The 1K A Day Fast Tracks Review – A 997$ Scam? (NOT SPONSORED)

Hey guys, welcome to my 1k A Day Fast Tracks Review!

14,444$ in one day? Well, this sounds pretty amazing and even a little bit too nice to be true. Honestly, when I hear those kinds of promises, the first thing that happens is, my scam alarm bells are turning on. So, I think this is also the reason why you are here. You heard about this outrageous offer and now want to make sure it is legit and not a typical marketing rip-off, which is very common nowadays.

Well, you landed at the right place, because in my 1k A Day Fast Tracks Review I will uncover all the aspects of the program. What it is, how it works, the good, the bad, and if it’s the right choice for you. We will also cover some aspects that many other affiliated reviewers do not talk about. So, stay on track to get a clear perspective on 1K A Day Fast Tracks.

Note: I am not affiliated with this program in any way. So, what I am providing in my 1K A Day Fast Tracks review is a non-biased and raw opinion about this program.

With that said, let’s start with a quick overview.

1k a Day Fast Tracks Review – Overview

Owner: Merlin Holmes
Pricing: 997$ One Time + Additional Tool Cost + Paid Traffic
Category: Affiliate Marketing
Refund Policy: 60 Days
Recommended: The program is not for Everyone!
Overall Ranking: 60 out of 100

A short summary – To tell you right from the start, the numbers that you see on the sales page are not profits! Those are revenues that have been made with paid traffic, so you will have to subtract the traffic costs from it. Usually, they fluctuate around 50 – 60% of the initial revenue!

So, to not make a big bubble out of it, 1k a day fast tracks is not a scam and provides decent step-by-step training. The problem with it is though, it requires a good amount of investment from your side. Like with every other paid traffic training, you will have to invest several thousand dollars, before you can start seeing successes.

In addition to that, the program resembles a churn and burn method like commission hero. What I mean by that is, you do not build a relationship with your audience but simply use them to sell your products to. Nothing bad with it, but in the longterm, it doesn’t help you to generate a sustainable online business.

But let’s break it down and take a look at it in more detail

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What is 1k a Day Fast Track about?

Well, it is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make a decent amount of money per day. Doesn’t every program promise you that? Well, yes, but 1K A Day Fast Tracks differs in some keypoints to other affiliate marketing programs.

When I went deeper into my research, I found out that there is indeed a difference between Merlin’s and other programs. What I mean by that: nowadays almost every marketer is advising you to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads as a traffic source, which leads visitors to an opt-in page to get them to do something (f.e. buy a product or leave their e-mail address).

Merlin says that this is the wrong way and he advises to turn this whole process around a little bit. In his eyes, the right way is to replace Google Ads and Facebook Ads with ad networks and make use of poll pages instead of opt-in pages.

“Ad networks, poll pages?” Let me break it down a bit.

Ad networks are ad banks that have access to big companies like fox music, universal, etc. that are allowed to place different ads on their websites. These places are being sold for marketers that can place their ad there. An example would be Adrevs.

Pole pages are do not ask you to do something but rather ask you a question and give you the opportunity to answer with “Yes” or “No”. Here is an example:

Why is he using this kind of strategy?

Well, ad networks are simply a cheaper way to paid traffic and pole pages make the visitor already invest in the offer without even seeing it.

How is that?

It happens, through micro-commitments. Merlin makes use of this strategy because in this way the visitor already makes a small commitment (said yes in his head) to the offer what in his eyes increases the chance of him purchasing the product.

Does this really work?

Now, you have to view it from this perspective. Paid advertising with Facebook Ads and Google Ads is getting more and more expensive every year. So, ad networks are not a bad alternative to that.

Poll pages indeed can increase the chance of the visitor buying the product. Micro commitments work on a subconscious level, whereby after committing to something you usually start to justify your action. And if you have already made a decision you usually don’t want to step back of it. Why? Because you have already made an investment. It is like going out to get a pizza and half the way you realize you are not hungry anymore, but because you have already invested 50% of the way, it is most likely that you will still get the pizza.

So, yeah it can work better than the usual approach that is being taught by other marketers.

But let’s take a deeper look at how it exactly works

How does 1K A Day Fast Tracks work?

The 1k a day fast track program uses over-the-shoulder training what makes it very easy to follow.

