The Niche Marketing Kit Review – Scam or Legit? (NOT SPONSORED)

What really is the secret recipe to building a successful affiliate and niche marketing online?

Niche marketing is one of the most successful approaches used by many marketers and digital entrepreneurs. Also, maybe because it is less expensive. However, it’s also far more challenging and risky than you think it is.

One move can either hurt or benefit the brand so it’s really important to understand the target market and evaluate your overall game plan. Otherwise, you’ll employ strategies that aren’t risk-worthy.

The Niche Marketing Kit by John Thornhill has been around for quite a while. In this Niche Marketing Kit review, we’ll figure out what’s inside this product, how you can benefit from it and whether it’s legit or a scam.

Note: What you’ll find and read in this review is a purely honest and unbiased opinion that reflects my views and experience. I am not in any way affiliated with this program. You may also find links and product names along with the review that I am promoting.

Now, let’s start with a short overview of what The Niche Marketing Kit is…

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The Niche Marketing Kit – Overview

Name: The Niche Marketing Kit
Owner: John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson
Pricing: $20 at a discounted price for limited time
Category: Internet/Niche/Affiliate Marketing
Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
Recommendation: Not for everyone
Verdict: LEGIT!
Overall Ranking: 80/100

Product Summary: The Niche Marketing Kit is truly a massive package that features 5 specific marketing areas or methods with a bunch of PLR content, templates, training and guide.

There’s a lucrative opportunity here for internet marketers but it certainly is not for everyone. Most of what you can find here is PLR content which can be useful for creating social media or email campaigns.

It’s not a SCAM but it’s just overrated.

Owner – The owner of The Niche Marketing Kit is John Thornhill. He has a website where you can find more information about him.

Pricing – The Niche Marketing Kit can be purchased for $20 at a limited time. If not for the discounted price, it would cost MASSIVE also.

For a MASSIVE marketing package with a bunch of products and training inside that you’ll get, it’s not bad.

There’s a ton of effort being put to create this. However, I think this is not what you’ll only have to invest. Throughout this review, we’ll try to find out whether it’s necessary to purchase this or not.

Refund Policy: There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the customers aren’t fully satisfied. It’s stated within the Conditions page how the refund and return policy works.

Any refund or return may be subject to restocking fees as found on our Website.

Recommendation: I don’t recommend this to everyone especially if you are looking for quality PLR content and comprehensive niche marketing training.

Despite the massive products that you can find here at only $20, I don’t think it’s top quality and valuable to use for starting or boosting your niche and affiliate marketing campaigns.

Overall Ranking: I am giving The Niche Marketing Kit a 80 score out of 100. It is indeed a massive package at a low price. But there are some reasons why I honestly won’t recommend it to everyone.

Verdict: If the deciding factor would be the amount of content that you can find here, it is legit and not a scam! It’s really massive but the value and quality is the most important deciding factor for me that is why I still don’t recommend this to everyone. I’ll explain later in this review some of the reasons why.

Who are the owners of The Niche Marketing Kit?

The owners of The Niche Marketing Kit are Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill. Both are top Clickbank affiliates who worked together to create a collection of strategies and tools to help other marketers become successful in affiliate marketing.

John owns a personal website ( and that sort of looks like his blog portfolio. He shares tips here about marketing and uses it as well to promote his affiliate business.

He’s a short story on how he started in digital business and marketing. He started selling on eBay in the early 2000s. Fast forward, he ventured into Clickbank as an affiliate marketer and went all the way by creating his own affiliate programs and products including The Niche Marketing Kit 2020, InstantAzon Pro, ClickBank Superstar, ClickBank Bonus Automator etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about Dave Nicholson. I tried though but he seems private.

What is inside The Niche Marketing Kit?

The Niche Marketing Kit is a collection of tools and strategies that marketers use to establish a niche brand or business, find a targeted audience and become successful online. Essentially, it has 7 website traffic products, 11 video marketing products, 12 affiliate marketing products, 11 list building products, 9 social media products, and 4 internet marketing essential products.

