A Review of The Wealthy Affiliate Program 2021 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Give It A Try

“Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”

“Is WA worth the money?”

I am sure those and many other baity headlines have crossed your eyes during your online research.


I am tired of them as well. It feels like everybody is pretending to give an honest review but in the end, is trying to sell you some product.. *sigh*

Where is the truth?!

So, I created this review of the wealthy affiliate program 2020 to tell you first of all why the hell the internet is full of Wealthy Affiliate reviews(?!) And give you 3 reasons why you should give the training a try.

These are the things that I will cover in this article:

(1) Why are there so many articles about Wealthy Affiliate
(2) 3 Reasons why you should give Wealthy Affiliate a try
(3) What Wealthy Affiliate is
(4) For Whom it is
(5) And my opinion about Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Training:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Founding: 2005
Founders: Kyle & Carson
Price: Starter Membership – 0$
Price: Premium Membership
– 49$/month or 495$/year
Who it’s for:
Beginners and Experts
Affiliaidforyou.com Rating: 98 out of 100


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Why are there so many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

Perhaps you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate already. Now you are looking for information about it being fake or real. What you find on the internet are tons of WA reviews that are telling you how great Wealthy Affiliate is. But reading through them, it feels like they are all paid or something?!

In a way they are. If you sign up and pay for the training at Wealthy Affiliate through those reviews, the people that have written them get a commission for that. If you have made some research, this is how Affiliate Marketing works. A problem that might occur is that many bloggers don’t break the information down properly for the reader so that in the end it becomes all about selling.

The thing about the Wealthy Affiliate wave is that the reviews are based on a training for WA members. As soon as you sign up, you have two opportunities to start your Affiliate Marketing journey. The first one is to start a business in your own chosen niche, and the other one is to start recommending Wealthy Affiliate. Because many that are starting out are new to affiliate marketing and have difficulties finding a niche,  choose for the second option. Of course, as a beginner, it is somehow easier to start with promoting something in a given niche to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

And this is the secret behind the millions of Wealthy Affiliate reviews on the internet 🙂

But what about you?



3 Reasons why you should give Wealthy Affiliate a try

There are many reasons, but I chose 3 to not bombard you with information and come across like a Jehovah’s Witness.

First of all: Passive income

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income. If you get good at it, you can create a side hustle (or a full-time business) that generates money while you sleep. In addition to that, you have an endless stream of earning opportunities. Of course, the rule of thumb is (like in any other business): the more time you invest, the more you get out of it.

Secondly: A guiding hand

What in my eyes many teachers in this field mess up is: giving a clear step-by-step instruction on how to be successful with your brand. Kyle and Carson (Owners of Wealthy Affiliate) have great expertise in their field. They improved WA since 2005 constantly and optimized the training to a point where it makes it very hard to not be successful with the training. Literally, if you have an internet connection and can talk and write in English, then it is impossible to not be successful with it. (The training is created with strong accuracy.)

Thirdly: No risk

The third reason is that the Wealthy Affiliate registration is totally FREE. You don’t even need a valid e-mail address for the sign-up process. What is required is just a name and an “e-mail” (real or fake, it doesn’t matter). After that, you have 7 days access to all the available tools and training. As soon as the 7 days are up, your access will be closed and you will be asked to upgrade. Very simple.

And an extra reason: You can tell all your friends that you are a business owner :p


Want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate?

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s talk about what the program is.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training (as you might already know) that helps people to create a business based on affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, you can check it out here (coming soon).

As we covered before, after signing up you have two ways to create your business. You can create a business around your own chosen niche or go for the money niche to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

In each training, the business is based on a WordPress-created website (blog). So, the main focus lays on post creation to generate free organic traffic via search engines.



For whom is Wealthy Affiliate?

From my experience: it literally is for everyone who wants to make either some extra money or create a fulltime business. Even people who already own a business find great value in the additional training (250+ new training material every year) and the supportive community. The community is composed of 1.4 Million members. So, you will find every range of people there, from beginners to highly advanced experts.

