Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – The #1 Online Marketing Training?

I think I joined Wealthy Affiliate around Nov 2016. At that time, I was working as an accountant in full-time and really needed something that would help me to get out of the hamster wheel. I signed up for the free account to just see what it is about but upgraded to premium within the first week. 4 years into the program now, I decided to create a Review about the Wealthy Affiliate training to give you a clear perspective on whether you should go for it or not.

My goal here is not to make another “biased” review about a program and tell you how good everything is. When I looked for Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I realized that almost every review is biased, doesn’t give you a clear perspective on the program and simply tries to make another buck of you.

So, in my Wealthy Affiliate review, I will make things a little bit differently. To start off, these are the topics we are going to cover:

  • My journey through the “making-money-online” jungle
  • What is the Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Who is the creator of the Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How much does the Wealthy Affiliate cost?
  • How much can you make with the Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How to join the Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Is the Wealthy Affiliate right for you?
  • Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Final takeaways on the Wealthy Affiliate

My Full Disclosure and Honesty Promise To You

The reason why I created this website is that I know how hard it can be to find your way through the online marketing world. Nowadays you are being bombarded with thousands of “I make you rich quick” offers and products, that can simply either push you away due to the fake marketing or squeeze the last penny out of your pocket (I have been in both situations).

To tell you right from the start: Growing an online business takes time, effort, and a good dose of trial and error. There is no “secret scheme” that will make your bank account explode within 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. A sustainable business needs time to grow.

With that said, I openly and honestly tell you that I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. If you click on my affiliate links, like this one, I will receive one credit point if you sign up for the free membership. If you upgrade to premium I will receive a commission. But not only I benefit from it. You do, too. As soon as you become a member, I will be notified, and we are able to have a 1-on-1 chat within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I have no intention of making this one big sales pitch. I just want to provide you with information that helps you to make your own decision. If I get a commission, great! If not, it is okay, too. Here is how my profile on WA looks like:

Note: I want to be honest with you in this review. The program won’t satisfy everyone. But I want to share to those who are willing to become members how they can benefit from it, based on my experience.

Now let’s start with a short overview of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

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Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Creator: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
Category: Affiliate Marketing Training
Price: Free Membership/$49 per month for Premium/$99 per month for Premium Plus
Score: 4.9/5
Recommendation: Yes! Recommended for beginners and advanced marketers.

Quick Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training especially made for those who are serious about starting a digital business. It features programs and tools necessary for building a solid affiliate marketing strategy to help you make money online.

WA members get access to a website builder and hosting, keyword research tool, affiliate program marketplace, webinars, coaching, a private community, and more!

Before we figure out what Wealthy Affiliate is about and more, let me share a piece of my journey on how I started with affiliate marketing. Also, this is to help you understand more about how WA helped me while I was just getting started in the business.

My journey through the “making-money-online” jungle

I was sitting at my full-time job as an accountant and was scrolling through different websites to find a solution for my situation. I was sick of the 9 to 5 cycle and needed an exit plan.

Because I was already familiar with affiliate marketing through some german online marketing gurus, I knew that it was possible to become fully independent with your own business. What I simply needed was training and the right mentor.

I read about Wealthy Affiliate the blog extra-paycheck.com while doing my accounting tasks. When I read about the concept, I instantly was thrilled. What really got me was the thorough step-by-step training and the freedom to be able to jump in every niche I want to.

I knew that if this is true, then this is the real deal for me. I signed up for the free membership account to figure out how the training works and what resources are included in the training. When I was creating my free account, I already knew that this is definitely what I was looking for. And I was right. Within the first week, I went for the premium membership and was able (after investing a GOOD amount of time and effort) to quit my full-time job after 6 months.

