Is My Online Startup Scam or Legit? – Shocking Truth In My Review!

Hello guys and welcome to my My Online Startup Review!

You may have wondered “An affiliate marketing course for free?!”, there must be something in the bushes!

Well, your skepticism is legitimate and not for nothing. A free course, how is that possible? And is the free course really that good?

Those and many other questions ran through my mind when I heard of it, as well. This is why I went through the whole course (and beyond) to satisfy my curiosity.

In this My Online Startup Review we are going to check out what the program is about, how it works, the good, the bad, and if it is worth trying.

Without further talking let’s jump right into it!

My Online Startup Review – Overview

Owner: Chuck Toss Nguyen
Pricing: Free to start, Tool costs, Upsells (Partner Program)
Category: Affiliate Marketing (MLM/Pyramid)
Refund Policy: 30 Days
Recommended: Only the free course
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100

A short summary – My online startup is a free affiliate marketing course that promises you to create 6 figure business with affiliate marketing.

Is this really possible with a course that is being offered for FREE? Well, if you are willing to research on your own and work hard, it can lead to it. But here is the catch:

My Online Startup is just an attraction generator. This is a very common strategy of marketers to attract as many customers as possible to present them with the real offer.

It is like putting a big jar of honey on your balcony to attract as many flies as possible and catch them all at once.

So, what Chuck is actually offering here is his Partner Program. This one is obviously not for free and works differently compared to the free course.

Honestly, when I checked the free course I really started to like the whole concept, because it is free and gives a great start for affiliate marketing beginners.

I thought that the partner program was going to be a hands-on upgrade to the free one. I expected step-by-step instructions and deeper information on how to create a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

But unfortunately, the Partner Program is not about any of those things. Why? Because it is based on an MLM structure!

But let’s take a closer look at it.

What is My Online Startup about?

The My online Startup free course is all about teaching you how to create a thriving business with affiliate marketing. It covers all the basic steps of what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and goes deep into traffic and creating authority pages.

As a beginner, you definitely get a good amount of quality knowledge here. And this is in my eyes the best benefit of My Online Startup.

Here are some of the modules that are being covered:

Modules Overview

Step 1-3:  Affiliate Marketing Basics
Here it is all about the basics of affiliate marketing. How it works, what kind of niches are the best, how you can find affiliate products etc.  Plus Chuck is presenting you with some of his mindsets on how to approach business ownership the best way.

Step 4-5: Creating Your Fundament
In these steps, Chuck talks about what lead generation is, the importance of it and how to set up a successful lead magnet. Additionally, he talks about the importance of a blog and gives you some writing tips.

Step 6-8: Generating Traffic
The last three steps are all about traffic. Here he talks about how to create traffic by using YouTube, forums and solo ads. Even though latter is an easy method to start out with, I do not recommend it for beginners.

Are those steps going to set up a business for you? Perhaps not. You will have to invest some additional research and some work of course. But for a free course, this amount of  information is an acceptable deal.

Program Tools Recommendations

To make things run, Chuck provides you a list of tools in some sections of the modules.


In my eyes, those tools are very valuable, because as a beginner you usually don’t know which tool you need for your business and which is of good quality. It is not bad to have a list like this at hand.

One thing I have to mention here is, Chuck calls them “must-have” tools, which is not true. You can create a business without those tools. Some of them may simply take some work off your hands and make things easier.

And yes, Chuck is affiliated with those tools, which is in my eyes totally fine because we still have to remember that the course is for free.

What is the My Online Startup Partner Program about?

As I mentioned previously, the My Online Startup includes Chuck’s Partner Program. And this is what the whole course is actually about.

The partner program is all about promoting the program itself. There is less affiliate marketing involved but more MLM payouts (Multi-Level Marketing/), which usually do not last long and aim only to get as many people as possible into the program.

There is nothing wrong with it, but if you are someone who is looking to create an own brand and own a business, then this program is not what you are looking for.

The problem with it is, that it might catch you for a while because of the earnings you can make, and forget what you were actually looking for.

