Sqribble Ebook Creator Review 2021 – Legit or just a Software Scam? (Non-Affiliated)

Hello Guys, it’s Matt, and welcome to my Sqribble Ebook Creator Review. You may have come across this software and found it interesting but are not sure if it is the right choice for you nor if it is legit. I am here to help you out and remove any questions you may have about the program without having a biased opinion or being affiliated with the product. Because I think it is important to know what a program is about before you buy it, the goal of my work here to give you a clear perspective on Sqribble and tell you if it is a scam or not.

With that said, let’s jump right into my Sqribble Ebook Creator Review and check out the good, the bad, how it works, and if it’s the right fit for you.


Sqribble – Honest Review/Overview

Name: Sqribble Ebook Creator
Category: Ebook Marketing
Owner: Adeel Chowdhary
Pricing: 67$ + Upsells
Refund Policy: 30 days (only if the software hasn’t been used)
Recommended?: Yes
Overall Ranking: 75 of 100

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A Short Summary

Honestly, I was a bit sceptical when I saw the sales video. Creating Ebboks in 5 min? 50+ Templates? Auto Content Writer? It all sounded for me like another done-for-you system that uses grey hat techniques. But after taking a closer look, it actually seems to be a pretty well-designed tool.

To tell you from the start, Sqribble is a software that allows you to create ebooks in a fast and creative way. You have to be aware that it is not a money-making program but more a tool that helps you to make money.

If it’s not a money-making program, so how do you use it then?

An example would be creating leadmagnets in order to sell them or give them away for free to expand your email list. Or to start your own ebook business where you create ebooks for other people. There are a lot of ways on how to use the sqribble ebook creator, and the cool part is that it comes with a free commercial license that allows you to sell your creations without asking for permission of the owners (but more on this later).

Is the software really that good?

I have to tell you from the start, this software is not a scam. It is a very well-designed tool with great features and functions that do not require any technical expertise. In addition to that, it is very easy to use via drag and drop and one-click automation.

Nice, so can you create Ebooks within 5 minutes?

Not really. After creating your sqribble ebook, you can’t say it is completely finished, because there is still some editing and formating needed. But it definitely saves you a lot of time in comparison to the process of creating an ebook from scratch.

I really enjoyed writing this review because usually you have to be aware of any scam signs, but here I can surely tell you that it is perfectly save.

So, does it fit you then? Let’s check out the details in the next sections.

Who is Sqribble for?

This is actually pretty obvious. Because Sqribble is a tool and NOT a money making program it can be literally for anyone who wants to create ebooks fast. But I will expand on a few examples:

For anyone who wants to make money from home

If you are looking to have your own home business and work from your bed, this software can help you to achieve this. Not only because you can create ebooks with it but it also provides training on how to start making money with your ebooks (more on this later).

Affiliate Marketers

This is perhaps the majority of online marketers nowadays. With this tool you actually won’t even need to have a website and can simply promote your affiliate products through your created ebooks.


If you are a blogger you sooner or later are going to have your e-mail list. Sqribble gives you the possibility to create great lead magnets that you can sell to your readers or give them away for free to expand your e-mail list.


If you pursue the freedom of being self-employed then Sqribble is a great way to enhance your ebook business. You used to create ebooks from scratch? Then you exactly know that it takes a great amount of time. Sqribble can be of a great help there.


If you are a consultant you always want to proivde great knowledge to your customers. Ebooks are a great way to do that, but we all know that not only the content matters but also your layout and design. Sqribble gives you a great opportunity to incorporate both and create an attractive and appealing report/ebook.

Anybody who uses content

As I said previously, no matter what your goal of direction is, if you are using content, Ebooks and reports are always a great way to wrap up your knowledge. Sqribble saves you a lot of time by providing tons of pre-built layouts and templates.

Who is the founder of Sqribble?

The founder of the Sqribble Ebook Creator is Adheel Chowdhry. He is well known for being a highly paid digital marketer and emphasizes people to pay more attention to lead generation.