(Me on an accounting field mission)

I wouldn’t say that it was easy, but I knew that already from my previous experience with affiliate marketing. What I simply needed was a training that I could follow, without wondering if I am doing things right. I didn’t want to go out and gather information from different sources by myself nor invest money in half-working scam programs. All I needed was a solid training that shows me how to start and scale an online business and provide the necessary tools for that. All that I was able to find within Wealthy Affiliate. So, since my sign-up for the free membership, everything else was history.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate around Mid 2016. It’s been roughly 5 years now of hustling through the training and working with the community. Of course, there have been times where I was about to quit the whole online business thing. Honestly, there have plenty of those moments, but those moments are simply mini-tests to see how much you want it. And I am very proud that I kept going. Why? Because now I am able to enjoy my daily coffee from my home desk 🙂

(Me while making this review for you 😛 )

And I hope you also get to enjoy the wealthy benefits and experience I had with WA.

Now let’s get into the meat of this Wealthy Affiliate review.

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What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training designed for aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. Basically, it teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing niche website or blog and generate a passive income.

Here’s an example.

If you have passion in sports or healthy living, you can blog about it and recommend an effective product or a weight loss supplement. Or perhaps you can share the best online yoga course in return for an affiliate commission after a successful lead.

Quite simple, right? Honestly, it’s one of the best things I have learned in my whole online marketing journey.

Here’s an infographic to show you how you can make money online through WA.

Choose an interest, build a website, drive traffic to it, and if some of your visitors buy something from one of your affiliate links, you earn a commission.

Now for beginners, this approach might be too comprehensive and technical. But with Wealthy Affiliate, there are different training and features provided for every marketer level from beginner to an advanced stage. You can surely catch up on every step because it’s easy to comprehend and follow.

You’ll get access to various types of educational resources, training, study materials, live chat sessions, and much much more.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

Essentially, there are important features and points that I found about Wealthy Affiliate that convinced me to join in while I was starting in affiliate marketing.

Before we dive deep into this review, let’s try to break down its features so you’ll know what you’ll find inside the training platform.

Here are my top 5 favorite features of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

1. Free Starter Membership ( $0 per month). 

One of the best things about WA is that you can sign up and try it for free. This means you get access to almost all of its premium features and training for free.

The WA starter membership includes a free website and SSL, hosting, core training, and a Jaaxy (Keyword research Tool) starter. You can start building your website with a secured hosting and learn how to find the most profitable keywords online so that you can start creating content.

Although limited, it allows you to understand how Wealthy Affiliate works or at least get a glimpse of the benefits of the WA training platform.

It’s also very easy to sign up, you don’t have to provide much information. You can complete it within 30 seconds or less. They only ask for your name and email address then you’re done!

After that, you’ll be automatically redirected to the WA training platform dashboard where you can find everything – lessons, courses, materials, etc.

2. Vast Affiliate Marketing Community (There are around 2 million WA members.) 

More than the knowledge and skills you’ll gain from the training, another best thing about Wealthy Affiliates is the community you’re going to be in. And by community, I mean a million-member community. Can you imagine being part of a multi-billion dollar community? They built not just a community but an empire. 😁 And it’s insanely growing!🤷

You are probably wondering how they provide training material for their huge community members. Well, amazingly they also have an experienced team guiding every marketer from the ground up.

There’s a classroom for discussion, private groups, live discussion, and tasks thread to check your progress. They also provide bootcamps and live events where the WA members can engage and interact, share or exchange ideas, etc. You can even find inspiring stories inside the platform where many entrepreneurs share how WA helped them in their online businesses.

If you are a beginner and have any questions or confusion about the training, you can simply ask any of your mentors, anyone from the team, or the community and you’ll get friendly support and response from the WA community.

3. Comprehensive Step-By-Step Affiliate Video Trainings

If you are looking for the most comprehensive and extensive affiliate marketing training, then you can rely on WA. It’s been there for 16 years already! That’s roughly 16 years of developing different aspects of affiliate marketing from marketing to design, etc.

Not only is the training extensive but it is also easy to comprehend. Perfect for beginners and those who have only little technical knowledge especially in developing a website.

Building a website can be exciting and scary at the same time especially for beginners because it takes time and a good amount of work.

At WA, believe it or not, you can build a professional-looking website in less than 30 seconds! You just need to optimize it, add some content then you’re ready to go.

