The Commission Code Review – I am shocked! (NON-BIASED)

So, you heard about the commission code and are wondering if it is worth investing your money in? Well, that’s a good question, because the commission code is perhaps not what you expect it to be. This is why I created this commission code review in order to tell you what the program is about, how it works, the good, the bad, and if it can be the right fit for you.

Note: I am not affiliated with this program in any way. So what you are receiving here is my completely honest and non-biased review of this program.

With that said, let’s jump right into it!

The commission code review – Overview

Name: Commission Code
Owner: Bill McRea (aka William)
Category: Affiliate Marketing (official MLM)
Pricing: 9$, 47$ per month + upsells + tool costs
Refund Policy: 60 days
Recommended?: NO!

A short summary – Commission code might sound pretty appealing at the first sight. 1266.75$ per day with Clickbank? Well, why not! But you have to be aware that those kinds of claims are just statements to generate attraction. During my research, I was able to find out that this program is unfortunately a SCAM! It is nothing different from programs like click wealth system and perpetual income 365. You can check the reviews on those programs that I have made and recognize that there is the same pattern behind them. But let’s start with some basic points here

Owner – The real owner of the commission code is Bill McRea and not William! This is already a big scam alert when the owner doesn’t want to disclose his real identity.

Category – The program claims to be fitted in the affiliate marketing category, which is not true because it is actually based on an MLM scheme.

Pricing – The pricing starts at 9$ and 47$ per month. It has additional upsells and some tool costs that aren’t mentioned on the sales page

Refund Policy – The great thing is that it has a 60 days Clickbank refund policy

Do I recommend it? – Definitely NOT. The main goal of the program is less on you having success but more on creating revenues for the owner itself.

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What is the commission code about?

The commission code is a training that claims you to show how to generate money from affiliate marketing. Well, it isn’t wrong but the main focus lies on showing you how to promote the program itself what resonates with a strong (pyramid) MLM scheme. As you may already know I am not a fan of pyramid schemes.

Commission code is simply about showing how to make money with affiliate marketing by promoting the commission code itself. What you get are two done-for-you sales funnels, hosting, and e-mail swipes. Of course, in order to show you how to use it, William shows you in a training video how to set it up.

Affiliate Links

The funny thing is as I went deeper in my research I found out that the e-mail swipes are promoting other ClickBank products but NOT with your affiliate link. Guess which affiliate link is being used? Exactly, it’s the owner’s one. So, as soon as someone is going to buy a product from those links you won’t receive any commissions but the owner will. The only thing you will receive commissions for ois for promoting the program itself.

Still not convinced it is a scam? Well, read, on because this is not all.

Solo Ads Traffic

Well, if you are new to affiliate marketing then you perhaps won’t have any idea about what kind of traffic sources are the best. And I can tell you from the start that, solo ads traffic is one of the worst to start with as an online marketing beginner. Why? Because first of all it is based on paid traffic. This means you have to pay some money in order to have the CHANCE to make any sales. Secondly, William or Bill has another good profit here, because he is going to make money as soon as someone buys “commission code” from your link. So, basically what you are going to do is, investing money into traffic so that Bill can get even more revenues.

Tricky right? But this is still not all where the owner is going to fill his pockets.

Additional Tool Costs

All the tools that Bill is redirecting you to are affiliated, which means he earns money as soon as you sign up for it. This is a very common strategy of marketers nowadays. They simply tell you to invest in tools that are “necessary” for the program, but in reality, are making money as soon pay for those tools.

With that said, who is going to make money here? I think this question doesn’t need an answer. But let’s take a look at how the commission code actually works

How does the Commission Code work?

After the purchase process, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you will be presented with a menu that looks like this:

Getting Getresponse Account

The first thing William asks you to do is creating a Getresponse Account. Getresponse is a software that allows you to create several E-mails that will be sent automatically to people that have opted-in for your E-mail list. As mentioned previously, you get pre-designed e-mail swipes from William which you can integrate into Getresponse. The software costs 15$ per month and is according to William mandatory for making the system work

Create a Clickbank account

In the next step, you will be guided on how to create a Clickbank account. If you didn’t know, Clickbank is a marketplace with thousands of products that can be affiliated. So, here you will receive your own Clickbank ID that you can incorporate within your E-mail swipes.