First of all, Merlin tells you to find out what people are already buying. To do that, he uses Clickbank (one of the biggest retailers for affiliate marketing products) to look for high-converting products.

Next, he looks for how already successful marketers are selling those products by searching for an ad for the specific product.

In the third step, he copies the headline that is working best and transforms it into a “Yes” or “No” question. As you can see, at this point he already makes use of the micro commitment that we were talking about previously.

In the last step, he provides you the poll templates that he has created in order to collect e-mails and build your e-mail list.

This is basically the whole process of the course.

So, what you are doing is, following the steps through a video sequence and simply implement what is being shown. The poll templates that are being provided by Merlin are very useful which save you a good amount of time and money on testing. This is perhaps the biggest value that is being provided by the program.

Here is some further training material the course contains:

  • Week 1: 5 Days Marketing Degree + Quick 400$ commissions
  • Week 2: Setting up Commission Accounts, Finding additional Products to sell
  • Week 3: Development and Deployment of the first Poll
  • Week 4: Creating an Automated Selling System
  • Week 5: Crafting First Money on Ads and Setting Up Ad Campaigns
  • Week 6: Planning out Future income streams

Well, if you look at this whole system it is definitely an approach to consider which definitely can work combining some testing and tweaking. But this exactly the point. In order to find out the best selling ad, you will have to spend a good amount of money on traffic before you start making sales.

It doesn’t mean that as soon as you start to use those ad networks, you will instantly generate sales. As soon as you have set up your campaing, you will have to find out the right headline, selling texts and pictures before everything is going to work. That means you will have to spend 500-1000$ on tweaking and testing.

With that said, yes, it is a strategy, but definitely not for everyone. And this brings me to our next section…

Who is 1K A Day Fast Tracks for?

1k a day fast track is for a wide range of people. But most certainly for those who look to make money from home and are willing to spend 1500$ on this program.

It is definitely not for those who are on a low budget and are afraid of taking risks. Because paid traffic never guarantees you to see successes (especially from the start) it can be painful to see hundreds of dollars burn for pictures, texts, and headlines. If you are someone who find it hard to invest 500$ in one day for paid advertising then you should definitely reconsider your choice here. Because it will otherwise be mentally exhausting and make you doubt the whole strategy quickly.

So, you have to be fully committed to go until the end if you plan to buy the product. But if you take look at the refund policy of the program, it almost takes care of your commitment…

1K A Day Refund Policy – Not As Usual

I have created a separate section for this because the refund policy differs from the usually Clickbank refund policy (which is 60 days no questions asked money-back guarantee). It is a conditional 30 days refund policy and asks you to provide several documents in order to receive a refund.

Here is an excerpt of the policy:(Source:

So, before purchasing, you definitely have to be sure that you are going to follow the whole program, otherwise, it is can be hard to claim your money back.

What is the pricing of 1K A Day Fast Tracks?

The 1k a day fast track system has an initial price of 997$ (one-time) and doesn’t come with additional upsells. What is good, because there are no surprises after entering the membership area (like further upgrades in order to be able to follow the program).

But what you will have to do in order to succeed, are further investments in additional tools like Clickfunnels and E-mail marketing software. Those sum up a monthly investment of around 120-150$. With paid traffic, these kinds of costs are common and almost unavoidable.

In addition to that, as we have already covered previously, you will have to be aware of the traffic costs for ad networks, which make a minimum of 500-1000$ at the start.

So, the first month of following the program is going to cost you 1000-1500$ (in addition to the inital program payment of 997$).

What I like about 1k a day fast track

  • It gives you a thorough over-the-shoulder step by step training
  • It provides you with a good amount of done for you templates
  • Doesn’t require pre-knowledge in affiliate marketing
  • You don’t have to sell

What I don’t like about 1k a Day Fast Track

  • Unusual Refund Policy
  • Takes a lot of testing
  • High investments for traffic
  • Additional costs for tools that are not being covered beforehand
  • Offers no free trial
  • Success is not guaranteed

Is 1k a Day Fast Track a scam?

No, 1k a day fast track is not a scam. It is a legit program that provides valuable training for 997$. The price is high, but it can make you revenues if you follow the training and have some money aside.