In my case, because I also quite enjoy writing and have some technical knowledge, it wasn’t that difficult for me.

Not only will you learn how to make great content but also you’ll learn other aspects that great and valuable content should have including the right keywords that rank and need to be incorporated. It is indeed very helpful especially if you’re just getting started and you’re not sure how to create great content that ranks.

Also, the training comes at different levels for its members. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the Starter Membership level where it introduces you to the most important and basic aspects of starting an online business.

As soon as you follow the courses and use the tools and resources as explained, you can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus to leverage your business. This one is perfect for advanced marketers and entrepreneurs.

4. All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Toolbox

Every marketer needs marketing tools.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to outsource or think about extra costs because it provides the necessary tools that you need for your affiliate website.

The marketing toolbox, which I’m going to discuss later on in this review, includes a website, hosting, SSL, keyword research tool and so much more!

What I like about WA is that even in the Starter Package, you can almost see all marketing tools and features of the training platform. So you can immediately decide whether you should upgrade or not.

5. WA Success (They’re legit!)

Behind the success of the Wealthy Affiliate are the inspiring stories of the WA members.

To be clear, these are not individuals who are going to push you in with Lambo money, villas, and yachts. Instead, they are genuine people who have made it and are happy to show you their growth as affiliate marketers with WA.

Here, I’ll show some of the successful WA stories to prove that it’s legit and possible to make money online if you have the right training and resources to help you get started! (Further in this review we will cover some more success stories)

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Who is the creator of the Wealthy Affiliate?

You are probably wondering who’s behind the Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike other shady and unknown affiliate marketers, these guys are one of the most genuine and trusted people in the industry.

To be honest, I even tried a few other options such as Internet JetSet, Affilorama, and SFM. However, Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that managed to fulfill my expectations.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They grew up in British Columbia, Canada.

Both founders are experienced in internet marketing, blogging, and other aspects of making money online. Initially, it started as a keyword list membership platform. Now, it has grown into a network of almost 2 million aspiring and experienced online entrepreneurs from around 193 countries.


While Kyle works on the marketing aspect, Carson focuses on the design of the training platform. Both of them are not just good but really experienced in affiliate marketing.

Besides them working on the primary aspects of the program, there are also other guys who are responsible for handling other aspects of the training. So there’s a senior team and then there are also other members of the WA team working on other roles and projects to make sure the training is efficient and well organized. You can find the rest of the team on the site.

I like an honest approach to business, which is precisely the kind of business that you can expect from these folks. 😎

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Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate 

Here’s how to get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The core training at WA is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

Here, you’ll learn almost everything that you need to start an affiliate marketing business successfully.

There are levels of training and over 50 video lessons hosted by Kyle himself and some of the experienced affiliate marketers at the WA team.

From SEO to website building and management to marketing, you’ll be taught how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

At the end of each video, you’ll be given a few tasks to perform right after each lesson to assess your progress throughout the training.

Here’s a preview of the lessons at WA online entrepreneur certification.

Getting Rolling

Here, you’ll find out what you’re going to expect throughout the whole training.

Basically, it’s an introduction to the full training that you’ll have later on. There are tons of tutorial videos inside that you need to watch and tasks that you need to complete.

It also teaches you how to set up your WA profile so you can start connecting with your mentors and the WA community.

You’ll learn how to choose a niche, build and customize a website, write content, perform keyword research, and much much more!

Understanding how to make money online

This is one of the most fundamental parts of the WA online entrepreneur certification program.

Here, you’ll learn the processes of how to generate profit online. BTW, they are proven processes. This means it really works. They are strategies and processes that worked a few years ago and still work today. Those are simply the fundamental principles of online marketing.

It reveals the huge, online money-making opportunities that you can make if you’re just willing to work your way through it.

Choose a niche

Perhaps, this is one, if not the most crucial but also exciting part that every marketer experiences – choosing a niche.

A niche is a distinct segment of the market or “Audience”.

It’s important to choose a niche that fits you, something that you are interested in and you are passionate about.

