Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a Scam? – Detailed Review 2021

What do you think first when you see this kind of ad? Exactly, “Another I make you rich overnight”- Scam. And yes, this is probably the reason why you are here.

You have asked yourself the same question as me: “Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a Scam?”.

Honestly, when I started watching his webinar, a lot of my scam alarms went on. “Done for You” here, “20.000+$ in 30 days” there. I am not a fan of overnight promises. But after finishing the webinar and going deeper into the research, I found out that John presents a pretty good training with some highly smart techniques. And is definitely one of the better programs out there!


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Who is John Thornhill?

John himself is already 15+ years in the game and a proud owner of a ClickBank platinum 2020 award; what is simply a little thank you to ClickBank for affiliates who did a great job in selling Clickbank products.

Before his online marketing journey, John worked in a car production factory and built car doors. Until, like every online marketer, he had enough. Since then, he started his laptop life and sold tons of affiliate products, and quitted his job in 2006.

So, what kind of knowledge did John provide with his 15+ years of experience? Let’s check it out



John Thornhill Ambassador Program Overview

Name: John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program
John Thornhill
497$ Ambassador, 697$ Elite Light, 1997$ Elite
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 Points

“Ambassador” Program… An unusual name for an online program, don’t you think? John named his program in that way because it is indeed a program that shows people how to announce different offers. The way he uses is mainly E-mail marketing combined with Clickbank products.

A very common combination nowadays, but what surprised me is that he went several steps further compared to other marketers. He makes use of a great automation system and presents a lot of Done-For-You material, even though I am not a fan of it because I think that in that way you leave a lot of valuable skills on the table. But in his course he explains why he uses this approach what in the end makes total sense (especially for beginners).

Without further blathering, let’s jump right into the program



How does John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program work?

Well, it’s like any other online coaching program. Except for one specific aspect. It has 90% Done-For-You Material. In other words, what you get here is a business that is completely set up for you. You don’t even need an own website! I would say, that John teaches you how to find a selling Clickbank product, and generate E-mail leads, but in addition to teaching you get your whole business delivered.

This is pretty cool, especially for beginners. Even though you skip some skills like how to create a landing page and write copy, the good thing is, you can start with your business within 1 hour.

Here is some Done-For-You material that you receive with this program:

  • Done-For-You E-mails that will message each lead for 99 days about new offers. You simply have to import them into your Aweber account
  • A Done-For-You Website
  • A Done-For-You Webinar funnel (a page where people can leave their E-mails for your E-mail list)
  • A Done-For-You Product of converting products to promote

So, with which product are you going to start after you have received your business?

With a top-secret ambassador program… Namely, John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program!

This is very common nowadays. Many affiliate marketers simply give their students their products to start out in order to learn the basics and experiment with it. But because you get delivered almost everything (Website, automated E-mails, Product) you can start instantly driving traffic. This is the process that John’s uses:

  1. Create a Website (Done-For-You)
  2. Use an Opt-In Formular to collect E-mails (Done-For-You)
  3. Drive Traffic to the website (Done-For-You but only in the Upsell)
  4. Create an E-mail Funnel to contact your leads (Done-For-You)
  5. Connect it to Aweber and start your business

So, as you can see you get a prepared business delivered.



What are the Requirements to participate in the Program?


The cool thing is that John uses only Clickbank and Aweber. Clickbank is totally free and Aweber has a 30 days free trial. So, no programs that you need to have a subscription to in order to work with the program. What you simply need is a Clickbank and an Aweber account.



How is the pricing of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Training?

Mr. John offers different price options for his program. As we have covered previously, you can promote his product without even buying it. But if you are a beginner buying the program will show you how to make things work faster.

The standard program can be paid in two alternate methods. This is a cool advantage for people who maybe don’t have the whole amount ready. You can pay either 2 x 275$ or 6x 97$.




How many memberships are there?

John provides at the beginning the standard Ambassador membership. After signing in there is an optional upgrade (it is not necessary in order to have success with the program) to an Elite and an Elite Light Membership

These are the following things that you get in the standard Ambassador Membership – 497$:

  • A Custom Built Webinar Funnel
  • An Email package that sends your leads automated affiliate offers of other High Ticket Clickbank Marketing Program’s for 99 days
  • 100% Commissions of all Sales Funnels. So, as soon somebody buys those other Programs, you get a 100% commission for them
  • Free Traffic from his Blog, by posting 1 Blog post per month (for 1 year)
  • 50% Share on Affiliate Upgrades
  • And additional Training


Then there is an Elite and an Elite light membership. Both are the same except the commissions vary.

  • Ambassador Elite (optional Upgrade) – 1997$
    • Upgrade that allows getting more out of the program
    • 100% commissions on ambassador sales (497$)
    • 50% commissions on ambassador elite sales (1997$)
    • Possibility to recruit affiliates and earn 50% of their commissions
    • John is going to post your link on his page with the most traffic for 1 year (365 days)
    • John will run 5 additional email campaigns every month with your affiliate link
    • He will also be publishing your affiliate link on his social media channels
    • He is going to Recruit new affiliates for your affiliate link 365 days with an 50/50 share
    • 90 days personal phone coaching
  • Elite light (optional Upgrade) costs 697$. It is the same offer but with fewer commissions and no 1on1 call

The Elite Upgrade brings along great benefits like higher commissions and free traffic made by John. But of course, the price is increasing with those benefits as well. As I mentioned previously a great idea is to start promoting the course for free and then slowly upgrade as soon revenues are coming in.