If you are new to paid traffic and affiliate marketing, the sales page can be a little bit misleading though. Because you are just starting out, you may think that 997$ is the only thing you will have to spend. But paid traffic almost every time requires a beginning balance of around 500-1000$.

So, as a freshman, this may make you think it is a scam, but you have to be aware that without those investments, it is almost impossible to make paid traffic work.

My final Opinion about the program

So, after reading my review you may have different opinions about the program. What I can tell you is that if you plan to buy it, you have to be 100% sure that you are going to follow the WHOLE course, because the refund policy is conditioned and makes it very hard to get your money back. In addition to that, you have to make sure that you have at least additional 1000-1500$ aside that you are willing to invest into paid traffic. Without the commitment and willingness to invest, I don’t recommend you to buy the program.

How I earn money Online (Alternative to 1k a Day Fast Track)

A great alternative to 1k a Day Fast Track is my #1 recommended program. Why? Because it is unlike 1k a Day Fast Track based on free traffic and doesn’t require a seed capital. The only thing you need is a website (which is going to be provided by the program as well).

I am a member myself and since then I have created several online businesses that generate hundreds of dollars, DAILY. In short: it provides to you is immense storage of online marketing training, 24/7 community support (which consists of 1.4 million members) all the necessary tools, and much much more.

The second greatest thing is, it only cost a TWENTIETH of the price of 1k a Day Fast Track. And the greatest thing about it is, it is completely FREE to start.

I recommend you to try out this training before you pay 997$ for 1k a Day Fast Track because it is a great alternative, especially for beginners. And in case you are not satisfied, you can still go for 1K a Day Fast Track.

Check it out here

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1K A Day Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 1K A Day Fast Track download?

  • 1K A Day Fast Track has no downloadable content. It is a cloud-based program that works through membership dashboards. In order to get access, you will have to register for the program and pay the initial price of 997$.

1K A Day Fast Track – Who is Merlin Holmes?

  • Merlin Holmes is an online marketing entrepreneur that is already 15 years in the business. He has tried several marketing techniques which most of them didn’t work for him. Now he came up with the 1K A Day Fast Track program that teaches you all the things many marketers don’t.

Thank you for reading. If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. I am more than happy to help you out.

Until there,

All the best,


6 thoughts on “The 1K A Day Fast Tracks Review – A 997$ Scam? (NOT SPONSORED)”

  1. I love the way you approached and explained ad networks and pole pages in detail. Many times beginners are scammed with results from professionals. They are deceived with revenues and made to see them as profits. I wonder why someone will do ads and spend money on ads and account for all the income as profits. Main while more than 50 per cent of the so-called revenue is the cost on ads, website designs and software. 

    • Hey Parameter,

      yes unfortunately many marketers try to get people involved in their programs by showing revenues but not the real profits. It’s a very common strategy nowadays. Basically almost every marketing claim about high income is rarely real except you get real evidence of the income + traffic costs.

      Why marketers do that?

      Well, it makes sales. Because those numbers are obviously more attractive to people who are looking for making money online. This is why it is important to inform yourself beforehand.

      Thanks for passing by. Much appraciated!


  2. There are a few things I like about 1K A Day Fast Track. But the price is way more than I can afford. Why do they make these products so pricey? I know it takes time to record and expertise to deliver that content, but it’s still a digital product. They could reduce their margin of profit. I’ll check the alternative you suggested.

    • Hey Ann,

      yeah online marketing products seem always to have high ticket attributes. And the funny thing is, it is always in the 997$ range.

      I agree, it is a digital product, so there is no limitation to how much it can be sold. I think it all depends on the owner and the product.

      Much success for you,

  3. Interesting. As I continue to read everyday I am learning things about Affiliate marketing. Even though affiliate marketing is easy and not that difficult, but still you have the option to expand it.

    This programme can be a way for us beginners who have money. Like you stated it’s not for everyone, so it’s important to know that part.

    It can also be for those who have been in it for a long time.  I have seen these programmes before, and thought it will really help me with my condition right now.

    You never know what the future behold,  I might try it out. 

    • Hey Fatoumata,

      affiliate marketing is like every other discipline a never ending journey. So, you learn each and every moment. 1K A Day Fast Track is indeed not for everyone, so it is always good to read reviews before you are investing money in programs like this one.

      Let me know how it goes, I am curious!

      All the best,


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