Sometimes, when you are just starting and overwhelmed with the hundreds of niches that are available for you to choose from, it can be quite difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

WA guides you to choose your niche/direction and how you can start from there.

Building your OWN niche website

Okay so now that you have your niche and some objectives for your business, the next step is to build a place where you turn your ideas into reality.

Yes, you may think that it can be quite difficult especially if you’re not website savvy and have zero knowledge and experience about building a website.

Would you also believe you can build a website in under a minute? Yes, it is incredibly possible.

At WA, you’ll learn how to build a website using a website platform called SiteRubix which allows you to choose your domain, design, website name, and some additional points that are required for a perfectly set up website.

And you know what’s best about SiteRubix is? It has powerful features to make sure your website is running fast and efficiently with 0 downtime!

Additionally, you get a massive amount of plugins and free themes that allow you to design your website professionally but simple manner.

Starting a website

Now that you have your website, it’s time to optimize it.

Your website is the foundation of your online business. This is where you’ll generate traffic, build relationships with people, build a brand and ultimately create your success.

Wealthy Affiliate uses the WordPress website builder which is the most innovative and leading platform in building professional-looking, profit-ready websites. Plus, they are fast, secure, and so easy to use.

Some of the important questions you may need to answer when building your website includes are the following:

  • What kind of website is needed for affiliate marketing?
  • How do I make my affiliate marketing website successful?

Hear you’ll learn how to activate your website plugins, optimize them and start creating your website posts and pages.

After this, you’re ready to connect with your niche and ultimately start making some profits.

Getting the site ready for search engines

SEO is the most interesting part of the training. Of course, for complete beginners, this may take time to comprehend but trust me, the training shows you how it’s done easily and quickly.

At this level, you’ll learn how to SEO optimize your site to get rankings in any of the BIG 3 engines: Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Ranking a website is the first step towards making money online.

Website Rankings = Targeted Traffic = Profits!

Traffic is one of the most critical components of any affiliate marketing campaign. The more traffic your website generates, the more potential customers you’ll get.

Creating your initial website content

Like with social media, digital marketing and blogging, content creation is the core of any affiliate marketing campaign. It helps to sell your service and connect with your audience.

Updating your website with quality and valuable content is important for ranking, driving traffic and building trust with your potential customers.

There are still 3 more lessons in the training but I don’t want to spoil everything. Here’s a peek at more lessons you’ll expect from the training.

They are all easy to understand, organized, and most importantly, they work. Overall, the different levels of training are your foundation to getting started with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp (Affiliate Program)

If you are not sure with which niche to start with, Wealthy Affiliate gives you a great alternative with their affiliate program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is part of the WA program that has 7 phases and around 70 videos specially designed to help you create a successful online business with the WA affiliate program.

Basically, it walks you through the process of building a website in the making money online niche.

Here’s a list of the training modules included in the WA Bootcamp:

  • Phase 1 – Getting Business Rolling
  • Phase 2 – Content, Keywords, and Conversion
  • Phase 3 – Giving Site Social Value
  • Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  • Phase 5 – Knowing Audiences and Catapulting Referrals
  • Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, and The Power of PPC
  • Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

The main difference to the entrepreneur course is that the bootcamp focuses on showing you have to create a business around the WA affiliate program in the making money online niche. So, it gives you a great kickstart if you don’t know which niche you should choose.

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What else you get with Wealthy Affiliate

Lots of affiliate marketing resources and tools!

Once you sign up in Wealthy Affiliate, you’re immediately enrolled with the core training. You’ll be provided with the tools and resources you need to start and run a successful business online.

These are all included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Website Builder and Hosting

Unlike other online affiliate marketing courses and programs, WA offers you an option to host your website domain on their server.

You don’t need to jump around the net to Bluehost, GoDaddy, and others to purchase your domain name and hosting when you can get it included in your membership.

Providing a website builder with hosting for FREE for the WA members is definitely handy for absolute beginner marketers. For me, it is one of the most convenient features of the whole WA program.

Here are the powerful features of your WA website.


Here, you have your websites at a glance. You are the manager of your business, and this is sort of your office.


