Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review – Why It Is Not For Everyone

Super Affiliate System Review

Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0
Price: 997$
Owners: John Crestani
Overall Rank: 42 out of 100


Super Affiliate System Overview

In this Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review I will breakdown several things:

(1) The Pros and Cons of the Program
(2) How the Program works
(3) And my thorough opinion and recommendation for whom it is and for whom not

The Super Affiliate System is an online training that teaches you how to create an online business with affiliate marketing. The strategy that is used by John Crestani is paid traffic. Although John is using a lot of cliché advertising like flying with a helicopter to his mansion during his “live” webinar (what was a strong “SCAM” signal for me), he presents a lot of knowledge in his field.

The program runs for 6 weeks and focuses mainly on Google, Facebook and YouTube paid advertising.

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The good and the bad


  • The program is very detailed and put in a step by step training
  • Presents a lot of valuable content
  • Has a 24/7 support
  • Offers a deferred payment (3 payments)



  • Presents a lot of “done-for you” stuff, what in my eyes is a strong indicator for “fast money” teachings
  • Doesn’t talk about the investment that you have to make for paid traffic! It is very misleading when you are a beginner in affiliate marketing
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Doesn’t spend too much time on explaining how to spread budget on paid traffic. What can result in a depleted budget quickly



How does The Program Work?

The program is very broad and gives a detailed step for step guide on how to start with affiliate marketing and paid traffic. As already mentioned the program runs 6 weeks and I will show you what exactly is included in the program and elaborate on each week.

1. Week – System Setup

    • System Setup Part 1
    • Joining an Affiliate Network
    • Setting up a website
    • Presell page setup 1
    • Presell page setup 2 Clickfunnels method
    • Presell page setup 3 Manual Method
    • Facebook Ad Setup 1 targeting
    • Facebook Ad setup 2 ad creation
    • Common Setup Mistakes
    • Week 1 Wrapup

Basically, what happens here is you do the setup work. Joining an affiliate network (clickbank is the one that is used mainly through the whole course), setting up a website (bluehost), creating a presale page. Although with the presell page john uses 2 methods. A manual method and an automated method (clickfunnels). Of course, both methods work, but the automated one costs more (around 24-97$ per month)

2.Week – Google Ads Setup

    • Google Ads Introduction
    • Google Search Ads Setup
    • Google Display Ads Setup
    • Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup
    • Common Google Ads Mistakes
    • Week 2 Wrapup

In week 2, it is all about setting up google ads. Here you learn how to create a google search campaign, learn about common google ads mistakes and setup a conversion pixel. Latter is important to track which google ad is leading to sales.

3.Week – Youtube Ads Setup

    • Youtube Ads Introduction
    • Youtube Channel Setup
    • Why Exclude Mobile?
    • Common Youtube Mistakes
    • Week 3 Wrapup & Special Bonus!

Week 3 is all about setting up Youtube ads. Here you learn how to setup a channel, an Youtube ad campaign and get to know some valuable insights like why it is important to exclude mobile ads.


4.Week – Advanced Ad Tactics

    • Advanced Facebook Ads Introduction
    • Facebook Mistakes
    • Tim Burd Introduction – Partner/Former Student elaborating
    • Tim, How To Keep Compliant With Facebook
    • Brian Pfeiffer, How To Breakthrough
    • Ronnie, Speaking To The Reptile Brain
    • Ronnie, How To Hack People’s Trust
    • Ronnie, Highly Profitable Headlines
    • Ronnie, Famous Copywriters
    • Week 4 Wrapup

In week 4, John Crestani gives the mike to his colleagues that talk deeper about Facebook ads, the psychological mechanisms about sales and how to copywrite. All very valuable topics that should never be missed in creating sufficient and successful ads.

5.Week – Presell Pages & Scaling

    • Presell Pages Introduction
    • Split Testing Presell Pages
    • Common Presell Pages Mistakes
    • Scaling Basics
    • Payout Bumps
    • Week 5 Wrapup

Week 5 is all about setting up the presell pages and scaling. A presell page is the page that is in your space of control the main sales page of the vendor not. So, many marketers use a presell page to make the sale more stable so that the customer is willing to buy on the main sales page quicker. You can also call it the “middle page”.

You also learn how to split test. It’s very important for scaling your ads and find the best working ads for your campaigns.