Because there are a lot of methods to do that and it is not always easy to choose the right one, he created Sqribble in order to simplify the whole process. He believes that ebooks (or leadmagnets) are the best way to create leads and expand your e-mail list.

Adheel himself is since 2010 in the online marketing scene and was very successful with selling Clickbank products. Right now, his coaching and teaching other people to do the same.


What is the Sqribble Ebook Creator?

As we talked about previously, it is a tool that allows you to create well-designed ebooks within a very short period of time. In short terms: it is a cloud-based software that creates ebooks on demand within 5 min.

Cloud-based? Yes, the software requires neither installation nor design or writing skills. So, a perfect solution for ebook and online marketing beginners.

There are different steps and functions that Squribble incorporates in order to create well-designed ebooks. But first, let’s check out what kind of packages (Sqribble OTO’s) you can choose from.

Sqribble Different Memberships

After entering the member’s area, what you will see is a short welcome video of Adheel. Depending on which Sqribble OTO you have chosen for, you will have certain functions available to you. Here all of the Sqribble OTOs:

(0) Sqribble Basic – 50+ Templates and the ebook creator platform. This package is great for beginners and people who want to become familiar with the software

(1) Sqribble Prime – In this membership 15 new ebook templates are going to be added every month for one year. This is perfect for moderate users

(2) Sqribble Professional – Here you get 150 more templates, stock graphics, and a lot of more pre-created material that you can use. This package is great for people who want to be more creative and plan to use the software on a daily basis.

(3) Sqribble Fantasia 3D –  D Covers and Flipbooks. This package includes editing of 3D Covers that is very important for your customers (they always want to see a 3D version of your Ebook) and Flipbooks. Latter are simply animated versions with a flipping effect of your ebooks that give the reader a real-life feeling. Great for users who want to create professional ebooks.

(4) Sqribble Autojob Finder – If you plan to use scribble to create an ebook business (creating ebooks for other people), then this package is perfect for you. The auto job finder informs you of jobs across different freelance websites, that help to find the right customers for you.

Here are some additional Sqribble functions that I found very useful

1 Click Feedback engine – This feature allows you to send your work to your customers with 1 click and allow them to edit and give feedback on it. This very useful when you work with a lot of customers and want to save time on complicated e-mail communication

Content automation – This is a feature that allows you to import blogs or other content by just using a link (f.e. blog article) or upload it via word files.

Quality training – Adheel himself teaches you how to create ebooks, edit templates and use many other technical Sqribble functions. The training covers each Sqribble OTO (from professional to auto job finder) and even shows you how to create an amazon ebook business.

How does the Sqribble Ebook software work?

As soon as you start out on the Sqribble dashboard, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed because there are a good amount of buttons push and actions you can take. The most important section is the upper menu where you are presented with all the functions of your purchased package.

Let’s jump into the process of how to create an Ebook with Sqribble.

Step 1 – Choose a template

Step 2 – Name your Project

Step 3 – Select Project Type

  • Here You will be asked how you want to insert your content. You can do it in 5 ways
    • Grab from an URL
    • Write it
    • Copy Paste
    • Upload Word Text File
    • Using Article Collection (using their articles)
      • Note: This one is pretty useful if you don’t have your own content. It is a great way to start out and collect inspiration and it saves you a lot of time

Step 4 – Customize and Publish

      • Note: Here it is about making adjustments and publishes your Ebook. Depending on how much you want to adjust, this whole process takes you around 5-10 minutes, which is an enormous time saver compared to creating an ebook from scratch. (Although you have to keep in mind that adjustments can take some time)

Here is a short Sqribble Ebook Demo



Sqribble Upsells and Pricing

The pricing of Sqrible is varying because the software has always different discount codes for certain periods of time.