There are also bonus products, training videos and tutorials including PLR package and templates. Plus, an inner circle and support that you’ll get from John.

Traffic Generation

A business won’t succeed without the people to help grow it. In the digital marketing business context, a website is futile if it’s not gaining any visitors or traffic.

Imagine putting so much effort into creating content and then apparently no one notices it. It’s frustrating, right? It can also mean that there’s really something wrong and that you need to perhaps evaluate your strategies, see what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the things you can get from this traffic generation product:

  • 45 Day Traffic Plan complete traffic generation workshop
  • Permanent access to John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions
  • Traffic generation explosion video course
  • 150,000 articles with full PLR
  • The Google traffic pump system video and ebook course
  • Traffic phoenix

Driving traffic to your website is not only important for your business to be found, it strives you to create more valuable content that your audience would keep checking out every time they visit your site. Also, it’s something that’s on top of every marketer’s objective list. Well, obviously traffic isn’t the only thing that your business needs but it can play a big part in your success as an internet marketer.

Personally, I found the 150K article PLR content and the Google traffic pump system video and ebook course under the traffic generation product valuable guide and resource. It can be used for creating social media or email marketing campaigns.

I have some reservations here such as the phrase “Pump Massive Targeted Traffic from Google in 15 minutes” To my understanding, John used automation to drive high traffic to his website but to do it in 15 minutes is still insane. I’m not a fan of automation really nor of overnight success promises.

Video Marketing

Using videos is a solid marketing strategy to help the customers understand the product or service. People will only purchase your product if they understand what it does and how it will benefit them.

A solid video marketing strategy for your digital business can definitely bring more potential prospects or customers to your business.

The Niche Marketing Kit features a bunch of video templates for marketers to use. Here’s what you can get from this video marketing product:

  • Video marketing blueprint video course master resale rights
  • Ultimate video course resale rights
  • Video cash blueprint resale rights
  • Video magic PLR
  • Video marketing secrets exposed master resale rights
  • Video sales page templates
  • Massive 70 high-quality video skin pack
  • Video sales and squeeze page template pack
  • 100s of graphical elements with source files
  • SEO video warrior ebook and video course
  • Premium video sales and squeeze page template pack

The useful stuff in the video marketing product are the video templates and squeeze page templates. This is extremely useful for those who are looking to create squeeze pages and videos for their marketing campaigns.

Squeeze pages are used by marketers to capture opt-in emails from website visitors and prospect customers. There’s also an SEO video warrior ebook and video course to help you learn more about how to increase traffic to your business through videos and eventually increase user awareness of the products or services that you’re going to offer.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing product is perfect for those who are looking to earn commissions while promoting affiliate products. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can manage multiple niches and find out which works better or which is more profitable. It’s also about finding the right niche for you so this is a perfect foundation training for beginner marketers.

Here’s what you can get from this affiliate marketing product:

  • Permanent access to affiliate ad rotator
  • Permanent access to Clickbank Affiliate Master
  • Affiliate Promo Formula and Affiliate Alliance
  • Affiliate Marketing Master Plan PLR package
  • Easy affiliate marketing PLR package
  • Finding the best affiliate products to promote PLR package
  • Finding JV partners PLR package
  • How to build effective sales funnels PLR package
  • Affiliate rockstar domination series master resale rights
  • Affiliate blogging video ebook master resale rights
  • Affiliate manager’s handbook master resale rights
  • Affiliate profits blueprint master resale rights

ClickBank Affiliate Master is a program created by John that aims to help marketers choose the most profitable niche and eventually develop their own affiliate marketing business.

Affiliates also earn some commission from it so this is another lucrative opportunity for internet marketers who are serious about making money online. Of course, there’s no better guy to explain ClickBank affiliate marketing than John himself who’s one of CB’s top affiliates.

List Building

Building a list is perfect for those who are looking for a long-term business. More than boosting your marketing campaigns, it can also help in nurturing your relationships with your prospects.