Don’t know how to build a website? For those who are not code-savvy, it takes just 3 clicks at Wealthy Affiliate to do it. You can immediately (within 30 seconds) start having your niche affiliate website and move forward to the next steps.


You can manage all your web domains in one place and with a few clicks either create a free domain or order a .com .org .net (etc) domain. No hassle and less work!


A powerful platform for writing your content (if you are a beginner blogger, this is absolute GOLD). It has an integrated grammar and spell-checker and some additional features that make writing much more fun


Get reactions to your posts before Google even finds you! This is perhaps one of the most powerful features of WA – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!


Want to know what others might say about your website content, design, layout? Get feedback from other members!– AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!


God forbid that something happens to your site, you’ll get immediate help and be able to fix everything in under 2 minutes. – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH PREMIUM!

Wealthy Affiliate Live Events

Here, you can find the upcoming webinars, hosted by ambassador members of the WA community.

Live events are great because they provide opportunities for members to ask questions and get answers from mentors immediately.

You’ll get lots of help from the WA team regarding how to create scale your business. Nearly every part of the online entrepreneurship is being covered. How do I know? Because there are yearly 500+ new live events and the greatest thing is, they are being saved and stored within the community, so you will have access to each and every life event that has been launched.

I’ve participated in a couple of those webinars with Jay myself. He is a great guy and excellent at teaching! He’s going to guide you patiently on what you should necessarily do with your business.

Even if you miss some of his webinars, which surely you will, there is always a second chance and third and fourth, all up until the moment you decide to watch it.

They really make sure every member can catch up on the training and lessons to help evaluate their progress throughout the whole training.

Every webinar is stored in the library so you can watch them whenever you have free time.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is one of the reasons why I decided to join WA in the first place. It’s an advanced keyword research tool that helps you find the right and high-ranking keywords for your niche and affiliate website. Also, it’s very fast and easy to use.

You can even use it to get ideas for your content, and more! Perfect for the content creators and SEO folks.

WA members can quickly and simultaneously jump into the keyword research tool while working on the website content.

This tool at Wealthy Affiliate is incredibly useful for creating great SEO content that will surely rank at the top of the search engine pages!

Affiliate Programs

As of recently, we can search for the most lucrative affiliate programs directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform! You can search for countless affiliate programs all over the net in just a few clicks.

You can search for a variety of niche and affiliate programs by category, keywords, opportunity, high commission, high commission percentage, and top-rated.

This unique feature allows you to find the most profitable niche that you can start with.


Got any questions or confusions regarding the training? Or you’re  probably lost and not sure how to catch up on the training which is understandable especially if you’re really busy.

Well, you can jump into the classroom section within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and you ask a question, get help or seek advice. It’s sort of like a thread or open discussion forum within the WA website

You’ll find tons of videos, tutorials, webinars and courses shared within the WA community for its members to see. Plus, they can interact and engage within this cool place.

It is where more experienced members of the WA community will gladly reach out to you and offer you a helping hand.

Every question that you might have about affiliate marketing is answered in one of those classrooms. And all you have to do to get the answer is to simply ask. It’s FREE!

Live Chat

If you want to join a discussion or start one by yourself, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to do that. Many, many active members at Wealthy Affiliate enjoy interacting and engaging by sharing ideas, tips, and advice on how they can improve and grow.

As you can see, even the owner, Kyle, is active within the chat room. You can reach out to him if you need anything or if you stumble upon his profile, you can simply message him or anyone from the WA support team.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a huge community ready to help you out and offer a helping hand if you need one.

Live chat with the WA’s experienced members can help you significantly resolve any issues or problems you may encounter within your business or during the training. And perhaps, gain some insights and useful strat you can use to increase your sales or grow your business. And the greatest thing is, you get an answer within seconds!

Help Center

Once more, if something happens to your website – issues or trouble which I doubt the WA team won’t be able to resolve, there’s nothing to worry about. The Site Support is always live to help you deal with any problems you may experience on the road.

You can even personally contact Kyle and Carson. Now that’s the kind of service that you’d want to expect from any training platform.