But this is the usual Pricing structure of Sqribble:

  • Basic – One-time payment: 67$
    • 50+ Templates you can choose from
  • Upsell 1 – One-time payment: Sqribble professional 87$
    • +150 Templates, stock graphics etc.
  • Upsell 2 – One-time payment: Sqribble Fantasia 3D 74$
    • Allows you to create 3d models of ebooks
    • Pretty important because people like to see 3D version of your ebook
  • Upsell 3 – One-time payment: Sqribble Prime Membership – 47$
    • A whole year every month they give you additional templates and writing content for your ebooks
  • Upsell 4 – One-time payment: Sqribble Autojob Finder 197$
    • Shows you step by step how to find jobs like freelancing geeks where people are looking for someone who creates ebooks for them

What is Good about Sqribble?

  • Can take boring content and make it look attractive
  • You can automate content (import blog posts or other content via link insertion)
  • Can start your own ebook business (creating ebooks for others)
  • Has training on the software itself and how to find new customers
  • You use your blog posts as a content source
  • It has lots of designs to choose from

What is not so Good about Sqribble?

  • Editing takes time
  • There are free tools that are also great to use (f.e. canva)
  • You still have to write content (or at least edit)
  • You can’t use article collection word by word without falling into plagiarism
  • The software itself doesn’t make you money

Is Sqribble a scam?

Sqribble is 100% scam-free. It is a great ebook software that allows you to create ebooks within minutes for a very affordable price. If you want to expand your functionalities and usage you can always upgrade and get more out of the software. This is pretty good because it gives you the flexibility to either stay with the basic program or choose for more as soon as your ebook business starts growing.

If you are sure about creating ebooks, you can hassle-free purchase the program because you have in addition to my opinion a 30 days money-back guarantee via Clickbank. So every product you purchase on ClickBank always has a 30 days money-back guarantee

My final Opinion on Sqribble

I give Sqribble a green light. You can be assured that you get good ebook software for your money. It saves you time, work and even helps you to start an ebook business.

What I really like about the software is that it gives you great training by Adheel, that guides you through the software and many other things that are related to ebook creation. And I highlight it here because it is quality training! Compared to other programs, training are most of the time not that thoroughly created because the main focus lies on the software itself. In this case, Adheel and his team made a great job here.

A little downer is of course the advertising. You surely can create an ebook within 5 minutes but you will still have to make some adjustments. So, depends on how good you want your ebook you will still have to invest more than 5 minutes. But compared to creating an ebook from scratch it is definitely a big help.

All in all it is a great time saver for an affordable price and gives you a lot of extras to start or expand your ebook business. Just keep in mind that after purchasing it you will still have to invest some work for your ebooks.


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Sqribble FAQs

  • Sqribble ebook creator alternatives
    • There are some alternatives to Sqribble like designrr or a free software canva. The functions vary from each software but you can definitely improve your ebooks with the help of those softwares. But Sqribble is on the top list in regards to speed and presented features like 3D covers and flipbooks.
  • Designrr vs Sqribble
    • You can view Designrr as the little brother of Sqribble. It has almost the same functions and is even cheaper, but doesn’t provide the same quality of training or other little things that make sqribble unique.
  • What is the best ebook creator?
    • After reading amounts of reviews and testing different software I can say with certainty that Sqribble is (one of) the best Ebook Creators out there. It covers all the needed aspects to create an ebook within minutes and provides you with tons of geared-up templates.
  • Are other Sqribble reviews real?
    • Some of them are, some not. Like with any other review, you have to look if the reviewer is affiliated with the program. If yes, then the opinion is most of the time biased, which means that some information may be tweaked in order to sell it better.

12 thoughts on “Sqribble Ebook Creator Review 2021 – Legit or just a Software Scam? (Non-Affiliated)”

  1. This sounds like a great platform!  The many applications make it useful for everyone, no matter what their job and I love the one-time payment for the plans.  Now you’ve got me thinking about that cookbook everyone is urging me to publish!  

    If I buy the least expensive plan to try it out, do I then have to pay the entire price for a higher tier or just the difference between what I’ve already paid and the cost of the new tier?

