Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam? – Unbiased Review 2021

You have perhaps stumbled upon this program through an ad, youtube video or even a friend recommended it to you. And somehow everybody is telling you how good it is and recommends you to join it. So, why not?

It’s great that you are here because before you join it, I want to show you some aspects of the program that maybe those youtube videos or even your friend might have not told you. My “Is super Affiliate Network A Scam” Review is perfectly designed to illuminate some darker spots of the program. So, keep on reading, because the program is less of an affiliate training than you might think.

The Super Affiliate Network Review – Overview

  • Product Category: Affiliate Marketing/MLM
  • Product Owners: Misha Wilson
  • Price:
    • 30-day Trial – 7$
    • Basic Membership – 47$ per month
    • Level 1 Annually- 297$ one time
    • Level 2 Pro – 2497$ one time
    • Level 3 Maui – 12997$ one time
  • Refund Policy: Only for basic membership
  • Overall Rank: 35 points of 100
  • Recommended: People who like MLM Yes, the rest NO

The program is made by Misha Wilson, a young entrepreneur and a millionaire meanwhile. He has created “The Super Affiliate Network” in order to help people learn affiliate marketing with the use of direct response marketing.

His website presents several products in the 7-200$ range and offers insights through several social media channels. His youtube channel shows 6000+ subscribers at this time and the content is relevant and up to date.

So, where is the problem you might ask? Actually, there is no problem, just a presentation of something different than it actually is. Because as we go deeper in the Super Affiliate Network Review, we will find out that there is a strong system working behind what is promised. In the next sections, I will cover some of the untold aspects of SAN.


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How the Super Affiliate “MLM” Network works

At the first, sight the website in itself looks pretty well organized and set up. But what made me a bit suspicious is that he told on one page that SAN is teaching you affiliate marketing by using email marketing and on other pages by using direct response marketing. Somehow, it wasn’t really clear for me how the program works.

Browsing through the Super Affiliate Network website I found a page where I could create a free account. Misha was congratulating me in a video that how great it is of me joining his program, and so I signed up happily for my FREE account.

On the next page, a timer was awaiting me with Misha again. I was wondering if my e-mail adress was not enough. So, I waited until the timer went down to see what kind of a 93% discount was behind it


Tadaa. The first upsell. “But Misha, I thought my registration is for free…” And this is basically where the MLM journey starts.

The good thing about it is, that Misha allows you here to refuse to buy the 7$ product. But as soon as you get into your account you can’t access any product or other page, before buying the product.

Funnier is that, after purchasing it, you will get a 30-Days Trial access for the basic Affiliate Bootcamp. Wait, did I just buy a product or a membership?..

After the 30 days trial ends, you will be charged 47$ per month. What in other words means: Welcome to Level 1 of your MLM Ladder.

You might say, “Come on 47$ month is not the end of the world”. But as I mentioned before, it is an MLM program, so you will constantly have to level up in order to be able to follow the program.

That means, after you have finished the content of level 1, you will have to purchase level 2 in order to proceed. And of course, this price is a bit higher than level 1.

It goes on and on until you have reached the high ticket programs that cost around 10.000-20.000$. Those are events that are being made by the owner himself and only “the best”, in other words, that have reached that level and paid the price, can participate.

You can see that it is a never-ending loop. What you do is simply acquire more and more people for you down line, for whom you get a commission and a part of their commissions, so that they can do the same what you do: Acquiring new people.

So, it is not really selling products, but recruit people for one product. And this is the nature of MLM.


How is the Structure of the Program?

Here is a little overview of how the leveling looks like

Level 1 Basic – 47$ (297$ annually)

  • Basic Knowledge about Affiliate Marketing and some Done For You material
  • Commissions

Level 2 – Pro Level Super Affiliate Network – 2497$

  • Extra Training and Webinars
  • Higher Commissions

Level 3 – Maui Super Affiliate – 12997$

  • A seminar where you can meet Misha
  • 1on1 Training with Misha
  • 3000$ per Sale and 5% of your recruits commissions

Maui is right now the highest level, or at least the highest level that I could find. But it is most likely there are more stages to reach.


Who is Misha Wilson?

Misha is a successful online entrepreneur who started his career in affiliate marketing. At the age of 22 he got involved in the online world and by 25 hit the million-dollar mark. During his training and his youtube videos, he comes across as very informative and experienced.

According to the SAN website, Misha saw that many of his clients and team members were failing at creating a sustainable business, he created Super Affiliate Network. And the goal of SAN is simple, it is there to help people to achieve real success with his done for you solutions. Or better said, acquiring new people for his program?


How is the support of Super Affiliate Network?

The support is very good and better than compared to other programs. You don’t only have email support but even phone support as well. So if you have issues with the modules you can always call them.

At the first sight, it looks very helpful, but what some users report is that the support agent is not even helping you but also “motivating” you to buy the next upsell.

Honestly, this would make me feel a bit uncomfortable because if I need help I expect someone to be genuine, instead of trying to sell me something. But this is simply how the system of MLM works.


Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

Not really. It depends on how you view it.

The super affiliate network is based on an MLM scheme, which I personally do not like because you only learn how to sell one product and have to recruit people. With this approach, you don’t build an own brand and constantly have to suck people into the program.

So who isn’t a fan of MLM structures, Super Affiliate Network might be a scam. On the other hand, if you like MLM Structures then this course might be legit for you.