I have had a few problems with my websites before. But, as soon as I contacted the Wealthy Affiliate Site Support team and told them about it, they were very reliable and provided me with possible solutions to resolve it within 24 hours!

How much does the Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Unlike other affiliate marketing training, tools and courses that are high-priced, you can sign up at WA for a fair price. They even offer a limited discounted price.

Wealthy Affiliate comes with 3 membership options: starter, premium and premium plus.

WA Starter

For beginner marketers out there, there’s a starter membership account. Anyone can sign up for free to check out the platform and figure out what’s inside it.

The Starter membership level is free but has limited features to its members.

You get one free website to start with, as well as access to the essential lessons from both courses.

Nevertheless, what you’ll get in Starter Membership level will definitely help you get started and a glimpse of the platform to help you decide if you should upgrade later on or not.

WA Premium and Premium Plus

If you want to make the most of the platform, you can upgrade and sign up for the Premium Package which costs $49 per month or choose the Premium Plus which costs $99 per month.

Of course, the more you upgrade your account the more features you can access and the more you get a deeper understanding of affiliate marketing.

The Premium membership has two billing cycles, monthly and yearly.

For those of you who are ready to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate Yearly is the best option.

Premium yearly membership is only $495 per year. This option saves you almost two monthly membership fees!

Premium Plus Monthly is $995 per year! It’s actually an extension to the Premium membership designed to scale your business.

I would recommend if you’re not ready yet and still figuring out what the training is about, start with the Starter or Premium package then upgrade as soon as you feel like your business is growing.

The Premium and Premium Plus membership allows access to more of WA’s training, resources and tools, and more!

Premium members get access to over 4,000 theme designs, 60,000 feature enhancement plugins, and over 1,000,000 high quality images to leverage and advance their website.

I think the website and hosting feature is one of the most valuable features of this training since those are what you need to get started in affiliate marketing.

Oh, when I signed up they offered a special limited discount for the Premium membership so you might also get one if you sign up now!

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free!

Should I upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus right away?

If you want to know whether it’s worth it, the shortest answer is it depends. Of couse, you have to know that it’s an investment and I mean not only you have to only invest some money but also you have to be patient in going through the course material and training to see some results.

Most of the training you’ll really get from Wealthy Affiliate involves the process of content creation which is crucial to every digital marketer’s success. What’s an efficient and cool website if you have crappy content or it doesn’t interest or capture your desired niche audience.

How much can you earn with the Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are curious, you can check here some success stories of some community members. I think it will give you a great picture of how much you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂


How to join the Wealthy Affiliate?

To get started with WA, all you have to do is click the blue button somewhere on this page.

After clicking the button, you’re going to be redirected to the WA website where you’ll find the Signup section. It will just ask for your name and email address then you’re automatically signed up.

Once inside, you’ll get a quick tour on the training, tools and courses of the WA training platform. He’s going to show you how to set up your profile and get started with the course.

There are tasks after each training and lesson to track your progress. All you have to do is take action with the course, apply the instructions, have some patience, and you’re going to have a successful online business in your hands in no time!

Also, I’ll get in touch with you and help you to get started as well. You can message me anytime! 🙂

You wil also receive daily updates, training news via email so you can follow your training and/or learn more about the training platform.

Can you cancel your Wealthy Affiliate membership?

Yes, of course, you can cancel your membership at Wealthy Affiliate whenever you want.

If you do decide to quit, you can click on your Profile Settings. From there, you’ll have to click on Subscription Settings/Membership. Just below, you’ll see a ‘Stop Billing & Cancel Membership’ button.

If you click on it,  the friendly team from Wealthy Affiliate will cancel your membership.

Is there a refund?

No, there is no refund. If you decide to cancel your Premium subscription, you won’t get any refund. Fortunately, they do have a freemium model and you can try Wealthy Affiliate without giving them any payment information, but once you do upgrade to premium, there are no refunds given.