Installing landing pages on

The last step is to install the two provided landing pages on a website. Here you will have to create a subdomain (which is free) on This allows you to incorporate those landing pages and start running traffic to those pages.

Start Generating Traffic – Solo Ad

In this step, William is guiding you through the step on how to create traffic for your set-up subdomain (in other words, create traffic for the program itself and Clickbank products with his affiliate link). He recommends you 4 solo-ad-vendors to use (and of course those are affiliated with him as well):

  2. The MLM Traffic Center
  3. Wayne Crowe
  4. Udimi

All of them have their good and bad sides. But the main thing here is that solo ads are simply not the best strategy to start out with. At one point it is easy to use and you don’t have to invest time in creating your audience. But this is the downside at the same time. You will never know what your audience is and the second part is that William collects those leads even though you have generated them. And the third point is, it costs you money.

Get Response – And here is where the whole SCAM starts!

What you receive with GetResponse is a tool that helps you to create with a few clicks 30+ E-mail follow-ups that you can use to send offers to your generated e-mail list. At the first sight, this might sound pretty cool because those e-mails are able to make you money, but when I took a closer look at what William has created for you there, you won’t see a dime for any of those generated e-mail follow-ups. Why?

Because those e-mails firstly are not sent with your name but with Williams or “Bill’s” name and secondly (the worst part) William/Bill is using HIS Clickbank affiliate link and NOT YOURS! So, in the end, not you are the one who is making commissions but Bill, from YOUR leads and YOUR traffic. Additionally, you are paying 15$ monthly for GetResponse. In this case, you are actually losing money with this strategy. Crazy right?

We could actually stop the review here, and stamp it as SCAM but I want to show you how else the “secret” method of William is trying to rip you off.

The Commission Code Pricing – How much does it cost?

Well, Commission Code has some interesting price structures. Next to its traffic costs, tool costs and membership costs, and fake affiliate links it comes with some high-cost upsells.


  • Commission Code Pro – 147$
  • Commission Code AD ATM – 196$
  • Commission Code Traffic – 246$

Let’s see how much the basic package would cost you monthly

  • Basic Membership 2 weeks – 9$
  • GetResponse – 15$ monthly
  • Solo Ads – 200-300$ monthly

Refund Policy

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of the commission code is the 60 days refund policy that is being provided by Clickbank. If you you are not satisfied with the product you can claim your money back for the memberships. But be aware here, that it only counts for the membership costs. Solo ad traffic costs are not refundable. If you have invested in it, you can’t refund it because it isn’t in the realm of Clickbank anymore.

The good about the Commission Code

  • Gives at least some information on marketing and how to use some tools
  • 60 days Clickbank Money-Back Guarantee

The bad about the Commission Code

  • Tricks you by using the owner’s affiliate link (and not yours) in E-mail follow-ups
  • The real owner is unknown
  • Has a lot of upsells
  • You are not creating your own brand
  • Spam E-mails after purchasing the program

Is Commission Code a Scam?

Do we really have to cover this question? After all those things that we have covered especially in regards to Bill’s affiliate link placement in your e-mail swipes, I can most certainly say that it is a scam. The owner has no intention at all in you having success but focuses only on filling up his own pockets. Don’t fall for

My final Opinion about the Commission Code

The commission code is nothing I would recommend to anyone. It is simply a cheap copy of the perpetual income and click wealth system which provides you with done-for-you templates that are focusing on selling the program itself or contain affiliate links of the owner instead of yours. Of course, you could change each e-mail swipe and insert your affiliate link, but there are definitely much better programs out there that provide much greater value and do not try to scam you.

In addition to all those factors, Bill/William is sending you spam e-mails where he promotes perpetual income and click wealth system!


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Thank you for reading, if you have questions or would like to share some of your thoughts, please use the comment section below. I would be more than happy to reach out to you!

All the best,


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  1. I read a review in which they commented that this was a good site to join. They must have been biased because of the comission. I could not distinguish that before. So, it’s good to know we can not believe everything we read because most of the time affiliates promote things because of commisions and not with the readers best interest in mind. Thank you for unmasking this platform for me.


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