6.Week – Product Selection

    • Product Setup Introduction
    • Choosing Your Niche
    • Finding Clickbank Offers
    • Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks
    • Common Mistakes in Choosing an Offer
    • Week 6 Wrapup

In this week, the plane is about to depart. Until here it is all about setting up and preparing the business before its launch. John Crestani talks about how to find your niche, clickbank offers and choose your product. He goes over 3 niches. The bizop (business opportunity seekers), health niche and love and dating niche.  After it, it is all about getting started with all the knowledge you have learned in the course.

This is how the training looks like.


Additional Resources

John Crestani works with one example and this example is about how to promote his own product. The Super Affiliate System 3.0. To give the student an insight on bestselling ads and presell pages he uploaded his own used data. This is the so called “done for you”-content.

What is being offered:

  1. Targeting data – Buyers lists to create f.e. look-a-like audiences on Facebook
  2. Ad Swipes – Tested Ads that are recommended and good to use and tested ads to promote his course
  3. Presell Pages – Different landing pages for bizop, health and love niche. Presell pages for clickfunnels method and manual method
  4. Affiliate networks – List of other networks like Rakuten, Shareasale, Flexoffers etc.
  5. Advertising networks – List of other advertising networks like bing ads
  6. Legal Resources – A prepared letter in case Facebook or Google disapproves your ads
  7. Other recommended Vendors – Vendors like Fiverr to improve and scale your business
  8. Course Archives – Older Versions of The Super Affiliate System (SAS 1.0, SAS 2.0)


My Final Opinion on SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM 3.0

When I saw John Crestanis Webinar intro I couldn’t say if it was a joke or if he meant it seriously (you can re-watch it here). Walking out of a helicopter to a “live” webinar? Come on!

At the beginning I was very sceptical and was already about sign it as a scam. But as I dug deeper, I found out that his course actually had something to offer. It is a very in detail course that talks deeply about affiliate marketing, paid traffic, and ad creation.

But I wouldn’t recommend the product for beginners. Paid traffic is an area that has to be treated with careful otherwise you invest a lot of money with very little revenue. In addition to that, John isn’t clearly talking about the different match types in google ads.

There are 3 match types. Broad match, phrase match and exact match. The type he is using is the broad match and this is one that costs the most. So, it can happen that your budget can be depleted very fast.

Another point I must criticize is that neither in the sales page of SAS 3.0 nor in other reviews(!) of SAS 3.0 it is talked about that you have to invest money for paid traffic! For an experienced Affiliate Marketer it may seem obvious but as a beginner you have no knowledge about paid traffic. So, you buy the course and suddenly see that you have to invest another 1000$ to get your business rolling. I would have wished that it would have been shown at least somewhere in the sales page, to make it clear. Otherwise it seems like an information that is hidden on purpose to just generate as many customers as possible.

The third point is, that I am not a fan of hard and aggressive selling. In my eyes, many of those strategies don’t run for the long term and bring along risks. For me it feels like this course is all about selling and less about caring about the needs of a customer.

So to give you a clear answer I divided my recommendation in two sections. For people that I would recommend it and for people that I wouldn’t recommend it.

For whom I would recommend SAS 3.0: If you are someone who is looking for just making money no matter what product you sell and if it will give any value to the customer. If you would even go into grey areas to make as much money as possible, then this course is for you. John Crestani is a very experienced affiliate marketer. He will definitely teach you how aggressive selling works and how to convince customers to buy your product even if you have to “hack their trust”. He definitely knows what he does. Just keep in mind that paid traffic should be treated with careful.

For whom I wouldn’t recommend SAS 3.0: If you are someone who cares about making money but also cares about the needs of a customer, then you should maybe look for another training. This course focuses only on selling. It is about how to distribute a product to customers with very typical “artful” sales strategies without really focusing on your interests or the needs of a customer.

If you are looking for a training that focuses more on customers and your PASSIONS, then you should maybe read my review about the training that is my personal favourite and that I am also a member of (and that costs only 49$ per month). You can read it Here




Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0
Price: 997$
Owners: John Crestani
Overall Rank: 42 out of 100

VERDICT: Not for Affiliate Marketing beginners. Recommended for Intermediates who want to try paid traffic and looking for JUST MAKING MONEY. Not for people who care about the needs of a customer


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  1. Thank you for such a helpful article like this. I believe we need more content like this on the internet. Because many scammers are using affiliate marketing as a disguise. I like your decision to divide your recommendation into two sections. It helps people to decide what’s best for their needs. Just by looking at the score of 42 out of 100, it seems this course doesn’t fit my needs. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello Sugiya, thanks for reading and for your comments. The main idea is to provide information to people who are just starting their journey in these programs. I am glad you enjoyed the review and found it useful for yourself and others.




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