From squeeze page templates to mailing list PLR packages, there are loads of content that you can find here. Here’s what you can get from this list building product:

  • List building evolution video and ebook list building training
  • Squeeze page templates master resale rights
  • List building exposed video course resale rights
  • List building income video course resale rights
  • 37 list building quick tips PLR
  • List building renegade video course resale rights
  • Profitable list building secrets PLR package
  • List building for profits PLR package
  • The road to a 50K mailing list PLR package
  • Ace list building complete course resale rights
  • List phoenix

The interesting part of this product is the “50K mailing list PLR package”. Quite promising, right? You can earn it in a single or multiple niches depending on how profitable or successful the niche you’re going to choose.

It won’t be easy for sure but with training, hard work and patience, it’s also not impossible. However, when I tried to search the “niche marketing kit scam” I found some interesting reviews about the creator of the product. There was one review where the marketer mentioned how “unethical” John is after asking his help on an email marketing campaign.

Social Media

With everyone almost on social media today, this is another perfect venue for building and connecting people together. You can build relationships and eventually increase your visibility, leads, sales and profits.

Here’s what you can get from the social media product:

  • Instant Facebook store builder master resale rights
  • Facebook rockstar system master resale rights
  • Facebook business basics PLR
  • Social media profits master resell rights
  • Facebook marketing secrets
  • Facebook coupon app PLR
  • Social network marketing extreme master resale rights
  • Facebook buzz software master resale rights
  • Twitter marketing crash course PLR
  • Turn your PLR material into profit pulling machines
  • Permanent access to digital media solution

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There are loads of PLR content here that marketers can use for creating their social media marketing campaigns. I think the Facebook store builder would benefit especially the beginners. They’ll learn how to create a perfect Facebook ad to boost their conversions and profits.

Although I would’ve also wanted to learn more about Instagram since it’s also a crazy high-traffic medium for many marketers today. But of course, Facebook alone with its large potential customer base is a huge network where you can start building your online marketing business.

Internet Marketing Essential

After the training, there is also a helpful community or group for affiliate members where they can exclusively share ideas and tips to develop their internet marketing skills. Plus, a reseller training where you’ll learn how to make income with your resell rights materials.

  • John Thornhill Inner Circle
  • 60-minute reseller

Additional Bonus Products

Here are more bonus products that you can find inside The Niche Marketing Kit program:

  • 12 months worth of membership website content
  • The 10X Affiliate Formula
  • Premium header templates
  • 70 professional popup images
  • The Promotion Blueprint Video Training
  • List building secrets PLR package

The best thing about the bonus products is the popup images, another PLR content which the marketers can use for their marketing campaigns. The “Earn 10X more as an affiliate” formula is a bold marketing strategy but it could be possible depending on the niche.

Again, what works for some might not work for others. So you have to prepare to take risks and chances when investing in a digital business.

How much does The Niche Marketing Kit cost?

For a limited time, The Niche Marketing Kit is offered at an early discounted price. There are options to choose from.

This is truly a great offer packed with over $10,000 estimated worth of top-quality marketing products. Originally, it’s offered at $497 but for a limited time, you can purchase The Niche Marketing Kit at a discounted price of $19.95.

Overall, the massive marketing kit could be offered at a hefty price. The training alone and the PLR content are expensive. So if you only think about the cost of the massive package and the amount of content that you’ll get, it can really be overwhelming.

Who is the Niche Marketing Kit for?

Niche Marketing Kit is designed for affiliate marketers who are looking to build a successful brand or business online.

To be honest, creating marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. In its website traffic niche product, there are over 100K articles with full PLR so if you need some ideas on what to write about a particular niche, you can find some inspiration or ideas for your content here. There are also multiple training videos about affiliate and niche marketing.

It is a good resource for creating your next content marketing campaigns so you can simply automate things and focus on other aspects of your online business such as training and learning more about affiliate marketing.

Some members are using the products here as bonuses or resell it. They allow it but there are still some conditions that need to be followed when promoting and selling them.

In the long run, the training and tools that you can get from The Niche Marketing Kit is valuable if you are serious and want to pursue your online business. However, this is not necessarily for everyone especially those who are looking for top-quality PLR content. Well, most of them are generic and outdated so you might also need to consider that before purchasing the product.