Wealthy Affiliate’s refund policy:

‘Your Wealthy Affiliate billing profile is set to bill on “monthly” or “yearly” recurring intervals. At any time, you may cancel your recurring billing and retain access to Wealthy Affiliate until the end of the current billing cycle. You are under no obligation or contract to continue your membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and you have full control over your billing and payments.’

Is the Wealthy Affiliate right for you?

I have been n active member of Wealthy Affiliate and if you notice, I’ve been promoting it all over my website while also promoting and encouraging other affiliate marketers out there to understand how affiliate marketing really works.

Like other affiliate training and courses out there, WA has its pros and cons. Also, although I recommend it to everyone who wants to start an online business, others won’t probably be able to fully benefit from this.

Find out whether it’s right for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is for:

  • Beginner affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs
  • Advanced marketers
  • Stay at home mom and dads
  • Students and freelance workers
  • Opportunity seekers

It’s perfect for beginners with zero knowledge about affiliate marketing, even for advanced marketers who want to keep up with the trends in the industry. There’s a huge chance for success here if you just take the training seriously, follow it and work consistently on your growth.

WA provides you with a wealth of tools, resources and training to grow a business within absolutely any niche that you want. You have the power to transform your creative ideas into reality with guide and training from WA.

Now I understand that even though I think it’s the best affiliate marketing training platform out there, it might not meet everyone’s expectations.

There are also people out there who still think that making money online is fast and easy (perhaps sometimes but really it isn’t) and those who believe in the “get rich quick” scheme. Even the most successful in the industry worked hard to get to where they are. Certainly, this is not for lazy people who aren’t willing to take and run the risk or roll the dice.

Again, this is why Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate training is created to help you in getting started and launching your online business. Most people wonder how long it takes to see desired results.

Well, in my case, you’ll start seeing growth in the early months or even the first year. It’s a long process really but if you are patient and consistent, you’ll definitely grow and succeed as long as you follow the training.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Now even though I am promoting this training, there are still some things I wish that could be improved and I know the WA team is working ard to provide their members the best affiliate training possible.

Meanwhile, here are some of the things that I like and I wish they can improve or work on.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate: What I like about It

    • Ideal for beginner affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs
    • Step-by-step video lessons on SEO and content creation
    • Free website (Way to start your niche website!)
  • Website hosting included!
  • WordPress (Hello it’s the world’s most popular website builder. Almost all bloggers and small businesses use WordPress.)
  • Access to Jaaxy keyword research tool (one of the most advanced keyword tool for affiliate marketers, easy to use)
  • Large online affiliate marketing community (Build your connections with other affiliate marketers, share your experience or learn from them)
  • No upsells after joining the Premium Membership (You get tons for the little price you pay. No extras and hidden agendas or BS!)
  • Plus, hey it’s FREE to try out! Get immediate access to the training as soon as you sign up for the Starter membership. If you like it, you can upgrade to the premium membership level.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate: What they can/should improve

  • TMI(too much information). The amount of information can be overwhelming for a beginner. I know that beginners might feel overwhelmed and excited about so many things that they can learn within the training. That’s why it’s important to know what you really want to achieve or set some targets and focus on your goal.
  • It takes time to see results since it’s an SEO-based training. Although I don’t think it’s a bad thing because in affiliate markting or in any digital business, you really have to be patient and willing to take any risks to get results. It’s not an overnight rich scheme but guaranteed if you follow the training, you’ll get your desired results.

Even though I wanted to share more things that Wealthy Affiliate can improve to weigh my opinion and for the sake of this review, really, I couldn’t find any more negative things about it.

You may stumble on other Wealthy Affiliate reviews online that it’s a scam or that it doesn’t meet their expectations and they fail but I guarantee you, not unless you tried it yourself, only then you’ll be able to find out whether it works for you or it doesn’t.

Final takeaway: Wealthy Affiliate

Hopefully, after reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, you learned something valuable that you can use to help you decide whether it’s worth checking out.

At the end of this review, I’d like everyone to know that you might encounter some challenges such as time and money while starting in affiliate marketing. That’s why there’s a free membership for beginner marketers and entrepreneurs. It depends on you how you use the tools and training to find some opportunities for your growth as an affiliate marketer.

