketing and are willing to follow the instructions. The program can definitely make you rich. So, does that mean the course is worth $4,995?

The course definitely has a lot of value to offer to the students, but shelling approx $5,000 for a digital marketing course isn’t a great idea. There are plenty of alternatives available for a very reasonable price. Take Wealthy Affiliates, for example. The program shows you the steps for setting up a website, getting it ranked in the search engine, and monetizing it. The best part is that it costs you 1% of the cost of a four step marketing consultant. The company allows you to start for free and upgrade your plan once you like the course.

Is Four Step Marketing Consultants Worth The Money?

As I mentioned earlier, in-person training is definitely something any beginner or experienced marketer would want to grow their business. Since Matt is offering live training to his students, we can’t compare this course with other programs that consist of only theory material. Just make sure you check the availability status of the program in your state before making a purchase. If you are from a country where four steps marketing consultant isn’t available, you can book the online version of the course to get quick access to the program. It only takes a couple of minutes for you to access the course after subscription.

You can order the information package for absolutely free. Even if you are slightly interested in digital marketing and considering this program, order the book to learn more about this program, what it entails, and how it can help you grow your money. This way, it will be easier for you to decide whether or not the four steps marketing consultants are worth the price tag.

What are the Benefits?

Of course, like any other marketing course, the four steps marketing consultants program comes with its share of pros and cons. However, the biggest advantage of signing up for this program is that you can become a pro at digital marketing. If you really want A-Z training on marketing and similar concepts, this course is for you. It gives you the privilege to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere. You can start your business online without having to invest in a startup firm or funding the working capital.

Besides that, Matt and Sarah have covered just about any aspect of marketing in the program. They have started from the basics so you don’t need any experience in order to be considered eligible for the course. Even if you don’t know search engine optimization, algorithm rules, social media marketing, or website development, you can rest assured that the four steps marketing consultants program has it all for you.

Four Step Marketing Consultants Cons

The price is sky-high. They might have covered every detail of marketing, but $4,995 is too much for anyone. Plus, there isn’t any upsell, which could offer additional value to the subscribers. If it’s your hard-earned money, you might have to think twice before signing up for this training program.

Bottom Line

Four steps marketing consultants is a decent digital marketing course for beginners and professionals looking to set up their own marketing agency. It teaches you the steps for outsourcing people for your business and taking on the marketing projects while earning from the comfort of your home.

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