Is Parallel Profits Legit? My Honest Review!

Parallel profits review: Parallel Profits aims to give you a steady income by helping you build a consistently generating business based on organic and first-hand Parallel Profits review. Today I have, as always, an honest Parallel Profits review for you including the followings:

  • Product overview
  • What is the Parallel Profits training about
  • How does the Parallel Profits program work
  • Who are Parallel Profits for
  • Is the Parallel Profits scam?
  • The pros of Parallel Profits
  • The concerns about the Parallel Profits
  • Personal Parallel Profits review
  • Alternates for Parallel Profits

So far Steven Clayton and Aiden booth are successful online business owners who have also introduced popular online programs like 100k factory and the seven-figure cycle.

Their latest effort is something they say hasn’t been done before and is called parallel profits. Ahead of the launch the duo has released some written materials on the program and has set up live workshops. From what we know so far joining the parallel profits program seems to be akin.

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Parallel Profits Review – Overview

Parallel Profits Pros.jpeg

Name: Parallel Profits
Creator: Steven Clayton & Aiden Booth
Niche: Online business and finance strategies and training
Price: $2497
60 days
Verdict: Recommended for fast pace growth
Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Better Alternative: #1 Recomendation

I am glad to see you doing your research and looking into a Parallel Profits Review. Profits are the top tier priority for any business may it be small, local, or large. This particular review is about Parallel Profits; known better as the 100k Factory which is a brief training business model that has made a mark in the digital business world.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the mastermind behind the product, have been involved with local and e-commerce business consulting over the years. Nine years ago they launched an online training program coaching program “SEM Business Blueprint”.

The Parallel Profits program; which is based on local marketing has generated tremendous outputs for students. Some of them have even earned a 7 figure income. This program is designed in such a way that there is no barrier or hindrance to entry and you don’t even need to be a professional.

I am sure this business model is going to stick around for a longer period of time. Adain and Steve say that this system is unique in comparison to other training programs. They have called it a life-changing experience for students.

Some of the topics offered in the training modules are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Overview of business
  • Setting up business
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Lead generation
  • Closing Customers
  • Delivering Services
  • Accounting
  • Scaling
  • Long term growth

Many more of these topics are discussed under the expert guidance of gurus Adain and Clay

ton. It’s evident that this plan covers almost everything that is necessary to start a small local business. It’s not just for startups; some of the people all over the globe with this program have gotten their much-needed boost due to intricate marketing strategies and are now enjoying steady sources of income.

What Is The Parallel Profits Training About?

How Parrallel Profits works.jpg

In this  Parallel Profits review, I will discuss the Parallel Profits program and tell you what it is all about. The Parallel Profits training course claims to help you succeed online by using a proven strategy that helps users automate multiple streams of income.

The system enables users to create their own automated income stream regardless of their skill level or experience.

One topic that’s brought up again and again in the parallel profits ebook is the scalability of this business model therefore if you decide you want to turn this into a full-time job it seems the opportunity is there for that as well.

They even mentioned the possibility of selling your business for profit down the line in terms of how much you can make from the business model that’s presented the materials estimate that one could net a hundred thousand dollars in annual profit from a roster of just seven clients. Obviously, this figure will depend on the amount of money each client is paying you but their math doesn’t seem that far-fetched assuming you sign on clients who can afford to pay the higher end of the cited five hundred to two thousand dollars a month scale.

You can also learn about its benefits and drawbacks as well as user testimonials from real people who have used the Parallel Profits program. Read on for more details!

How Does The Parallel Profits Program Work?

Its claim of 500$ profit in assets stands true. The Parallel Profits course is designed to help small businesses make money through online digital marketing strategies. The Parallel Profits training course has proven results as it ensures low competition, high demand, and margins. Parallel Profits provides all necessary training and support throughout the entire course. The main focus of the program is how to make money by helping local businesses, and entrepreneurs with digital marketing strategies.

They have training materials on topics like SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing. This is the easiest online business model. It’s easily buildable and generates solid income even for startups.

It is great for newbie’s trying to thrive in this field. This is as close as the “BUSINESS IN A BOX” models all you business owners will get. This business model is surely something you can trust and invest in if you plan to get rid of your usual 9-5.

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Adain and Clayton are selling services in their own unique style which makes this product a completely different experience for anyone who tries it

  1. People who purchase the Parallel Profits Program and are enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to work directly with Adain and Clayton in a franchise-type setup.

They get mentorship on how to build a 7 figure income which means the hassle of creating a brand is totally eliminated. Everything is set out and ready for you. You can start with sales right away.

Aidan Clayton has been helping businesses for a long but this is the first time they have given the chance to anyone to collaborate with them.

  1. There is no need for maintenance regarding experience and expertise. When sourcing local clients, there is already a team present to perform the required tasks for you.
  2. With the help of the “client capture system”, people working with Parallel Profits never have to have face-to-face interactions with their customers.
  3. The credit indeed goes to the product’s built-in lead generation system and automation processes.

All these processes drastically upscale your business and increase the chances of your success.

Apart from that, Parallel Profits also provide full training for this entire business model. So if you want to work alone, you really can! This program is simply about how you can make money by providing digital marketing services to local business owners and entrepreneurs.

Students in the program will receive training materials in helping local businesses by providing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and social media marketing (SMM).