I would like to highlight the important points in this Wealthy Affiliate review.

  • Wealthy Affiliate caters to all marketer levels from beginners to advanced, with or without marketing experience. Nothing technical or difficult, it’s fast and absolutely easy to learn.
  • There are tons of courses, training, resources and tools for those who are excited to learn more about SEO, social media, website building and management, marketing, branding, etc.
  • You can start and sign up for free and immediately get access to a wealth of training and experience. Starter membership is perfect for beginners where you can check out all or most of the premium features of your WA niche and affiliate website. If you upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus, you can unlock more premium and powerful features to scale your online business.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free!

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and courage to venture into something that is completely new to you but it doesn’t have to be difficult either.

There’s a caring community and trusted team at Wealthy Affiliate that is willing to guide you and equip you with the right training, resources and tools to help you start your digital business and eventually make money online.

Are you also a Wealthy Affiliate member or considering being one? Feel free to share your experience or message me if you need help in getting started. I’ll try to respond as quickly as I possibly can.



10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – The #1 Online Marketing Training?”

  1. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your personal journey. I like how this program gives a free membership so that I can first try it out. There are a lot of programs out there that charges in the thousands from the start. With the monthly membership program I know they must have something special that can keep people there to keep paying the fee. 

    • Hey Sunquan,

      you are most welcome 🙂 you are totally right, Wealthy Affiliate differs in many aspects compared to other programs. The freemium membership is simply a great opportunity to see if it fits you or not from the start.

      Much success for you,

  2. I can say with confidence that wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs in the world. It is easy to use and it also offers all the training you need to be successful. Another thing I like is that it is affordable. Wealthy affiliate has truly changed my life. It has given me a source of income. 

    • Hey Daniel,

      I am glad to hear about the successes you have made with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 much success further!

      All the best,

  3. I found that you gave a really constructive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I know that they have been around for about 17 years and obviously know what they are doing but it seems that they provide all the elements needed to build a successful website business if only you work at it. I know that many people are excited when they start but when they have to buckle down and just work at it they quit. It seems that this system has worked for you and that there is a lot of success coming from this company. Great price too, anyone can start for free!

    • Hey Lily,

      exactly. This program is already 17 years on the market and allows everybody to join for free. And even without “pulling the CC” as usual “free” programs ask you to do.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great starter for everybody who wants to make money online!

      Much success for you further,

  4. Hi Sergej,

    I was interested in reading your personal journey with Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds as if you must have put in an enormous amount of work to be earning commissions as you did so soon after starting. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for nearly three years but for only the last two of those have I been active. I did not choose the MMO niche. If there is one thing for me that is all-important about the Wealthy Affiliate community it is that many of the members are not in the MMO niche. After all, if Wealthy Affiliate only worked to promote itself, then there would be something very wrong. Thanks for a very thorough review and best regards, Andy

    • Hey Andy,

      yes, it would be an MLM program which is definitely nothing I would recommend to anyone to get started with. This also is perhaps the greatest part about Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches you how to build a business around your interests and passions! Isn’t it great to have the freedom to start your business in every niche you want and have all the support you need?

      Thanks for passing by Andy, much success for you further


  5. I really appreciate that honesty pledge there at the start. I think it’s crucially important to be raw and honest with your audience no matter the topic, but especially in the money-making niche.

    Yeah, Kyle and Carson are two some of the best people. I haven’t met them personally but whenever I do get the chance to interact with them, they are so helpful and kind. And I think you can say a lot of a network just by its founders. And based on them, personally, I would rank the program at least a seven out of five. It’s just beyond awesome. And it’s incredibly affordable if you think about it. The tools they provide are just to kill for. 

    God bless! 🙂

    • Hey Matiss,

      yes, you are totally right. Nowadays there are a lot of scammy products out there, which make it hard to see through the “marketing”-fog. I remember how much I appreciated websites that shared their experiences with online marketing programs. It helped me a lot and finally lead to finding the right direction for me 🙂

      Much success,


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