    • Hey Cynthia,

      unfortunately, you will have to pay the full price, because the basic program includes a one-time payment. But the creators of sqribble usually make promotions from time to time, maybe you are able to get a discount there. It is indeed a great software, but I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate if you plan to start your own business. Thank you for passing by!

      All the best for you,


  2. Thank you so much for the informative article that you have posted over Sqribble Ebook Creator!  I have heard good things about Sqribble actually, and one person I found online uses them alone, solely for their Ebooks.  I can see that you have also given it a decent rating, though probably not the best one.  Thank you for your honesty though!

    • Hey Jessie,

      You are most welcome! Yeah you have many different options with sqribble. You can either just use it to improve your current ebooks or start creating completely from scratch. Or you can simply start your own ebook agency and create books for other people. So the software is very diverse to use.

      Have a great day!


  3. Great article, Matt! I’ve never heard of an ebook program quite like this one. I once met someone who wrote and illustrated his own kids books using the free old version of Photoshop. Of course, he had to do all the work himself from scratch. With Sqribble, things would be a lot easier since you have something to work off of.

    I do have one question and you touched upon it a bit in the article, but how exactly do users avoid plagiarism? Do they have to rewrite the pieces they start with?


    • Hey Isaac,

      Yes, sqribble takes a good amount of work from your shoulders in regards to ebook creation. And yes, they most definitely have to rewrite them otherwise google will simply not rank your content. So, there is still some amount of work needed from the users side. Sqribble doesn’t free you from all the work, but it makes things easier!

  4. I’m one of those who hasn’t made an ebook yet, but I have a website and have accumulated some content that would be great for processing into an e-book. I’ve been looking at e-book offers for a while now, I’ve already spotted Sqribble ebook creator somewhere, but I’ve only just learned all the necessary information about this provider in your excellent review, and I agree that it’s a great program for both beginners and those who already have one or more e-books on the online market.
    When I have the content ready, I will most likely really buy Sqribble Basic. This will suffice for my initial test. Thanks also for describing the process of making an e-book step by step. So I now have a great idea about how to make a book in Sqribble.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hey Nina,

      I am glad I could help you with this review. Sqribble is indeed a great program for creating ebooks. It is easy to use, there is no technical experience required and it is being offered for an affordable price.

      Let me know how it goes with your ebook creation. I am curious! Until there all the best for you,


  5. In times past creating a book and being an author were considered fairly difficult roads to travel on. I for one had an interest but I was slowed down by the content writing, designing, templating, structuring, etc that normally accompanies the start of the writing process. With software like Sqribble Ebook Creator (SEC), I have a tool that removes many of those obstacles. SEC makes it far easier to focus on building quality content while making the design process easier. And as we know creating eye-catchy e-covers does win customers.  I like also that SEC provides 50+ templates at the basic level at a fairly affordable one-time price of $67. This allows me therefore to get to understand the software and with training provided by Adheel, who you suggest is good, I would be incentivized to move on to the next membership level. And finally, as a blogger I really have been looking at a magnet to draw in my potential clients. The Sqribble Ebook Creator might just be what the doctor ordered. Thanks for your review of the SEC.

    • Hey only1hugh,

      I am glad that I could help you with this review. I wish you much success with creating your ebooks. Let me know how it goes, I’m curious!

      All the best,


  6. I tried out the basic version of Sqribble and I agree the software is very good. It does make your eBooks look more professional than if you try to design them yourself.

    It is easy to use, but I don’t quite trust the pulling the content from a Url part, as this feels a bit like cheating. I prefer to use my own content and use this software to make it look professional. I don’t create many eBooks, so the basic plan is fine for me.

    • Haha I exactly know what you mean. It feels like duplicating content and pretending to be the owner. But it is great that you see it that way, because it will only be of great benefit for your business to have unique content.
      Let me know how your ebook business goes, I am curious!

      All the best for you



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