Review 2021 – Real or Fake? Scamcheck!

Hello guys, welcome to my review. In this article I am going to talk about the website and take a closer look with you at its content, training, good, bad, and if it is the right fit for you.

This program claims you to help earn money with social media tasks like updating social media accounts, create posts, update posts, upload videos etc. So, according to the website, by following the training you will become a successful social media manager with a great income. Sounds cool but is it really the case? Let’s find out!

Note: I have to say up front that I am not affiliated with this program in any way. So, what you are getting here is a non-biased paidsocialmediajobs review.

Paidsocialmediajobs review – A short Overview

Owner: Annie Jones
Pricing: 27$ + Upsells (37$ – 47$)
Category: Social Media Jobs
Refund Policy: 30 Days
Recommended: NO!
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100

When I took a look at the website, honestly I missed the professionality. Especially after entering the member’s area. Everything seemed created out of the cuff. In addition to that, I came across some paid social media jobs rumors during my research, so I was double alert while checking out the program.

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What is

The so-called owner Annie Jones, who is not a real but fictive person, claims to have created a platform that gives you the opportunity to create a high-income stream by managing social media accounts.

She says that as an employee you don’t need any previous experience becoming a social media manager. The only thing you need to have is just an affinity for social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What surprised me a lot is that Annie promises that after signing up you will have access to tons of social media jobs and that within 1 day you will be able to start your first tasks. Cool, but what about the earnings? Yeah, this is where my scam bells went on. She claims that you are able to earn 700$(!) per week by just posting and replying to some comments.

For newbies, this kind of statement would be enough to sign up, but after having reviewed a bunch of programs, I could tell you without even taking a look at the program, that this is simply not possible. 700$ per week by just managing social media accounts is a dream for a lot of professional freelancers. And no matter how good the training is, just managing social media accounts is nothing that can make you rich, especially if you aim to get rich quickly (what Annie promises).

These are the tasks that you would have to do according to Annie:

  • Post content
  • reply to comments
  • upload videos
  • post promotions
  • re-post
  • get more likes to certain posts
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Help community groups (f.e. Facebook Groups) to receive more engagement
  • Get more likes, followers, shares

Theoretically, it sounds pretty easy for 700$ per week, right? But how would it look in real life?

How does work?

So, after entering the member’s area you will be provided with a list of jobs that you can choose from. The funny part is that it makes use of the marketplaces Fiverr, Upwork, elance and odesk. Those marketplaces are free to use, but Annie charges you 27$ to get access to it.

Well, okay she provides a good training, so it is legitimate to charge a few bucks for it, you may say. Of course, no doubt. But as I went through the training, all I saw was just empty promises. What I mean by that is, Annie just tells you WHY you should become a social media manager but never shows you HOW to put it into action! What is definitely a problem, because you want to earn money right?

Here are some modules that Annie is “covering” in her program:

  • Module 1: Understanding Social Media Clients
  • Module 2: How to be a Social Media Manager
  • Module 3: Introduction to Social Media Management
  • Module 4: Advanced Training Program

I checked those modules, and none of them really tells you how to implement the things you are being taught. What I can conclude here is that the training doesn’t provide the value it promises on the website. All the information you get here, you can also find by using free sources like Youtube or Google.

Who is for?

So with all the previous information that we have, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but if the program would have a great training, it would be good for people who want to work from home without a lot of technical or online marketing experience.

Here are some examples: stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, retired people, students, full-time workers who are looking for a side hustle, underpaid workers, people with a strong affinity for social media, etc.

How is the Pricing of

The program in itself costs 27$ which opens you the door to the member’s area. There you receive basic training on how to become a social media manager and a listing of different job offers.

But the initial price is usually just the first step to present you with some additional upsells.

During the training, Annie tells you that you will need an additional tool that is called the “Social Media Arbitrage” what according to her is going to enhance your success with finding social media jobs. But if it really works that well, I am not sure, because the training in itself isn’t very promising.

Next to it, there is another upsell. The “Launch a Digital Product Business Program” that costs an additional 47$ and shall make you become a business owner by creating digital products. I don’t know how necessary it is, but after making some experience in social media jobs you will have the opportunity to become your own boss.

Is a scam?

Not directly. I wouldn’t call it a scam, because you get a training and insights into how to become a social media manager. But the value that it provides is not very high. 27$ are legitimate, but there are definitely far better courses out there that provide much more value for this price. Or at least a more quality training with step-by-step instructions.

Don’t get me wrong here, you receive information about how to start out as a social media manager, but the promises on the website simply do not correlate with the training that is being provided at all. So, it is not a scam but very close to it.

The good about

So, as we covered in the previous sections, is not totally a scam and provides a little value for people who are looking for social media jobs.

First Pro of it is: You receive a training provides you with 27$ a training that gives you some insights into how social media arbitrage works and why it is good to make use of it. It doesn’t provide you a complete step-by-step guide on how to start out, but at least some information on this topic. Even though there are a lot of free sources out there that provide you the same insights.

Second Pro: 60 Days Clickbank guarantee

This is perhaps of the best advantages of the program. Because it is hosted on Clickbank you receive 60 days money-back-guarantee. So, even if you are worried it is a scam, you will definitely get your money back if you ask for a refund.