At the end of the day, you think that you are a business owner even though you are just promoting a program that is based on promoting itself.

Chuck says here clearly:


How does my online startup work?

Well, as I mentioned previously the free course is just a free giveaway in order to attract as many prospects as possible and get them into the partner program.

The partner program is being promoted within the whole course with this banner.


As soon as you click on the “check it out” button you are being redirected to this page.


Here is where the usual sales funnel starts. You are being presented with a video where Chuck talks about the benefits of the program and shows you some testimonials. The testimonials are real and range from 100-2000$ in the first weeks.

Note: All of those earnings are based on promoting My Online Startup and do not contain other affiliate products.

In the next step, Chuck is again meeting you in a short video where he explains again some details about the lifetime membership program and talks about the pricing.

The lifetime partner membership costs 197$ one time and gives you access to some coachings and most importantly allows you to promote the My Online Startup free course and earn several commissions.

Here is how the commission structure looks like:

So becoming a lifetime member allows you to promote the free course and earn money as soon as somebody subscribes through your link.

You will earn 100$ commissions per lifetime partner sale and additional 50% to every other upsell.

Additional Benefits – MOS multiple earning streams

This perhaps is the more interesting part. When you become a lifetime member you are being shown how to build several earning streams by signing up to different affiliate vendors.

As soon as somebody is going to subscribe to those tools you will receive a commission for it. So, the free course is going to be like a pool for your affiliate links.

Should You Give the Partner Program a try?

Well, it depends. If you are looking for JUST making money and create a little side hustle, then the program can do the magic for you because it works almost on autopilot and provides you done for you templates.

If you are looking to create an independent online business with your own brand and website, then this program is not for you.

Because you will constantly have to rely on the My Online Startup program and if it for whatever reason is being removed, your whole business will be removed as well. So, it’s all up to your goals with online marketing.

I personally recommend everybody to start out with an independent online business that is based on your passions/interests. This allows you to expand your knowledge, offer value and not having to rely on just one affiliate marketing program.

Wealthy Affiliate has made in my eyes a very good job to achieve this. You can check out my review about it here.

My Online Startup Pricing – How much does My Online Startup cost?

Well, because My Online Startup is being offered for free, there is just a sign-up with your name and e-mail necessary.

The Partner Program however costs 197$ one-time.

Because the program is still in the developing phase Chuck says that for right now there is only a one-time payment necessary. But in the future it may be subscription based with 47$/month or 497$/year.

Honestly I don’t know in how true this is. He either says this to create scarcity or it is indeed going to be subscription based.

Additional Tool Costs

For the partner program, you will need several tools to make things run. An example would be GetResponse,  Clickfunnels etc. Those are monthly subscription-based tools that cost around 15-100$ per month.

Refund Policy – Clickbank Money-Back Guarantee

The partner program comes with a refund policy of 30 days, which is a Clickbank no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So, if you want a refund, you will receive it usually within minutes.

Note: To refund your money I recommend you to contact Clickbank, because vendors usually try to negotiate

Additional Upgrades

As I have mentioned previously, the program is based on an MLM scheme. So, after signing up for the initial lifetime partner membership (197$), you are going to be asked to upgrade to high ticket coaching programs that range around 2000-5000$.

This is not mandatory, you can still earn money with the lifetime partner membership but be aware that there will be still higher upgrades you are being asked to sign up for.

Is My Online Startup a scam?

No, it definitely is not a scam. The free course offers good information about affiliate marketing, lead generation and traffic. The lifetime membership however is officially not a scam, but in my eyes, nothing you should go for.

The Good About My Online Startup

  • It’s free to start
  • It has a 30 days no-questions asked money-back guarantee (via Clickbank)
  • Has a community in the member’s area and on Facebook

What I don’t like about My Online Startup

  • Contains MLM structures
  • The partner program doesn’t teach you how to create your own brand
  • Only teaches you how to promote the program itself
  • After signing up for the partner program you will have to invest more and more
  • Free course doesn’t contain step-by-step instructions (only general information)
  • Many community comments seem to be fake
  • The Partner program has no free trial

Final Opinion – Free Course Yes, Partner Program No

The free course is a pretty well set-up affiliate training. If you are a beginner, then the free course is a great way to start your affiliate marketing journey.