But in regards to Affiliate Marketing, the training doesn’t seem to be very powerful. For beginners, they might be eye-opening but someone who has already some experience sees the real value behind it.


What is the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing?

It is easy to differ. If you are promoting products to others, then you are an affiliate. If you are recruiting people into your program in your downline, you are an MLMer.


Do I learn how to create a business with the Super Affiliate Network Training?

Not very much. You are shown the basics of affiliate marketing and get a lot of done for your material. But you don’t create an own business, because you only make use of Solo Ads and Email Marketing. For a business, you need a website, your own logo, your own brand and your own content. Unfortunately, none of those aspects are covered in the Super Affiliate Network.


How is the Refund Policy of Super Affiliate Network?

Because Super Affiliate Network contains different products, SAN has created different refund policies.

Everything below level 2 can be refunded within 30 days. So, the 7$ membership and the 47$ basic fall into that category. But for the Pro Level and Maui product (Level 2 and higher), there are no refunds. So, you have to be very sure before acquiring the higher levels.


What are the Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate Network?


  • Misha is an experienced entrepreneur that is in the business for a good amount of time
  • The program is almost free to join (7$)
  • Super Affiliate Network has a highly active community
  • The support is helpful (and motivates you to “level up”)
  • You can earn high commissions with the program


  • Works with an MLM Scheme
  • Doesn’t show you how to create an own brand (Uses only Email Marketing and no website)
  • The program has a lot of upsells
  • The affiliate marketing training isn’t that good
  • The focus lies on recruiting people less on affiliate marketing


My final Opinion on Super Affiliate Marketing Network

Personally, I don’t recommend getting involved in the program. First of all, because you do not learn how to create an own business. What you do is simply recruiting people and asking companies to put your solo ads into their email. To build a sustainable affiliate marketing business you need at least a website and your own brand. Just doing solo ads e-mail marketing without a website doesn’t create you an own branded business.

Secondly, Misha is following an MLM structure. I don’t advise anyone to get into that kind of scheme, because it changes you. You become a hustler that is constantly trying to acquire new people for his downline without giving actual value to people. Of course, it has also its upsides. For example, a great community that makes you feel like being a part of a team what many people appreciate. But in the end, it is all about hustling.

My verdict is that it is not a scam, because Misha is real and a guy with great knowledge. But I don’t recommend it.


Is there an Alternative to this Program?

There is a great alternative to SAN. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and is basically all that what SAN is presented to be about.

You learn to create your own branded Affiliate Marketing Business, promote affiliate products and do NOT recruit People, have 24/7 support WITHOUT someone trying to sell you something.

And the greatest thing is that there are NO UPSELLS. The only two options are Free and Premium. And premium costs 49$ per month. FOREVER. No upsells, No recruitments. Just training and your own branded affiliate marketing business.

You can check out my review about it HERE, or directly go to the website and check it out by yourself (the sign up is totally free)

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And if you have any questions or experience with similar programs, or maybe even with SAN itself, then make sure you share it in the comment section. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading


8 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam? – Unbiased Review 2021”

  1. Thanks for the post. 

    The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing has not been clear for people who have always wanted to work from home. The aspect of reselling products for a certain network marketing company for commissions and recruiting is where most people realized that they are actually not working for themselves, unlike in affiliate marketing, where they can be able to aquire their own websites and other marketing channels to promote products and even companies and make money. 

    Thank ffor the clarification, it’s a good post!! 

    • Hey Hendrick,

      Exactly! This is the issue that most people that are starting out encouter without even realizing it. It is totally understandable that they want to create a sustainable online income, but as soon as they get inolved into MLM they , without realizing it, become hustlers for a product they maybe don’t even identify with. But the good thing is that those structures don’t last long and I think it is just a part of the process of becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Thanks for passing by Hendrick!

      All the best for you,


  2. Thank you for this really informative review. I am not a fan of MLM opportunities, mainly because I have tried them in the past and unless you are a person who likes to constantly lead your prospects by the hand, it is very difficult to succeed, as it is a constant battle to get referrals to work.

    I prefer something I can do for myself and not have to rely on a downline to be successful.

    • Hey Mlchel,

      you hit the nail on the head! You don’t need a downline to be successful. Unfortunately, MLM marketing always has to rely on a downline. So many people that are involved simply do not realize that they have no other way than to rely on other people coming into the system. So it simply shows how unstable and dependent this system is. Thanks for passing by! Much success for you,


  3. Great review , I also reccoment the first number one WealthyAffiliate network, I have also one month Premium at Wealthy Affiliate and I already have build 3 blogs in different niches.Before I join to wealthy affiliate I lost one year of my rich time with different affiliate networks.As you say the Wealthy Affiliate is the first number one.

    • It takes some time to find a program that fits you best. But I am happy to hear that you are happy with Wealthy Affiliate and that it provides you the training you have been looking for 🙂

      Much success further,

  4. Thank you for another interesting review. I read a bit before about supper affiliate network program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your post its not something I would invest time and money. Im not convinced to MLM marketing and I do feel that there are more innovative ways to earn money. Best place to start is wealthy affiliate with tons of training and great, supportive community.

    • Hey Cogito,

      thanks for your comment. MLM is indeed not the best way to start out with, especially if you are a beginner. You don’t really learn how to create a brand but simply promote a product that focuses only on promoting itself. So, programs like Wealthy Affiliate are great alternatives to MLM structures.

      Thanks for passing by,


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