Is there a Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, John doesn’t provide a Refund Policy for his program. On his website, he has a disclaimer that says it is due to the nature of the program that no refunds can be provided. I understand it because done for you material can be used forever after being published. But in those regards if you intend to buy the course you have to be certain of it because there will be no going back.




The Good, the Bad of John Thornhills’ Program

What I like about John Thornhills’ Ambassador Program

  • Presents a lot of Done For You Material, which is great for beginners and people who don’t have that much time to invest in a business
  • He makes use of an email list. This is great, because this opens a door for a long term business
  • Throughout his course, he is very honest with his material and strategies
  • There are several payment methods
  • You don’t have to buy the program to promote it
  • No hidden costs for tools or other programs
  • With a little bit of work, successes can be seen early

What I don’T like about John Thornhills’ Ambassador Program

  • There is no Free Trial option
  • Because there is a lot of Done-For-You Material, you may skip valuable skills
  • The program has no refund policy
  • 1on1 support is only available in the elite membership[/i2cons][/i2pc]



Is the program for everybody?

No, it isn’t. The program is definitely not for people who want to create an own product and learn the process of establishing a business. What John teaches is how to sell products the fast way, without even creating a website. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t have the time and energy for creating a business on their own, then this program is perfect. Everything is going to be done for you. The only thing you have to do is simply implement it into your Aweber account and drive traffic (what John teaches in the course as well). The cool thing is, that neither previous experiences in online marketing are required nor a website or an email list. Almost everything is being provided.


What do I think of John’s Program?

It’s is a great program that got simplified a lot. Actually, you can’t call it training anymore, because almost everything is being delivered to you. I like it because John implements a system that works and creates great win-win scenarios. In my eyes, it is good for beginners who want to start out fast with their business. And there is even a way to create a sustainable brand because you are creating an e-mail list, that allows you to expand.

In addition to that, you have no risk with it because you can promote it for free. There is a great option to promote the program without buying it until first revenues are rolling in and only then upgrading for the Ambassador memberships.

On the other hand, you are not learning some valuable skills, like writing copy or creating landing pages. You start with a business that is done for you, so it may be difficult at first to run your business, because of the lack of experience. Those are in my eyes some downsides of jumping into a done for you system

But if you think that skills don’t play a major role for you, or at least not right now, and making revenue is your main focus, then a done for you affiliate marketing business like this may fit you greatly.


John Thornhills Ambassador Program at a glance

Name: John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program
John Thornhill
497$ Ambassador, 697$ Elite Light, 1997$ Elite
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 Points
Verdict: LEGIT

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What are your thoughts about the program? Do you have any experience with it? You can leave feedback (and questions) in the comment section.  I would be more than happy to hear from you or help you out!

Until there all the best,


6 thoughts on “Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a Scam? – Detailed Review 2021”

  1. I just recently had a look at one of your other reviews on a money making platform and was impressed at the detailed but easy to understand post, so decided to take another look, this time at another program.

    It’s easy to get scammed especially when you see bold statements suggesting that you can become rich quick, but in fact it’s false. It actually takes a lot of work and patience to see success!

    This ambassador program price wise is a lot for my liking so I think I’m going to continue my hunt but thanks for this informative post!

    • Hey Sariyah,

      yes, unfortunately, many online marketing gurus communicate fogged views, on the whole, making money online topic what of course attracts more money hungry customers. This is why I think it is important to be honest and clear from the beginning. Making money online is not a cakewalk. You have to invest time and effort to get things moving. And it will take time, but as soon as the snowball roles, I wouldn’t say things becoming easier, you just see the results of your work and new acquired skills. So, creating a business takes work and patience.

      Thank you for passing by Sariyah. Much success for you


  2. Thank you so much for providing this review of John Thornhill’s Ambassador program. It is important to invest in online investment companies, but it’s most crucial not to fall for scams. Some investment companies promise returns which seem too good to be true. The world is facing covid-19 pandemic, many companies are collapsing, so it’s the best time to invest or make businesses online. 

    • Hey Kokontala,

      you nailed it! It has never been easier to start out online, so right now is the perfect time! And I totally agree with you, it is important to get the right perspective on a program before purchasing it. Otherwise it can result in frustration if you find out, that you fell for a scam or are being bombarded with upsells after reaching the members area. I hope you have great success with your business!

      All the best for you


  3. When I first saw that it was about John Thornhill, was a little surprised, until I read the entire review, the reason is that John does have a very good name in the industry.  This programme, would certainly have appealed to me at the start of my inter net marketing journey, even now, might just consider promoting it as a side hustle.You are quite clearly a fan of this programme, which is not surprising given your in depth review, which I found to be very thorough.  Do agree that  a newcomer would benefit from learning some of the basics, but as so much is provided that could come later once money was coming in.  Many thanks for drawing my attention to this.

    • Hey Stuart,

      yes, I totally agree. This program differs somewhat from the other done-for-you systems because you can promote it for free (so without having to buy it). I think in this manner you get a better understanding of how traffic etc works and as soon as money starts to flow in, you can learn from the program itself. So, it is totally risk-free. But this is the only reason why I recommend it. Done-For-You templates do simply shortcircuit your learning process what can make it harder in sustaining your online business (or expanding it). Thank you for passing by, I very much appreciate your insights

      All the best,



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