However, I do not recommend signing up for the partner program. Because of its MLM nature, it won’t do you any good in the long term, because it doesn’t teach you how to create an independent affiliate marketing business but focuses ONLY on promoting the program itself.

Nowadays this self-promotion is very common in the industry and I really advise you against jumping into those kinds of schemes. Especially if you are a beginner, because you may confuse running an online business with sucking people into an MLM scheme.

My Alternative to My Online Startup

If you are looking to create a sustainable online business with your own brand based on your interests/passions, then there is a great alternative.

I have gone through a good amount of online marketing programs and came across some good ones, bad ones and even total scams. Wealthy Affiliate stood out from all of them.

This is simply the best alternative to my online startup. It teaches you step-by-step how to start your own INDEPENDENT affiliate marketing business based on your interests/passions and even contains every tool you need (like keyword tool, web hosting, community) to build it. So there is no need to subscribe for 3rd party tools or read books about business.

Everything is within the training. And the greatest part of it is, it is completely free to start!

Check out my review on it here:

Click Here To Check Out Our #1 Recommended Training!

My Online Startup FAQ

Does My Online Startup have an affiliate program?

  • Yes My Online Startup has an affiliate program. It is the lifetime partner membership. As soon as you sign up for it, you receive your affiliate link for the My Online Startup course and are being shown how to generate further affiliate links for the tools that are being recommended within the course.

Does My Online Startup has a Login area?

  • Yes you can login to My Online Startup through the initial website After you have registered with your name and e-mail address you will receive your login details and login anytime into the program.

If you need help or have any questions, feel always free to reach out to me at

Much success,




8 thoughts on “Is My Online Startup Scam or Legit? – Shocking Truth In My Review!”

  1. I don’t like MLMs. That has been my personal conclusion after trying a couple of them. I do find the affiliate marketing model appealing. But I don’t like systems in which you promote the same system. And that’s what My online startup seems to be all about. I would like to check out this alternative you mentioned at the end.

    • Hey Ann,

      yes unfortunately My Online Startup is all about self-promotion. MLM schemes are always about self-promotion which decreases the learning curve and misses the point of teaching how to run an online business. Which is perhaps one of the biggest reasons, why I wouldn’t recommend beginners to start out with an MLM scheme. Thanks for passing by!

      All the best,

  2. If you want to have a successful blog and to make an income through affiliate links you have to sign up for a program that promotes it. Build a community of likeminded people around your site and create something that people are looking for. There’s always going to be competition in every niche, have a team of people to give you an edge is what makes the difference between having a hobby and having a career. 

  3. Thanks for reviewing My Online Startup for us.

    As you well point out, if you are new to online business then by all means join and avail of the training as it will give you a great introduction and help you decide if the online world is for you.  But I agree that there is no reason why you would pay to promote the scheme to others and I definitely would not hand out the money for some of the up sells that you mention.

    • Hey Geoff,

      You are most welcome! As you have said, My Online Startup is well designed for beginners but the partner program should be avoided, because you don’t learn how to create a business with your own brand!

      Thanks for passing by, your visit is much appreciated!

      All the best,

  4. Thank you for your information about My Online Startup.  While I’m not totally against MLM’s I feel like they need to provide a lot of tangible value to really work well.  I feel like this one probably does not fit that category.  I’m very hesitant to consider one that is not based on physical products.  To be honest, though I really feel affiliate marketing is a better structure, and the information and training found at Wealthy Affiliate is far and away from the best training I have found. After reading your review, although the information looks interesting I think I’ll spend my valuable time on resources I already have availible.  

    • Hey Mike,

      you are most welcome. It is exactly as you say, If you have some experience in Online Marketing, you know that MLM is not a sustainable source of income. Better alternatives are Affiliate Marketing or Digital Marketing. Something where you provide value and aim to help people! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a great start.

      Much success for you,


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