Third Pro: Overview of Marketplaces with job offers

Even though marketplaces like fiverr and upwork are free to use, they have listed all the jobs in one section, which creates a better overview. But that’s actually all to it.

The bad about

As you may have thought, there are more downsides than upsides to the program. Let’s start with the first one

First minus: Promises don’t align with the training you receive

On the sales page, you are being promised to make within 1 day your first revenue and being able to earn 700$ per week. After checking out the training, it is simply not true. With the content and information that you are being provided by the program, it is simply not possible to reach those successes neither in that time frame nor at all. If you try to make 700$ a week with social media jobs you will definitely have to access resources outside of the program.

Second minus: The owner is fictive

After having done some research it became clear to me that Annie Jones is not a real person. Her fotos have been taken from a stockphoto website ( and simply have been used to add some authenticity to the program.

Third minus: The news speaker on the sales page is purchased

On websites like, you are able to hire spokespersons that make a video for you by using a script that you can provide. They will literally tell everything want them to tell.

Forth minus: Use job offers from marketplaces that are for free

As I mentioned previously, the job marketplaces that are being presented on are free to use. So, basically, if you would like to have access to social media job offers, you wouldn’t have to pay 27$.

My final Opinion about the program

My final word on this program is don’t buy it. It sounds very appealing on the sales page, but after clicking the purchase button, you will receive not what you have been promised. A sales page is there to sell, so maybe this something that should be always kept in mind looking for products online.

All in all, paidsocialmediajobs is legitimate but provide neither quality training nor a job offer service. It issimply a program that was put together without the intention of providing real value to its customers. The focus lies more on creating profits by selling content that is actually accessible for free for everybody.

If you are still curious and want to find out for yourself, you can purchase it carefree, because you have a 60 days Clickbank money-back guarantee.

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Where do I find the paidsocialmediajobs content login?

  • After purchasing the program you will see a website that shows you how you can get to the login members area. The website for it is:

Thank you for reading. If you have experiences you want to share or questions leave a comment in the comment section. I am more than happy to help out.

All the best,




8 thoughts on “ Review 2021 – Real or Fake? Scamcheck!”

  1. This was a little disappointing as the overall ranking is extremely low for a platform that has the potential to make loads of cash. The problem for me is that nowadays you have inexperienced individuals who copy other courses and when doing a poor job of it, then try to sell it to the public. It should be about truly wanting to help others, only then will you achieve great success and the benefits that come with it.

    • Exactly, and other “platforms” that promise you to make money with virtual assistance, are simply nothing more than redirection to Upwork and other freelance websites. Like I have already mentioned in my other comment, there is nothing bad with it, but they could have at least provided some in-depth content and not fill their “platform”/course with upsells, which may be useless to the customer. Especially if you are new to making money online, you will perhaps not see the low value of this whole website and go for all the upsells, because you want to make sure to get those jobs. So, yeah there are definitely much greater alternatives. For example Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for passing by Jean! All the best,


  2. Personally this has me quite curious. While I realize that this program isn’t good for it in particular, I wonder if there’s a “wealthy affiliate” equivalent for social media managing. Certainly, I wouldn’t mind trying to find a person on a budget who would be happy to do social media managing for me even if it was only part time and not super reliable.

    • Hey Christina,

      there are great training videos on Udemy that show you how to start out as a social media manager! I recommend those because they are made by real people with great knowledge (and most of the time who are social media managers themselves). Those are definitely more valuable and cheaper than a half-made ebook course that claims to be an online job provider.

      Here is a great alternative:

  3. Hi Matt. Thank you for very interesting article. Im still surprised how many opportunities there are online to ear money, but at the same time there are so many sites and programs which want just to take your money without anything to offer. Maybe Paidsocialmediajobs site is not a scam, but its not something worth spending time and money. With so many great platforms like wealthy affiliate, its just not worth a risk.

    • Hey Cogito,

      yes, the methods are endless nowadays. So this is why it is important to get informed about a product before purchasing because there are a lot of products that don’t provide the best quality. Unfortunately paidsocialmediajobs is one of them. As you have already mentioned, if you want to earn money online, Wealthy Affiliate provides a great platform with a free 7 days trial to get a feeling for the program.

      Thanks for passing by Cogito

      All the best,


  4. Reading Annie Jone’s Paid Social Media Jobs Page, it is quite convincing, but deep inside me, a voice is saying that this just seems too good to be true. How can anybody make money this easily and if we could why isn’t everyone doing it?

    One has to be very careful before giving up your hard-earned money to platforms that are not going to deliver all that they promise. Ok so maybe the training is great, but then what keeps you there for the monthly fee that you need to pay after that?

    • Hey Mlchel,

      you can’t say it better. Those promises are always there to butter everything up but you have to be aware that a sales page is there to… exactly.. SELL! So, this is why it is always to inform yourself beforehand otherwise, you can fall into schemes that simply aim to make you pay more and more for the program. I am glad that you mentioned it: listen to you inner voice!

      Thanks for passing by Mlchel. All the best for you,


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