Is the Niche Marketing Kit legit or scam?

No. It certainly is not a scam. He made it clear from the start the program and products that you’ll find inside. However, the next question here really is whether it’s necessary or a smart choice to purchase the product.

True the deal is insane but if you’re a marketer who has enough knowledge about PLR products, you’ll probably have second thoughts whether it’s worth it and beneficial for you.

For beginners who are having a hard time figuring out how to start their niche marketing campaigns, it’s important to invest in a training that gives you a solid understanding of how to grow your business and make money online.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. There is a refund policy for the program. You can find this at the bottom of the homepage. There’s also a separate page for the refunds and delivery policy.

If you have more questions or concerns, you can contact them by sending an email to You can find the complete details here on how you can request support should you purchase the product.

My Final Opinion of The Niche Marketing Kit

First off, I would like to say that the massive products and training that you can find here can be overwhelming. There’s loads of PLR content in here that you can use such as articles, videos, templates, etc but they aren’t top quality.

The issue that most of their members experience and share is that the products here are outdated. The training and strategies you’ll find in the Niche Marketing Kit are based on his previous experience and what worked like 5 or 10 years ago might not work at the present time.

Although he also shares on his inner circle some fresh and future updates on affiliate and niche marketing but if we look at the idea of using generic and outdated PLR products alone, honestly if you want to offer real value to your potential customers, you’d make an extra effort creating your own original content.

Overall, this Niche Marketing Kit is truly a massive package but it’s not worth it and I don’t recommend it to everyone. Personally, I would rather invest in a training and course that can help me get a solid understanding of what niche or affiliate marketing really is.

Again, when purchasing a product don’t just look at the quantity but try to consider also its quality and value. Trends change and if you aren’t able to adapt and catch up to what your target audience wants or needs or offer them real value, then you’ll be left out in the competition and stuck in your niche.

How I earn Money (The Niche Marketing Kit Alternative)

If you are looking to create a full-time business with affiliate marketing then check out my review on my #1 recommended programs. I have reviewed a good amount of online marketing programs so that I developed a really good nose to separate bad from good products. And this one is simply the #1 because it gives you a direct and precise step-by-step training on how to set up your business from scratch!

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How about you? What are the marketing strategies you use to maximize your business goals and reach out to your target audience?

Hopefully, you learned what the Niche Marketing Kit is and be able to evaluate for yourself whether it’s legit or a scam based on this review. If you have some questions, feel free to share them in the comment below.


4 thoughts on “The Niche Marketing Kit Review – Scam or Legit? (NOT SPONSORED)”

  1. Hmm, outdated content, on the Internet really constitutes a serious issue. I like many things about The Niche marketing kit. But I have pressed the breaks because of the outdated aspect of the platform. I think I’ll check out this other platform you’re also suggesting. I have also read a bit about it and it seems to get a lot of positive attention.

    • Hey Ann,

      thanks for your comment. Outdated content is nothing I would recommend making use of. And this is also the problem if you create digital products instead of platforms where you continuously work on it and give members the chance to interact with each other. By this you automatically have to keep things up to date which results in happier customers! Wealthy Affiliate has a great system for that! Thanks for passing by Ann

      All the best,

  2. I have been following John and Dave for quite a while, and they are really good at churning out products at a rapid rate. I first bought a course from John a few years ago that taught me how to launch your own ebook online, and it was really great. I can see that they have created many courses now over the years, so much so that they now tend to pack old courses together to sell in a bundle, which is very clever.

    Although the price is great, a beginner might find this a little overwhelming, as they wouldn’t know where to start. I think you have just the right solution for this at the bottom of your post with your top recomendation.

    • Hey Mlchel,

      thank you for your comment! Yeah, John and Dave seem to be very popular with their products on Clickbank. But as you have said, the courses are not that bad, especially if you compare it to other Clickbank products. It should be only a little bit more newbie-friendly!

      Thanks for passing by, your visit is much appreciated 🙂

      All the best,


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