To make a short list for whom it can be:

Part-time workers, stay-at-home moms, retired people, students, experienced affiliate marketers, full-time workers with an interest in a side hustle, underpaid workers, stay-at-home dads, business owners etc.



What kind of tools does Wealthy Affiliate present?

(1) Siterubix: A very own Website Host that allows you to create Websites within minutes

(2) Jaaxy: A very own Keywordtool that has great features like Alphabet Soup, Site Rank etc.

(3) SiteComments & SiteFeedback: Two valuable tools that allow you to get feedback for your website and comments for your posts.

Note: The latter is very valuable because search engines love engagement (comments) on your website and reward you with high ranks

(4) SiteContent: This Feature is an ultimate writing platform. It corrects grammar and spelling mistakes and publishes your articles on your website

(5) Classes: Back to school. Here are classrooms where certain online marketing knowledge is shared. You have a calender, expert teachers and a lot of space to ask questions.

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in one package. You have a solid foundation (website host + training) and all the needed tools to build your house (website)

How is the WA Support?

It is a 24/7 Support via a live chat through the community. Because of 1.4 Million members, a question will be answered within seconds.

Technical Support is working via tickets that are being solved within 24 hours (most commonly faster).



How is the Pricing of WA?

The billing occurs monthly. New members get the first month for 19$ and after it for 49$ constantly.

Recently there was an update so that there is a premium plus membership for 99$ per month. It contains additional trainings and features for the keyword and website tools. But as far as I know, the standard premium membership for 49$ is completely sufficient.



The good and the Bad about Wealthy Affiliate

The Good

  1. Step by Step Training from how to build a website to Generate the first dollar and beyond
  2. 24/7 Community Support
  3. 24/7 Technical Support
  4. Keywordtool and own Host integrated (no extra money needed)
  5. Low monthly price in comparison to other products (49.90$)
  6. Daily new updates and trainings (next to initial affiliate training)
  7. No money overnight promises

The Bad:

  1. That amount of information might get a little overwhelming as a beginner
  2. The platform is being updated constantly so the overview is confusing sometimes
  3. The Keywordtool works only for websites in English (German or other languages are not supported)



My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate + Special Bonus

Here it is, my final opinion of the program. To let you know, I am for quite a while in the affiliate marketing niche and have tried several programs in that field. To be honest, there is no other program I have tried that I felt so good about. What I mean by that is the concept of the training. Many other members may say that they love the community and how great it is to have that many like-minded people. But what caught me the most is the thorough step-by-step guidance of the training. There are literally no steps jumped over. Everything relevant is explained easily and comprehensively even for people that’s first language isn’t English (I am from Germany).

In addition to that, all the tools are within the program. I remember once purchasing another affiliate program and had to realize that what I have paid for was just the training. Keyword tools and website creation were parts that I had to cover on my own or purchase it in an upsell. It gave me the feeling that the coach cared only about my money and less about my success. This was very devastating for my motivation.

This is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate. With 49$ you have everything you need. A step-by-step training, a keywordtool, a website host and a 24/7 community support. It feels complete.

Of course, there are some things like constant updates or a little bit confusing platform overview. But those are little things that don’t bother that much (at least me).

So, this is my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to give it a try, you can do it

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Bonus: If you join through my affiliate link (just by clicking here) I will contact you personally from the platform and help you to get started with your business asap. I will be your personal counterpart that you can always contact if you have questions or need help while progressing with the training. In addition to that, you get a 59% discount for your first month if you go premium. This means you get a personal assistant and more than half of the usual premium price off. Trust me, this is going to be awesome! On the other side are 2 other things that I have prepared for you that help you to get rolling.

Otherwise if you have questions about the training, feel always free to ask them in the comment section. I am more than happy to help you out.

Until there all the best,


Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Founding: 2005
Founders: Kyle & Carson
Who it’s for:
Beginners and Experts
Affiliaidforyou.com Rating: 97 out of 100



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