Clayton and Booth introduce a quote-unquote ‘big twist’, offering a huge shortcut to this DIY alternative. As for what your business will entail, the program is focused on offering services to local businesses that will help them with website hosting SEO social media, and more.

These services would then be handled by hired help available on demand because of this they say you don’t actually have to be a local business marketing expert to service clients although the details are still a bit scarce.

Who Is Parallel Profits For?

People with no experience in internet marketing looking to start their own business. Parallel Profits is for anyone who wants to start an online business but doesn’t have any expertise in it. Parallel Profits is a course with videos, PDFs, and some limited live webinars.

You can learn how to build your own e-commerce website from scratch. You can also learn how to find products that you can sell on your website and how to promote them on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. There are many different ways of making money online but Parallel Profits teaches you only one way which is affiliate marketing through Amazon FBA.

This means that you will be promoting other people’s products by using Amazon as a platform. The Parallel Profits training program shows you exactly what steps you need to take in order to make money from home using affiliate marketing through the Amazon FBA method.

Is Parallel Profits A Scam?

Many have labeled it as Parallel Profits Scam, in my opinion, it is not a scam as they have money-back guarantee.

Parallel Profits is not a scam because it does deliver what they promise. However, if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that may or may not work then Parallel Profits might not be for you.

If you want to see whether Parallel Profits works for you then I would recommend trying out their free trial first before purchasing anything else from them.

Also, Parallel Profits refund has a 60-day policy so if for some reason you are not satisfied you can get your money back within the 60-day time frame. This detests it from being a scam.

The Pros Of Parallel Profits

Here are some of the benefits local businesses can bag from Parallel Profits:

  1. Incredible profit margins
  2. Quick and lasting results
  3. Low competition business model
  4. High demand
  5. Easier to outsource services
  6. Huge cash flow potential
  7. Easier to sell your company

I have addressed your specific concerns in contrast to other business models and what Parallel Profits offers. These key points might help you get a better idea:

  • Time Commitment: Will it take years for the business to establish?

The time you commit is as short as it can be because all the tasks are being performed by someone else

  • Startup cost: Do I need to make a large investment?

There really is not a lot you need to get started, so there is overall a lower cost.

  • Scaling Probability

Helping your business be something that other wants to buy.

  • Predictability: Is this a safe option?

Nothing is a 100% safe or sure but parallel profits is the “surest” business model you can find

  • Realistic Profit Potential: is this something real and feasible, is the potential real and feasible?

In this business model, the customer pays a substantial amount and the profit usually sums up to around 75%. As the business is built on a scalable system the prospects are bright.

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The Concerns About The Parallel Profits

Anything doesn’t have all good points; it has its bad counterparts as well and so does this business model.

Not having knowledge of your startup

One minor concern is that the materials suggest that you don’t really need to know anything about SEO or the other services we’ll be selling in order to land clients which sounds like a little bit of a stretch to me. in their materials Clayton and Booth state that you don’t really need to know anything about the services, you’re selling going on to say quote forget about needing to be any kind of expert or guru.

To me, that might make sense in theory since you don’t need to be doing the hands-on work but I can’t imagine that anyone seeking your services wouldn’t want some specifics on your game plan. Well, it’s likely true that you don’t need to spell out every SEO trick in the book perhaps saying that you don’t need to know anything is a tad optimistic.

I guess it all just depends on the salesperson and the client. it’s safe to say that if you have some basic knowledge of internet marketing or are willing to learn your chances of success are greatly enhanced.

Territorial restricitons

Another big question I have about parallel profits is whether territories or caps might be involved to help control how many program participants are concentrated in a single market if the parallel profits program is being compared to a franchise model this begs the question of whether there will be the same territorial restrictions that often come with brick-and-mortar franchise locations.

In other words, will there be any protections in place unsure what Clayton and booth referred to as a low competition business stays that way; especially when you’re talking about offering services to local businesses this aspect seems like it could become majorly important if the program is as successful as its founders seem to think it will be.

Personal Parallel Profits Review – Final Opinion

Starting with the good one thing I really like about the aspects I’ve heard about the parallel profits program so far is that it does seem like it’ll benefit both you and the clients you bring on board. there’s no doubt that search engine optimization, social media, and maintaining a strong online presence are critical for any small business.

Parallel Profits spoon-feeds you

However, it seems unlikely that many local business owners would be experts in any of these fields with some perhaps not even realizing the opportunities they’re missing. That’s why the idea of creating a platform that can serve as a one-stop-shop for these businesses seems like a great idea. Heck if I’m being honest there are actually a few businesses in my area that I wish I knew more about local SEO so that I could help them fix their shortcomings.

Given that experience, I can definitely see the value in this proposition and how it could be a win-win. the other great-sounding thing is that while bringing clients could hardly be considered passive, the program does seemingly allow for passive income after the fact while also offering scalability should you choose to keep growing.

One of the keys to the parallel profits pitch is that all of the so-called grunt work is outsourced leaving you to focus on getting clients. Well, it’s hard to say how simple that task will be it’s possible to imagine that this will allow you to start your own business as a side hustle investing only your spare time, to begin with.

In any case, the program does seem to be adaptable to your needs and goals increasing its appeal in my eyes.

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